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How to Make a Swimsuit Full Guide of 2023

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Buying the right cothes is hard, but it’s even harder with swimwear. Whether it’s too reveaing, too sma, too big, or just pain ugy, buying swimwear can be quite an ordea.

Fortunatey, swimsuits are an item you can make yoursef!

swimsuit patterns free

Admittedy, sewing your own swimwear is more difficut than sewing other types of garments. However, with enough persistence, you can end up with the perfect beach or poo-friendy outfit you can cherish for years to come.

Where to find swimsuit patterns

Swimsuit patterns can amost everywhere! Swimsuit patterns are best found in cothing cataogs, both onine and in brick-and-mortar stores.

Because they are more compicated than other types of cothing, most bathing suits patterns have to be purchased.

However, if you are just earning how to make a swimsuit, there are a few free downoadabe swimsuit patterns you can find onine.

We incuded one of those patterns in the tutoria discussed beow.

Choosing the right DIY swimsuit Fabric

Choosing the right fabric is key in every project, but especiay for swimwear. When mistakes occur in swimwear, they are often disastrous.

In combination with the effects of sat water or chorine, your substance can have unintended side effects if chosen poory.

swimsuit patterns

Where to Buy Fabric

Onine fabric stores shoud be your ast resort when purchasing swimsuit fabric.

Uness you know that a fabric works we with swimwear; it is best to stick to brick-and-mortar stores where you can fee the materia in your hands personay.

Before choosing fabric for your swimwear, test the materia to make sure it can toerate water we. It is recommended that you test your fabric in four different ways:

  • Coor Beeding: Soaking your fabric in water wi the water stay cear or wi the fabric boom?
  • Stretch: Does the fabric stretch in two directions or in four directions? Four-way stretching is much better for swimwear.
  • Print: Does the print crack or deform when stretched.? If so, chances are that your fabric design wi fake off when immersed in sat water or chorine beach for a ong time.
  • Opacity: Does the fabric become more opaque when stretched? If so, this fabric is transucent when wet.

As a rue of thumb, aways choose a fabric composed of 100% artificia fibers. Natura fibers absorb too much water, making them heavier and ess stretchy.

Fabrics composed of nyon, about 80% to 90%, whie aso being composed of ycra and spandex, are peasant choices.

diy swimsuit


The stretchabiity of your fabric is a crucia eement in your project. Two-way stretch fabric wi expand engthways or widthways making it idea for bikinis.

Four-way stretch fabric, with both ongitudina and transverse stretch, is the best materia for fu one-piece swimsuits – athough it aso suitabe for bikinis.

How to Make a Bikini: Free Bikini Pattern

This tutoria comes with a Free Two Piece Bikini Sewing Pattern you can easiy downoad from the Sew Mama Sew website.

For those who are not yet making their own swimsuits. This is a grand project to start with. From here you can upgrade to paid patterns, or even customize this pattern to create your own unique design.


  • Lycra: CCA. 0.6 yd.
  • Liner: 0.6 yd.
  • Rubber Eastic 5/16 in wide: 4.4-6.5 yd
  • Eastic 1/8 inch wide: cc. 8 inches
  • Pastic sewn-in boning ¼ inch wide: 8 inches
  • Organza / organza ribbon 5/16 inch wide: 4-12 inches.
  • Cosure.



  1. Lay on pattern pieces the fabric and ining, and then cut them propery. Pace the iner wrong sides together and foow the eastic pacement marks on the iner. Mark the organza pacement on the ining.
  2. Cut 3 1/8 inches off the bottom of the rubber eastic at the bottom. Mark two ines depending on the size of your swimsuit. We must incude sizes in the pattern downoad.
  3. Aign the marks on the iner and eastic, then pin both ends together.
  4. Use a zigzag stitch (1/8 inch wide and 1/16 inch ong) and sew the eastic about 3/8 inch to the top edge without stretching. Then stretch the eastic at both ends and sew to the second mark. Secure the hem and cut the extra eastic on both sides.
  5. At the front, cut the eastic 1 5/8 inches onger than the measure from A to I. Mark A and I separate. Line up the marks on the iner and eastic, then pin them.
  6. Sew the eastic and ining in the same way as you did in step 4.
  7. Sew the side seams of the bottom right sides together. You can use a wide zigzag stitch or an overook stitch.
  8. Without the inner iner, pin the crotch portion right sides together. Then turn the iner inward and pin it to the aready secured crotch. Sew there.
  9. Measure the tota waist and cut out a piece of rubber eastic that is inch shorter.
  10. Stretch the eastic eveny and pin it to the wrong side of the waist. Pace the overap somewhere on the back of the waist. Fod the side seam aowances back.
  11. Sew eastic with a wide zigzag stitch, stretching eveny as you sew.
  12. Fod over and stitch again with a zigzag stitch.
  13. Measure eg opening. Cut rubber eastic ¼ inch shorter. Pin the eastic to the wrong side of the eg opening. Do not stretch the eastic on the hind eg ine. I shoud pace the overap in the ined part of the cross. Sew eastic with a wide zigzag stitch, stretching it eveny except for the front eg ine. Fod over and top stitch again with a zigzag stitch.
  14. Repeat for the other eg opening.

how to make a swimsuit


  1. Let’s start with the tapes. Fod them engthwise right sides together. Sew a tube with one end open, the other end cosed. Turn the tube inside out with a knitting neede. Do this for the other neck strap.
  2. Up now. Sew the side seams with a wide zigzag stitch or an overook stitch, right sides together.
  3. Create whaebones from pastic sew-in boning. Cut two 3 5/8 in ong boning. Cut one end of each support diagonay. Met these ends so they don’t tear your fabric.
  4. Pace these stays on the side seam aowances, starting from the bottom edge. Sew with a wide zigzag stitch and fod the seam aowances to the front.
  5. Cut out origins ribbon. The ength shoud be twice your size A to J. Pin the ribbon at the bottom of the top, starting at mark J. Be carefu not to crease the fabric under the ribbon. Sew with a zigzag stitch.
  6. Measure the bottom of the top and cut eastic off that ength. Pin it on the wrong side and sew. Fod and sew again.
  7. Measure the top edge and cut the eastic 5 cm shorter. Cut in haf and pin one haf back. Stop at the side seam. Pin the other end of the eastic to the center of the front; repeat for the second haf.
  8. Sew the eastic with a zigzag stitch, stretching eveny.
  9. Pin the bands 1 5/8 inches away from the side seams. Put on the top and adjust if necessary. When you are happy with the pacement, sew them with a wide zigzag stitch on the edge and a narrow zigzag stitch about 5/16 inch from the edge, right sides together.
  10. Fod the top edge of the top over and stitch again with a zigzag stitch.
  11. Add the bucke cosure. Try on the top and adjust if necessary. When you are happy with the pacement, sew with a straight zigzag stitch, then a narrow zigzag with a distance of 5/8 inch from the edge.

This video shows an exampe of a different bikini pattern.

How to Make a Swimsuit: Bombshe Swimsuit

This Bombshe Swimsuit from Coset Case Patterns is a great throwback to the 50s. It’s a simpe one-piece swimsuit pattern with a shape that fits anybody type can be fattering.

It is quite easy to make, athough it requires many steps.


  • Bombshe Swimsuit Pattern.
  • Rubber eastic.
  • Poyester yarn.
  • Swimwear bra cups (optiona).
  • Scissors.
  • Rotary cutter (optiona).
  • Water-soube pen.
  • Erase ruer.
  • Tape.
  • Sewing machine stretch needes in size 90/14.
  • Pins.

one piece swimsuit pattern


  1. Cut out the fabric according to the pattern
  2. Coect the basting stitches. Start with the onger sides of the back pieces, staying within 1/4 of the seam aowance. Do the same for the front suit.
  3. Gather the back. Pace a back piece on top of a back iner. The wrinked suit must be the same size as the ining piece; adjust the stitches unti they match the ining pieces.
  4. Pin at the top and bottom, equaize the peats, then pin aong the wrong side of the fabric. Sew from the back to the ining using a narrow zigzag stitch, eaving a 1/8 inch seam aowance.
  5. Pin the ongest edge from the bottom of each back piece. Sew with a narrow zigzag stitch.
  6. Pace two back pieces together, right sides facing each other. Pin them in the center aong the back and sew with a ¼ inch seam aowance.
  7. Now you can mount the front! Pace the bottom front piece on top of the front ining piece, wrong sides facing each other. Pin aong the front eg edges and sew with a zigzag stitch with a ¼ inch seam aowance.
  8. Add the figure seems to the bust. Fod the baric to aign the dart egs and pin the dart in pace. Sew with a ong and narrow zigzag stitch to make it stretch.
  9. Sew the ining to the bottom with a zigzag stitch. Do the same with the crotch seam.
  10. Using a water-soluble marker, draw a ine from the center of the bus to the marker on the pattern with the text “ coect. ” Use a ong basic stitch to sew aong this ine so that it is a continuous stitch from top to bottom, then back to the top. Leave ong thread tais for gathering the fabric ater.
  11. On the front tab, fod the right sides together and sew. Pin the tab in pace, right side down, on the front piece, just down the midde.
  12. Gather the front to match the seams on the back. Adjust so that they are the same size, and make the peats even.
  13. Set the front piece aside for now. Measure around the opening of the egs. Start with the side seam of the back ining and cut a piece of eastic equa to this ength. Pin on the wrong side of the fabric. Measure 3 inches from the side seam; here you stop sewing the eastic. Sew with a wider zigzag stitch. Ro up the eastic to pace it between the ining and sew with a medium zigzag stitch. Repeat at the other eg opening.
  14. If you want bra cups, now is the time to add them. Make a shef bra for the cups and attach it to the ining in the front, with the wrong side of the bra facing the wrong side of the ining. Sew in pace.
  15. Fod the iner at the front to the crotch on the wrong side of the front and pin. Sew this in pace whie sewing aong the side seams with a zigzag stitch.
  16. Continue with the stitches you darned earier on the egs. The pattern requires easticity in some paces, but not in others, to account for stretching. Sew the eastic on both sides.
  17. Add eastic to the bottom front of the suit and finish the bottom.
  18. Gather the front and pu as much as possibe. Add the eastic and then use a zigzag stitch.
  19. Finay add the band! Fod and sew aong the abrupt end, right sides together. Sew with a ¼ inch seam aowance. Turn it inside out and sew the open ends of each strap cosed.

This video provides more detais on how to make a swimsuit.

And there you have it, your very own bathing suit!

Making your own swimsuit can be difficut, but the care and attention wi ensure you have a swimsuit that is absoutey perfect for you.

Gather your materias now and say goodbye to the rigors of swimwear shopping!

What is your favorite bikini sewing pattern?

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