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Why Does My Sewing Machine Pull to the Left? (2023)

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It can be very frustrating when your machine pulls to the side. Below’s a description as well as what you can do to fix it!

Why does my sewing machine pull to the left? A sewing machine draws to the side as a result of the footer or due to the fact that you need an extension table. You can alter footer dimension as well as ensure the footer isn’t bent or filthy. Or you can set up an expansion table.

This is the most probable answer, but there are really a lot of possible factors for this

Let’s consider a few of the factors, and also what you can do to ensure the machine sews right.


When you sew you require to lead the fabric as it feeds right into the machine Yet you might seem like you have to require it sideways, in order for it not to pull left or right. This need to not be the situation.

You should be able to sew directly even for really slim textiles in addition to elastic and hefty textile kinds such as silk, woollen, jersey etc.

If you seem like you can not make it run straight you can try these ideas.

You can usually repair this with a table

Material drawing to the side is a really typical problem when we stitch. Nonetheless, it’s a discouraging one. Something we have all attempted.

Your sewing machine will typically sew to the left (or right) due to the fact that you are sewing big items of fabric without the assistance from a table ahead and also behind.

You can prevent it by positioning a table to catch the material. Preferably an instead large table, so the fabric does not be up to the side, as that will certainly simply trigger the exact same trouble.

You can additionally assist repair this by including an expansion table to your machine See to it you feed the textile at the exact same elevation as the machine bed, as well as it will certainly feed straighter. If you are working on a very slim fabric everything simply gets tougher.

So see to it you keep the material onto the table, so it does not pull in any direction. You can put your sewing machine next to a table as well as make certain the back of the machine will not allow the fabric to decrease excessive.

Other factors your machine will pull away

In fact, there can be multiple reasons that your machine will pull to the side. We have hundreds of different equipments, and each is different in layout and handling.

Let’s take a look at a couple of various other remedies we can attempt.

Adjustment the foot size

Attempt a bigger foot preferably. That will certainly occasionally fix the trouble.

On some models, a small foot will certainly not work effectively, and you will need to utilize the all function foot. The versatile feet is the one we will be making use of the majority of the moment for all forward-feed sewing

So if you are not currently utilizing the all-purpose foot (or regular presser foot) you should certainly try to transform that first.

When you change the footer you require to see to it, you install it right. This could just be the problem you are having. You require to see to it you secure it correctly. When you have changed the footer, you need to be discovering a modification immediately or else the trouble lays elsewhere.

Examine if the foot is curved

If the presser foot is curved you might experience a pull sideways from the textile, as you feed it to through the machine Try and remove the foot and also inspect it thoroughly. Maybe it has actually taken a hit or something else made it curved a little bit. Tiny discrepancies can trigger genuine trouble here.

You can attempt and lower the foot slowly to the needle-plate as well as see whether it is totally even. Each side of the foot should touch home plate at the exact same time.

If it is leaning towards one side, you need to make certain it is installed correctly, and attempt to see if you can repair it.

If you can deficient sit strait you ought to probably change it for a new one. It’s not very easy to fix a curved foot, you require a brand-new foot because instance. You can get a brand-new foot at the nearby store if you require it swiftly, or you can discover one online.

Ideally, that will deal with the trouble, as well as your machine need to start to feed straight.

Inspect the needle-plate for dust

The reason your machine is pulling to the side can additionally result from lint inside the sewing machine

Over time, your machine will certainly get filthy as well as a little item of dust can conveniently get stuck inside the rows. Some equipments are even worse than others, and also some older machines even have a “finish” on the needle-plate, and this can likewise obtain worn over time. When that occurs it can get stuck inside the needle-plate and also create the material to pull sideways.

Inspect the rows carefully to ensure it’s completely clean as well as complimentary of dust, hair, dust, as well as dirt.

This is something you need to do on a regular basis to make certain your machine is carrying out at it’s best in any way times.

You can additionally attempt to offer the area a little blow or you can make use of a hand vacuum. However, take care not to blow too tough and make certain the vacuum does not such as well hard because you can conveniently shed a needle or two.

Right here’s a wonderful little video that will teach you just how to clean your machine It additionally educates you exactly how to utilize the sewing machine oil:

As you will learn in this great video, you need to be cautious when cleaning up the machine You require to take the power off, so you are absolutely sure it won’t start running. Make sure there’s no ball of thread or fuzz. Have the presser footer in the upright position when you clean, so you can get to the essential parts of the machine

Ensure the needle-plate sits limited

If you have a loosened screw or the needle-plate is just damaged, this could likewise cause the fabric to pull sideways.

Make sure everything is fastened properly that all screws are mounted appropriately. If you find a loosened screw or one is missing you can try and get hold of the needle-plate securely, to make certain it still rests really tight. If that is not the situation you should try and also attach it with new screws.

Or perhaps you need a new needle-plate if you can not fasten it properly. If it’s a very old machine the needle-plate may be too used.

Examine the feed dog

When your machine is not feeding the textile appropriately it can likewise be because the feed dog is not changed right. You can decrease the feed pet dog with a little switch (on the back for Brother machines yet can also be installed on the front).

When you have it decreased, you can make certain it is clean as well as works effectively.

You need to also remove the presser foot, so you can access the area much better. When you open it up you can inspect that all knots are tight.

Otherwise, it might not feel right.

You can utilize a tiny Allen wrench to examine the knots. Beware if the knot is made of plastic (typical for Singer equipments). Give the location a gentle blow, to get rid of dust and dust.

If absolutely nothing jobs …

Do you seem like you have attempted every little thing there is to try?

Continue reading …

It can be tough to tell if these services are the ideal ones in your instance, but if you have the chance you can try to complete your project on another machine In this manner you can see whether the trouble continues.

Possibly it’s just since the material is really huge and also you are not experienced enough to handle it right. It can take years to discover to feed a huge item of textile right, and if you are working with elastic fabric, it can be even harder.

Elastic fabric is tricky, as well as you should constantly start with typical fabric, and after that proceed to the harder fabrics such as elastic textile, silks and so on. It’s simple to pull too hard and learn to feed various types of textiles at the best speed.

If you are brand-new to sewing you can look into this video clip. It shows you just how to sew directly and also teaches you where to place your focus while feeding the machine You ought to concentrate your eyes on a straight line.

Prevent taking a look at the needle. When you concentrate excessive on the needle, it’s hard to feed the textile right. When you learn to allow the needle to do its job, and simply concentrate on feeding the textile, every little thing will be easier.

It takes technique, however as you obtain more comfortable with your machine, you can let it run quicker and also smoother, without having to do tiny adjustments all the time.

Method makes ideal as they claim.

Relevant inquiries

Just how do I adjust the presser foot? You can readjust the foot by turning the little dial. You do this to adjust the stress level. Pick a low pressure level for thick textile and also a higher pressure degree for slim fabric.

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