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29 Step-by-step Images of Diy Top With Cowl Neck Collar Full Guide of 2023

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Here is the full tutorial with 29 step-by-step photos of Turtleneck Top – Orange Crushed Panne Velvet

1) Cut two pieces from the back part of the top (wrong sides of the material together). Pin with the stretchy part of the fabric over it. Cut out or mark notches.cowel neck

2) Cut out the front portion on the folded edge of the material wrong sides together.2nk

3) Cut out the collar (neck cap) on the folded edge of the material. (Pin and cut while the stretch is transitioning.)3cowel

4) Cut the sleeves of the top wrong sides together (adjust sleeve length).4nk

5) Pin the back center seam matching notches together.5 pin

6) Sew the center back seam with a 5/8 ” seam allowance.6 center

7) Seam the center back seam (or finish as desired, eg Zigzag).7 serge

8) Pin the front of the top to the back on the shoulders wrong sides together and sew with 5/8 ” seam allowance.8 pin front

9) Pin the sides of the top and back together at matching notches. Sew both sides together with a seam allowance of 5/8 ”. Then swam the shoulder and side seams (or finish the hem edges as desired).9 sided pinning

10) Fold the edges of the collar together. Sew a 5/8 ” seam.10 fold

11) Press the 5/8 ” seam flat. (Cover with press cloth if necessary.)11 seam press

12) Cut the bottom of the seam to 1 / 4 ” width.12 cnk

13) Fold the top part of the uncut seam under the trimmed edge and pin it. Press the seam. Note: I knew this as making a flat seam.13 cnk

14) Sew a seam close to the folded pressed edge on the wrong side. Turn the garment to the right where you should see a neat stitching line opposite the original seam on the right side of the collar.14 sew a seam

15) Press this seam on the wrong side of the material. (Cover with press cloth if necessary.)15_press

16) Attach the collar to the neck of the top (right sides together) on matching notches (the collar seam should in the center of the back of the top). Sew with a 5/8 ” seam. Press the seam down towards the neck.16 attach collar

17) Pin on the outside (right side of the top) the seam created by the collar to be attached to the neck and by stitching around the neck.

Turn the edge of the collar back inward and attach to the neck in the center of the back.17cnk

18) Stitch the top of both sleeves more easily on the 5/8 ” seam allowance between the two notches on the top part of the sleeve’s bell curve.18 cnk

19) Fold the sleeves wrong sides together. Pin the sides together (leave the round top part open) and sew together the sleeve seam with a 5/8 seam allowance ”. Then swam the side seams (or sew the seam edges wish off).19 k

20) Serge at the bottom of the cover. Then fold the served seam under 5/8 ” inch and sew. Press the finished seam.20 ck

21) Pin the sleeves to the sleeve hole at matching notches, making sure the marked circle is at the top the shoulder seam is located; gather with easy stitches as needed to line up the sleeves.21 pin sleeves cnk

22) Check the right side of the top to make sure that the sleeve and side seams agree.22 ck

23) Serge the seam where the sleeve .23 nk

24) Serge the bottom of the garment making sure to “ v ” point on both sides.24 k

25) Pin the side seams. Make sure that the side seams at the top and bottom of the garment and folded in the same direction before folding the hem. Note: Unfold the seam if I do not collapse it.25c

26) Turn a 5/8 seam ” at the bottom of the tunic and turn as you fold and sew the hem so that you have the hem “ V ” point on both sides of the bottom.26 c

27) Sew and press the bottom hem.27c

28) Finished turtleneck top.28c

29) Here is the last look of this. bz642Rw4.bfDo4S this for yourself, and let me know in the comments below if you need clarification on any step.29 final cowl neck collar

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