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Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter Review, Price, and Problems (2023)

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When you only have one equipment to utilize to quilt, you are stuck with all the subtleties, the problems, and also other issues that include that details device. However when you have a larger option to pick from, you can prevent particular problems and problems as well as make your quilting time better.

When you can obtain one of these quilting equipment for sale, they can be rather a bargain. One drain located hers at the is the last one sale as well as it only cost her $ 500. Rates will differ as this might be a good maker to use when you quilt a great deal.

To learn if this is an excellent embroidery equipment to make use of for quilting or otherwise just proceed to read our review It discovers all the significant concerns surrounding the Mega Quilter and also offers you one of the most significant data possible.

Our Husqvarna Mega Quilter Review

When you desire an excellent quilting sewing maker, you need to consider this version. Initially, it has several speeds that enable you to go from slow to tool to quick as well as back just by sliding the rate control switch.

When you get to the rapid speed this embroidery maker will stitch at 1600 spm. Its 9 by 6 inches workplace is big enough to manage the largest patchworks you intend to deal with. After that if it isn’t you can include the 24 by 16 inches expansion table to aid you navigate as well as sew the way you want.

In enhancement to those features, there are an integrated thread cutter, a knee lift feature that lets you keep both hands on what you are doing, and a needle threader. All of these functions as well as features and also ones we have not stated yet are powered by a peaceful motor that does not shake the machine and conflict with your work.

If that is not sufficient to persuade you to purchase this top quilting sewing machine may be the up as well as down needle button, the huge reverse lever, and also the lengthy 6 mm stitch size should.

You have the functions and also the Husqvarna Viking track record behind the equipment to see to it you are buying one of the leading quilting sewing devices at an economical price.

Standard embroidery as well as quilting accessories are included with your acquisition as well as there are added optional accessories if you need the added help in your different sewing jobs.

Viking Husqvarna Mega Quilter Price

There is a little trouble to begin with. Initially, we found that has not noted one Mega Quilter available right currently. That does not indicate there won’t be any in the future however it does imply that it is difficult to get a good repair on the price.

Second, we inspected Husqvarna’s web site and they have a website that provides you the quantity of cash you will be attributed for if you sell various designs and the value is bad. If your equipment is just 2 to 3 years old, the company will certainly offer you $ 200.

If your equipment is 3 to 4 years old you will certainly obtain $100 and also older than 4 years you will just get $75 by trading your old machine in. That is not very encouraging, to say the least, as well as right here is the link to confirm those figures.

We have actually seen costs ranging from $500 to $750 with personal sales which must give you a concept of what your equipment may offer for if it is in good problem. One forum has numerous people offering their equipments for $600 and $1000 if it comes with the structure.

The price you are going to pay will certainly depend a lot on where you locate it. Flea markets may be more pricey than utilizing electrical outlets or identified advertisements. Those sellers are usually not inspired to offer their items and they can hold out till the ideal customer comes along.

Considering that this design has actually been around for over a decade or 2 you must not have to mortgage the farm to acquire one if you actually want it. There ought to suffice offers out there where you can locate great equipment in leading problem for a sensible price.

Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter Pros and also Cons

Every seeing device regardless of who makes it will not please everyone. There will certainly be those good points them such as well as those poor factors that make them wish they had actually bought a different machine. Here are some benefits and drawbacks for this quilting machine:


  • Can be economical
  • Can collaborate with a frame or an expansion table
  • Sews at as much as 1600 spm
  • Comes with great deals of common attributes
  • Lengthy stitch length
  • Side packing bobbin
  • Great absolutely free movement quilting
  • Has a light for better watching
  • Stitches numerous layers
  • A huge 9-inch harp
  • Reverse switch is large and easy to get to
  • Has the Husqvarna Viking track record behind it


  • Just has a straight stitch
  • Minimal needle options (usesHlx-5 needles)
  • Just includes two feet, the straight stitch and also darning alternatives
  • Feet do not snap on, you require a screwdriver to transform them
  • Challenging to thread, you need to enjoy the encased DVD
  • Can be very hefty to raise
  • Demands an extremely secure table to remain on
  • May shred the thread

What Husqvarna Mega Quilter Reviews Say?

While the 9-inch harp is supposed to be great when working on full-size patchworks some users really felt that it was a little small still. This viewpoint remained in the minority, naturally, as most users felt that the 9-inch harp was simply the right dimension for their projects.

Others were thrilled by the 3 rates that came with the machine. The most affordable way 800 spm, while the highest was 1600 spm. One customer claimed that it is taking her a while to get readjusted to the quick rate of the equipment.

After that one customer said the lighting was not that excellent on the stitching maker yet that the problem was minor as well as getting over by all the benefits she discovered when she dealt with it. However, not every person mores than happy with their Mega quilter as they did some research and found that the Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter, the Janome 1600P QC, and also the Pfaff Grand Quilter are all made in the exact same manufacturing facility as well as being generally the same embroidery machine.

Generally the reviews are rather positive despite the fact that the maker does experience string and also various other problems that discourage them. When the device is working, it is a great sewing maker that makes quilting much more enjoyable.

When you have to quit as well as re-thread or replace your string as a result of those sewing equipment issues then quilting is not so much enjoyable. The positives that feature this version of stitching equipment definitely overshadow as well as outweighing the negatives which you will certainly read more about in the upcoming area.

The model has been around for rather time and also if you buy made use of, remember you are acquiring someone else’s problems

Usual Viking Mega Quilter Problems

Some of the more typical problems you may locate that included this maker is that the string might damage frequently on you. Even re-threading does not resolve the concern, and it takes a bit to get the stress adjusted to the best level to stop this from occurring.

Then occasionally the stress device in its entirety needs to be changed however despite a new device, the trouble is not addressed as well as the string will break or shred on you. Next off, you need to keep an eye out for the sort of needle you utilize. It can damage quickly on you or assist the string to break.

You may also find that the maker will certainly avoid stitches or just quit sewing. These are problems you might have to go to a technician to discover the cause. This sewing maker seems to be a bit touchy when it involves string as well as needles.

Additionally, this model of stitching equipment is not immune from the usual problems sewer makers sustain. You still have to place the needle in correctly, watch the tension, make certain the bobbin is in the ideal position, and also so on.

Naturally, you additionally have to maintain it on a regular basis cleansing it out, and placing a couple of declines of oil inside. You can’t stay clear of these two jobs. Then you need to have it serviced when a year by a certified repairman to make sure you did not miss anything or that nothing has fallen deeper into the machine.

Locating a Husqvarna Mega Quilter available

Typically, we would certainly send you to Amazon as one of the best places to find what you are looking for. Yet the bad information here is that industry doesn’t have one of these sewing machines for sale at the time of this writing.

We located one at as well as it may be a bit overpriced at simply over $ 1000. Exclusive sales are going to be your best choice and also you should find the price a lot more to your taste. As we reported earlier, personal sales have actually had these sewing machines offering for regarding $600 to $800 offer or take $ 100.

To get your best bargains you can look for sales as one proprietor paid $500 for her brand-new design as the shop wanted to get rid of it. Then you can check flea markets, yard sale, service center, and more to see what sort of price you need to pay for an utilized Mega Quilter.

The classifieds may bring the most determined vendors to your interest so do not fail to remember to check those choices when you intend to possess a Mega Quilter. Some on the internet outlets were selling these models yet one stated to contact their neighborhood suppliers to obtain the price.

We did not see several of these equipments for sale right now.

Mega Quilter Manuals and also Parts

Your search for these things should be a lot easier than finding a design available at a sensible price. Owner’s manuals are on sale at and also you would have to examine that site to see their option and price. Each seller will be various.

After that our best hand-operated locations, at this link , has them for sale and also you can look the website to discover the one you require. Husqvarna has one online that you can check out without downloading or paying for. You can find it at this web link Finally, this link must have some for you to consider.

When it comes to components, the search might be also less complicated if you browse the web. Since the Mega Quilter is a modern device there are still tons of components offered throughout the web. Depending upon the model you have there should not be a trouble finding extra parts to repair your sewing device.

One area is located at this web link and you must locate a lot more at this area Space does not allow us to put a great deal of the parts alternatives you have but search term Mega Quilter parts ought to transform up loads of even more outlets where you can discover extra components.

You can additionally inspect with the Husqvarna Viking dealerships or reps to see what components they have in supply as well as the normal embroidery maker service center in your city.

Some Final Words

It might be an older stitching device but it still works well. Many customers like their Mega Quilter and also won’t trade it in for anything. The features are there to make your quilting go smoother, plus, this sewing device has the rate you desire if you are on a time frame.

Inspect one out today as you may get an excellent equipment at a very budget-friendly price.

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