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How to Take Drawers Out of Ikea Alex Drawers (Helpful Guide 2023)

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Storage spaces are a will have to. A single way to get very good storage room is to include a great dresser with drawers to it. The additional drawers can assistance you retailer materials, threads, sewing resources and far more. With the additional room, you can be organized and assistance your sewing time go smoothly.

How to take drawers out of Ikea Alex drawers: It is a soreness to pull on a drawer and have it come all the way out when you really do not want it to. That is why Ikea and other furnishings makers location drawer stop on their drawers. These stops want to be eliminated just before pulling the drawer out.

To master far more about Ikea Alex and its drawer process just proceed to go through our short article. It explores the situation so you know how to clear away the drawers on the Ikea Alex with ease. And without having any hassles.

Does Ikea Alex Drawers Coming Out?

There are a yes and a no solution to this query. Simply because Ikea has created their Alex drawer process the way it has the drawers will not come all the way out when you pull on them. This is to shield you and the contents from building a mess in your room.

But the drawers will come out if you clear away the drawer stops stopping them from getting pulled out of its berth. The drawer stops only shield you from pulling the drawer out as well far. To get the drawer all the way out, you want to clear away people drawer stops.

As soon as you do that you can clear away the drawers from their place with ease. Drawer stops are meant to be your pal and not meant to result in you any difficulties when you want to get behind the drawers and proper some issues at that place.

How to Take out Ikea Alex Drawers

The only device you must want to clear away the Alex drawer is a Phillips head screwdriver. That lone device tells you that it is only going to take a couple of minutes just before you can clear away the drawer from the cabinet.

About 6 inches in from the front of the drawer you must be ready to see a screw on each and every side of the drawer. Consider your Phillips screwdriver and clear away the two screws. As soon as that is carried out, you must be ready to pull the drawer out with ease.

Just reverse the method if you do not want the drawers to come all the way out. People two screws are drawer stops only and will not have an impact on the set of drawers assembly in any way. You can clear away them without having worrying you will injury the Alex.

The screws go back in just as conveniently so you have not developed a mess or a trouble fr by yourself.

Can You Stack Ikea Alex Drawers?

In accordance to the assembly guide no you are not able to stack Ikea Alex drawers. A single unit is created to bear the excess weight of the contents only and not the excess weight of yet another set of drawers. If you want to see or want the assembly guide, just click right here .

The incredibly final webpage has an image of stacked Alexes with a major X as a result of the image, telling you in no uncertain terms that you are not able to stack these drawers. You can, nevertheless, stack the Alex on a robust table or yet another piece of furnishings that can hold the excess weight.

Just make confident that the piece of furnishings you use is sturdy and robust ample to hold the Ikea Alex. Stacking is not often a very good plan as that adds a component of chance to all who enter your sewing room or spot. Just be cautious when you do it so that major drawers do not fall on you

How Deep is Ikea Alex Drawers?

The Ikea Alex general depth is 22 seven/eight building it just below 2 feet deep. You will have to make allowances for the widths of the front and back panels that assistance make up the drawers. You are wanting about 3/4 to 1 inches that requires to be subtracted from the general depth.

A rough estimate would be that the drawer depth is about21 seven/eight or 22 one/eight inches in dimension. That is even now loads of room to assistance you retailer and organize your distinctive sewing add-ons, materials, and resources. With 5 drawers you must have tons of storage and organization choices to use.

How Tall and Broad are Ikea Alex Drawers?

The general height of the drawers is 27 one/two inches and the general width of the drawer set is 14 one/eight inches. If you want the height and width of each and every drawer the identical calculations over do the job w=for measuring the net width of each and every drawer.

You have to clear away the width of the Ikea Alex sides as effectively as the width of the drawer sides to get a correct measurement. Just about every drawer on the Alex would seem to be divided in between two distinctive heights.

The major two drawers are smaller sized than the bottom 3 with each and every set of drawers measuring the identical height. To get their real measurement you would have to use a tape measure.

The Ikea web page does not appear to have any distinct measurements for the person drawers.

How A lot is Ikea Alex Drawers?

If you go to the Ikea web page linked over you will come across that the organization has just lately lowered the value of Alex to $ 79. It employed to be $ 89. Do not neglect to include in any shipping and managing fees Ikea may perhaps tack on to their sale value.

That value is for the 5 drawers set without having Castor wheels. If you want the 9 drawer cabinet then you are wanting to pay out $ 159. A 4 drawer Alex file set is priced at $ 99. All of these versions are without having Castor wheels.

We mention the Castor wheels due to the fact there would seem to be a model of Alex with that function. We just have not been ready to come across a value for it. All the Alex cabinets appear to be fairly priced as a result of Ikea.

If you do not want to obtain new, you must appear at the employed furnishings retailers or thrift retailers to see if you can come across 1 in affordable form and at an expense you choose.

Repairing Ikea Alex Drawer Difficult to Open

There will be people instances wherever even an Ikea Alex will have some troubles. Generally, people’s troubles are in opening and closing the drawers. For straightforward fixes like jammed paper or pencils, erasers, and so forth., all you have to do is clear away the drawer stops and then clear away the jammed item.

That is the easiest and most typical repair you will encounter. Occasionally if your residence or room is as well humid, you may perhaps come across that the drawers swell and are challenging to open and shut. In this situation, you must dehumidify the room and see if the swelling goes down.

That may perhaps not often be the situation and if your drawers warp due to the fact of moisture, then you would have to change the drawer or obtain yet another cabinet. If you can reside with the drawers in their not so ideal problem then just depart the drawers alone.

An ultimate location to examine would be the drawer runners. The wheels that observe people’s tracks may perhaps have a trouble. For instance, they warped or received broken. In people instances, you would want to change people wheels.

If the tracks are broken or bent, you can attempt to unbend them but changing them is a far better selection.

How to Consider out Ikea Dresser Drawers

It took you about 3-4 resources to assemble the Ikea Alex. You may perhaps not want all 4 resources when getting rid of the drawers. In reality, you may perhaps want only 1 and that would be the Phillips head screwdriver.

As soon as you get the screws out that end the drawers from sliding all the way free of charge from their berth, you must be ready to pull the drawers entirely free of charge and set them aside. Then you can pursue the aim that induced you to clear away the drawers in the very first location.

Changing the drawers is just as straightforward. Just make confident to change people 2 screws immediately after you get the drawer back in its spot. You can not definitely use any lubricants to clear away the drawers if they do not slide incredibly effectively.

The wood development materials would soak up the lubricant and potentially be broken if it soaks up as well a great deal. Lubricants are liquids and not a pal of wood merchandise.

How to Take out Ikea Wardrobe Drawers

The identical method must apply to Ikea wardrobe drawers as employed on the Ikea Alex. The drawers on the wardrobes, and this isn’t going to apply to all versions of Ikea wardrobes, employs the runner or track process.

All you would have to do is clear away the drawer end in the drawers to pull the drawers all the way free of charge from its berth. It appears like the wardrobes with the plastic or open bins that double as drawers also do the job on the runner or track process.

The distinction for that latter set of drawers is that the plastic or wire drawers only want to be elevated to clear away them from people’s tracks. Tip the finish closest to you up and pull back gently but firmly and that must do the trick

Assembling The Ikea Alex And Other Ikea Goods

For the greater objects, you definitely must inquire a pal, your husband or wife or your little ones to assistance you assemble them. These pieces of furnishings have extended pieces that call for far more than 1 or two hands to manipulate into location and hold them regular whilst you attach all the pieces.

The Ikea web page has integrated the assembly guide on the internet pages displaying the specifics of each and every solution. You just click on the solution you want to obtain or have purchased and then scroll down until you see the phrases assembly and paperwork.

Click on people phrases and you will see the button to get to the assembly guide. Just about every guide is a distinctive length and that length depends on the dimension of the solution you want to place collectively.

Right here is the hyperlink for 1 of the wardrobes presently pointed out and right here is the 1 to the plastic or wire drawer process . If you are missing the assembly guidelines for the Alex, do not fret. We have presently linked people guidelines in an earlier area.

Ikea has carried out a great deal of do the job to make confident you are by no means without having assembly advice. Just about every guide also tells you which resources and how quite a few resources you will want to assemble their merchandise appropriately.

Ikea Refund and Guarantee Policies

This organization would seem to have a relatively generous refund policy. You have a complete 12 months to return your Ikea merchandise if you are not happy with them. They will take the solution item back if it is clean, undamaged, and so on as extended as you have evidence of acquire. Go through their policy at this hyperlink .

Ikea also delivers restricted 10-year warranties on quite a few of its merchandise. That coverage begins on the day of acquire and needs evidence of acquire to use. Coverage is up to Ikea and they will establish if the solution is covered or not.

You can go through about their guarantee on this hyperlink .

Some Ultimate Phrases

Acquiring a sewing pastime or business enterprise suggests you want storage room. A single of the means to get terrific storage and organization room is by employing the Ikea Alex to hold your spare sewing resources and resources.

Regrettably, Ikea isn’t going to make ideal merchandise so there will be instances when you have to clear away the drawers and get them working like standard. It is not challenging to do and commonly, all you have to do is clear away 2 screws.

As soon as that is carried out the drawers must slide out as you want. Reversing the method is just as straightforward and must not take up any far more time.

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