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Can a Tailor Make Pants Waist Bigger Full Guide of 2023

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When you buy or wear trousers, you mainly need comfort. Comfort means that your pants are not too tight. Comfortable pants should fit well around the waist and be easy to move in.

However, you can sometimes buy pants that are too tight around the waist. Or maybe you have gained some weight and your existing pants are becoming too tight. Instead of throwing them away, consider having a tailor increase their waistline.

Can a tailor make your pants bigger at the waist?

Yes. A tailor can make your pants bigger at the waist. Tailors can make the pants from your waist bigger by adding some fabric around the waist. Once the waist , the bottom of the pants may also need to be adjusted.

For most tailors it is much easier to make the wait smaller than bigger.. I make pants with a 2-3 inch allowance that makes it easier to take in the waist. You don’t have to add or remove fabric to narrow the waist. Just a few stitches in the right place are enough.

How do you make your pants bigger at the waist?

Method 1. Add extensions to your waist to make your pants bigger

Step 1. To make your waist pants bigger with this method, a tailor will need a tape measure, elastic band, scissors, marker or chalk, and a sewing machine.

Wear your pants and feel how tight they are. This is the best way to determine if you need to take your pants to a tailor to get the wait out. They will measure your waist at the tailor. The pants waist measurements will also . This will help determine how big your waist should be. The size of the extra fabric needed to make your pants fit is the difference between your waist measurement and the waist measurement of the pants.

Step 2. The tailor will then identify the part of the waistband of your pants where the extra fabric will . Adding fabric to the waistband will effectively increase the waist of your pants. The fabric to be added should be like the pants. The tailor can take this fabric off the hem or other part of the pants if they don’t have a similar fabric in their store. If a fabric other than the pants , it will be too visible. For a comparable fabric, it increased the waist without having to notify anyone who sees the added fabric.

Step 3. Now that the extra size has , the tailor will cut your extra fabric into two parts. I will add each of the parts to the two sides of the waistband of your pants. For example, if you need to increase the waist of your pants by 2 inches, each side of your waistband will increase by 1 inch. This ensures that your pants keep their shape and form even as the waist expands to fit you better.

Step 4. The tailor now gets some elastic tape. The elastic tape needed for this process is at least ½ inch greater than the expansion needed on the waist of your pants. This means that the elastic band needed to increase the waist of your pants by 2 inches is at least 2.5 inches.

Step 5. Your tailor will now identify and mark the part of the waistband on your pants that he wants to attach to the extra fabric. The mark created is approximately ½ inch.

Step 6. The tailor makes V-shaped cuts on both marked parts. This cut starts at the top of the waistband and ends at the hem. I made it on the layers both inside and outside your pants.

Step 7. Take your piece of elastic band and place it on part of the waistband. I should place the elastic band at least ¼ inch above the V-shaped cut you made on the sides of the waistband and fastened. They should also tie the other end of the elastic band next to the V-cut.

Step 8. The tailor will now sew the elastic band from the top of the waistband and down both sides of the v-cut to seal the cut. I do this on both sides of the pants where the v-cut . This will allow your waistband to stretch effectively when wearing the pants.

Step 9. Now it’s time to try on your pants. You find they fit significantly better than before. Your pants fit perfectly around your waist. They leave some room to stretch so you can tuck your shirt in properly and wear the pants longer.

Method 2. Remove the waist by increasing the seam allowance on the center back seam of your pants

Step 1. You will need a sewn ripper, tape measure, sewing machine. Wear your pants and confirm that you need to remove the waist. This is possible because you can no longer close the button or the waist is too tight. Measure your waist to determine the length you need to increase your waist.

Step 2. Lay your pants on a work surface. Taking out the waist of the pants can only for about 2-3 inches. This is because of the surcharge provided at the seams. Reach in the pants to the center back seam. The extra fabric for the margin to expand the waist of the pants is well visible.

Step 3. Using a seam ripper, pull out the stitches that are holding the extra fabric on the waistband of the pants. This effectively expands the pants.

Step 4. Measure the length of this extra fabric with your tape measure. If it’s enough for the extra length you need, you can wear your pants as they are. If you need less, measure the length of the fabric and mark the length of the extra waist size you need.

Step 5. Your tailor will then sew the rest of the seam allowance back into place.

Step 6. Adjust your pants to see if the waist size has increased. This will make your pants fit better and more comfortable.

If you don’t know how to sew, it’s best to have your tailor remove the waist. your pants. Normally it is difficult to make a pants waist larger. Different pants may or may not have the option of taking out the waist. This surcharge is usually available in suit trousers. To prevent damage to your suit, it is better to have the adjustments carried out by a professional.

How to make the waist of jeans bigger?

It is much easier to adjust the waist in jeans enlarge than is to expand on dress pants. You can increase the waist size of your jeans in several ways without sewing.

First you can use a waist expander. Take off your jeans and lay them on a flat surface. Insert the waist extension into the jeans at hip height. Leave the waist extender in your jeans overnight. The waist extender will push your jeans out until they are bigger.

Secondly, you can use a waist extender with a button. This is an external extra buttonhole. It is an elastic band with a buttonhole and a button. Insert your jeans button into the extender’s buttonhole. Then insert the button on the extension into the jeans buttonhole. This gives a margin in the waist and ensures that your tight jeans fit perfectly.

The third no-sew method you can use to expand your jeans wait is to wear them wet. You can spray water on the waist of your jeans and then wear it. The jeans will dry at the waist and adjust to the size of your waist.

How much does it cost to adjust the waist?

If you have a professional adjust the size of your pants; take the costs into account. Pay for the service that is offered to you.

Depending on the type of fitting you need and the type of pants being fitted, professional tailors will charge you between $10 and $150. You pay less for quick and easy adjustments. You pay more for a complicated process.

Sometimes the cost of customization by the type of fabric I make your garment of. Some fabrics are hard to handle work for which I will charge you more.

The styling of your garment can also complicate or facilitate the tailor’s work. Expensive trousers have an extra seam allowance that makes it easy for tailors to take off or put on the waist. Cheaper pants or suits should not have this allowance. This would require the tailor to use a longer or more laborious process to put on or take off the waist of your pants. So you pay more.

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