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Magic Embroidery Pen Review (2023)

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Magic embroidery pens are all the rage currently. While the term might seem contemporary, magic embroidery pens are utilized for a standard craft called punch-needle embroidery

This embroidery technique has actually been around for hundreds of years, coming from ancient Egypt. Recently, the craft has reclaimed its popularity in the United States, which has resulted in the present buzz of magic embroidery pens.

Some might believe that punch-needle embroidery can replace hand or machine embroidery, given that both crafts entail stitching by hand. Nonetheless, do not be mistaken, as these 2 have different attributes.

Punch-needle embroidery calls for a hollow needle to develop unique loophole stitches Conversely, hand embroidery usages traditional embroidery or embroidery needles to develop smooth, also stitches

Allow’s have a look listed below to figure out even more concerning punch-needle embroidery Also, we will certainly see how this magic embroidery pen can be utilized to execute this embroidery technique.

Exactly How Does Punch-Needle Embroidery Work?

Punch-needle embroidery refers to punching a string into the textile to develop a series of tiny loopholes. These loopholes develop a three-dimensional appearance that offers the embroidery a rug-like appearance.

Some individuals might also pick to trim the loopholes to develop a unique furred structure. To produce these loopholes, a magic embroidery pen is used. The middle of the pen has a hollow needle which permits the string to experience it.

It likewise has a needle eye at the sharp end of the pen to make sure that the embroidery floss can be threaded. This brief video clip showcases this procedure completely (though being a video clip on YouTube it is needed by regulation to have some awful, unsuitable history songs!):

Once the embroidery pen has been threaded correctly, you can hold it as you would certainly with a conventional writing pen. It is then located vertical to the fabric with the pointed edge facing it.

When you punch the pen’s sharp end right into the fabric, see to it the deepness gauge meets the fabric. After that, through that same opening, pull the needle gradually towards you.

To develop a loop, relocate the pen somewhat better from you and also repeat the same actions once again. You can continue this process until your design pattern is loaded. It is advised that before functioning inwards, do the summary first.

As such, using a magic embroidery pen is very easy because of its small discovering curve. Allow’s review the remainder of the pen’s attributes to see why you need to purchase one currently.

Magic Embroidery Pen Punch Needles, Embroidery Pen Set,Embroidery Patterns Craft Tool Including 50...

Magic Embroidery Pen: Features

The magic embroidery pen consists of the pen and also various other vital tools. Made from resilient, ABS-plastic, the ergonomic structure of the pen supplies a comfy yet steady grip. This enables you to needle-punch easily.

The size of the needle can be quickly adjusted with the built-in needle handle. Simply press the white dial up or to obtain your preferred size.

Do note that the ideal needle length is necessary to your wanted embroidery pattern, as it will identify the size of your thread loops.

There are 3 interchangeable needles, in little, tool, and large dimensions. This is to accommodate a various variety of embroidery floss strands.

For instance, you can string between one to 3 strands with the smallest needle to produce fragile loopholes. Conversely, the largest needle can be used to thread the full six strands of embroidery floss or yarn.

To show you how to change the needles, there is an instruction handbook with thorough steps consisted of. This serves for first-timers that are new to magic embroidery pens.

Furthermore, four needle threaders are consisted of in this collection. This is vital for pulling the thread via your embroidery pen and right into the needle eye. With four threaders, you won’t need to stress over misplacing one.

An additional important tool is the embroidery hoop. It has a brass change screw to readjust the tightness of the material as essential. This guarantees the towel will be adequately taut to protect against unraveling of your loop stitches.

Last but not least, the set contains a pair of scissors to enhance your fundamental toolkit for punch- needle embroidery It likewise comes with 2 butterfly appliques to supplement your finished style.

Magic Embroidery Pen Punch Needles, Embroidery Pen Set,Embroidery Patterns Craft Tool Including 50...


This magic embroidery pen set has met a positive function. Offered its cost point, it is a cost effective method to try punch-needle embroidery without too much trouble.

Many of the devices consisted of in the set are of adequate quality. For example, the hoop is made from a tough material that safeguards the textile in area. This ensures that the stitches are well-aligned with the style pattern.

In enhancement, the comprehensive color variety of strings goes over without the requirement to purchase extra embroidery floss.

The guideline guidebook is efficient educating newbies how to utilize the item. Actually, this pen is so simple to make use of that you are likely to grasp it within a day.

However, when using the embroidery pen, do make sure not to exert way too much force. It is feasible for the sharp, pointed edge of the pen to slice through the material as well as ruin your design.

An additional disadvantage is that it does not feature any kind of material, so you will need to purchase this individually.

It is extremely recommended to make use of weaver’s fabric as your textile for punch-needle embroidery Denim and also twill are also terrific choices. The reasoning is that these fabrics are snugly woven to ensure the loops will certainly be held firmly in area.

Should You Buy This Magic Embroidery Pen?

The pen’s user friendly feature and also its accompanying instructional guide makes it relatively simple and easy to pick up this particular niche technique. Hence, if you have never attempted punch-needle embroidery in the past, we recommend you provide this one a go.

Moreover, the affordable price tag and a broad range of tools included in the set makes it wonderful worth for cash. With a solitary set, you are geared up with the majority of the basics required for your very first style.

For those that have an interest in punch-needle embroidery, this magic embroidery pen collection could become your brand-new best friend.

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