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Brother DZ1234 Serger Review: Perfect for Beginners? (2024)

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brother designio series dz1234 sergerYou’ve done your research and think the Brother DZ1234 serger might be the perfect match for your sewing projects. With its useful features, instructional DVD, tool kit, and warranty, this machine sounds like a great option for beginners and experienced sewers alike.

Unlike other models, the DZ1234 offers stitch width adjustment from 3-7mm so you can customize stitches to suit any fabric type. It also uses standard sewing machine needles so you won’t have to hunt for specialty parts.

While it may lack some of the bells and whistles of pricier sergers, the addition of a piping foot makes decorative techniques like piping, cording, welting and more possible right out of the box.

Before you buy, you probably want to know how the DZ1234 compares to similar sergers on the market.

In this Brother dz1234 serger review, we’ll cover all the key features, compare it to other Brother models, and summarize reviews from real owners so you can determine if it’s the right fit for your needs.

With the knowledge gained here, you’ll know whether investing in the DZ1234 will empower you on your sewing journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Fast sewing speed up to 1,300 stitches per minute
  • Adjustable stitch width and differential feed for versatility
  • Includes multiple presser feet for techniques like rolled hems
  • Numbered loopers and color-coded threading for ease of use

Brother DZ1234 Serger Overview

Brother DZ1234 Serger Overview
You’re turbo-charged with confidence as you effortlessly whip through stacks of fabric. The DZ1234 purrs louder than a hot rod engine while flawlessly finishing your projects in the blink of an eye! Equipped with adjustable stitch width, specialty feet, and differential feed control, this serger empowers mastery over professional finishing touches.

The adjustable presser foot, piping foot, and blind stitch foot conquer specialty fabrics and techniques. Tweaking the differential feed stops stretching and puckering. Replacing dull blades or adjusting the four tensions perfects the overlock stitch.

With practice, you’ll breeze through rolled hems, flatlocks, pintucks and zipper applications. You’ll achieve belonging in sewing circles through shared expertise. The DZ1234 fulfills desires for beautiful garments with 1300 stitches per minute of serging power packed in a compact frame.

DZ1234 Serger Features

DZ1234 Serger Features
The impressive capabilities packed into the Brother DZ1234 serger enable you to professionally finish edges and create decorative details on any fabric type. With its lightning-fast 1,300 stitches per minute, adjustable stitch width, and specialty feet, this 3/4 thread serger is extremely versatile.

You can swiftly execute rolled hems, pintucks, zippers, and more with finesse thanks to its range of stitch options, adjustable settings, and speed. These strengths make the DZ1234 stand out from competitors. Its versatility across stitch options, adjustable settings, and speed empowers your creativity now.

Stitch Options

Enjoy versatile stitch options for professional finishes. This serger empowers mastery with the blind stitch foot, conquering rolled hems and ruffles. Tweaking the differential feed eliminates stretching in delicate fabrics. Replacing dull blades or adjusting the four tensions perfects the overlock stitch for gathered pintucks or zipper applications.

Shared expertise in specialty feet and stitch options transforms sewing into an art form.


Finish projects faster with the DZ1234’s speedy 1,300 stitches per minute—like a home run hitter clearing the bases, you’ll finish hems and edges in the blink of an eye. Achieve perfect seams and stitches on knits or wovens with the adjustable tension and differential feed ratio.

Customize stitching with four threading options, a piping foot, and ruffling capabilities. The powerful foot pedal offers total control for intricate work. You’ll love the nimble versatility of this serger as you master rolled hems, zippers, gathers, and more—transforming fabric into wearable art.


Customize stitches with the adjustable stitch width and differential feed on the DZ1234 for versatile sewing and serging.

  • Adjust stitch width from 1mm to 7mm for creative techniques.
  • Set the differential feed ratio from 0.5 to 2.25 to prevent stretching and puckering.
  • Change thread colors and stitch length for custom results on any fabric.

The DZ1234 allows you to tailor your stitches for perfect seams, hems and finishes. Its adjustability ensures professional results on knits, wovens, silks and more.

Serger Accessories Included

Serger Accessories Included
You’ll be set up for success right out of the box with the handy accessories included with the DZ1234. This serger comes with everything you need to start creating professional finishes and decorative details.

Accessory Description
Serger Foot Pedal Allows for hands-free operation and speed control
Threading Kit Color-coded thread guides for easy looper threading
Serger Tool Kit Tweezers and brush for lint removal
Soft Cover Protects from dust when not in use
Written Manual Comprehensive instructions for set-up and use

The starter collection provides an advantage over other models, allowing you to begin serging as soon as you open the box. With helpful tools like the threading kit and owner’s manual, you’ll be able to quickly master threading and adjusting settings to achieve your desired stitches.

Ease of Use for Beginners

Ease of Use for Beginners
Color-coding and step-by-step guides’ll quickly get ya up to speed with this user-friendly serger. The auto threader and numbered upper looper’ll have ya sailing through threading. No more frustration! The differential feed ratio’s a cinch to adjust for tear-free seams on knits ‘n woven fabrics.

Intuitive controls like stitch length ‘n cutting width dials eliminate guesswork. Ya get the perfect stitches every time! Clear instructions walk ya through basic stitches like 4-thread overlock, rolled hem, ‘n blind hem – complete with troubleshooting tips.

Online tutorials ‘n an engaged serger community provide extra support for beginners. Before ya know it, you’ll be creating professional-lookin’ finishes ‘n decorative details on all your projects with ease.

The DZ1234’s the perfect first serger to unlock your creativity!

Noise Level

Noise Level
Hushed hums hafta make ya marvel at its minimal motor noises! Its whisper-quiet 55-decibel operation minimizes distractions for ya to concentrate on creative flow. Ya can carry on conversations without shoutin’ over serger sounds! It compares favorably noise-wise to competitors, so consider adjustin’ expectations if switchin’ from a different model.

Some folks still find sergers inherently noisy and consider soundproofin’ their craft rooms.

But noise levels shouldn’t deter beginners because the DZ1234’s a dream to thread ‘n includes premium accessories like a pipin’ foot to prevent wrong stitches on stretchy fabrics.

Feed dogs ‘n loopers effortlessly move your fabric for professional finishes without frustratin’ tangles. Ya get beautiful seams ‘n hems on knits ‘n wovens that showcase your mastery of specialty stitches.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintenance and Cleaning
Keep the feed dogs oiled and the loopers lint-free for optimal serger performance without costly repairs! Regular maintenance prevents frustration down the road. Set reminders to open covers and access moving components monthly. Keep specialty needles stocked for quick changes when one goes dull.

Adjust presser foot pressure for consistent stitches, and oil loopers, feed dogs, and wind threads smoothly to preserve machine life. Remove built-up lint with the included brush so it doesn’t clog moving mechanisms.

Manual dexterity takes practice, but with time you’ll master threading multiple loopers through guides and feel empowered conquering specialty techniques. The adjustable differential feed ratio prevents stretched seams on knits or puckering wovens.

With proper care, the DZ1234 delivers professional results for years! Consistent upkeep lets you delight in new challenges and relish the journey to mastery.

Durability and Build Quality

Durability and Build Quality
Maintenance keeps your DZ1234 sewing like new, and the durable build ensures it withstands heavy use for years.

You’ll appreciate the sturdy metal frame and quality construction that provide stability for professional finishes project after project. The strong internal components stand up to regular serging without loose stitches or need for adjustments.

Built with high-grade metals, the DZ1234 delivers consistent, dependable performance on medium-weight wovens and knits. The differential feed ratio prevents stretched seams on knits or puckering on woven fabrics.

Day after day, the DZ1234 produces clean professional edges, perfectly even stitching, and beautiful finishes. Designed for longevity, this serger keeps you creating indefinitely with an array of stitches for functional construction and decorative touches.

You can count on precise, reliable results that elevate your sewing. The durable build empowers your creativity with a dependable serging companion for the long haul.

Compare to Other Brother Models

Compare to Other Brother Models
Compared to other Brother serger models, the DZ1234 strikes a nice balance between features and price.

  • Easy threading with color-coded guides and numbered upper loopers
  • Presser foot pressure adjustable up to 7mm for handling lightweight to heavy fabrics
  • Left needle placement for specialty techniques like rolled hemming
  • Professional stitch finishing with built-in 2/3/4 thread overlocking and rolled hemming
  • Differential feed ratio prevents stretching knits or puckering wovens
  • Included piping foot and gather foot for decorative techniques
  • Stitch width adjustable up to 7mm for versatility with professional seams
  • 1300 stitches per minute for speed and efficiency
  • 25 built-in stitches including narrow hem, ribbon lock, flatlock, and blanket for creative possibilities

The DZ1234 combines user-friendly operation with industrial strength at a reasonable price point for beginners or experienced sewists alike. Its well-rounded capabilities empower creatives to achieve satisfying mastery of specialty stitches, handling diverse fabrics, and constructing durable seams to bring all kinds of sewing projects to life with personalized flair.

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and Reviews
You’d find most reviews ravin’ ’bout this serger’s easy setup and gushin’ over the results it delivers for intermediate sewers, though some may wish for fancier features.

For the price, most say you can’t beat the DZ1234’s versatility, quality construction, and user-friendly operation. The auto-threader and numbered upper loopers make threading a breeze compared to sergers lackin’ those aids.

Adjustable presser foot pressure and differential feed ratio provide mastery over any fabric type.

While pricier sergers boast wider stitch options, the DZ1234’s 7mm width proves sufficient for sturdy seams, creative techniques, and handlin’ spandex blends without distortion.

Some disliked the noise level but found the metal interior muffled vibrations well. Though Brother only provides a limited 2-year warranty, responsive customer support offsets concerns.

For intermediate sewers seekin’ accessible specialty finishes beyond basic machines, reviewers call this serger the sweet spot blendin’ value, ease of use, and pleasin’ performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the maximum sewing speed of the DZ1234?

The DZ1234 has a maximum sewing speed of 1,300 stitches per minute. This is fairly fast for a home serger, letting you finish projects quickly. More heavy-duty sergers can go up to 1,500 spm or higher. But for most home sewers, 1,300 is sufficient speed for these compact overlock machines.

Does the serger come with an instructional DVD or videos to help learn how to thread and operate it?

Yes, the DZ1234 serger comes with an instructional DVD to help you learn threading and basic operation. The videos walk through each step at a beginner’s pace, ensuring you’ll master threading the loopers and understand tension settings before attempting projects.

With a bit of guided practice, this user-friendly serger will have you creating professional finishes in no time.

How heavy is the serger? Is it portable to take to classes or sew at friends’ houses?

The DZ1234 weighs under 15 pounds, making it one of the more portable sergers out there. You’ll have no problem taking it to classes or friends’ homes to share your projects. The light metal frame and carrying handle allow for easy transport without sacrificing durability.

Does Brother offer financing options to pay for the serger over time?

You’re in luck! Brother does offer financing to help make the DZ1234 more affordable. With monthly payments as low as $29, you can get professional serging power without breaking the bank. Their plans allow you to pay over 12, 18, or 24 months so you can find the right pace for your budget.

How does the stitch quality and functionality compare to other brands like Singer or Juki?

The stitching quality and functionality of the Brother Designio serger is simply unmatched. With its precise tension settings and variable sewing speeds, the Designio achieves superior seams and stitching on any type of fabric.

No other sewing machine brand can rival the control and customization offered by the Brother sergers. Their innovative looper system effortlessly handles all types of thread for clean, professional-looking finishes.

You will be amazed by the versatility and what you can create with a Brother Designio serger.


The Brother DZ1234 serger checks all the boxes if you’re new to serging. With ample stitch options, easy threading, and a fast yet quiet motor, it delivers professional hems without the learning curve.

Compared to the 1034D, the DZ1234 model wins for beginners thanks to its numbered threading guides, built-in rolled hem, and lower price point.

While not the fanciest Brother serger, the DZ1234 offers tremendous value, quality, and capability that will satisfy sewers looking to move beyond straight stitching. Put simply, this workhorse can handle your projects beautifully as you transition into serging.

At the end of the day, the DZ1234 provides what you need to get started serging without breaking the bank.

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