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In-the-Hoop Embroidery: My New Obsession With Bernette B79 (2024)

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in the hoop embroidery designs my newest obsessionYou’ve got to be kidding me, another in-the-hoop embroidery design for me to obsess over?

I can’t get enough of ’em!

As a passionate crafter and sewing instructor, I’m always on the hunt for easy embroidery projects I can stitch up quick as a whip.

And let me tell ya, in-the-hoop designs are the cat’s meow.

All I gotta do is hoop some stabilizer, follow the steps to add fabric layers, and let my trusty Bernette work her magic.

Before I know it, I’ve got a cute hand embroidery hoop to gift or display.

I may need to clear more wall space soon with my newfound in-the-hoop embroidery obsession!

Now excuse me while I go pick out some fun fabrics and get stitchin’.

Key Takeaways

  • Popular for crafters, allowing quick creations using stabilizer and fabric in the hoop.
  • Guides embroiderers through a multi-step process to create a 3D object in the hoop.
  • The Bernette B79 embroidery machine has a 6×10 hoop size and user-friendly editing software.
  • Quality stabilizers, matching thread weight, and regular maintenance are important for successful embroidery.

What is an In-the-Hoop Embroidery Design?

What is an In-the-Hoop Embroidery Design
You’re finding that machine embroidery opens up exciting new creative possibilities for your quilting projects. With an entry-level Brother or bernette b79 embroidery machine, a world of fun and necessary in-the-hoop designs becomes accessible.

An in-the-hoop teddy bear is a classic beginner project that lets you experience multi-step embroidery with pre-assembled parts. Beyond st■ animals, explore floral, geometric, and seasonal motifs to decorate quilts.

Mix free designs from blogs with purchased sets to embroider pretty accents on quilt blocks before piecing them together.

Seeing your creative vision come to life in stitched thread feels deeply gratifying. The positioning system allows you to place designs exactly on quilt tops. In-the-hoop creations let your inner child play with thread and color.

Are In-the-Hoop Designs Difficult to Follow?

Are In-the-Hoop Designs Difficult to Follow
Though in-the-hoop designs may seem daunting at first, with practice, the step-by-step instructions allow even novice embroiderers to produce intricate creations. Don’t let the detailed process intimidate you! With an embroidery machine, hoop, quality thread, backing, and stabilizer, each careful step will lead you through the in-the-hoop technique.

As you follow the pictured stitches, your hoop will transform from a blank canvas to an embroidery masterpiece. The key is to take it slowly and double-check as you go. With a bit of patience, those overwhelming directions give way to beautiful custom designs.

You’ll gain confidence with each new hoop, learning tricks to perfect your embroidery stitches.

Though it may seem difficult now, with time, you’ll become an in-the-hoop expert, embroidering stunning pieces.

Features of the Bernette B79

Features of the Bernette B79
With its large embroidery field and built-in editing software, the Bernette B79 offers sewing enthusiasts exciting new design capabilities. However, some users report difficulty with assembly and improperly sized parts on this affordable machine.

Let’s explore the key features to weigh the pros and cons of the B79 for in-the-hoop embroidery.


With Milisten’s joints, you can build customizable, posable dolls and animals that move how you want. The plastic connectors let you make figures with 360-degree rotation for fluid positioning of limbs and appendages.

Though tricky to assemble initially, once snapped together, the durable joints enable bending, twisting, and turning for natural, lifelike motion. Use in dolls, plushies, and any creation needing flexibility. With a bit of practice, you’ll be making figures that can pose and play just as you imagine.


Even with the vast creative possibilities, you’d be devastated once realizing that the B79’s limited 6×10 hoop couldn’t fit most complex ITH designs. The small work area leaves little room for intricate stitches or multiple design elements.

Choosing threads and stabilizers to prevent puckering in tight spaces requires diligence. Mastering hooping, positioning, and managing bulk will push your skills. Though limited, focus on what you can create within the boundaries through precision and resourcefulness.

Why I Chose the Bernette B79

Why I Chose the Bernette B79
You snagged the Bernette b79 once realizing machine embroidery unlocks creative potential far beyond basic stitches.

The b79 empowers you to effortlessly add beautiful details like appliques or embellished motifs. With the positioning system, it’s simple to perfectly place designs. The magnetic hoop even lets you embroider through layered quilts.

Dive into a new creative realm as you construct quilts around customized designs or rework pieces faster than by hand.

Completed Hand Embroidery Hoops

Completed Hand Embroidery Hoops
Hey friends! Have you considered giving hand embroidery as a special gift? I’ve been loving making custom embroidered accessories and wedding presents recently. From embroidered hand towels to jewelry rolls, there are so many sweet ideas to explore.

Today I’ll be sharing some of my favorite completed embroidery hoop projects that make wonderful gifts and keepsakes.

Embroidery Wedding Gifts

You’ll find creating monogrammed handkerchiefs as wedding gifts both meaningful and timeless. Personalize basic white handkerchiefs with a simple satin stitch initial or name using hoop designs. Add small flourishes like tiny flowers or bees with planet appliqué around the lettering.

Finish handkerchiefs quickly, then move on to matching st■ animals. Buy extra supplies when they’re on Christmas sale to prep for multiple weddings. Change your sewing machine needle before embroidering delicate fabrics like silk.

Embroidery Accessories

Hoops and stabilizers are must-haves for flawless embroidered creations. Secure fabric tightly in embroidery hoops to prevent puckering. Choose the size based on the design, adjusting the inner ring for a snug fit. Stabilizers support stitching, reducing distortion.

Cutaway stabilizers work best for dense fills. Tear away options allow for removing the backing after stitching. Place top and bottom stabilizers for dimensional designs. Test different brands – some grab fabrics better.

More Gift Guides

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As an embroidery artist, you deserve tools that unlock boundless creativity. Treat yourself to gifts that expand your capabilities and free you to bring your unique vision to life. The urge to create throbs within; honor it by gifting yourself the power to manifest beauty.

Pin Embroidery Gifts for Crafty People

Pin Embroidery Gifts for Crafty People
You’d love gifting embroidered pins to crafty pals. The possibilities for cute, tiny hoop art are endless! Your stitch-lovin’ friends will grin when they unwrap a custom stitched pin of their favorite animal or inspirational phrase.

Grab some tiny hoops and waste canvas to whip up adorable teddy bears, little zipper pouches, or whatever their crafty hearts desire. With a bit of thread and creativity, you can design pint-sized hoop masterpieces to delight your best crafty buds.

Stitch fun gifts that are uniquely them and watch their eyes light up when they exclaim, Stitcher gonna stitch! Tiny hoop embroideries make magical mementos to celebrate friendships.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What fabrics work best for in-the-hoop embroidery?

When embroidering in the hoop, consider lighter fabrics like cotton quilting fabric, cotton knits, and linen. These fabrics allow the needle to easily pierce the base layer while providing enough grip to hold the stitches.

Heavier fabrics can also work, but they require more stabilizer and may distort with dense designs.

How do I know which embroidery thread to use?

You’ll want quality embroidery thread for the best results. Match the weight to the fabric – light for voile, heavy for denim. Polyester withstands pulling through fabric; cotton for softness. Go with rayon or polyester for shine.

What maintenance does the Bernette B79 need?

As a fellow crafter, I understand your concerns about embroidery machine maintenance. My advice is to remember periodic oiling, especially near the bobbin and needle! Applying a drop of sewing machine oil will help keep things running smoothly.

Are there other Bernette models to consider?

The sleek new B56 offers features found only on high-end models, yet its friendly price empowers your creativity.

Where can I find inspiration and patterns for in-the-hoop projects?

Look to fellow makers on social media for in-the-hoop inspiration. Seek out hashtags like #inthehoop and #hoopembroidery to discover patterns and tutorials. Peruse themed boards on Pinterest. Connect with crafters digitally to learn techniques and get design ideas.


Did you know that embroidery machine sales have increased by over 200% in the past 5 years? It’s no wonder in-the-hoop embroidery designs have become your newest obsession since purchasing the user-friendly Bernette b79.

With the machine’s versatile features and ability to import countless designs, you’ll be cranking out personalized, customizable embroidered gifts and embellished quilts for years to come.

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