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Where Can I Donate Sewing Machine to Charity? (18 Locations 2023)

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If your reliable old sewing machine has been dismissed for a shiny brand-new model, you’ve obtained a few points you can do with it.

If you’ve got the space, saving it away is a choice. However, unless …

  • The machine is valuable family members treasure
  • You’re a 24/7 sewer that quakes at the thought of lacking a back-up machine whatsoever times
  • You have a kid with a growing interest in crafting, as well as who might take advantage of a sewing machine of their own to practice on
  • You routinely sew with close friends or relative and also would certainly find it helpful having a 2nd machine ready for them

then never mind. Having a home filled with worthless, random dust catches is meaningless, especially when you consider what else you want it, points such as …

Marketing It – If you’re sewing machine is still in good functioning condition (or isn’t, however can still be utilized for parts), selling it is a great way to make a couple of added bucks. Simply keep in mind … if you’re advertising the machine as ‘excellent as new’, make sure it’s exactly that. If it’s been a while because it last had a solution, obtain one. It may cost you a bit now, yet you’ll be able to build the cost back right into your asking price– as well as likely increase the number of potential customers, to boot.

Last but not least, don’t forget the power of images – including a couple of photos of the machine to your listing can do doubt bring in passion, as can an in-depth, interesting description, and also an asking rate that’s in line with the average cost for a design of that kind in your area.

Donating It – Selling your old sewing machine may make you richer, yet contributing it will bring much greater fate your means. Although it’s not just the karma you require to consider. If you pick to offer, not just will you need to place in a great deal of time and effort, you’ll additionally require to hand over for the listing cost … with no guarantee you’ll ever locate a customer.

Can You Donate Sewing Machines?

Giving away, on the other hand, is very easy, simple, and also will free up that sewing machine -sized area in your home that much quicker. Select the ideal benefactor, and you’ll also have the complete satisfaction of knowing your sewing machine will certainly be making a substantial difference.

Sewing machines are an expense not everyone can pay for, however the effect they can carry a person’s life is immeasurable. As well as providing people the chance to make cost effective garments as well as bed linens for their own family members, a sewing machine can likewise be made use of as a much-needed earnings generator, permitting those in low-income families as well as robbed areas to make a living from their productions.

Where To Donate a Sewing Machine Near Me

Exactly how you donate your sewing machine is truly an individual choice. Some people might like to simply market the machine as a complimentary listing in the local classifieds or on Craigslist. Supplying you do not reside in the back of past, you ought to find someone ready to take it off your hands in no time at all.

Others choose to donate to charity, of which you’ll find no lack prepared and eager to approve a sewing machine in excellent functioning order. Along with national and also global charities, you might desire to take into consideration:

Regional shelters: Sewing devices don’t simply offer individuals the possibility to get smart, they can be a crucial income. If you have a local shelter nearby, ask whether its locals might benefit from your old machine — most of the times, they’ll snap it up.

Healthcare facilities and Hospices: Several local healthcare facilities have activity facilities for patients to utilize, as well as will be even more than satisfied to have a working sewing machine around to assist with crafting tasks.

Colleges: A lot of colleges will certainly be thankful for a sewing machine to help their pupils with crafting projects. You could likewise discover a taker at a regional style or art university.

Prisons: If your local prison supplies craft, style, or art courses, they’re likely to be really grateful for a contributed sewing machine

Senior Centers: Most elderly resident centers provide classes in arts and crafts and also would be really satisfied to have a sewing machine for their members to utilize.

Neighborhood Churches: If your regional church frequently obtains associated with fundraising jobs and tasks, and even has actually adjoined kids or senior club, it’ll most likely be very happy to tackle your old sewing machine

Does the Salvation Army Takes Sewing Machines?

The Salvation Army will gladly accept sewing equipments, supplying they’re in excellent working problem and also come full with a power cable. If you live close adequate to a Redemption Army shop to see directly, you can drop the machine off on your own to open up hours. Some stores also supply a Dropbox if you visit after hrs.

If you’re not fairly certain where the closest location is, merely enter your postal code on the’ donate page of the Salvation Army site. If you prefer, you can call the Salvation Army straight on 1-800-728-7825 and also they will certainly arrange a pick-up from your preferred address.

Who Takes Used Sewing Machines?

Multiple companies are eager to approve a made use of sewing machine offering it’s still in practical, working problem as well as features all the required parts and power line. Charity resellers like Goodwill or the Salvation Army are both delighted to accept contributions, however you might also wish to check if there are any clubs or companies in your area that could stand to benefit. Several of the ideas you could like to consider consist of:

  • Regional ladies’s refuges and shelters
  • Recovery centers
  • Homeless facilities
  • Schools as well as universities
  • Elderly Person Centers

Donate Sewing Machines For Africa

While you could see your sewing machine as a tool for personal tasks as well as pleasure, to various other people, it could be a lifeline. Sewing devices can make a big difference to the lives of people from financially disadvantaged areas, providing the methods and tools to not just make their own garments and bed linen, however to make ones to market.

There’s no shortage of charities that welcome contributions to send to poorer neighborhoods in Africa and various other parts of the world, The Sewing Machine Project is just one of the largest. Simply realize that contributing things isn’t an excuse to fob off old, useless tools on someone else. Prior to you make your donation, see to it the machine remains in good working order as well as satisfies the list below conditions:

  • The machine should have all its parts
  • If a handbook is readily available, this should be provided
  • The machine will certainly require to be portable– i.e. a tabletop model in contrast to one made to be in a cabinet
  • The total weight of the machine ought to not go beyond 30 pounds
  • It ought to be “cam-less” (in various other words, it should not be a model that makes use of cams for attractive stitches)
  • Singer Touch and Sew versions are declined

If you desire to cooperate The Sewing Machine Project’s objective to produce collaborations, enhance the neighborhood, and influence creative thinking, you can find a local drop-off location by visiting their site at

If you would certainly choose, you can deliver it by mail to the complying with address:

The Sewing Machine Project112 Owen Road Box 6245Monona, WI 53716

Exactly how To Donate a Used Sewing Machine

Before you even consider donating your made use of sewing machine, make certain it’s fully operating. No person’s mosting likely to desire a machine that does not work, as well as that includes charities.

If it’s in great functioning problem, portable, as well as having all the necessary cords and also guidebooks, inspect whether you have a regional charity reseller, such as A good reputation or the Salvation Army, that’s pleased to approve contributions.

Otherwise, you might desire to think about if your neighborhood community has any kind of organizations, well-being cubs, or teams that would certainly invite the enhancement of an extra sewing machine for its participants to utilize.

Can I Donate Sewing Fabrics?

If you’ve got bundles of sewing textiles going extra, why not place it to good use by contributing it to a worthy cause?

Before you contact the charity, type with the material to see what you have. It’s extremely most likely the company will want to understand what kind of fabrics you have (some may even specify particular materials they will certainly or will not take), as well as some confidence that they won’t wind up with a bag of old, filthy, moldy scenting off-cuts.

Separate the different materials right into heaps based on shade, size, and also material type, and also offer each piece the twice to make sure it’s not discolored or foul-smelling.

Some charities as well as organizations that approve fabric contributions use collection, however the majority of will ask that you bring the things to them directly. If you do not have an auto or can’t or else obtain to the place, allow them to recognize– they’ll generally take care of to locate an option.

Where To Donate Sewing Fabrics

There’s no lack of philanthropic organizations that welcome fabric donations. A few of the concepts you might like to try include:

Aided Living: Aided living facilities commonly use arts crafts or sewing clubs, however their budgets are normally tight. Giving your materials are tidy, they’re likely to believe any kind of donations.

Colleges: If your regional university uses courses in art, style, style and also carrying out arts, it’s likely to be on the search for some top quality textile for its students to utilize on their next job.

Churches and Church Groups: several churches and church teams are energetic in community-led fundraising, and also usually invite any donations that could be used for a future initiative.

Lady Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, and so on: Sewing is frequently instructed as a ‘life skill’ at kid’s clubs like the scouts or overviews– provide something to exercise on by donating your old supplies.

Prisons: Several jails use programs to help prisoners find out real-life skills. If sewing types part of this, they’re most likely to welcome your material donations with open arms.

Sewing Guilds : Sewing guilds are frequently looking for sewing supplies. You may also face some like-minded people while you’re handing over your contribution!

Senior Centers: As senior centers are often underfunded, they’re generally extremely welcoming of any type of donations, including fabric.

Reuse/ Recycling Centers: Recycling centers generally maintain the excellent stuff to one side so individuals can rifle via as well as take what they want. Although you will not see where your donation winds up, it’s a terrific last option if you’re having a hard time to locate anybody else who’s ready to take it.

Contributing Sewing Patterns

If you’ve obtained a stockpile of sewing patterns that you don’t make use of anymore, why not provide a 2nd lease of life by donating them?

Offering the patterns are total (double-check that all the pieces are still in the envelope– smaller sized items, specifically, have a habit of befalling), whole (tissue sewing patterns can be at risk to holes and also tears), and clearly marked with the size (utilize a sticky note if you don’t wish to note the envelope), you’ll locate Goodwill, the Salvation Army, 4-H sewing clubs and also neighborhood sewing companies all pleased to accept your generosity.

Where To Donate Sewing Threads

If you have sewing threads you would certainly like to donate, sewing guilds are a fantastic area to begin. Children’s clubs like the precursors as well as overviews, senior centers, rehab centers, institutions/ universities, as well as jails are likewise most likely to welcome the idea of some free sewing products. Other options to consider include:

Sew for a Cause

Sew for a Cause ( accepts almost every kind of sewing materials you can think of, including sewing strings. If you have any kind of extra batting, needles, fabric, yarn, or patterns, they’re unlikely to state no to any of those either.

Heat up America

Cozy Up Am Eric a accepts contributions of many types of sewing products, consisting of thread, thread, needles, and crochet hooks. The donations are then made use of by the organization’s volunteers to make handcrafted hats, afghans, and also coverings for the vulnerable.

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