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Clever DIY Pen Pencil Holder: Unleash Your Creativity – Upcycled Cans! (2024)

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ultimate diy guide pen pencil holderTransform your empty tin cans into stylish and functional organizers with this ultimate DIY guide to pen and pencil holders. Gather Elmer’s Spray Adhesive, a ruler, paper cutter, scrapbook paper, chalkboard vinyl labels, and a chalk marker.

Clean and dry the cans, cut the scrapbook paper, apply the adhesive, and wrap the paper around the cans. Add chalkboard labels for a personal touch. Experiment with colors, embellishments, and patterns for a unique look.

These holders aren’t just for pens; keep utensils in the kitchen or makeup brushes in your bedroom.

Engage with this guide to discover how you can elevate your space creatively!

Key Takeaways

  • Transform empty tin cans into stylish pen and pencil holders using scrapbook paper and chalkboard labels.
  • Experiment with colors, patterns, and embellishments to create unique and practical organizers.
  • Use these holders not just for pens and pencils, but also for utensils in the kitchen or makeup brushes in your bedroom.
  • Upcycling tin cans is an eco-friendly way to add a creative touch to your home or office.

Materials Needed

Materials Needed
For creating your clever DIY pen and pencil holder, gather these materials: Elmer’s Spray Adhesive, empty, clean tin cans, a ruler, and a paper cutter for precise measurements.

You’ll also need scrapbook paper for your desired tin decoration, and chalkboard vinyl labels, which are excellent for customizing and labeling.

Having a chalk marker handy will help in writing on those labels. Ensuring proper label alignment and taking care with adhesive thickness is essential for a smooth finish.

Vinyl durability is key for a long-lasting touch. Repurposing tin cans is both environmentally friendly and stylish. This project helps you keep your pens and pencils organized while adding a creative flair to your workspace.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step-by-Step Instructions
To start, clean and dry your empty tin cans thoroughly to guarantee the adhesive sticks well. Measure and cut the scrapbook paper to the exact height of the can, then apply the adhesive, and wrap the paper tightly around each can, smoothing out any bubbles or wrinkles to achieve a polished look.

Preparing the Cans

First, clean your cans thoroughly to remove any residue and labels. After cleaning, sand the edges to make sure they’re smooth and safe to handle. priming the cans isn’t necessary, but it can help the scrapbook paper adhere better. Remember, the key to the ultimate DIY guide for your pen and pencil holder is preparation .

Applying Adhesive

Now, with your cans prepped, it’s time to apply the adhesives. Spray Elmer’s spray adhesive evenly on the back of your scrapbook paper. Guarantee complete coverage by moving the can back and forth. Quickly, wrap the paper around the can smoothly to avoid wrinkles. Consider these spray techniques:

  • Use even strokes.
  • Keep a consistent distance.
  • Spray in a well-ventilated area.
  • Rotate the can as you spray.
  • Press gently to secure.

Adding Chalkboard Labels

To add the chalkboard labels, decide on their size and placement based on the size of your cans. Customize the label font and color to match your setup. Once cut, peel off the backing and firmly press the labels onto the cans. Finally, use a chalk marker to personalize each label with clear and creative handwriting.

Decorative Ideas

Decorative Ideas
When decorating your pen and pencil holders, consider using different color schemes and patterns to match your décor, adding a personal touch with your favorite hues and designs. Embellishments like ribbons, buttons, and custom chalkboard labels help keep everything organized, making each holder unique and practical.

Color Schemes

Choose color combinations that spark joy and fit your decor. Experiment with contrasting patterns for a bold look or matching shades for a harmonious vibe . Try metallic accents to add a sophisticated touch. For themed designs, incorporate colors that reflect the seasons or your favorite holidays .


Add various embellishments like ribbon, buttons, or seed beads to elevate your pencil holder’s design. Mixing different materials, such as lace and braid, can create intriguing pattern combinations. Draw inspiration from vintage styles or modern aesthetics to suit your taste. Don’t hesitate to layer different embellishment varieties for a personalized, sophisticated look that stands out (Source).

Label Organization

Label design is imperative for storage efficiency. Use chalkboard vinyl and apply labels neatly to your upcycled cans. This method lets you easily sort pens and pencils. Vinyl application is straightforward, and your labels can be personalized for gift giving. Make a set for each room to enhance organization through thoughtful upcycling methods and creative touches.

Practical Uses

Practical Uses
Transform your home organization game by using stylish, upcycled tin cans to keep your pens and pencils in order. They’re also perfect for maintaining a neat office space, ensuring that all your supplies are within easy reach.

Home Organization

Upcycling tin cans with scrapbook paper and chalkboard labels adds a stylish yet practical touch to your home organization. Use them creatively in various spaces:

  1. Kitchen desk area: Hold utensils or recipe cards.
  2. Craft room: Store brushes and markers.
  3. Bedroom: Organize makeup brushes.
  4. Living room: Keep remote controls handy.

Decorate to suit each room’s décor.

Office Supplies

Transform your workspace with stylish pen storage by repurposing containers. Recycle your tin cans, wrap them with scrapbook paper, and add chalkboard labels for a polished look. It’s a perfect recycling craft for desk organization. Check the table below for creative ideas.

Category Adhesive Used Embellishments Added
Pens Elmer’s Spray Ribbons
Pencils Glue Stick Buttons
Markers Double-sided Tape Stickers
Highlighters Mod Podge Washi Tape
Other Supplies Craft Glue Beads

Gift Giving

Gift Giving
Transforming tin cans into stylish pen and pencil holders can make fantastic gifts. Personalize each holder with unique scrapbook paper and chalkboard labels, and you’ll have a hit on your hands!

Think about seasonal decor to match holidays or seasons. For teacher appreciation, customize them with subjects and fun embellishments like ribbons or buttons. Friends and family will appreciate the thoughtfulness of these upcycled, personalized gifts.

Upcycling inspiration doesn’t stop with your desk – these versatile holders can be used all around the home or office. They’re practical, visually appealing, and show off your creativity. Remember, even small touches can make a big impact, turning your DIY pen and pencil holders into cherished keepsakes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I clean the pencil holder?

Clean your clever creation quickly with a damp cloth, dabbing gently to dissolve dirt. If stubborn spots stay, a slight swipe with soapy water should succeed, then dry swiftly. Double-check for any residue before reorganizing.

Are the materials safe for children?

Elmer’s Spray Adhesive and chalkboard vinyl should be used under adult supervision. Tin cans, scrapbook paper, and a ruler are generally safe. Make sure the workspace is well-ventilated and keep small embellishments out of children’s reach (Source).

How long does the adhesive last?

Elmer’s Spray Adhesive typically holds for several months on surfaces like scrapbook paper and tin cans unless exposed to extreme conditions, so your custom pencil holders will stay stylishly intact for a long while.

Can I use other types of containers?

You can use other containers like baby wipes boxes, jars, or even cleaned plastic bottles. These alternatives offer various shapes and sizes, letting you customize your pen and pencil holders creatively and practically (Source).

Where can I purchase chalkboard vinyl?

Why hunt for that mystical chalkboard vinyl when you can find it at your local dollar store, craft shops, or online retailers like Amazon for a stylish, organized workspace? Save the drama for the llama! .


Just like a canvas awaits your artistry, your upcycled pen and pencil holders are ready to reflect your creativity.

With the ultimate DIY guide to pen and pencil holders, you can effortlessly turn simple tin cans into functional, stylish organizers.

Experiment with colors, patterns, and embellishments, making each holder unique.

Whether for organizing your home, office, or gifting, these personalized holders will add charm and utility to any space.

Embrace your creativity and transform your environment today!

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