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Mount Your Projector With These Top 10 Sewing Mounts Full Guide of 2024

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how to mount a projector for sewingMounting a projector for sewing can take your projects to the next level. It allows you to precisely transfer patterns or designs onto fabric. With so many mount types available, finding one that fits your needs can be difficult.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of top 10 mini projector mounts for sewing, perfect for ceiling or wall mounting.

We’ll also discuss how mounting ultra short throw projectors works for sewing and alternatives if you don’t have or want a projection setup.

Key Takeaways

  • Top 10 mini projector mounts for sewing
  • Mini ceiling projector mount for precise pattern projection
  • Adjustable wall mount for cameras and mini projectors
  • Experimenting with projector placement for a clear projection of patterns

Top 10 Mini Projector Mounts for Sewing

Welcome fellow sewists! Let’s review the top 10 mini projector mounts for unleashing your creativity through projected sewing. Durable tripods, adjustable clamps, wall mounts, and ceiling mounts offer flexible positioning so you can find the perfect projection angle in any room.

Wire baskets or furniture feet creatively support mini projectors when traditional mounts won’t work.

1. Mini Ceiling Projector Mount Stand Compatible Small Projectors

YiePhiot Mini Ceiling Wall ProjectorView On Amazon
With the easy installation and adjustable angles of the mini ceiling stand, you can position small projectors to project patterns right where you need them for your sewing projects. Compatible with various lightweight projectors, the metal stand securely mounts to ceilings and offers -90 to 360 degree rotation for directing projections precisely.

Once installed, use the angles to get the perfect view of your projected sewing patterns. Having the pattern shine down from above simplifies tracing and cutting for quilting, embroidery, and clothing construction projects.

  • Universal compatibility
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Good range of tilt and rotation adjustment
  • Concerns about screw breakage in some models
  • May not keep some projectors perfectly level
  • Only for lightweight projectors under 5kg

2. Universal Projector Ceiling Mount Hanger Rotatable Extendable

NIERBO Universal Projector Wall CeilingView On Amazon
You’d be impressed with how well this unique rotatable ceiling grabber positions your tiny thrower perfectly for intricate needle tasks. With its extendable silver tube and 360° swivel, you can hang your mini machine at just the right height and angle to project sewing patterns perfectly on your fabric.

The lightweight aluminum alloy mount feels sturdy yet adaptable for getting that overhead view aligned above your cutting table. Installation’s simple with included screws. Adjusting the mast up to 19 inches helps center patterns.

What I love is how freely the projector swivels so you can direct the image at any orientation. Customizing placement is a cinch! With ample rotation you can direct projections across the full width of your fabric to maximize using the projected image.

Enjoy enhanced convenience in your sewing room with this flexibly adjustable overhead projector mount.

  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • 360 degree rotation
  • 19 inch height adjustment
  • May not support heavier projectors
  • Small cable holes
  • Locking swivel may need reinforcement

3. Arkon Wall Mount for CCTV Camcorders Cameras

Arkon Camera Wall Mount forView On Amazon
This adjustable wall mount lets you artfully capture any subject with portrait filming. Sturdy yet flexible, its 8 arm with three adjustable knobs provides 180° rotation for framing the perfect shot. It securely positions cameras or mini projectors up to 7 lbs, allowing precise angles thanks to cast aluminum construction.

With tabletop space at a premium in your sewing room, this mount offers an ideal way to get equipment off the table and onto the wall.

  • Provides 180 degree flexible positioning
  • Allows mounting mini projectors up to 7 lbs
  • Well constructed from cast aluminum alloy
  • Small base size limits very wide horizontal mounting
  • Not suitable for heavier cameras or projectors
  • Installation to wall requires drilling

4. Spectrum Scoop Wire Basket Storage Bin

Spectrum Scoop Wire Basket (IndustrialView On Amazon
Spectrum Scoop Wire Basket Storage Bin

Place this amazingly huge industrial chic wire scoop basket anywhere to organize your world in the most stylishly rustic and functional way you’ve ever seen! Use this sturdy steel storage bin with its wrapped wire ends and tapered scooped front to elegantly organize your sewing room.

Keep all your patterns, fabric scraps, thread spools, and tools neatly corralled yet totally visible in this urban chic wire basket. Let it stylishly function as your go-to home for sewing gear or garage gadgets without taking up too much space.

With its sturdy steel construction, this budget-friendly basket brings efficient organization to your crafty world in the coolest industrial way.

  • Rustic and industrial chic style
  • Wrapped wire ends for safety
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Tapered scooped front for easy access
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Versatile for organizing any room
  • Open wire design allows dust inside
  • Only available in gray color option
  • May show signs of wear over time
  • Not intended for super heavy items

5. Smallrig Camera Clamp Double Ball Head Mount

SMALLRIG Super Camera Clamp Mount,View On Amazon
Keep your tools handy with the Smallrig double ball head mount that securely grips your dream machine. This adjustable clamp and articulating arm lets you position your mini projector, camera, or other essentials right where you need them.

Just secure the industrial-strength clamp to a pole or railing, then adjust the ball head to find that perfect angle. With its compact size and 360° swivel, you’ll have the flexibility to capture any creative moment.

Although rated for lightweight gear, the sturdy aluminum and stainless steel construction provides a stable grip to prevent vibrations while you sew. While some users report rusting over time, keep your mount protected and know Smallrig customer service can quickly provide replacements.

  • Compact, lightweight size for portability
  • Adjustable clamp and ball head for positioning flexibility
  • Durable aluminum/steel construction
  • Supports cameras, lights, projectors up to 1.5kg
  • Potential for rusting over time
  • Not suitable for very heavy equipment
  • May need additional securing for extra stability

6. Extender Rod for Ceiling Mounts

ALZO 8-Inch Extender Rod forView On Amazon
Lower your projector’s position with the extender rod’s easy screw-in adjustment, bringing your projected sewing patterns into clearer focus. This 8.5-inch aluminum rod threads right in between your ceiling mount and projector, dropping it down an extra 8 inches for a better projection angle.

Though lightweight, it holds up to 40kg so you can position your projector perfectly.

  • Adds 8 more inches of drop from ceiling
  • Easy to install by screwing in
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Holds 40kg load
  • Feels a bit cheap/flimsy
  • Only extends down, doesn’t allow raising projector
  • Very basic, no-frills design

7. Adjustable Articulating Arm Clamp for Dslr Camera Monitor Light

pangshi 11inch Adjustable Articulating FrictionView On Amazon
Attach the versatile adjustable arm to position your projector precisely. This sturdy stainless steel and aluminum articulating arm secures to poles, beams, and rails to provide flexible positioning of your mini projector.

With 360-degree adjustment capability and single-point locking knobs, you can rotate and tilt your projector to achieve the perfect angle for projecting sewing patterns.

The super clamp attaches firmly up to 2 inches thick, while the standard screw mount fits your projector or accessories.

  • 360-degree adjustable positioning
  • Versatile super clamp attachment
  • Sturdy arm for holding lightweight devices
  • Standard mounts fit most equipment
  • Not recommended for heavy projectors
  • Can break if over-tightened
  • Only supports up to 5 kg/11 lbs

8. Tension Curtain Rod Rust Resistant Black

BRIOFOX Tension Curtain Rod 62-105View On Amazon
Hang that sleek black tension rod for projecting patterns without drilling. This easy-to-install curtain rod provides a stylish solution for displaying projected sewing patterns. Simply mount the adjustable rod to any indoor or outdoor surface up to 105 inches wide, then aim your mini projector downwards.

The tension mount means no surface damage or permanent installation. Plus, the corrosion-resistant black finish discreetly blends into any space.

  • No drilling or permanent damage
  • Sleek low-profile black finish
  • Adjustable width up to 105 inches
  • Tension mounted, doesn’t fall down
  • Not as stable as fixed mounting
  • Limited weight capacity of 30 lbs
  • Visible hardware if used as curtain rod

9. GEEKOTO 77 Inch Aluminum Tripod for DSLR Camera With Ball Head

GEEKOTO 77’’ Tripod, Camera TripodView On Amazon
GEEKOTO 77 Inch Aluminum Tripod for DSLR Camera With Ball Head

Unpack your GEEKOTO 77-inch aluminum tripod for flexible positioning of your DSLR camera during sewing projects. This lightweight yet sturdy tripod extends from a compact 19 inches up to 77 inches, providing versatile height adjustment with quick-release flip locks.

Its 360-degree ball head allows you to pan and tilt your camera to capture creative shots from any angle. Weighing only 3.37 lbs, it easily supports your DSLR camera while remaining portable for travel and outdoor use.

When packed down, it fits nicely into the included carrying bag.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Height adjusts from 19 to 77 inches
  • 360° ball head for versatile angles
  • Quick flip locks for fast setup
  • Supports cameras up to 17.6 lbs
  • Not ideal for heavy pro cameras
  • Setup can be tricky initially
  • Lower quality than premium brands

10. Pehciroe Adjustable Furniture Leveling Feet Black

Pehciroe Adjustable Feet Levelers, HeavyView On Amazon
Set the uneven cabinet right with Pehciroe’s sturdy adjustable feet. Tired of that wobbly table or dresser? Save yourself frustration and fumbles with makeshift shims. Pehcroe’s heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant adjustable furniture feet effortlessly level furniture on uneven floors, from tables and chairs to cabinets and sofas.

With flexible adjustment from 3/4 to 1 3/4, you can get perfect stability and balance without affecting the appearance of your furniture’s legs.

Simply drill a 0.55 hole, pop in a t-nut, and screw in the leg leveler. For legs with existing 3/8-16 threads, just screw and go.

Regain confidence over rickety furniture with sturdy adjustable feet that work like a charm.

  • Heavy-duty iron construction
  • Anti-rust matte finish
  • Load capacity up to 300 lbs
  • Installation requires drilling holes
  • Not as easy to adjust as twist legs
  • Does not accommodate all leg sizes

How to Mount Ultra Short Throws for Sewing

How to Mount Ultra Short Throws for Sewing
Position the ultra short throw carefully when mounting, as its offset requires placing it very close to the projection surface for proper image alignment. Fasten the projector securely to minimize vibration that could distort your sewing projection.

  • When calibrating, adjust the focus ring until your projected image is sharp. Tweak the zoom and shift settings for the ideal size and position.
  • For best resolution, match the native resolution of your projector and computer. Set the projection surface as close as possible to the lens.
  • Explore DIY options like mounting on a bookshelf, using a wall mount with an articulating arm, or printing your own bracket to get creative.

With some planning and experimentation, you’ll have an optimally mounted UST projector illuminating your sewing patterns and unleashing your creativity in no time.

Short Throw Mounts for Sewing

Short Throw Mounts for Sewing
Ultimately, side-mounting carries your image further for shadow-free sewing. Short throw projectors require creative side mounting due to their offset lens design. While ceiling mounting remains an option, side mounting allows you to position the projector closer to the wall for a maximized image.

Consider mounting your short throw on a wall, sturdy shelf, or table to the side of your work area. Utilize adjustable mounts to tweak the angle and placement. For a clean look, install the short throw projector mount directly into wall studs.

Side mounting allows the projected image to reach farther so you can trace patterns with no shadows.

With the right side angle and distance, your sewing projects will beam bright and shadow-free. To choose the best short throw projector for your sewing space, compare offset percentages. Offset refers to how far the lens is positioned from the center of the projector.

Model Offset Percentage
Optoma GT1080 15%
BenQ TK800M 13%
Epson LS500 9%

Look at vertical lens shift as well. Positive % shift allows more flexibility in side mounting position. The closer you can install to the wall side, the better to maximize your projected sewing workspace.

Consider your room layout to determine the ideal side angle. Measure the sewing machine distance from wall to ensure your chosen projector can cast an image large enough. With the right short throw model mounted creatively on the side, you’ll enjoy brightly lit, shadow-free sewing.

What’s Included in a Projector Mount Kit for Sewing

See the DIY adjustable stands elevate Epson UST projectors while backdrops and tension rods raise mini models, so you can creatively sew any space. When preparing your sewing room projector setup, inspect what’s included in the projector mount kit.

Expect mounting hardware like ceiling plates or clamps, screws, bolts, washers, downrod, adjustable arms, safety cables, wrenches, and instructions. For DIY projector mounts, gather materials like wood, PVC pipe, wire baskets, and camera gear then follow online tutorials.

Whether ceiling mounting or setting up a stable surface, you’ll want to ensure your projector location aligns pattern projection over cutting tables. For mobile mounts, articulating arms like a magic arm clamp keep mini projectors adjustable.

Carefully installing quality mounts prevents shaking and wobble while projecting intricate sewing patterns.

Let’s Talk Projectors and How to Get Them Set Up in Your Sewing Space

To set up a projector in your sewing space, get creative. Consider your space and needs. Mini projectors offer portability while short throw models allow placement near your workspace. 1) Research projector types to select one compatible with your sewing software and fabric surface.

2) Decide on the best semi-permanent or temporary mounting option. Ceiling mounts, shelves, or tripods work well. 3) Calibrate for a clear projected image. Adjust keystone and focus for clarity on your cutting table.

4) Test projecting patterns and positioning during initial use. Move the projector or stand until alignment suits your needs. With some thoughtful preparation, you’ll have your projector capturing and displaying sewing patterns in no time.

Easiest Solution for Projector-Averse Sewists: the Ultra Short Throw

Easiest Solution for Projector-Averse Sewists: the Ultra Short Throw
Break up with the drudgery of pattern printing. Tap into projection’s visual clarity instead. The easiest solution for projector-averse sewists is an ultra short throw projector. Simply place this compact projector on a table or shelf near your cutting mat. Its ultra-wide angle lens eliminates shadows and distortion.

USTs let you project a huge sewing pattern in tight quarters. Their simple setup preserves flexibility to sew anywhere. Ditch the tape measure when resizing patterns – just zoom to scale. Ambient light shouldn’t affect UST projection, though blackout shades optimize contrast.

Achieve precision sewing with optimized workspace and visuals. An ultra short throw projector provides a clear projection in tight spaces. It’s easy to set up and move, so you can sew anywhere. Zoom to resize patterns instead of using a tape measure.

Blackout shades optimize contrast, but ambient light shouldn’t be an issue. Try an UST for versatile, hassle-free projection to improve your sewing.

Alternative Options for Mounting a Projector for Sewing

Alternative Options for Mounting a Projector for Sewing
Let’s explore some alternative options for mounting your projector in the sewing space. Whether you prefer a tripod or wall mount, portable or permanent setup, careful projector positioning is key. Consider things like your cutting table location, available space, and cable management when deciding on your mounting solution.

  1. Utilize adjustable tripods. These offer flexibility to position the projector at the perfect height and angle above your work surface.
  2. Create DIY mounts. Custom brackets, plates, or supports made with wood, PVC, or metal allow tailoring your mount exactly to your space.
  3. Mount with clamps. Secure c-clamps, adjustable arms, or spring clamps provide no-holes mounting options.
  4. Fashion overhead rigging. Suspend the projector from beams, rafters or the ceiling with pulleys, chains, or creative cabling for an out-of-the-way option.

With some innovative thinking, you can find a mounting solution to suit any space and sewing setup. Experiment with placements until your projected patterns are crisp, clear and exactly where you need them.


Now you have all the tools needed to mount your projector for sewing like a pro! With 10 top options for mini, ultra short throw, and short throw projectors, you can easily find the perfect fit for your sewing space.

Whether you’re looking for a ball joint mount, tension rod, or tripod, you’ll be able to get your projector set up like a breeze.

And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, an ultra short throw projector may be the way to go. So don’t be afraid to give projector sewing a try – the possibilities are endless.

With a bit of creativity and clever mounting, you can create beautiful garments with ease.

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