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The Singer Commercial Sewing Machine Model 241-12 Review (2023)

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Not all sewing machines are for domestic or home usage. There are several versions around that are developed for high result industrial job. Those equipments are built well, have strong parts, as well as can sew up a storm for decades. One has made it a minimum of 72 years.

The typical 241-12 sewing machine came with a 5/16 inch presser foot as well as only provided you regarding 1/4 inch lifts. However it was and is an excellent machine and has actually shown itself to be a real workhorse. It is expected to sew at 5000 spm.

To read more about the Singer 241-12 just continue to read our short article. It has the info you need to aid you buy or market one of these old industrial models. It can be a bargain if you require sewing heavy fabrics like jeans or leather.

Singer 241-12 Sewing Machine Reviews

The evaluations are combined regarding this sewing machine Some individuals like the numerous positive attributes it has like a very high stitch per min rate in addition to its capacity to last practically 80 years.

Other customers did not such as the truth that this machine did not have a reverse function built-in. That indicated more deal with the drain’s component as well as harder to work with. Additionally, this model is what was called a sump machine It was considered that name as the oil was placed in a container as well as the machine dispersed the oil to all the parts requiring lubrication.

One model had a clear plastic tube so you can see if the sump mechanism was functioning or not. The majority of reviewers were a little bit hesitant to really recommend this sewing machine There were just as well numerous missing attributes and also the reality that you could just stitch regarding 1/4 of an inch high turned them off.

There was one specific disadvantage a reviewer stated. He claimed that he saw oil on the needle and wasn’t sure if there was a leak or otherwise. What customers simulated was the reality that it was an extremely high-speed machine that took care of business quickly.

The cost, according to some customers, was said to be a little on the high side when they stated seeing price in the $800 to the $1000 variety. Some owners reported paying $100 to $450 which appears practical for such an old machine

Singer 241-12 Year Made

It is tough to identify when this sewing machine was made as not even Isaacs, the sewing machine experts, are not mentioning the manufacturing years. Some proprietors have stated that their machine was integrated in 1942 as well as 1948 to make sure that provides you a ball park time structure.

However if you need to know precisely when your model was made, it is not mosting likely to be that tough to do. Words is that Singer keeps extremely accurate documents on when every sewing machine they have actually created because 1851.

All you need to do is find and copy the identification number. These ought to get on the bottom front of the machine or underneath the handwheel on the base. Then send out Singer an e-mail with the serial number.

For all Singer sewing makers made after 1900, there ought to be 2 letters before the numerals. There is intended to be a source web page that Singer makes use of to publish 3 lists of serial numbers however thus far we have not discovered that page or a link to that web page.

Contact Singer for the best aid in learning this information. They will be the best source to see when your 241-12 was made.

Singer 241 for Leather

This is a good machine when you are collaborating with hefty materials like leather. The only problems would be the stitch length, which some people consider as well short when sewing natural leather, and also presser foot lift.

The truth that the 241-12 only gives you concerning 1/4 inches of sewing room has actually discouraged many from utilizing this machine when they need to stitch natural leather. But keeping that said, it is still a wonderful high-speed machine that can sew most thicknesses of natural leather.

Its 5000 spm rate makes short work of most heavy materials and also the machine is very long lasting. Some models have actually lasted over 60 years and also others are getting near to 80 years of solution.

The various other drawback that features this commercial machine is that it does not have a reverse function. For some leather sewage systems, this may be a deal-breaker. It has actually been called a medium-duty sewing machine , so it might not be that excellent for those natural leather jobs calling for a number of layers.

Yet for smaller projects, it needs to be excellent as long as you can change to the stitch speed. It takes a while to change yet when that is done, the machine may appear as well slow.

Singer 241-12 Summary

The complying with summary is drawn from the start of the Singer 241-12 owner’s guidebook. It will offer you a much better idea concerning the machine and what it can do when you find one available for sale at a flea market, estate sale, or classified advertisements.

The 241 is a single needle, lock stitch, as well as high-speed sewing machine It is gear-driven as well as features an automatic lubricating system. The rotating sewing hook as well as drop feed are also lubed.

Singer has categorized this machine as a medium-duty to a durable tool sewing machine The stitches per inch variety between 5 1/2 to 30 and also the needle bar lifts about 1 13/64ths of an inch Presser foot lift is 5/ 16.

Additionally, Singer made a big factor underneath its summary regarding utilizing only Singer parts when replacing worn or busted components on their makers. They made an assurance to take care of mail-in orders ASAP that all Singer dealerships and so on, had the spare parts you might have needed.

These days you might require to scour the vintage sewing machine fixing stores, flea markets, garage sale, etc, to see if parts are still available. Or you can go on the internet to among the several components stores that deal in old sewing equipments and also eBay to see what is readily available there.

Singer 241-12 Needles

If you can obtain your hands on a 241-12 proprietor’s handbook you must have the ability to discover the best needle for your vintage sewing machine It is not fairly an antique yet. On web page 4, according to our online resource, you will certainly find the needle size provided for this sewing machine

However be mindful, the owner’s guidebook is doing triple task and also covers the 241-11, the 241-12, and the 241-13 models. The 241-12 is in the center of the list. If your 241-12 is course and also selection 16×257 after that you can utilize the following needle dimensions– 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21.

Notification that there are a number of dimensions not listed below, the 15 20, so make certain to avoid making use of those needle sizes. Web page 6 of the handbook will certainly likewise give a chart showing that needle size will certainly work best with the specific kinds of materials you might use.

That exact same graph will certainly also supply the size of cotton, linen, and also silk fabrics for each needle. We will be linking to that manual in the next area, so you can see all the info for on your own.

Download and install Singer 241-12 Hands-on

The top place to go would be to Singer itself. This link takes you to their manual search feature and also all you require to do is put the model number to see if they still have a duplicate readily available. Or send them an email requesting one.

Successive is the location we just referenced as well as it is just one of our best download handbook web sites. Then there is this web site that has handbooks for download just.

The great feature concerning that last website is that you must locate lots of Singer guidebooks there waiting for you to act. You can try however all we located at the time of this writing were common manuals for the 241 series as well as absolutely nothing particular for the 241-12

A great web search for your area may turn up more download alternatives. Or if you do not like reading on the computer system, you can constantly try the normal service center, antique shops, etc, to find a paper copy.

Singer 241-12 Parts

During our search for manuals, we found this Singer internet page full of parts for the 241 collection sewing machine consisting of the 241-12 Having the ability to manage the company straight may conserve time as well as a little money.

Then lots of online components outlets deal in vintage sewing machine components and with the automation of numerous Singer versions, parts are not scarce. This business appears to have great deals of parts for the 241-12 and also one pop-up stated there was a 10% sale taking place. will be one more source if you are in a hurry. Although that website is not as dependable as it can be due to the fact that the components can appear or vanish fairly rapidly. Timing is the secret when utilizing this on-line electrical outlet for extra components.

Also, you can try this web site out and see if they have the part you require at the cost you wish to pay. They state they have components for simply regarding every significant brand of sewing equipments and also some you might not have actually ever before learning through.

Of course, you can constantly go to a sewing machine repair store to see if they have the component you require. It is often worth paying the additional money to have the professional fix it for you. Other places to locate parts will certainly be the conventional and also on the internet classified advertisements, flea markets, as well as comparable sale places.

Singer 241-12 Stitch Length Adjustment

Once again, we will certainly paraphrase the owner’s handbook in order to supply you with the best directions. The details are found on approx. pg. 10 and can be found in one short paragraph.

The primary step is to press the plunger all the means in and after that turn the handwheel. You need to transform the wheel till you really feel or listen to the bettor decline into a notch on the feed eccentric.

Make sure to turn the wheel slowly. As soon as in the notch, you are to transform the wheel forward or backward until you get the stitch length you desire. To understand if you have the appropriate stitch size, you have to check out the sign plate which is near the handwheel.

The letter ‘A’ is the longest stitch feasible and also the letter ‘L’ is the fastest. When you reach the length you desire, launch the bettor. One word of warning, never ever push the plunger while the sewing machine is running.

Where to Buy a Singer 241-12

Your best bet will be a sewing machine service center, an antique store, or a flea market. You never ever understand what these areas have until you ask the owners. Then you can find some at a yard sale, estate, or garage sale. These are a matter of timing also.

Then there are always eBay as well as we saw a couple of equipments on sale there at the time of this writing as well as their costs were affordable. Considering that the closet became part of the offer.

Some Final Words

When you get an opportunity to select up a Singer 241-12, including cabinet and also devices, etc, for under $500 you ought to be obtaining a great offer. It is a workhorse of a machine that does the oiling for you.

Simply make certain it is in great condition and good working order. Unless you require it for components.

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