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Sewers Aid Ingredients and How to Use (Review and Substitute 2023)

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From time to time things don’t go as intended as well as you need a little aid obtaining your thread and stitching device to run smoothly. There are few products that pertain to the sewage system’s aid. When you discover yourself in a jam and have a difficult time getting the string to work, you might intend to attempt a little Sewer’s Aid.

The most harmful ingredient we discovered on a bottle of Sewer’s Aid is Polydimethylsiloxane, Trimethyl Teminated and also it is dangerous to your wellness. Its task is to assist make stitching less complicated as well as smoother. Just a decline or 2 ought to lubricate your string. There are whole lots of different brand names using the name Sewer’s Aid.

To find out more about Sewer’s Aid just remain to read our short article. It has the information you want to understand about if you have actually never ever become aware of this product. Take a few mins to see if this product is for you as well as your sewing projects.

What is Sewers Aid?

This lube is made by Dritz yet beware as other producers also use the term sewers help on replacement for this lube. That is the best means to explain it as this fluid oils hard to deal with strings like metallic or thick strings that are tough to string through the eye of a needle.

You can utilize it on either hand or machine embroidery needles to aid you make it through those hard, thick textiles a great deal simpler. However that is not the only place you can utilize it. It is said that you can position a drop on your bobbin, string spindle, and also presser feet to make all those things function much better.

In addition to that, a decline on your sewing scissors will certainly make them cut simpler as well. This lubes is non-staining so you do not have to stress concerning it hopping on your materials. The trick is not to utilize a lot. Just a drop will certainly do it as well as two drops at most.

Think it or otherwise, there are few unfavorable evaluations concerning this product.


  • Aids thread undergo material easier
  • Aids your needles pass through the fabric much better and also smoother
  • Easy to use
  • You do not require a whole lot to make it benefit you
  • Is available in a little bottle for much better storage
  • Assists reduced lint


  • Can be seen as expensive as it is $6 for 1/2 an ounce
  • Easy to apply excessive lubricant
  • May leak on your hands

See it below

Sewers Aid Ingredients

The business does not list the ingredients to this product on its site as well as neither does Amazon. They keep the ingredients concealed when showing a picture of this item.

We had to go to a product security web page to discover these 2 ingredients, Polydimethylsiloxane, Trimethyl Teminated, and also fortunately is these and the other ingredients are not cancer-causing. At best, you may obtain some skin and eye inflammation if you let it go down on your hands, arms, or legs, as well as letting some get in your eyes.

If you ingest it, anticipate some food digestion inflammation additionally. The item is stable however don’t heat it as the ingredients will certainly generate carbon monoxide gas, co2, and nitrous oxides.

Yet there need to be no risk in you warming this product as heat isn’t required to use it to lubricate your thread. To put it simply, this sewers help product is extremely safe to use, even by pregnant women.

The product has been around for numerous, years with no destructive reports or health cautions posted. Some people like it and others favor to handle their string concerns in another way.

If you wish to read the security sheet, just visit this site The information is 5 web pages long and also need to place any kind of concerns you have about this item to the rest.

What Sewers Aid Reviews Says?

Among the fascinating things we located in researching this item is that there are really few unfavorable testimonials. Someone grumbled that when she took it out of the plan, the container leaked some on her hands. Yet the leak was not large and also inadequate to maintain her from utilizing this lubricant.

Various other reviewers enjoy it, particularly when they utilized it like it ought to be made use of. It is NOT a lubricating substance for your embroidery device. This product does not replace stitching equipment oil. When related to string, needles, presser feet, and also bobbins your string and fabric should move quicker as well as smoother.

Then one more reviewer aimed out that the bottle resembles a various item entirely as well as taking care not to puzzle the two. Additionally, the next reviewer loved just how the lubricant maintained the lint down. It made her stitching job a lot easier.

Then to give it an increase, some instructors for brand-new owners of expensive electronic embroidery machines advise that they obtain a bottle of this to aid them with difficult strings. Once again, you do not utilize it as a replacement for sewing maker oil. This item does have its limitations.

There is one alerting though. One reviewer really felt that no one must utilize this product as it might create mayhem with your tensions. This might be a possibility, however you can constantly readjust those tensions to compensate for the ease of stitching.

How do You Use Sewers Aid?

This is an easy to use product and if you have made use of an eye dropper for medicating challenging places on your body or your animal’s body, then you can use this lubricating substance. It doesn’t take much ability other than to have a consistent hand and also the capacity to not push really hard.

All you do is unscrew the cap as well as tilt the container towards the needle, bobbin, presser foot, and so on, you desire to relocate efficiently and carefully press out 1 declines. That is it. 1 decline needs to be all you need for every area and for some needles one decline might be too a lot.

Since the lubricant is non-staining, it is all right to have some of the lube strike your textile. The product will not be damaged and also your embroidery task will not be destroyed. The bottle needs to have directions on the packaging to ensure you apply this lube the proper way.

Sewers Aid Alternative and Substitute

One alternate product you can utilize is Thread Magic Thread Conditioner as well as it is found at this web link It is not a liquid so you do not need to fret about spilling or adding way too many decreases. You simply glide the thread with the top of the container to obtain it lubed.

Since drain’s Aid is a silicone kind lube you can discover lots of silicone options, like this item Various silicone formulas need to work on the string, presser feet, and so forth. Even if their purpose is for an entirely different job.

Furthermore, you can make use of beeswax as well as there are numerous different companies that make this lubricating substance for string and also other stitching machine components. The other point you need to take care of is when you most likely to the store as well as a request for a string lubricant.

You might be guided to the hardware or pipes departments of your regional chain store. Strings are discovered on pipes as you know and some negligent staff may not idea in as to what you are speaking about.

Where to Find Sewer’s Aid

This is not going to be as well difficult of a job to do as it can be located in your usual stitching needs places. If you are shopping in your area, the fabric section of your outlet store ought to have some or they may recognize where you can get it.

Next, you can attempt your regional textile shops run by individuals and also not company chains. Yet if they do not have any you will certainly need to go to Joann’s, Micheal’s, and also Hobby Lobby, and so on, to get your container.

After that if you like buying online, has it as do Joann’s web site as well as various other on the internet stitching electrical outlets. Your search should not take long as well as your only issue will be the cost tag.

It can be expensive as the rates range from at the very least $6 approximately $8 or even more.

Some Final Words

Drain’s Aid is a handy little lubricant to have in your sewing location. It will certainly make tough strings adhere to your desires and also move it through the material easily as well as smoothly. Additionally, a little on your needle and also those needles will experience difficult product better.

if you have a problem feeding your textile with the needle, a little on the presser feet ought to address that dilemma. A little lubrication goes a long method.

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