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How to Make Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads (Free Sewing Patterns 2023)

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Cloth menstrual pads are not an originality– females have been using them because the beginning of time. Disposable pads really did not end up being preferred until the 1960s

Yet, I know what you’re thinking …

Why would you ever switch back to cloth pads when disposable pads are so much extra hassle-free?

Well, there are lots of factors. The biggest one is all the cash you’ll reduce feminine hygiene products. According to Eco-friendly Child Magazine , the typical woman utilizes in between 12,000 and also 16,000 non reusable menstrual pads throughout her lifetime. That’s conveniently $30 each month or even more. Various other women change to cloth menstrual pads due to the fact that they want to live a more environment-friendly way of life or they don’t like the rough chemicals utilized to produce non-reusable pads

Also if you don’t want to switch to cloth pads specifically, there’s still great reason to possess some. For example, you never ever recognize when a natural catastrophe will strike, or you’ll be confronted with a few other form of emergency situation. If you have cloth menstrual pads on hand, you’ll be able to handle your periods extra easily. Womanly hygiene products are a few of the initial products to vanish from store racks in an emergency.

Whatever your inspiration is, if you wish to sew reusable cloth menstrual pads, right here are some resources to assist you to do it. (Links to FREE cloth pad sewing patterns go to the base.)

What Materials Are Needed to Make Reusable Sanitary Pads?

Do not be terrified, you can make use of practically any material that can be cleaned to make reusable hygienic paper napkins. However, here are some material recommendations:

  • Skin Layer: Medium-weight flannel, cotton, or bamboo. If you’re stressed over stains, pick a dark-colored fabric.
  • Core Layer: Absorbing textile, such as Zorb , cotton, hemp, fleece, or bamboo Terry.
  • Lining Layer: Water resistant textile, such as PUL

Along with your fabric layers, you’ll also require KAMsnaps or press studs.

How Do You Wash Cloth Menstrual Pads?

Cloth menstrual pads have to be washed. This is the most significant reluctance ladies have when making the switch. You do need to obtain over the “Eww …” element. Nonetheless, if you’re committed and can develop a cleaning routine, it’s not so bad.

Currently, I recognize what you’re believing …

What do you perform with utilized cloth pads when you’re not at home? recommends you purchase or make a waterproof, zippered bag to bring with you. Some people call these pouches “damp bags.” You’ll intend to make sure your wet bag seals to avoid smell and also dripping. When changing a pad, just keep your utilized pads in your pouch till you can get residence to clean them.

Many ladies that use cloth menstrual pads additionally like menstrual cups The cloth pads can after that act as a back-up. By doing this you usually won’t need to saturate your cloth pads after wearing them. You can simply run them with your normal washing.

Where Can I Find FREE DIY Cloth Pad Tutorials?

Sewing cloth menstrual pads is a fantastic choice, because you can make any form and density that work best for your physique. Numerous females assert they work better than non-reusable pads

I combed the web totally free cloth menstrual pad patterns and tutorials. Right here’s what I found:

If you would certainly instead get reusable cloth menstrual pads rather than sewing them on your own, there are some excellent options from Gladrags , Lunapads , and Lena Cup

Rebecca Page also has a Reusable Cloth Pads Sewing Pattern This set isn’t complimentary, but it has really good directions on how to sew them. It includes a pattern for six sizes, a wet bag, and also individual storage pouches. Sweet Pea additionally sells a in-the-hoop pattern for cloth pads

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A Quick Note: You can additionally stitch reusable cloth menstrual pads and contribute them to women in nations that do not have simple accessibility to disposable pads This is an awesome humanitarian help job that aids girls remain in college and live much more effective lives.

how to make reusable cloth menstrual pads

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