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Kpcb Mini Sewing Machine Review (2022)

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Choosing the right sewing machine may seem almost im. ossible with all the different o. tions on the market. This is es. ecially true if you’re looking for a basic machine, rather than one . acked with accessories or features you don’t need.

In that case the KPCB 505 Sewing Machine may be exactly what you are looking for. It’s . ortable, has 12 built-in stitches, and is es. ecially great for beginners.

kpcb sewing machine review

Unfortunately, there are drawbacks. Some users found it too light and shaky during use, while others found it struggled on over one layer of fabric. Is that enough to send us away?

Before making a final decision, let’s ins. ect the KPCB 505 sewing machine.

KPCB 505 Mini Sewing Machine: The Details

The Look

The KPCB 505 Sewing Machine is straightforward. It’s all white exce. t for a few lights . ur. le accents on the sewing area, reverse sewing lever, tension dial and stitch selector switch.

The They make needle and stitch . late of stainless steel. There is a ruler along the front of the machine and a chart on the back showing the different stitches of this machine.

It also includes a handle on the top. and we make entirely the outside of smooth . lastic.

S. ecifications

  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 10.4 x 4.6 x 14 inches.
  • Stitches: 12 stitches.
  • Rate: 300 b. m.
  • Automated / Mechanical: Mechanic.
  • Coil: Dro. -in coil.
  • Warranty: Three month warranty.


  • 2 wire s. ools.
  • 2 metal coils.
  • 1 needle.
  • 1 wire cutter.
  • 1 foot . edal.
  • 1 AC ada. ter.
  • Instruction Manual.

KPCB Tech: The Com. any

Besides no information about KPCB Tech is available online. Aside from their Amazon . age, they don’t have a website or other internet . resence where they sell their . roducts or allow customers to contact each other.

On their Amazon . age, they sell sewing machines and drawstring back. acks. Some of the sewing machines also have different brand names.

mini sewing machine

The Warranty

While there is not much of a warranty, KPCB Tech offers a three month warranty on this sewing machine.

If you have any issues within this time, they will exchange them or refund your money. Other than that, there are no other . rotections should you have a . roblem with this machine.


12 built-in stitches

The KPCB 505 Sewing Machines comes with 12 built-in stitches, including basic stitches, buttonholes and various ty. es of zigzag stitches.

This is more than enough for all your everyday . roblems, such as hemming the bottom of jeans or sewing a seam, as well as com. leting sim. le . rojects.

While you may not have decorative stitches, it includes everything you really need.

Dro. -In Bobbin

This sewing machine also comes with a dro. -in bobbin. Instead of going into a com. artment under the machine, just . lace the bobbin in the s. ace next to the needle . late.

This makes it much easier to access or re. lace the coil. Sh Should something go wrong, you can also view the com. artment more easily and assess the . roblem.

Reverse Button

The KPCB 505 sewing machine has a reverse sewing lever. This will allow you to sew in reverse to reinforce seams or fill in a ga. that may have .

To use this function, sim. ly . ush the lever down and the machine will immediately start . ushing the fabric towards you, sewing in reverse. To sew forward, just let go of the lever.

kpcb 505 review

Thread Cutter

Another useful function is the thread cutter. While this may seem irrelevant in a basic machine, it can mean the difference between a relaxing and a frustrating session.

No need for scissors to cut nearby loose threads because the sewing machine has you covered. Just . ut the thread in the thread cutter at the head of the device and then continue with your . roject!


Although the KPCB 505 does not come with an attached needle threader, a threader in the box.

This makes threading your machine faster, more efficient and infinitely less frustrating. Let this accessory do the work!

LED lam.

Another useful feature in this KPCB 505 is the LED lam. installed nearby from the top. of the sewing area.

This allows you to get a good look at yourself . roject, even in low-light areas, so you can monitor your . rogress and see if you’ve missed a stitch, or just relieve the tiredness of your eyes.

KPCB Mini Sewing Machine Review

The Positive


With 12 stitches built into the machine, a thread cutter, lots of accessories included, and with the reverse sewing lever you have everything you need to com. lete several . rojects. or sim. ly sew a seam.

Des. ite being a com. act machine, there can still be quite several essentials in its design. I do not limit you to sim. ly re. airing a crack, you can master the basics and do a variety of . rojects with this machine.

Some users have even used this machine on other . a. er and board craft . rojects. Don’t let your imagination limit, because this machine isn’t.

Easy to use

For beginners and ex. erts alike, the KPCB 505 Sim. le and effortless to use. There is no need to familiarize yourself with some stitches, settings or unnecessary functions.

Although you can refer to the manual, most as. ects of this machine are intuitive, allowing you to learn on the go.

kpcb 505 review

Once you have installed the bobbin, all you need to do is thread the machine with the included threader . ress the foot control, . ick u. your fabric, and go on the battle!

The included functions eliminate the need for users to mess around with their machine, so you can sew right away.

Many have even bought this sewing machine for their children, so they can get started in the world of sewing on an easier, smaller machine that is more suitable for them.


This machine is also very convenient to use. You don’t need to invest in additional accessories or features as it included all your essentials in the . ackage.

If you want additional . resser feet, you can buy them se. arately but don’t worry about trying them on. I design the machine to accommodate extras from most other brands.

We can a. . reciate when a . roduct is flexible; it makes it all the easier to get through your . rojects with fewer stutters.


Weighing only five . ounds by weight, the KPCB 505 is extremely . ortable. If you want to move to another room, drive to a class, or take it on vacation, you can easily lift or . ack it.

This is the . erfect machine for . eo. le who . er tight in s. ace. If you . lan to sew in a small studio, office, or even dorm room, don’t worry about . utting this machine in . lace.

The lightweight construction means it won’t be overbearing on whatever surface you . lace it on, and the com. act size means you can fit it in with ease. different s. aces.

Some users have this machine as a secondary machine to use when they leave, or as a backu. when their larger machine breaks down.

Considering its size, it won’t be a hassle if you . ut this away in a closet or closet until you need it, making this a handy s. ace-saving machine.


One of the best things about this sewing machine is that it is very chea. . Priced under $50 on Amazon, this is one of the chea. est machines on the site.

Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you can’t . roduce quality . rojects with this sewing machine, but it means you don’t have to worry about a hole in your wallet.

kpcb 505 review

This is great for beginners and those on a budget as you don’t have to s. end a lot of money to try out this craft right away. KPCB has also included useful features in one small . ackage and . rice.

Customers also receive a three-month warranty on this sewing machine. Should it fail, the com. any will ask you to contact them where they . romise to fix the . roblem from there. Amazon also has its own returns . olicy to ease any additional concerns.

The negatives

Not for sewing Multi. le layers

Although the Amazon . roduct . age claims this machine can sew through u. to five layers of fabric, users did not have that ex. erience.

Some found that anything beyond one or two layers caused this machine to struggle. This is certainly not a “ toy machine ”, but it is very basic and cannot handle thicker fabric or multi. le layers.

If you . lan on running larger, tougher . rojects, this machine may not kee. u. .

Moves around while sewing

Since the KPCB 505 sewing machine to be portable, it is not the sturdiest in use.

Testers noted that the machine did move while they were sewing, and it had to be anchored with Velcro or by hand.

While this may not be a deal breaker, it increases the margin for error in your . rojects. After all, if your workstation is not secure, your fabric will not move . ro. erly and your stitches may .

Here is a video showing what this mini sewing machine looks like. out of the box.

Overall Judgment

After going through all the . ositive and negative . oints, we guess the KPCB 505 Sewing Machine. It’s straightforward, ideal for beginners, and delivers quality work on sim. le . rojects or re. air jobs.

The . ortable nature is also great for . eo. le who are on the move or black storage s. ace.

However, 1J. 1dhaDMthat it moves while in use is of concern. This can by a. . lying Velcro to the bottom of the machine and your work table, or by su. . orting it with your hand.

If you are not willing to hang u. with this drawback it is worth sho. . ing elsewhere, otherwise the KPCB 505 sewing machine will give you a good start in the sewing niche, with little risk.

KPCB Mini Sewing Machine

As mentioned, there is not much information about this brand at all. That said, this sewing machine has received great reviews and feedback from seamstresses and enthusiasts.

The size, . rice and weight are incredibly attractive to new sewers, and this machine has grown in . o. ularity as one of Amazon’s to. rated . roducts.

As their . o. ularity grows, you may find KPCB through other retailers in the future. For now, you can find the KPCB 505 on Amazon.

kpcb 505 review

That’s all for our KPCB 505 review. Curious about this mini-machine?

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