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DIY Duvet Covers: Linen and Ruffled Comforter Covers (2023)

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tutorialsdiy duvet coverMake your bedroom a sanctuary with luxurious DIY linen duvet covers. Linen bedding can be pricey, but with the right materials and a few basic sewing skills, you’ll save big transforming inexpensive sheeting into five-star hotel-worthy comfort.

Follow simple steps using soft linen yardage and cotton sheeting to fashion sumptuous pillow shams and an ultra-comfy duvet cover. Add special touches like contrasting fabric borders, decorative stitching, and fancy closures for personalized bedding that feels like a dream.

Creating your own linen duvet cover is satisfying and thrifty. Transform your bedroom into a relaxing retreat and impress guests with high-end style on a budget.

Sweet dreams are made of DIY.

Table Of Contents

Key Takeaways

  • Create cost-effective duvet covers and pillow shams using linen strips.
  • Use hidden zippers for easy access to pillow shams.
  • Experiment with the placement of linen strips for a unique duvet front design.
  • Add decorative zigzag stitching for both style and durability.

DIY Linen Duvet Covers and Pillow Shams:

DIY Linen Duvet Covers and Pillow Shams:
Your luxurious linen bedding project begins by precisely measuring and cutting your linen and cotton sheeting to size.

Next, attach and sew linen strips for the duvet front and pillow shams, pressing seams open.

Hidden zippers allow the pillow shams to easily slip on and off.

After sewing the edges and borders of the shams, stitch the linen strips together for the duvet top.

Zigzag stitching adds beautiful detail to the duvet seams before attaching to the cotton sheeting underside.

Sew the edges closed, then use an iron to perfect the duvet cover edges.

Finally, add buttons and buttonholes along the opening’s edge to complete these easy yet sophisticated DIY linen duvet covers and pillow shams.

Step 1: Cut Linen and Sheeting to Required Sizes

You’ve selectively sliced sufficient servings of sleek sheets for sewing superb sham sides.

  • Practice with scrap fabric first to perfect your linen cutting technique.
  • Consider finished measurements when sizing fabric pieces.
  • Opt for pre-washed linen to prevent shrinking.
  • Use sharp shears and cut precisely on the straight grain.

Precision and planning in Step 1 allow you to efficiently cut your linen and sheeting to the exact sizes required for your duvet cover project. With your fabric pieces cut, you’ll be ready to start assembling your luxurious linen bedding.

Step 2: Attach Strips for Pillow Shams, Sew and Press Open

Next, pin and sew your linen strips together for the pillow sham fronts, then press those seams open for a smooth finish.

Strip Color Strip Width
White 2 inches
Blue 3 inches
White 2 inches
Blue 3 inches
White 2 inches

With care and creativity, you can fashion sham embellishments that elevate your bedroom.

Step 3: Attach Hidden Zippers to Pillow Shams

Carefully pin and sew the hidden zippers to the back edges of the pillow shams for easy access. Use a zipper foot for clean stitching and smooth operation. Take your time positioning the zipper, ensuring even spacing.

Check zipper functionality frequently, readjusting as needed. Perfect alignment prevents frustrating snags. Proper zipper attachment grants pillow sham convenience, delighting with their clever concealment.

Your beautiful bedding deserves properly installed closures. Achieving this requires patience and precision at each phase, as hidden zippers transform plain shams into polished masterpieces.

Step 4: Sew Edges of Pillow Shams, Create Border

Once the zippers are in, you’ll sew the edges of the pillow shams together, leaving an opening for the pillow insert. This step is where your creativity truly shines. Experiment with various pillow border techniques and creative edging ideas to make your custom sham borders stand out.

Adding unique fabric trim inspiration and decorative sewing borders can elevate the overall aesthetic of your DIY duvet cover and pillow shams.

Step 5: Sew Final Seam for Pillow Sham Border

To complete the border on your pillow shams, sew a final seam to secure all the edges and give them a finished look.

  • Finish with flair! Add lace, trim, or piping.
  • Add topstitch detailing for extra oomph.
  • Press well before the stylish reveal.

With a precise final seam, your homemade bedding gains its finishing touch. This easy project empowers your space with ruffly luxury at a fraction of the cost.

Step 6: Sew Linen Strips for Duvet Front

You’ll now sew the linen strips together for the duvet front, creating a large square for the top. Lay out the strips how you envision the duvet design. Experiment with strip placement to create visual interest.

Play with different stitch types like zigzag to add decorative accents that enhance the linen texture. Varying the stitching gives a unique flair. Sew the pieces, press seams open. Add personal touches, make it yours through color, pattern, and creative construction.

Step 7: Zig Zag Stitch Along Seams for Detail

As you infuse your linen bedding with intricate charm, the zigzag stitch emerges as a wondrous detail. Picture your bedroom radiating comfort, thanks to these stitched accents that marry texture and resilience in your duvet cover.

The zigzag detailing not only adds visual allure but also ensures the longevity of your creation. Let your mastery shine through every textured seam, embracing the power to transform your sanctuary into a haven of enduring beauty.

Step 8: Attach Linen Strip to Cotton Sheeting for Duvet Back

Pinning the beautiful linen strips to the cozy cotton sheeting for the duvet backside marks a crucial step in the process. This is where the fabric connection comes to life, and the duvet truly takes shape.

The integration of the sheeting with the linen strip is more than just a physical attachment; it’s the backside bonding that ensures the final product exudes a sense of luxury. This stage, essential to the tutorialsdiy duvet cover, sets the foundation for a masterpiece.

Step 9: Join Duvet Front and Back, Sew Edges Closed

Next, sew the linen duvet front and cotton sheeting back together, with right sides facing in, and stitch around all edges to enclose the duvet center. Masterfully position the fabrics, matching seams and corners. Guide the materials under the presser foot, keeping edges aligned as you sew.

Stitch slowly and precisely, backstitching at the beginnings and ends for durability. Carefully pivot at corners for a crisp finish. Remove pins as you sew. Press seams neatly once complete. Your skillfulness in duvet construction will bring comfort and beauty to your bedroom.

Step 10: Finish Edges of Duvet Cover With Iron and Sewing

After sewing the edges of your linen creation closed, it’s time to add a polished touch.

  1. Heat your iron to the linen setting.
  2. Iron the seams flat and press under 1/4 on all edges.
  3. Topstitch the hem using a straight or zigzag stitch.
  4. Check that the corners are square and give it a final press.

With some ironing technique and seam finishing touches, you’ll have a luxe linen duvet cover that looks store-bought for a fraction of the cost.

Step 11: Add Buttons and Button Holes to Duvet Edge

You’ll want to fasten buttons and holes along the duvet edge for a polished and secure closure. Mark evenly spaced button spots with pins first, then sew sturdy buttonholes. Go for big wood or fabric-covered buttons for a decorative touch, spacing them a few inches apart.

Finally, sew buttons opposite each hole, checking alignment – you want them to slip through smoothly.

Complete DIY Linen Duvet Covers and Pillow Shams

Staple up those snuggly duvet swaddles and call it a wrap, homebody. The slumber party of one awaits your fleecy embrace.

  1. Press and neatly fold the duvet and shams.
  2. Style them on the bed with coordinating accessories.
  3. Snap some photos to share your creation.
  4. Relax and enjoy your handmade spring bedroom refresh!

Ruffled Up Comforter Cover:

Ruffled Up Comforter Cover:
Let’s delve into the motivation and details behind making a ruffled up comforter cover. Inspired by a desire for a ruffly duvet cover, you purchased affordable fabric similar to Urban Outfitters but more budget-friendly for your all-white master bedroom.

You shared the step-by-step process using a ruffler foot, pins, and Velcro strips to create the gathered pleats, including the upcoming guest post and opportunities for interaction.

Inspiration and Vision for Ruffled Duvet Cover

Capture your bedroom’s essence with the vision of luxurious ruffles, inspired by your motivation to infuse charm and style into your space.

Choose fabrics with texture and depth to bring your vision to life.

Consider colors that evoke the mood you wish to cultivate. Soft, calm hues or rich, vibrant tones? The fabric palette sets the tone.

Finalize the details. Will pintucks, lace, or contrasting prints complement your ruffled showpiece? Refine your vision and make it uniquely yours.

Let your creativity flow. Manifest the bedroom of your dreams through your enchanting ruffled duvet cover.

Fabric Selection and Affordability

You found similar fabric to the Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie look for less money.

  • Check discount or remnant fabrics at local sewing stores.
  • Search online for deals on textiles like cotton sheeting.
  • Repurpose bedsheets or curtains you already own.

Sewing your own duvet cover allows creativity with more budget-friendly materials.

Tutorial for Making Ruffled Pillows

Lorajean’s pillow tutorial sketches the easy method for crafting ruffled pillow shams to complement your new duvet cover. Elevate your bedding ensemble with Creative Pillow Designs that echo the charm of your DIY duvet.

These Pillow Embellishment Ideas offer Stylish Pillow Accents, adding depth to your sleep haven. Experience the joy of a DIY Pillow Makeover, infusing your space with newfound liberation and power.

Step-by-step Process for Creating Ruffled Duvet Cover

Next, measure your comforter and fabric to calculate the necessary materials before starting to sew those lovely ruffles onto your duvet cover. Embrace different ruffle techniques to add texture and charm to your bedroom sanctuary.

Choose fabrics that align with your vision—think beyond the basics. Explore closure options, whether buttons, Velcro, or ties, to ensure easy removal for washing. Experiment with various ruffle variations and creative embellishments, adding a touch of personalized elegance.

Mention of Upcoming Guest Post and Interaction Opportunities

Stay tuned for Lorajean’s upcoming guest post, an exciting addition to our creative community! Her shared expertise promises to add a new dimension to our discussions on DIY duvet covers. It’s not just about crafting; it’s about fostering interactive content and creative partnerships.

Head over to the Flickr group and proudly showcase your ruffled creations inspired by the tutorial.

Sniffing Puzzle for Dog Entertainment:

Sniffing Puzzle for Dog Entertainment:
Dog puzzles provide fun mental stimulation as well as satisfying sniffing for all breeds. Here’s a straightforward guide for building an easy sniffing puzzle at home, key tips for using it successfully, and reasons why mental enrichment is so important for dogs.

Benefits of Using Sniffing Puzzles for Dog Entertainment

Amidst the threads of canine joy you’ve woven, your furry friend’s happiness unfurls like a blossoming adventure. In the enchanting tapestry of interactive games, these sniffing puzzles stand as intricate, tail-wagging mazes where each sniff is a step towards exuberance.

The cognitive enrichment of scent exploration stimulates your pup’s brain while providing an engaging and interactive canine game. As your dog follows their nose through mazes of hidden treats, their tail wags with joy at each new discovery.

These brain-boosting activities offer canine enrichment through playful interaction and tail-wagging fun.

Step-by-step Guide for Creating a Simple and Fun Sniffing Puzzle

To guide you effortlessly through the process, let’s delve into crafting a straightforward and enjoyable sniffing puzzle for your furry friend.

  1. Select the Base Material: Begin by choosing a durable and pet-safe base material, like a fleece blanket or a piece of fabric. This will serve as the foundation for your puzzle.

  2. Gather Treats or Kibble: Collect your dog’s favorite treats or kibble. These will be the enticing rewards hidden within the puzzle to motivate your pup’s sniffing adventure.

  3. Create Pockets and Folds: Cut the base material into various sizes and shapes. Fold and secure sections to form pockets where you’ll place the treats. Incorporate folds to add complexity to the puzzle.

  4. Hide Treats Strategically: Place the treats inside the pockets and folds. Vary the difficulty by making some pockets easier to access and others more challenging, encouraging your dog’s problem-solving skills.

  5. Introduce Scent Variation: Enhance the sensory stimulation by adding a hint of scent to the puzzle. Gently rub a treat on the fabric or use a scent your dog loves. This engages their natural instinct to follow scents.

Crafting a DIY sniffing puzzle not only provides your dog with engaging sensory and mental stimulation but also deepens the bond between you and your furry companion through interactive play.

Importance of Providing Mental Stimulation for Dogs

You’ll be thrilled to know that sniffing puzzles offer vital mental stimulation for your furry friend. These puzzles keep your pup’s mind active, effectively combating boredom and anxiety. Canine enrichment, through puzzle toys and cognitive challenges, engages them in interactive play that enhances mental engagement.

These activities align perfectly with your desire for mastery and power as a responsible pet owner.

Tips for Using the Sniffing Puzzle Effectively

Engage your furry companion’s senses by implementing these effective techniques when introducing the sniffing puzzle into your dog’s entertainment routine. Place high-value treats in hidden compartments to spark joy through scent exploration.

Vary the difficulty levels to allow canine enrichment through mindful pet play. Monitor engagement to ensure puzzle success. Gradually increase the challenge for long-term enrichment. Let your dog’s nose guide the way to effective engagement.

Chinese New Year Wishes and Traditions:

Chinese New Year Wishes and Traditions:
Happy belated Chinese New Year! I hope you were able to celebrate the occasion with family and friends. Chinese New Year is a major cultural holiday marked by festive traditions like reunion feasts, giving red envelopes, and lighting firecrackers.

It’s so important to honor our diverse cultural celebrations and the traditions that bring our communities together.

Sending Belated Chinese New Year Wishes

Even now, the echoing beats of lion dancers’ drums resonate in your memory as you send belated Chinese New Year blessings. Embracing the rich tapestry of Chinese New Year traditions, you join the festive spirit with heartwarming greetings, bridging time gaps with sincerity.

Amidst cultural celebrations, your holiday well wishes encapsulate the essence of the occasion, carrying the joy of togetherness across distances. As the lanterns sway in your recollections, your belated wishes honor the spirit of unity and renewal.

Explanation of Chinese New Year Traditions

Discovering the rich tapestry of Chinese New Year customs and the joy they bring to families worldwide is captivating. Belated greetings may carry the same warm intentions. Festive traditions revolve around reunion dinners, vibrant decorations, and giving red envelopes symbolizing good fortune.

Cultural celebrations encapsulate hopes for a prosperous year ahead. The intricate blend of age-old rituals and modern festivities embodies the essence of New Year symbolism, fostering togetherness and renewal.

Personal Experiences and Celebrations During Chinese New Year

You welcomed the Year of the Rabbit by gathering with family, exchanging red envelopes, and enjoying festive dishes during Chinese New Year celebrations. Interestingly, over 1 billion people around the world take part in this 15-day festival.

During Chinese New Year celebrations, you observed traditional customs like exchanging red envelopes and enjoyed festive decorations. This culturally significant holiday allowed you to reunite with family and friends to usher in the lunar new year.

Red envelopes filled with money for good luck.

Decorating with red lanterns and banners.

Lion and dragon dances at cultural events.

Reuniting with family over an elaborate meal.

Firecrackers and fireworks displays.

Sharing Festive Greetings and Well-wishes

Feel the joy of connecting through heartfelt messages during special occasions, as you weave a tapestry of warm wishes and festive greetings to celebrate together with your loved ones. A simple greeting card or custom e-card can transport your loved ones across the miles into the spirit of cultural celebrations.

Festive Card Designs Cultural Celebrations

Customized E-cards Seasonal Greetings

Heartfelt Well-wishes

Sharing thoughtful greetings and warm wishes allows us to honor traditions while deepening connections.

Importance of Cultural Celebrations and Traditions

Honoring traditions connects us to the past and enriches the present. Embracing cultural diversity impacts society by fostering understanding and respect. Modern customs blend innovation with heritage preservation, creating a vibrant tapestry of celebrations.

Multigenerational connections during festive times strengthen family bonds and share timeless wisdom. The global festive richness intertwines customs, nurturing a sense of unity and belonging. Amidst these traditions, we find liberation, power, and mastery, unlocking the beauty of shared human experiences.

Halloween Party Planning and DIY Decorations:

Halloween Party Planning and DIY Decorations:
Hey there! Since you’ve hosted mini Halloween parties and DIY decorations before, I’m sure this year’s spooky soiree with your family will be frightfully fun. Get your husband involved in planning games and activities, and keep the kids entertained with some creepy crafts – continuing these traditions together creates memories to last a lifetime.

Mention of Previous DIY Projects for Halloween

With your upcoming Halloween party just around the corner, memories of your previous DIY endeavors continue to enliven the atmosphere as the creative decorations you crafted imbue the space with a unique and festive charm.

Your Halloween DIYs, including spooky decor, festive treats, and creative costumes, recall fond trick-or-treating experiences and set the perfect mood for celebrating All Hallows’ Eve. The handcrafted details echo preparations from Halloweens past, promising a delightfully eerie and memorable party this year.

Hosting a Mini Halloween Party With Family

I can tell you’re absolutely swamped with excitement after hosting your flat’s spooktacular mini Halloween bash for the fam! The costume contest had everyone howling over your cousin’s hilarious hot dog outfit.

With spooky snacks like mummy dogs and pumpkin pie, no one left hungry. Carving funky jack-o’-lanterns together made for silly memories. Capping off the night with a scary movie marathon surrounded by your haunted house decor was the cherry on top of a frightfully fun celebration.

Involvement of Spouse in Halloween Party Planning

Get ready to be impressed by how your husband enthusiastically jumps into the Halloween party planning, contributing his own creative ideas and bringing an extra spark of excitement to the celebration preparations! Your spouse’s creative contributions and collaborative spirit in preparing for the joint event add a wonderful dynamic to party planning.

His enthusiasm elevates preparations through imaginative ideas and a joint commitment to preparing an impressive celebration.

Ideas for Halloween Decorations and Party Activities

You could really spook up your flat for your family’s Halloween party by making some creepy DIY decorations like paper mache skulls or ghosts to hang from the ceiling. Get creative with haunted house decor like cobwebs and caution tape. Make spooky snacks like eyeball deviled eggs.

Have a costume contest and award prizes for scariest, funniest, and most original. Carve pumpkins with clever or scary designs. Play Halloween music, and decorating is half the fun of hosting a spirited bash.

Importance of Family Gatherings and Creating New Traditions

Family comes first, so make some cherished memories with your loved ones this holiday season.

  1. Plan fun activities together.
  2. Cook favorite holiday treats.
  3. Decorate the home.
  4. Share stories and laughs.
  5. Make new traditions.

Strengthening relationships through meaningful traditions and rituals creates lasting family bonds and shared memories to be cherished.


With all of your DIY prowess, from mastering linen duvet covers to ruffled comforters, you have the skills to bring festive flair and cozy comfort to your home. Like Martha Stewart, you are a crafting maven, throwing Halloween bashes and wowing with handmade décor from wreaths to personalized dog puzzles.

Your home is a haven, filled with the laughter of family, scents of holiday feasts, and quilts stitched with love and tradition.

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