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My Sewing Machine Journey Full Guide of 2023

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I’ve been sewing for more than 20 years now. I began as a teenager and also took courses throughout secondary school. Sewing has truly become a passion of mine, therefore this site. Please subscribe!

I assumed it would be enjoyable to blog about all the sewing makers I have ever before possessed. I wish this blog post inspires you to share your sewing machine journey, too.

My First Sewing Machine: A Vintage Bernina

I don’t remember the model variety of my initial sewing machine, however I know it was a Bernina. My granny provided it to me when I was just finding out exactly how to sew. I utilized that machine throughout high school.

My Bernina was a weird eco-friendly shade. Why don’t they make colorful sewing makers like that anymore? Ha-ha. If a person marketed a purple sewing machine, I would totally get it!

Something I remember is that my Bernina sewing machine was HEAVY! I despised pulling it out into the open because I recognized it would be an exercise. New sewing devices don’t consider as a lot due to the fact that they are constructed out of plastic as opposed to actors iron. Old, classic sewing machines were built to last. That’s one of the primary factors why individuals still seek them out today. Directly, I like more modern features, but you can’t suggest with the resilience variable of a vintage sewing machine

My Basic Singer Sewing Machine

After finishing from secondary school, I didn’t have much time to stitch any longer as a result of university, starting a job, life, etc. Nonetheless, at some time I decided I intended to stitch once more and I headed out as well as buying the least expensive machine I can discover. It was a fundamental Singer that cost around $ 100. I don’t understand what happened to my vintage Bernina– I’m thinking it’s hiding someplace at my mom’s and dad’s residence.

My Singer sewing machine provided me more problem that I ‘d like to confess … I don’t know if it was due to the fact that my Singer was not high quality or if it was due to the fact that I really did not have my mommy around regularly to fix my issues. This is the moment in my life when I got really proficient at repairing sewing machines. I even created a publication about it.

If you’re at a point in your sewing journey where issues appear to take place all the time, my sewing machine troubleshooting publication might be able to assist you. You can get a duplicate of Sewing Machine Problems as well as How to Solve Them on Amazon.

My Brother SE400

When I seemed like I could manage a far better sewing machine, I upgraded to the Brother SE 400. It was a sewing / embroidery machine combo. I assumed it would certainly be fun to dabble in machine embroideries. I was best!

I was very happy with my Brother SE 400. It had a lot of stitch alternatives for me as well as an automated needle threader that made sewing simpler. The 4″x4″ needlework hoop was also a whole lot of fun. I stitched names on every little thing as well as added fun embellishments to a whole lot of my sewing projects.

Keep in mind: The SE400 has actually been ceased and replaced by the Brother SE600 and SE 625. It is basically the exact same thing.

If you’re seeking to update your sewing machine and have about $500 to spend, I extremely recommend the Brother SE 600. I wrote a review if you desire more details. I would certainly still be utilizing my Brother SE400 today if it weren’t for a regrettable event with my kid.

Caution, unfortunate story in advance …

I pulled my Brother SE400 out eventually to service a project. I had it established up on the desk in our workplace with my kid playing nearby. I left the room for a quick potty break, and also while I was gone, I listened to a loud crash. I hurried right into the office as well as located that my son had actually unintentionally drawn my sewing machine off the desk. The power cable had obtained embeded the wheel of my swivel chair while my son pressed the chair. The good news is, my child was not harmed, just frightened from the crash, but a number of parts were damaged on my sewing machine It was an unfortunate day! I made a decision to getting it fixed wasn’t worth the expense.

My Bernette b79

I utilized my broken sewing machine as a great reason to upgrade. I actually enjoyed machine embroideries and chose I wished to get something with a bigger needlework hoop. I loved my Brother SE400 and looked seriously at getting the Brother SE1900 due to the fact that it would certainly offer me a 5″x7″ hoop as well as I was currently comfy with making use of a Brother. The Brother SE1900 was around $ 1,000 Nevertheless, I ultimately chose to spend $ 2,000 and also acquire the Bernette b79 as a result of the 6″x10″ hoop. I am so pleased I did!

I have actually been so impressed with the Bernette b79! Not just does it have a big embroidery hoop, it has an integrated strolling foot, presser foot knee lift, automated needle threader, and a switch I can press to link a knot in my string. These are sewing machine functions I didn’t also understand I was missing. If you’re interested, review my complete review of the Bernette b 79. I have just owned this sewing machine for a number of months, yet I have already stitched a lot of points with it. If you have the money, pick the Bernette b79! I absolutely believe Bernina is the best sewing machine brand.

I also have the Sibling 1034D serger I would certainly like to find out about your sewing machine journey What is the best sewing machine you have ever possessed? Leave a remark listed below.

My Sewing Machine Journey

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