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Doesn’t a Sewing Swap Sound Fun? (2023)

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Halloween Sewing Swap

Have you noticed all the bloggers doing craft and also sewing swaps lately? The standard suggestion is that you collaborate and make something for each various other.

Swaps are an enjoyable method to meet brand-new pals who share the exact same interests as you. And also, it’s constantly fun to obtain a surprise in the mail!

One of the blog writers I comply with, SequoiaLynn News , posted regarding exactly how she joined a sewing swap through one of the Facebook groups she is in. I actually wished to do it also, so I asked Sequoia if she ‘d do a sewing swap with me.

She stated, “Yes!”

Sequoia is quite trendy. She is a pattern tester, and she blog sites regarding all the attire she makes. I’ve constantly been impressed by exactly how much she stitches and her capability to choose charming fabrics, particularly florals.

Go have a look at Sequoia’s blog!

Many sewing swaps have a style or a certain kind of product you’re meant to sew. Sequoia and I chose to do a Halloween theme for our swap

Halloween Sewing Swap

What I Made for Sequoia

I acquired a Bernette b79 last year. It is a combination sewing as well as needlework equipment with a 6″x10″ hoop. I like it a great deal, and I have been exploring with in-the-hoop embroidery styles recently.

Because Sequoia and also I chose to do a Halloween theme for our sewing swap, I took place in the search for an in-the-hoop layout for my machine. I found the cutest Boo Wall Hanger from Sweat Pea Designs

I already had all the embroidery materials I needed in the house, however I did purchase four fat quarters of cotton in some Halloween shades.

I enjoy just how my Halloween door hanger turned out:

boo wall hanger design

The Boo Wall Hanger was very simple to make. I actually love in-the-hoop needlework styles.

All I actually had to do was hook the material, transform the string colors on my maker, as well as babysitting it while it was stitching out the designs.

If you don’t have an embroidery device yet, I advise the Bernette b79 since it is a cost effective design yet you still obtain a big adequate hoop to do most whatever you want. I paid about $2, 000 for mine. Some needlework makers set you back more than $20,000!

What Sequoia Made for Me

Sequoia sent me a collection of four large Halloween rollercoasters. They have a patchwork layout in several tones of orange. There is additionally a cute leaf embellishment on the side.

Take a look at just how cute they are:

I intend to make use of these rollercoasters at my table every one of October and November.

Thank you, Sequoia! I like them.

Have you ever participated in a sewing swap

Sewing swaps are so much enjoyable! Comply With Sewing Society on Facebook , as well as I’ll let you understand when I see one occurring so you can get in on the activity. I may even host among my own!

Please subscribe to my blog site, also!

If you ever before to reach participate in a sewing swap, I have a couple of tips for you. For instance, see to it to stitch something tiny as well as lightweight, specifically if your companion lives away from you. Shipping expenses are constantly a consideration. It cost me under $10 to send my sewing swap item to Sequoia because I was able to utilize a standard-rate bubble envelope at the message workplace.

There’s additionally always the fear that your partner will not follow up with the sewing swap This does in some cases occur– life can get insane, as well as lots of people have great purposes. However, a lot of the sewing swaps I’ve seen have a plan on exactly how to handle this. Volunteers often end up being swap angels to action in and deal with anyone who might need help.

Have you ever before joining a sewing swap Just how did it go? Let us understand in the comments below.

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