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The Ultimate Diy Guide for Pen and Pencil Holder (2023)

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In this post, I will not hold back anything and teach you how to make a pen and pencil holder for your desk. Step-by-step guide with pictures.

Required items for pen and pencil holder:

For this project you will need:

  • An old keyboard
  • Some cardboard
  • White sheets
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Paper glue


  • Hot glue gun


Keypad for buttons:

Do you have an old keyboard you don’t use anymore and were you thinking about throwing it in the trash? It’s a perfect way to use it.

I found an old keyboard as you can see in the image below and with that I have a few extra steps to do this project.

2 k

Remove the buttons from the keyboard:

The first step you need to do is to delete all letters and digits of the keyboard. As you can see from the picture of my keyboard, the buttons are in two colors.

I only wanted to use buttons of the same color, so I took them out of the keyboard one by one and planned how big the box I wanted to be.


It turned out that I had about 64 buttons, so decided my holder had 16 buttons on one side.

Cut the cardboard squares:

You must measure a button and multiply its size by the number of buttons that you want to use on one side. I wanted to put 16 knots in one size. I cut five 7cm by 7cm squares.


Cut the white squares:

The next thing I did was to cut out exactly the same five squares from the white cutting sheets.


Glue the cardboard and the white squares:

I stick white squares to the cardboard squares and stick them on each other with paper glue. I have repeated the procedure for all squares.


Assemble the box:

Then I assembled the box. I glued two sides together with a hot glue gun and placed the white side in it. When they were dry, I continued to add more sides until I finished assembling all five sides.


That way, when I finished the box, it was white inside.


Add keyboard button to the box:

When your box is ready, you can add the buttons of the keyboard with a hot glue gun. First, stick two buttons on the edges of two sides, then add the buttons in the middle.


You can be creative and make some words with the letters like “ LOVE, ” “ WEB, ” “ HAPPINESS ” etc.

How do you deal with leftover space?

When I finished adding the buttons; I had a brief space left at the top of the box. If you get something like that too you can cut it out, or you can also be creative and do something like me.

I cut a few black strips and started wrapping them around. The result I got was beautiful. I also added some black strips in the corners of the box.


Cover the base:

The last thing to do is cover the base. Since I was using some black color, I chose black for the base as well.

I cut a square slightly larger than 7 coat 7 cm. That way I covered the cardboard and the part of the buttons where they .


And your pencil holder is ready.


Some more advice:

If you don’t have the black sheet, you can use the white you used before use for the inside. You can also paint the complete box in one color.

PS If you have some of the newer flat black keyboards, the result will be amazing. More about pen and pencil holders.

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