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Best Sewing Kits for Fashion Students – Essential Tools & Tips (2023)

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best sewing kit for fashion studentsLooking to cut loose and express your inner fashionista? Let me show you the best tools to unleash those creative juices. Sewing is no trivial pursuit – having quality equipment engenders success. Like Michelangelo chipping away at marble to reveal David, your kit helps extract dreams from cloth.

Sturme and Goando kits empower fashionistas through comprehensiveness. Yet, remember the key ingredient – you. Your passion transforms thread into treasure. So grab those scissors, pins, and needles and make magic happen.

I’ll spotlight the kits to ignite your imagination’s spark. But the real magic flows from your heart.

Key Takeaways

  • Sturme and Goando sewing kits are not suitable for major garment construction but are convenient for clothing fixes.
  • Quality sewing kits should have essential tools like sharp scissors, needles, thread, and a variety of notions.
  • Versatile sewing kits with upgrade options and adjustable settings are ideal for fashion students to enhance their skills.
  • SMARTivity kits allow fashion students to gain hands-on experience in embroidery, knitting, and crocheting.

Top 8 Sewing Kits for Fashion Students

Greetings fellow fashionistas! Whether you’re looking to hone your sewing skills or start a clothing line, having the right tools is paramount. Let’s explore some of the highest-rated kits, like the well-equipped Sturme Sewing Kit with its 198 pieces, and the Goando Sewing Kit tailored for beginners.

With these quality kits in your arsenal, you’ll be equipped to bring your design dreams to life.

Sturme Sewing Kit 198 Pieces

STURME Sewing Kit, 198pcs SewingView On Amazon
You’d be wise to take your time surveying the options before committing to any sewing kit.

Contained in a waterproof PU leather case, it offers a full arsenal for sewing, crafts, and clothing creation or repairs. The quality pieces, like gold eye needles and metal thimbles, demonstrate its value for fashion students.

With needles, threaders, bands, threads, buttons, scissors, and more, it provides the essentials to build and mend garments.

While reviews indicate the seam ripper could be sharper, this kit suits most sewing needs.

  • High-quality accessories like gold eye needles and metal thimbles
  • Large variety of sewing essentials, 198 pieces
  • Durable waterproof PU leather carrying case
  • Portable and secure storage
  • Seam ripper not very sharp, per some reviews
  • Large case not ideal for traveling
  • Lacks some convenience items like needle threaders and thread ends

Goando Sewing Kit for Adults

GOANDO Sewing Kit for AdultsView On Amazon
You can easily fix garments on the go with this portable 206-piece kit. Stay fashionable and self-sufficient by having the essential tools at your fingertips in a compact Oxford case. As an aspiring seamstress or fashion student, you’ll appreciate the high-quality scissors, needles, pins, threads, and more for quick clothing repairs.

Wherever your stylish pursuits take you, mend rips, replace buttons, adjust seams, and care for your wardrobe investments with this handy kit.

  • Portable for convenient access
  • 206 pieces for versatile fixes
  • Quality tools for reliable results
  • Not for major garment construction
  • Lacks a needle threader
  • Smaller case than some kits

What to Look for in a Sewing Kit

What to Look for in a Sewing Kit
We sewists know that basic sewing tools like needles, scissors, and thread are essentials, but the versatility of a kit for different sewing projects and quality indicators like variety of presser feet can determine which kits are best.

You’ll want to consider if the kit is portable and organized enough for your needs and contains all the tools needed for repairs. Starting with comprehensive kits that include quality tools helps build skills, spark creativity, and encourage a lifelong passion for sewing.

Essential Sewing Tools (needles, Scissors, Pins, Etc.)

Needles, scissors, pins, and other essential tools help fashion students pursue sewing projects. Over 70% of sewing kits include needles and scissors to mend garments and crafts. Quality tools like sharp fabric shears, assorted hand needles, thread in various weights, pin cushions, seam rippers, and measuring tapes give students the basics to handle all types of fabrics and techniques in their designs.

Versatility for Different Projects

A versatile kit will grow with you as your skills progress. Look for options to upgrade affordably as you take on more projects. Extra stitching, adjustable settings, and heavy-duty motors adapt sewing machines to garment making.

Helpful accessories like a free arm and presser feet expand possibilities. Quality notions facilitate flawless sewing and garment construction.

Versatile tools empower you to create unique designs at any skill level.

Quality Indicators (smooth Feed Dogs, Variety of Presser Feet, Etc.)

When choosing a sewing kit, closely examine the quality of items such as the feed dogs, variety of presser feet, and adjustable foot pressure. Smooth feed dogs ensure even fabric feeding. Having multiple presser feet, such as zipper and buttonhole feet, allows you to tackle various projects.

Adjustable foot pressure enables you to sew delicate and heavy fabrics. Quality indicators like these make sewing easier and enhance your capabilities. Select kits with accessories that match your skill level and project requirements.

Portability and Organization

Keep your entire sewing station organized and handy for quick fixes by choosing a kit with a sturdy case, like the convenient PU leather carrying cases that many quality kits include.

  • Sturdy case for protection and portability
  • Multiple compartments to keep tools separated
  • Elastic bands to secure thread spools
  • Zippered pouches for small parts
  • Handle and shoulder strap options for easy transport

Look for a kit that keeps all your essential tools tidy in one place with customizable organization to fit your needs.

Comprehensive Kits With All Necessary Repair Tools

Look for comprehensive kits that have all the necessary repair tools to handle any sewing job. Assessing your hand stitching techniques, usage of pressing cloths, considerations for fabric selection, and approach to garment construction will guide you toward the ideal kit.

Needles, thread, scissors, and other essentials equip you for pattern drafting, stitching, and altering garments.

DIY Mending Kits for Fashion Sustainability

DIY Mending Kits for Fashion Sustainability
Looking for a sustainable way to refresh your style? Upcycling, mending, and tailoring with a DIY mending kit can transform your wardrobe. These kits feature vintage textiles and sustainable materials to repair, alter, and customize clothes.

Importance of Tailoring, Sewing, and Repairing in Sustainable Fashion

Tailoring your own clothes lets you mend tears and make them last, saving the environment from fast fashion’s harmful textile waste. My grandma used to say, A stitch in time saves nine, patching up holes in my jeans so I could keep on wearing them.

Mending and tailoring let you personalize pieces, using natural dyes and stitches for zero waste, slow fashion. Sewing and knitting teach skills passed down generations, making crafts with needle and thread.

Ethical manufacturing starts at home – empower yourself at the machine, creating intentional garments infused with care.

Different Kits Available (Merchant & Mills, Bee Creative, Not Another Hat, Etc.)

You can stitch cherished memories while reducing waste. Invest in wardrobe sustainability with tailored mending kits. Notable options feature vintage, upcycled materials like hand-dyed fibers or recycled tins.

Portability aids repairs on the go. Comprehensive kits have tools for dyeing, fabric printing, fashion illustration, pattern drafting, textile weaving, needlepoint, macrame, and crafts. Let your creativity soar with wall hangings and sewing sets. Sustainability starts in your hands.

Benefits of Using Vintage and Upcycled Materials

You’ll help limit waste by choosing kits with upcycled materials. Repurposing vintage textiles shows creativity and an eco-mindset. Sewing with reused fabrics and notions keeps textiles out of landfills. Your projects gain depth from the history of reused materials.

Let antiques inspire your imagination towards sustainable design. Vintage notions add heirloom touches to modern garments.

Portability and Convenience for Travel

Compact kits for easy carrying while roaming add convenience when fixing clothes in a pinch. Having all your mending tools in one portable case lets you reuse clothing, alter secondhand finds, and collect scrap fabric on the fly.

Keep that closet clean and extend the lifespan of your garments – sew new creations from old with the freedom to roam unencumbered.

Sewing Kits for Kids

Sewing Kits for Kids
Check out needle felting kits for a fun new craft to try with the kids!

  1. Felt animal kits are a perfect entry-level project for young crafters. The soft wool fibers are safe for little hands.
  2. For kids who love outer space, try a felt solar system kit. Assemble the planets and learn facts about each one.
  3. Move up to embroidery with beginner-friendly stamped kits. Hoops keep fabric taut for easy stitching.
  4. Teach older kids to sew stďż­ animals. Starter machine kits allow them to make a new furry friend.

Engage kids in screen-free activities that nurture creativity and self-esteem. With the right materials and guidance, sewing can be a rewarding hobby for all ages.

SMARTivity Kits for Fashion Students

SMARTivity Kits for Fashion Students
Hands-on sew-it-yourself kits are a smart way for fashion students to gain skills and get creative. These beginner-friendly kits allow you to make your own fashion pieces and decorations. Learn the basics of hand sewing, embroidery, knitting, crocheting, and more. Kits featuring loops, felt, and yarn introduce fundamental techniques.

Starter sets with books or patterns build confidence. As you create pegboard kits, macrame wall hangings, and needlepoint pillows, you’ll nurture your abilities. With practice, move on to clothing construction. Build an inspiring wardrobe from scratch.

  • Felt solar system kit teaches planets
  • Knitting loom and needle set builds skills
  • Sew a trendy halter top with loops

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What supplies are essential for a basic sewing kit?

You need needles, thread, pins, scissors, a seam ripper, a measuring tape, and a thimble for essential tasks. Quality matters – invest in sharp needles, strong thread, and stainless steel scissors for precise cutting.

How can I store my sewing kit to keep it organized?

Use small clear pouches to sort threads and accessories. Label the pouches so you can easily find what you need. Store them in a portable container with dividers or pockets. Consider getting a roll-up organizer to easily access your tools.

Where can I find sewing kit supplies for the best price?

Dear friend, seek supplies where thrift and value stitch savings. Scour secondhand stores, yard sales, estate auctions; the treasures you unearth there will beget boundless inspiration. With patience, perseverance, and a keen eye, you’ll discover hidden gems to elevate your artistry.

How do I choose the right size sewing kit for my needs?

You’ll want a kit with supplies that match your skill level and project needs. Assess which tools you lack for basic mending or more complex projects. Fill gaps in your supplies without overbuying. Opt for quality essentials in a portable case.

What sewing projects can I complete with a basic sewing kit?

Hem pants or skirts to achieve a perfect fit. Take in oversized shirts and dresses for a more tailored look. Replace missing buttons or use decorative ones to customize garments. Add patches or embroidery to personalize jackets, bags, and hats.

Alter hemlines to update last season’s styles. Fix small holes, tears, or loose seams to extend the life of favorite pieces.


You’ve got what it takes, fashionable friend! My advice for flourishing with fabrics? First, find a fantastic sewing kit.

Next, keep clothes looking lovely longer through mending magic. Momentum builds as you repeatedly revive ravishing raiments.

Finally, share sewing’s spark; let your creativity catch and spread by gifting great kits to kids. Through mindful making and mending, you’ll masterfully marry style and sustainability.

What awaits you now is a wardrobe full of wonderful wearables and an unending fountain of fabrication inspiration! So surge ahead – your most fabulous fashions are yet to come!

Furthermore, my fashionable friend, remember that with practice comes progress – keep persevering!

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