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Noah’s Ark Sewing Pattern Full Guide of 2023

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While browsing for material on , I encountered a charming Noah’s Ark material panel. It had a sewing pattern printed on it for an ark-shaped cushion with pockets to keep a Noah figurine and pets. I bought the material panel as well as figured it would certainly be a fun toy for my youngsters that I could also utilize to instruct them this bible tale.

Here are photos of my completed Noah’s Ark as well as porcelain figurines:

noahs ark and animals 2noahs ark and animalsnoahs ark figurinesnoahs ark

Noah’s Ark Fabric Panel Review

CLICK ON THIS LINK to Get the Noah’s Ark Fabric Panel

noahs ark full panel

Product Description: 100% cotton print panel from QT Fabrics featuring Noah’s ark as well as seven porcelain figurines. Use this panel to produce a Noah’s ark attractive cushion or huggable plaything.

Time to Sew: 1-2 Hours

Trouble: Newbie

If you’re seeking a simple sewing job, textile panels can help. This Noah’s ark sewing pattern was extremely easy to adhere to. All you need to do is removed the shapes on the panel, sew them together on your sewing equipment, stuff them with fiber fill, and after that stitch the opening shut by hand. The direction for this sewing project are printed directly on the panel, however I’ve consisted of a lot more detailed steps listed below.

The whole Noah’s ark sewing job took me about 2 hours from beginning to end. The hardest component was sewing the openings shut by hand after packing each of the pets with fiberfill. I have M.S., and also occasionally my fingers do not comply as well as I ‘d such as. If you can do a ladder sew, you will certainly have no issue.

My largest item of recommendations for this sewing job is to not overstuff the ark cushion. My ark has excessive fiberfill as well as this makes the pockets tight. My children don’t care, so I’m going to leave it rather than stitching and also eliminating some of the fluff, yet I desire I would have believed of that before sewing it closed.

One more point to be familiar with is that this material panel makes one Noah figurine and also six animals. I desire that there were 2 of each pet to stay true to the bible story, but it’s ok. If this is something that would bother you, think about acquiring two material panels so you can make even more animals.

Right here are the concepts you’ll require to acquire to stitch the Noah’s ark cushion and figurines

Directions to Sew the Noah’s Ark Pillow and Figurines

This Noah’s Ark sewing pattern is not challenging to figure out, but I assumed I ‘d consist of detailed guidelines for newbies. I wish you find them helpful. The directions below are meant to be used in conjunction with the instructions from QT Fabrics.

Step 1: Cut out all the pattern items following the lines on the panel. A rotary cutter would certainly function best

noahs ark full panel 1 1cut out pattern pieces

Step 2: Fold up over the leading side of both ark pocket items to the back 1/8 inch and also press in location. After that, repeat the process by folding down an additional 1/8 inch. Stitch the fold in position. This is a great area to use your side stitch foot.

fold down edge of pocket twice rotated 1finished edge of pocket on ark

Step 3: Pin one pocket item per of your main ark pieces and also stitch together using a 1/ 8-inch joint allowance. See to it to match up the dots on your pattern items.

sew pocket onto ark rotated 1

Step 4: Line up the 2 matching ark pieces with ideal sides with each other. Then, sew them together along the top making use of a 1/4-inch seam allocation. Start sewing from the leading edge of the deck and drop in the same put on the various other side.

sew noahs ark right sides together rotated 1

Tip 5: Pin all-time low of the ark to the bigger ark items with best sides together. Stitch all-time low of the ark with a 1/ 4-inch joint allocation, leaving 4 inches open along one of the lower sides for turning and packing. Make certain that you do not leave a hole where the factor of your ark is formed.

sew bottom of ark to sides

Action 6: Clip and also scratch all edges as well as curves so that they do not pucker when stuffed. Then turn the ark appropriate side out.

clip corners of ark inside outclip rounded parts of ark bottom

Step 7: Pin all of the pet items with ideal sides together.

pin animals with right sides together

Step 8: Stitch all of the animal assemble utilizing a 1/ 4-inch seam allowance, leaving a little opening at the base for turning and stuffing. The smaller you make the opening, the much less hand sewing you will need to do later.

Tip 9: Cut the seam allocation on all pets to 1/8 inches. After that, clip and also notch all corners and contours where necessary so that they do not pucker when packed. Transform every one of the pets ideal side out.

Action 10: Things your ark and also pets with fiberfill until they really feel great to you. Do this by putting a little bit in each time, preventing portions of fluff. Do not overstuff the ark due to the fact that it will make the pockets as well limited to make use of.

Step 11: Make use of a needle as well as string to stitch the opening on the ark and all of your pet’s shut. Do this with a ladder stitch and also beware to stitch in a straight line to make it look excellent.

noahs ark and animals 1 1

Let me recognize if you attempted this Noah’s ark sewing pattern I would certainly like to understand how it went in the remarks below.

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