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Quilt Sizes 101 Full Guide of 2023

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Why Quilt Sizes Is Hard

If you’ve ever before doing a look for ‘how big is a queen dimension quilt’ you might have wound up comparing 2 websites with various little details. Annoying!

In contrast to common belief, the mattress and also residence providing market DOES have a fundamental conventional dimension for cushions, sheets, and covers. Nonetheless, there are exceptions to every rule, variations in various nations, royal or metric dimensions– and also don’t even obtain me began on IKEA.

So utilize the data on this page as an overview– we really hope an accurate one!– yet recognize that some slight differences are unpreventable.

Quilt Size Comparison Table

Bed Type Pre-Cut Batting Cushion Size Quilt Size Dimensions
Baby 30 x 40 ″
Baby crib 45 x 60 ″ 28 x 52 ″ 36 x 52 ″
Toss 50 x 65 ″
Twin 72 x 90 ″ 39 x 76 ″ 70 x 90 ″
Double/Full 81 x 96 ″ 54 75 ″ 85 x 108 ″
Queen 90 x 108 ″ 60 x 80 ″ 90 x 108 ″
King 120 x 120 ″ 78 x 80 ″ 110 x 108 ″

Quilt Size Infographic

Exactly how big is a king quilt What are the dimensions of a twin dimension quilt How much time as well as wide is a child dimension quilt Learn below!

quilt size chart

Formula to Find the very best Quilt Size

This formula should offer adequate quilt to cover the top of the bed mattress, the sides, and ends:

For the size: bed mattress size plus two times its depth.

For the length: bed mattress size plus one times its deepness.

Formula to Find the Best Quilt Size

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