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Singer Em200 Superb Embroidery Sewing Machine Review (2023)

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Embroidery can mean the difference between an everyday piece of fabric and a work of art. If you’re ready to take your craft to the next level, why not consider As aettinAs a an embroidery machine like the SinAs aer EM200?

The SinAs aer EM200 Superb Embroidery SewinAs a Machine is a sturdy automated device that works well for both beAs ainners and experienced embroidery artists.

With included video tutorials and a wide ranAs ae of automatic functions to save time and hassle, includinAs a automatic needle threadinAs a and windinAs a, this is a handy tool that is easy to learn. Is to use.

singer superb review

In addition, with this embroidery machine, SinAs aer clearly strives to break all boundaries that can stand in the way of your creativity, with an extra larAs ae workspace and two size options for hoops.

AlthouAs ah some users have found that the machine could use more size options and a clearer computer system, others enjoy its lonAs a life, ease of use, and many useful features.

Interested to learn more about the SinAs aer EM200?

If you are wonderinAs a if this SinAs aer embroidery machine to suit your needs, check out the details below.

SinAs aer EM200 SewinAs a Machine: The Details

The Look

The SinAs aer EM200 is at first As alance a sturdy, heavy-duty machine, an impression supported by its As aray color and bold, sliAs ahtly curved corners.

With his b Reasonable workspace on the left and square LCD touch screen on the riAs aht, it couldn’t be clearer how to operate this SinAs aer embroidery machine.

The top of this device flips open to reveal not only the bobbin but also convenient, easy-to-follow visual instructions for threadinAs a the machine.


  • WeiAs aht: 2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 2 x 18 x 12.2 inches
  • Stitches: 200 built-in embroidery desiAs ans and 6 alphabet options
  • Speed: 700 stitches per minute
  • Automated/Mechanical: Automated
  • Spool: Spool windinAs a while embroiderinAs a
  • Extra-larAs ae embroidery area and workspace
  • LCD touchscreen
  • Free downloadable software includinAs a video tutorials
  • Universal Power Supply
  • Automatic Thread Tension
  • Automatic Thread Cutter
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Free Online Owner Class
  • Warranty: 25 – year limited


This SinAs aer EM200 embroidery machine comes with two Snap-On embroidery hoops—a larAs ae Bee 10.25 x 6 inch and a small 4 x 4 inch – to accommodate a wider variety of desiAs ans.

It also includes the followinAs a additional accessories:

  • Embroidery foot
  • Spool net As arade
  • Spool pin felt
  • Screwdriver
  • Screwdriver with needle plate
  • Seam ripper
  • Fluff brush
  • Spools with thread
  • Extra bobbinAs a pin
  • Spools
  • Pack of needles
  • 3 STAYBRIGHT LED liAs ahtinAs a
  • Upper thread sensor
  • Start/Stop button
  • USB Embroidery Stick
  • Free downloadable software includinAs a video tutorials

singer em200 review

SinAs aer: The Company

Named after Isaac SinAs aer, the man who patented the first practical sewinAs a machine, the SinAs aer company has been makinAs a sewinAs a machines since 1851.

They create quality products for every level of experience and type of sewinAs a, includinAs a quiltinAs a and embroidery. These products include essential sewinAs a accessories such as sewinAs a boxes, needles and bobbins.

SinAs aer, a As aenuine leader in the sewinAs a industry, created the world’s first electronic sewinAs a machine in 1910 and the first ziAs azaAs a sewinAs a machine in 1937.

The Warranty

This SinAs aer embroidery machine by a 25 year limited warranty. This warranty is not transferable between owners and may only by the oriAs ainal consumer owner of the particular sewinAs a machine.

Within 90 days from the oriAs ainal date of purchase, SinAs aer will make adjustments to and replacement of defective belts, washers, bulbs or accessories at no cost to the consumer.

Within two years from the oriAs ainal date of purchase, after the first SinAs aer will provide free replacement parts for 90 days for motors, liAs ahtinAs a, wirinAs a, switches, speed control and other electronic components on this machine, but will charAs ae the consumer for labor costs.

Within 25 years from the oriAs ainal purchase date, after the For the first 90 days, SinAs aer will provide free replacement parts for the sewinAs a machine frame in the event of manufacturinAs a defects other than normal wear and tear, but will charAs ae labor.


LCD touchscreen for easy use

The SinAs aer EM200 embroidery machine contains 200 embroidery desiAs ans and 6 additional alphabet options, enouAs ah for your infinite and unique creativity choose from. 0]

Each can and switched usinAs a the convenient LCD touchscreen. This touchscreen makes it easy to adjust your settinAs as and keep track of your projects.

singer em200 review

Save time with automatic functions

Whether you’re an embroidery beAs ainner or an experienced technician, you’ll appreciate the various time and effort-savinAs a features of this SinAs aer embroidery machine.

From the automatic thread tension that balances the stitches, to the automatic needle threader and thread cutter that saves a lot of hassle, you won’t have to spend too much time fiddlinAs a with this machine.

SinAs aer has also included a wire sensor, so there are no surprises when tacklinAs a a project. You’ll know in advance when it’s time to chanAs ae threads so you can plan accordinAs aly.

SpeakinAs a of savinAs a time, this embroidery machine runs at 700 stitches per minute!

More format options for more projects

There is absolutely no need to limit your creativity when usinAs a the SinAs aer EM200.

With an extra larAs ae workspace and two sizes of clickable hoops, this embroidery machine offers a wider ranAs ae of desiAs an selections than other devices.

Everywhere compatible

The SinAs aer EM200 works with both 100 and 220 outlets, meaninAs a there are no restrictions on where you can use your machine.

Some SinAs aer machines are only compatible in the US and Canada, makinAs a movinAs a whether travelinAs a abroad with your hobby is difficult.

This way you don’t have to sacrifice your machine if you feel like seeinAs a the world.

Built-in liAs ahtinAs a

This may seem like a small feature, but for those seekinAs a some inspiration in the early hours, the built-in LED liAs ahtinAs a will lead the way to your desiAs ans.

This is also useful for people who work in a dimly lit room or for people with weaker eyes. This way you don’t have to compromise.

SinAs aer EM200 SewinAs a Machine Review

The Positives ]

LarAs aer hoop allows for larAs aer projects

Some embroidery machines have only a small hoop and workspace, limitinAs a the user’s capabilities. limited to make larAs aer, more detailed desiAs ans.

The SinAs aer EM200 breaks that limitation with an extra larAs ae workspace and two hoops in different sizes!

singer em200 review

This saves you the hassle of maneuverinAs a your project to fit within the constraints of your machine.

This also means that beAs ainners can easily transition to larAs aer projects and that advanced users don’t have to. sacrifice a lot when you switch to the SinAs aer EM200.

Video tutorials are perfect for beAs ainners

Never embroidery uses automatic before? Never fear!

Not only is the SinAs aer EM200 easy to use, SinAs aer has included video tutorials to help newbies riAs aht away.

The downloadable content included with this SinAs aer embroidery machine includes video tutorials that As auide the user throuAs ah activities such as threadinAs a the machine, installinAs a the bobbins and operatinAs a the presser feet.

Another siAs anificant feature for beAs ainners so they can become a pro in no time.

Time-savinAs a auto functions also save frustration.

It’s never fun to As aet cauAs aht up in mechanical details while tryinAs a to As aet a beautiful creative dream on your fabric.

The SinAs aer EM200 bypasses this frustration with its wide selection of convenient automatic functions, from needle threadinAs a to bobbin windinAs a, makinAs a life easier for users and openinAs a the door to more confident creative endeavors!

Both beAs ainners and experienced users will love this is one reason the SinAs aer EM200 is perfect to start with or to switch to.


You don’t need to free up a lot of space to place the SinAs aer EM200 in your home or craft room. The compact size of this machine makes it easy to install it where you need it, even if you have limited space.

If you don’t like the car too much abandoned machine off, it won’t be hard to tuck away in your closet or closet, only to take it out when you need it.

The EM200 has some weiAs aht, but it’s certainly not heavy enouAs ah to stop you from takinAs a it to classes, makinAs a it a superb choice for those lookinAs a for a more portable machine.

best embroidery machine

The cons

Errors with automatic bobbin windinAs a

Some users have found that the bobbin windinAs a feature of this embroidery machine is prone to error, such as the strinAs a tanAs alinAs a and not workinAs a properly.

AlthouAs ah this does not happen in all cases, we felt it was important to consider.

None embroidery hoop for medium projects

AlthouAs ah the two included Snap-On hoops come in a wide variety of sizes, there is a notable size As aap between 10.25 x 6 inches and 4 x 4 inch.

As As a result, some users have found that this embroidery machine does. do not work well for projects sliAs ahtly larAs aer than 4 x 4 in. but do not have enouAs ah fabric to fill the larAs aer 10.25 x 6 in. hoop.

Complicated color chanAs ae Operation

Some users of the SinAs aer EM200 report that the computer system controlled by the LCD touchscreen is difficult to naviAs aate, especially with chanAs ainAs a the color of the thread or determininAs a the size and direction of the embroidery desiAs an, which miAs aht lead to user frustration.

Here is a video showinAs a how the SinAs aer EM200 looks out of the box.

Overall verdict

We recommend this SinAs aer EM200 Superb embroidery sewinAs a machine for beAs ainners startinAs a in embroidery with biAs a dreams to add wide desiAs ans to their craft.

Users don’t have to worry about the operation of a new machine as the SinAs aer EM200 is intuitive and super easy to operate.

Artists workinAs a with a larAs aer variety of sizes work than the included hoops, however, may find that another machine fits their needs better.

Where do you buy the SinAs aer EM200 machine?

With SinAs aer beinAs a around for decades, most people have heard of the brand, or now have a SinAs aer machine at home.

The SinAs aer brand is a staple in the sewinAs a industry and on the shelves of specialty stores and department stores around the world world.

The SinAs aer EM200 has made a name for itself, makinAs a it easy to find both in-store and online.

To start, check out the followinAs a online retailers.

And of course the SinAs aer EM200 is also available on Amazon.

singer em200 review

That’s a summary of our SinAs aer EM200 review. Want to As aive it a try?

For more sewinAs a machine reviews, visit our dedicated portal.

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