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Best Fabric Cutter Machine – Buyer’s Guide and Review (2023)

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We live in a world where machines do most of the work for us. We have invented and built devices for almost every conceivable task. I’m pretty sure one machine will take over the planet from us. But from now on I am happy with all the convenience that machines offer. I use a machine to cut fabrics regularly. Long gone are the days when I used rotary cutter or scissors. If you enjoy sewing, quilting and making clothes and don’t have a fabric trimmer, it’s time to get one.

Is it necessary to have a tissue cutter

A simple answer to this question is no. It is not essential to have one. After all, generations were sewing and quilting without it. And it costs money. So we can live without a doubt. However, there are many reasons for having one of these machines. Whenever someone invents a new device, there are those who will say we did just fine without it. But you cannot stop the progress. I do not design machines to make us feel uncomfortable, but to make our life or craft easier. Once we get used to it, it’s almost impossible to go back. The tasks we used to do routinely now look much more difficult, and we wonder how we can ever perform them without getting stressed and irritated.

It’s the same story for all technology. When you think of the fabric cutting machine, the first thing that comes to mind is saving time. But the advantages of these machines are many. Speed, precision and versatility enable you to finish your projects faster with more professional results.

With all these advantages, cutting fabric becomes easy and fun. Cutting fabric like a pro will bring you joy and you will have more time to focus on the design and be more creative.

Manual vs. Digital Fabric Cutters

There are two types of fabric cutting machines: manual and digital. While both types are useful, it depends on your skills, preferences, wants, and budget, which one is best for you. Both types have some advantages and disadvantages.

For starters, manual tissue cutters are much cheaper. They are very easy to use as you don’t have to change cutting mats. This probably makes them a better choice for beginners. Hand knives can cut through multiple layers of fabric. They are not as accurate as digital cutters. Here, these machines cut with precision. It’s just that digital machines provide absolutely perfect precision. Manual slicers also require some manual work, such as operating a lever or lever to cut.

Digital fabric cutting machines can operate on many materials. Digital fabric cutters offer many more options. Digital cutters let you customize and change designs and sizes in an instant. These machines do the work themselves. All you need to do is enter the settings. In fact, one man can operate several at the same time. The biggest drawback to digital cutting machines is the price. It can also cut only one layer at a time. More options require more time to figure everything out.

At the end of the day, I’d say manual fabric cutters are great, and digital ones even better, but more expensive. A better choice depends on your needs and.

In this review I will show you some of the best models of fabric cutting machines. Each user has unique needs for price, performance, versatility, size, ease of use, etc. So the ultimate choice is yours.

AccuQuilt GO! Baby Tissue Cutter

Lightweight, affordable and easy to use, it is a perfect choice for beginners.

AccuQuilt GO! Baby is a manual fabric cutter. This slicer is a little beast. It ensures fast and accurate cuts. Since it weighs only 8 pounds, it is easy to carry. It can cut through multiple layers while maintaining speed and accuracy. Its small size is useful for moving it back and forth, but it’s a limiting factor for performance. As a result, this machine cannot use larger molds.

All it’s a great budget model for beginners. It won’t work miracles, but it will deliver results consistently.


  • It .
  • Small size and weight enable portability.
  • It is easy to use.


  • No versatility or special features.
  • a few templates.
  • No accessories.

Sizzix 660425 Big Shot Cutting and Embossing Machine

Portable and affordable, yet versatile fabric cutter.

This is one of the most popular models. And it is easy to see why. It has a cheap price, but offers a wide variety. While this device performs its basic task of cutting easily and accurately, it can also emboss. This manual cutter can work on a variety of materials such as paper, thin film and of course fabric. It allows you to take on various projects such as invitations, cards, scrapbooks and so on. Sizzle Big Shot comes with an adjustable platform to expand your work area if needed. It also comes with a 3-year warranty.


  • Embossing enables great versatility.
  • Works with various materials.
  • It is affordable.
  • Wearability.
  • Cuts accurately.


  • It is unstable.
  • equires a learning curve.

Silhouette portrait

The ultimate precision that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Silhouette Portrait is a digital cordless fabric cutting machine. This device can cut a wide variety of materials. The materials list includes fabric, cardboard, parchment, paper, magnetic paper and much more. It comes with 50 digital designs. In addition, you can import designs via Bluetooth or USB port. It has software compatible with both Mac and PC. 12 ” x 12 ” cutting mat is large enough for most of your projects. The Auto Blade setting is extremely convenient.

So this device offers a lot, especially considering the reasonable price. These additions are substantial, but the best is yet to come. This fabric cutter cuts with fantastic precision, and that is its primary function.


  • Highly Accurate and Accurate Performance.
  • USB and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Auto Blade Function.
  • Excellent ability to cut various materials.


  • It takes time to become an expert with the device.

Silhouette CAMEO-3-4 Cordless Cutting Machine

An excellent all-round fabric cutting machine.

We are approaching engineering marvels. This device does almost all the work for you. It can cut 100 original materials. Because of the large clearance, thick materials can . It has a two cart system to perform two tasks at the same time. With the Silhouette CAMEO you can cut without a cutting mat.

This provides the ability to cut fabric up to 12 ” wide and up to 3 meters long. With this machine, you don’t have to worry about adjusting the blade. The Auto Blade system does it for you. In customization, the possibilities are almost limitless. Silhouette Studio software allows for maximum creativity. So if you want to spend a little more you will love this machine. By the way, it looks as good as it performs. You can view and learn more about the full Silhouette Cameo 4 review.


  • Cuts with perfect precision.
  • Fantastic Versatility.
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Countless ways to create and customize designs.
  • Although it has so many features, it is still a lightweight machine.


  • With larger materials, it may become unstable.

Cricut Maker

High-tech fabric cutter with a wide variety of tools and capabilities.

This machine takes cutting to another level. It comes with many tools for any project. Powerful blades, pens and scoring tool make cutting a breeze. Of course, with USB connectivity you can import many designs. You can even simplify sewing and quilting projects. Just choose digital patterns and Cricut Maker will cut and mark all pieces. Then you just have to sew them together. Aside from the software capabilities, I am really impressed with a new rotary blade. This allows you to cut through almost any fabric without a backing.


  • Powerful knives can cut anything.
  • Simplifies your sewing projects.
  • Variety of functions and tools.


  • It’s heavy.

AccuQuilt GO! Large Electric Fabric Cutter

Powerhorse for serious quilters.

After several digital models, this is an electric fabric cutter. Technically it is a manual cutter, but it has an electric motor. It is a quick, accurate and powerful machine. In addition, it is quite simple and easy to use. It’s bigger than most fabric knives and heavier. Depending on the fabric, it can cut through up to 6 layers at once. Cutting mat is 14 ” wide. This machine has an option to cut two 6 ” fabrics at the same time. It comes with 6 creative patterns


  • Easy to use.
  • Can cut through 6 layers of cotton.
  • It is fast and strong.


  • It is expensive.
  • Cannot carry it because it is quite heavy.

Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine

Most Advanced Digital Fabric Cutter.

Cricut Explore Air looks good, cuts perfectly and your grandma can figure it out in no time. While it has many options and functions, the Cut Smart technology makes it easy for anyone to use. It has built-in Bluetooth for wireless cutting. The dual carriage system allows you to cut and write or cut and score in one step. White smart technologies stand out, this machine cuts with perfect precision. It can also cut over 60 fresh materials. You can upload an unlimited number of images, from the Cricut Image Library or your own images.


  • Smart technology spans the complete process.
  • Exceptional Accuracy.
  • Unlimited design options.
  • Can cut a variety of materials.
  • It is easy to use.


  • It cannot work offline.

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