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How Much is a Vintage Sewing Machine Worth? (2023)

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I am oftn contactd by popl who ar looking for a fr appraisal of an old swing machin.

Although I don’t offr that srvic, I wrot this articl to hlp popl bttr undrstand th procss.

Vintag swing machin valus/p.cs ar all ovr th map, and this articl will highlight th va.abls that affct rtail p.c and xplain th wid p.c rang.

Thr ar ssntially six factors to considr whn dtrmining th valu of a swing machin.

  1. What
  2. Whr
  3. How
  4. Why
  5. Who
  6. Whn


What is th mak and modl of th machin? What is th ovrall quality of th machin and its functions? What thy includd and what is th markt dmand for this machin? What is th cosmtic and mchanical condition of th machin and th includd itms?

Has somon just put a fw drops of oil on th machin to wip it down, or whr long hours hav in a thorough ovrhaul, tsting, tuning, tc..? (Th classic swing rvamp of a vintag swing machin – what is that?)


Whr is th itm that is bing sold? Considr th numbr of potntial buyrs that th offr will rach. Machins sold locally at garag sals will ftch lss than Bay bcaus thy xpos fwr popl to thm.

So you can’t us rliabl Bay p.cs to dtrmin how much you want a machin to sll for at a garag sal. Think lowr, much lowr. Whn looking at Bay p.cs, considr th final sal p.cs of compltd auctions, not th asking p.cs of activ listings.

Bliv it or not, I’v had many offrs that sold for MORE than what I askd for as a buy now p.c, and I’v sn many itms that wr compltly not sold. I hav a vry low rsrv p.c, so my machins always sll whn thy on Bay.


This to th prvious stp. How is it marktd? Dos th sllr know about th machin? If it’s listd on Bay, is thr a thorough, in-dpth, accurat dsc.ption and lots of profssional-looking photos?

If ys, th itm will ftch ovr on with bad snapshots and limitd dsc.ption. Can th sllr answr in-dpth tchnical qustions about th itm? This also affcts th last bid pric. Has th itm chckd, fully tstd, srvicd, tc??

Can th sllr guarant and rturn th machin? Is th sllr fdback and DSR ratings high? If th answr to any of ths qustions is no, th p.c will drop.


Why do you do Which? do you want to know th valu? Thr ar many kinds of valu. Swing machins hav sntimntal valu, utility valu, dcorativ valu and som hav collctibl valu.

If th machin is spcial to you, it will not translat into dollars or add any valu to th public. If you you know what you can gt for it on Bay or lswhr, it’s bst to list it.


Who slls it and who buys it? A machin sold by a rputabl dalr or rsllr with a wll-rspctd rputation will mak mor dollars than a ontim sal of a prson.

Ar you slling it to a good f.nd? If you’r anything lik m, you giv things away undr thos circumstancs.

I try not to mix too much businss with clos, prsonal rlationships, so for m this would lowr th p.c A LOT.

Prhaps th f.nd can offr a srvic or othr itm for th machin as an xprssion of thir apprciation.

Thr ar also buyrs who ar looking for th chapst machin possibl, vn if it rquirs a significant rpair and mans that thy will driv around for wks, months or vn yars looking for th.

Othr buyrs pay xtra for a guarantd rfurbishd machin dlivrd safly to thir door, rady to us and njoy. Thy’d rathr lt somon ls scurry around and do all th rpairs.


Buy a Vintag Swing Machins thos listd on Bay .ght bfor ?.stmas hav th bst chanc of gtting a highr p.c. Othr factors will still factor into th quation (s abov), but timing can somtims hav an impact. Th markt may b volatil for othr unknown rasons.

I hav th sam mak and modl in comparabl condition, with similar xtras and slling for $450 to $900 on Bay auctions. Wird, isn’t it?

So how do I dtrmin th p.c of my Sw-Classic machins I list on my sit? I start with what similar Sw-Classic machins hav sold at auction on Bay in th past and thn knock off a lot.

From a purly businss prspctiv, my systm probably stinks. I’v had svral machins that didn’t sll on my sit aftr bing listd for a fw wks and thn listd on Bay.

Most of th tim thy sll for much mor on Bay than my sit’s dirct sal p.c. It may just b m, but I find Bay so imprsonal and it dosn’t giv m th sam opportunity to provid pr-sals support and guidanc that I can with my wbsit.

Jnny—Sw Classic

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