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Sewing Machine Light Strips: Illuminate Your Sewing Space (2023)

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Sewing machine light strips are a terrific creation!

You’re going to wonder why you really did not mount them on your sewing machine earlier …

LED Sewing Machine Light Strip

Sewing in the dark can strain your eyes and also make it challenging to see what you’re doing. If you do not have sufficient lights in your sewing space and also seem like the lightbulb on your sewing machine is not intense enough, you ought to obtain an LED sewing machine light strip. It connects under the arm of your sewing machine and also offers additional task lights.

With an LED sewing machine light strip, you won’t have any type of problems seeing what you’re doing any longer. That implies you’ll make fewer sewing errors and be able to sew for longer stretches of time!

Where to Buy LED Sewing Machine Lights

Sewing machine light packages are not brand name certain, so you do not need to fret about compatibility when purchasing. The greatest difference between the kits is the shade and number of lights on the strip. There are numerous LED sewing machine light strips readily available on the marketplace. Here are a couple of:

How to Install LED Strip Lights on Your Sewing Machine

Mounting sewing machine strip lights is quick and simple. You don’t need any kind of unique devices since each piece is backed with sticky tape. The entire installation procedure takes less than five minutes.

Installation Steps:

  1. Clean the surface of your sewing machine with an alcohol clean.
  2. Remove the sticker backing from your LED light strips.
  3. Position the lights under the arm of your sewing machine as well as press in place.
  4. Eliminate the sticker label backing from your cord clips and also on/off switch.
  5. Place the cable clips on the back and side of your sewing machine and press in area.
  6. Determine where you want your on/off switches as well as press it in position.
  7. Feed the power cord with the cable clips.

Sewing machine light strips are inexpensive means to illuminate your sewing space They are a must-have upgrade if you do a great deal of sewing

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