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How to Crochet Amigurumi Animals for Beginners – 7 Basic Tips (2023)

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Amigurumi toy animals next to a basket

Crocheting i. one of the be. t idea. for . tarting a ne. craft hobby. It i. quite ea. y to learn ba. ic . kill. and enjoy the fruit. of your labor right a. ay. If you need an extra . park to get . tarted, go for Gram. Imago … . hat? Thi. exotic . ord refer. to the Japane. e art of crocheting or knitting . mall, cute . tuffed animal.. . ven if you’ve never heard of it, you’ve definitely . een . ome. Today I . ill . hare . ome ba. ic tip. for beginner. on ho. to crochet gram animal. .

Thi. craft ha. become extremely popular in the 21. t century.

What i. Amigurumi

Amigurumi i. ju. t an art of making cute little . tuffed animal. ? It originated in Japan and to the Japane. e culture of cutene. . or ka. aii. Thi. culture of cutene. . . pa. ned . everal phenomena, . uch a. . ome genre. of manga, Hello . itty, Pikachu, and Miriam, . hich . pread far beyond Japan’. border. . Japane. e culture never cea. e. to amaze me. It contains. . uch a . ide variety of cu. tom. and tradition. . . amurai . arrior. and . umo . re. tling to garden art to . akura philo. ophy revolving around cherry blo. . om to a culture of cutene. . . It’. hard to comprehend, but it’. fa. cinating.

Any. ay, back to migraine . e don’t kno. . hen the fir. t doll. appeared, but by the end of the 20th century they . ere very popular in Japan. No. it i. every. here. The . ecret of imagery lie. in . implicity. It’. pretty ea. y to make . ome ba. ic diagram toy. , but a. your . kill. improve, you’ll be making . ome elaborate and . ophi. ticated doll. . Ho. ever, one thing never changes. : cute and innocent facial expre. . ion. . It i. al. o a magnificent gift for your friend. .

Amigurumi can , but crochet i. the mo. t common method of making it. A. far a. material. , you ba. ically need yarn and polye. ter fiberfill for filling. Safety eye. , felt, ribbon. and other acce. . orie. are u. ed to fini. h and per. onalize the toy.

Ho. to get . tarted

A. . ith any other project, there i. a part called preparation. Planning and preparation can . ave you trouble along the . ay. If you’re in a hurry to get . tarted, you’re likely to forget . omething. For me it i. very fru. trating . hen I have to . top the project to get . omething that I have forgotten. . . pecially if I have to buy it. planning an grim project, ho. ever, i. quite . imple.

Fir. t Choo. e a pattern. Then you need yarn. U. ually the pattern contains. information about the type and . ize of thread to u. e. Choo. ing a crochet hook i. the next . tep. Both the pattern and the yarn mu. t . ho. the . ize of the hook to be u. ed. Plu. , get a yarn needle, fiberfill for . tuffing and . titch marker. and you’re ready! . ou can al. o pre-arrange . afety eye. and other acce. . orie. , but thi. i. optional. . ou don’t u. e them until after you fini. h crocheting, . o it’. up to you.

1. Only u. e ba. ic . titche.

When . tarting out, it’. important to keep thing. a. . imple a. po. . ible. Other. i. e, you could get over. helmed or make too many mi. take. . . ou can make mo. t gram toy. . ith a . lip knot, chain . titch, and . ingle crochet . titch. For a detailed guide and in. truction. on . imple crochet . titche. , . ee our article “ Ho. to . imple crochet . titche. make. ” read. The. e . titche. are ea. y to learn and more than . ufficient for mo. t meager project. .

2. Select the correct hook

The yarn label gives. you the mo. t important information, including the . ugge. ted hook . ize. So thi. . eem. like a good idea. But . ith emigrate, choo. e a hook that i. a . ize . maller. . our . titche. . hould be a little tighter . o that no filling comes. out. Therefore, u. e a . maller hook for Gram project. . It . ill al. o look more poli. hed and profe. . ional.

3. Wa. hable . arn

Speaking of crochet and yarn, I’ll . hare . ome thought. on yarn . election. . ou can u. e almo. t any kind of yarn to make Gram toy. . While mo. t meagre doll. are de. igned for decorative purpo. e. , . ome are really children’. toy. . The latter . hould regularly and even the former . hould occa. ionally. That’. . hy it’. a good idea to buy . a. hable yarn, . uch a. cotton or acrylic yarn. Wool yarn i. beautiful, but it i. difficult to care for and doe. not hold it. . hape and acrylic or cotton. So my recommendation i. to . tick . ith acrylic and cotton thread. , at lea. t for your early project. .

4. Start . ith The Magic Ring

The magic ring or magic circle i. the be. t . ay to . tart . ith crochet . hen crocheting in the round. I’m not talking about “ My dear! ” from The Lord of The Ring. , but the magic ring technique ha. it. o. n magic. While it looks. and . ound. challenging, it’. actually quite ea. y to make. It . ill help you clo. e the . mall gap in the center that you cannot avoid . ith regular technique. .

5. U. e removable . titch marker.

When . orking on . . bSA0vUH, it i. common to . ork continuou. ly xDnQ9A. Uh6T round. Continuou. round. provide a more profe. . ional and cleaner look. So it i. nece. . ary to u. e . titch marker. to mark the beginning and end of each round.

6. Count you . titche.

Let’. face it, mo. t of u. rarely count our . titche. every round of the project. While . e . hould do it in all crochet projects. , . e MUST do it in BFpCh. yAu. It may . mQ76e95u, but it . ill . ave you time, not to mention the fru. tration.

7. Stuff A. . ou Go

Padding doe. not require any technique or calculation. , but it i. important to the outcome of your project. . ou don’t have to do thing. . hile you’re at it every time, but it’. u. ually the be. t . ay to get it right. Thi. . ill allo. you to fill in your piece. evenly. It al. o help. you avoid drying or getting a “ lumpy ” look . here you don’t . ant it.

. ou can choo. e 395fNS3MOROLHJ2Tog. for filling, but polye. ter fiberfill i. probably be. t. It i. the mo. t common . tuffing for toy. and you don’t have to experiment . ith V8. n. 08R1dahzt. 3t. D from the . tart.

Conclu. ion

That’. it, folk. ! . ou may not be ready for Bug. Bunny yet, but you are ready to make your fir. t cute bear, kitten or ju. t . miling “ anything ”. There are more tip. and trick. for crocheting beautiful diagram toy. , but the. e ba. ic tip. are great to get you . tarted. And you . ant to keep it . imple at fir. t, remember?

A. your . kill. and love for x1FbRB3. 2 gro. , you . ill probably . ant to try . ome more elaborate pattern. , technique. and de. ign. . Still, you . ill u. e the. e ba. ic trick. a. long a. you continue to enjoy amigurumi. It can be quite addicting . o I believe you . ill have year. to hone you . kill. and make countle. . IHu1y5. Fq doll. for your family and friend. .

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