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Learn How to Operate the Mini Rex Portable Sewing Machine Easily and Quickly Full Guide of 2024

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how to use mini rex sewFeeling overwhelmed by your new Mini Rex? Don’t worry – operating this portable sewing machine is easier than you think.

Simply insert the batteries, position the fabric under the needle, and hold down the white button on the side to begin stitching.

Keep your fingers clear as you gently guide the fabric, and release the button just before the end of each seam.

With a bit of practice, you’ll be sewing on-the-go using your mini rex sew in no time!

Key Takeaways

  • Insert 4 AA batteries properly and close the battery cover to power the machine.
  • Hold the machine steady with one hand while maneuvering the fabric with the other for best control.
  • Press and hold the white button continuously while stitching, releasing it a few stitches before the end.
  • Stitch seams twice, tracing over the last few stitches, for added durability.

Inserting the Batteries

Inserting the Batteries
Inserting the 4 AA batteries requires no tools. To get started with your Mini Rex portable sewing machine, first decide on your battery choice.

Standard AA batteries work great and are easy to find, but rechargeable batteries can be cost-effective in the long run by reducing waste and saving money over time.

Simply slide open the battery cover on the bottom of the machine and insert 4 fresh AA batteries according to the diagram inside the compartment, matching the + and – marks.

With the batteries in place, your mini double-stitch sewing machine is ready for action!

Now it’s time to position this portable wonder and start stitching your projects with ease.

Positioning the Machine

Positioning the Machine
Hold the portable sewing machine steady with one hand while maneuvering the fabric with your other hand for vertical sewing.

Positioning your portable sewing machine vertically allows for quick fabric manipulation as you sew.

With practice, you’ll find the rhythm of moving the lightweight machine and fabric in tandem.

For longer seams or hands-free sewing, set your portable companion on a flat, horizontal surface.

An ironing board or table makes an ideal temporary sewing station while traveling.

Resting the machine frees both hands to guide the fabric under the needle and turn corners smoothly.

Portable sewing opens up on-the-go mending, crafting, and even machine quilting.

Mastering vertical sewing unlocks the full potential of your portable sewing machine as an efficient travel companion.

Beginning to Stitch

Beginning to Stitch
Press the white button on the side of the handle to engage the needle and start stitching.

Hold this button down continuously as you sew to keep the needle moving up and down.

When approaching the end of a seam, release the button a few stitches before the end.

This gives the needle time to stop stitching and allows you to avoid sewing past the seam’s endpoint.

The machine takes a second or two to fully stop after releasing the button.

Use these stitch-starting tips to avoid messy thread buildup and skipped stitches:

Press the button firmly and wait for the needle to pierce the fabric before moving the material.

Guide the thread tails away from the needle’s path initially.

Keep your other hand still while engaging the stitching button to prevent fabric shifting.

With practice, starting stitches will become quick and effortless!

Stitching Seams Twice

Stitching Seams Twice
You’ll want to stitch over your seams twice if they’ll see lots of wear and tear.

Doing a quick second pass reinforces critical points.

The Mini Rex lacks a backstitch function, so double-stitching the ends prevents unraveling.

Simply keep the button pressed as you retrace the last few stitches, then clip any loose threads flush.

The extra layers shouldn’t be visible at all.

Reinforcing with a second row of stitching improves durability without adding bulk.

Certain seams see more stress, like waistbands or crotch seams on pants.

Take a moment to double those stitches as needed.

A few extra stitches strengthen seams and extend the life of your project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of fabric can I use with the mini rex sew?

The mini rex sew can stitch all types of fabrics – from delicate silks to heavy denim.

Its compact size and portability make it great for sewing light and medium weight fabrics on the go.

Focus on natural fibers like cotton, linen, wool.

Avoid very thick leathers and vinyls that could jam the machine.

With the right threading and tension, you’ll get beautiful stitches on most fabrics.

How do I thread the mini rex sew if it didn’t come pre-threaded?

Start by raising the presser foot.

Next, bring the thread up through the bottom and around the tension discs.

Then, pull it down and through the take-up lever from right to left.

Finally, bring it down through the needle bar and thread the needle eye from front to back.

My stitches are looping or looking uneven. How can I fix this?

Hello friend!

Uneven stitches happen – no biggie. Let’s slow down and check your thread tension.

Also, make sure your fabric isn’t getting pulled or stretched as you sew.

Stay calm and take your time. With a little adjustment, you’ll get that straight stitch looking sweet in no time!

How do I clean and maintain the mini rex sew?

Clean your mini rex sew by brushing lint and dust from crevices with a soft brush.

Keep the machine oiled and greased according to the manual.

If issues arise, take it to an authorized service center for regular maintenance and tuning.

Store in a dry, dust-free place when not in use.

What accessories are compatible with the mini rex sew?

Accessorize your Mini Rex Sew with its compatible threader, spindle, and AC adapter.

Effortlessly thread the machine, wind bobbins, and power it up for seamless sewing adventures.


Whoa, cowboy! Don’t feel bewildered. With the Mini Rex, sewing on the go is as easy as apple pie.

Just mosey on over, insert those batteries, position your fabric, and gently hold down that white button.

Guide your material steadily, and you’ll be stitching up little masterpieces in no time.

Before you can say rodeo, you’ll be operating your mini rex sew like an old pro.

Now giddy up and start sewing, partner!

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