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Which Type of Sewing Pattern is the Best — Printed, Digital, or Projector? (2023)

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Sewing patterns have come a lengthy method!

Gone are the days when you needed to grab a printed pattern from your fabric store … Now you can purchase digital patterns online.

I still use my favored printed patterns from Simplicity, Butterick, and Vogue, yet I’ve ended up being a major follower of indie pattern designers that sell online! Some of my faves are Rebecca Page as well as Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop

You can browse a massive list of indie pattern business HERE

When you get sewing patterns on the internet, many come as a PDF file that you print out in your home (and also tapes together) or take to a copy store to print. Some designers likewise market projector documents– they’re incredible!

We’re mosting likely to go over the different kinds of sewing patterns in this post. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Printed Patterns

tissue pattern 1

Printed patterns are the standard ones that can be found in a paper envelope. They are printed on tissue-like paper with an included sleeve of instructions.

You can buy printed patterns on-line, yet the majority of people obtain printed patterns from their local textile shop. I attempt to wait up until patterns take place sale for an inexpensive discount at JoAnn Fabric or Hobby Lobby.


  • Some fabric stores have huge pattern brochures you can search. This makes it very easy to find the pattern you desire.
  • The tissue-like paper your pattern is printed on is very easy to pin to your material.


  • When you eliminated your pattern, you can pass by to cut a different size– unless naturally you traced your pattern on a separate sheet of paper prior to reducing, however that simply includes an extra step. I generally eliminated the biggest size and also fold down the sides to the dimension I require when I prepare to pin it to my textile. It isn’t suitable, however by doing this I can conserve my pattern and still have any type of dimension offered for use later.
  • Sometimes there are a lot of dimensions printed on the one paper that it is hard to figure out one reducing line from another.
  • The guidelines are normally composed with very little pictures. Therefore, beginners often find them difficult to follow.
  • The pattern items are extremely thin and also tear easily.

PDF Patterns

pdf sewing patterns 2

PDF patterns has been available in the documents that you download. Many pattern developers consist of both an A4 and A0 file format for your comfort. The A4 data is developed for the common 8.5 × 11 size paper. The A0 data is much bigger and should be printed at a duplicate shop. You can also get your patterns printed at

You can choose to publish the pattern instructions or view them on your computer system or phone. I typically don’t publish the directions because they can be instead lengthy.


  • Convenience! The largest advantage of PDF patterns is that you obtain them fast! You don’t need to drive to a shop or wait for them to get here in the mail. After payment, you get your PDF pattern download immediately that you can save money on your computer system.
  • Most PDF patterns have different layers. This indicates you can pick to publish just the one size you require. This not only minimizes ink for your printer, yet likewise makes it very easy to remove your pattern without lots of various lines converging and also puzzling you.
  • You can reuse the PDF documents and also print it as a lot of times as you want for individual use.
  • The instructions are typically extra comprehensive than printed patterns. Lots of PDF patterns feature detailed image guidelines and also some even have stitch along videos. This actually helps the aesthetic students!
  • a lot of sewing patterns are more affordable than traditional, printed patterns. Some are also free! I’ve seen that virtually every pattern business online uses a couple of cost-free patterns. This is an excellent method to see exactly how they established their patterns and also if that business is a terrific fit for you.


  • You should make certain that your printer is established correctly as well as the scale is readied to 100%. If the range is off even by a little, it can wreck the sizing of your clothing. PDF patterns normally have a square you can determine on the very first page that will let you know if the sizing is proper. It is strongly encouraged to first print this set web page as well as check the measurement before continuing with the remainder of the pattern
  • There is the added action of taping your pattern together before cutting it out. Information on just how to design your printed pattern can be discovered in the instructions. You will have to match the notches on completion of each page as well as tape with each other. If notches do not compare, there could have been an error in the printing.
  • While the patterns are generally less costly (or totally free), you still need to spend for the printer paper and ink.

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Projector Patterns


Projector patterns are the most recent type of pattern I believe they’ll be greater than a pattern …

If a firm uses projector data, they’ll be offered when you purchase the PDF pattern Projector patterns are opened in Adobe Reader, however you have to ensure that your projector is adjusted properly, and your record is established to the proper size for your calibration. The pattern is predicted from the ceiling onto your material, as well as you just cut the fabric on a cutting floor covering with a rotary cutter.


  • You do not have to eliminate your pattern first, which saves lots of time!
  • Much like PDF patterns, lots of projector data were available in layers so you can just click the dimension you want, which eliminates the added lines of other sizes.
  • You can recycle the pattern over and also over as well as over. This implies that you can make numerous dimensions from the same pattern… and also the best part again, you do not need to remove the pattern size first!
  • Conserves money on ink and paper. There is no printer required in all.
  • After all your fabric is reduced, you just adhere to the very same pattern guidelines with the colored images.


  • Establishing a projector for sewing patterns can be a pain. As soon as you have your projector hung, you should calibrate it. There are several complementary sources online that can reveal to you how to do this, however it simply takes a little bit of time. You only need to adjust it as soon as, unless certainly you move your projector or reducing table.
  • Projectors for sewing patterns can be costly. You can constantly get one second hand, however the one you require depends a whole lot on your sewing area.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with utilizing printed sewing patterns. I do it all the time … but if you haven’t tried PDF patterns or projector files yet, you need to provide it a shot. The realm of digital sewing patterns is constantly expanding. If you have an eye for style, you can also start your own indie pattern company without much startup price.

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