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Pattern Review: Marsha Wrap Dress From Rad Patterns (2024)

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Looking for a good wrap dress pattern? I just made the Marsha Wrap Dress from Rad Patterns. It was a quick sew. If you are a beginner, I found it easy to follow.

The They included Marsha Wrap Dress pattern in my monthly sewing subscription box from ThreadCrate. I love I can sew something new for myself every month. I already had a few wrap dress patterns in my stash so I probably wouldn’t have tried the Marsha Wrap Dress without ThreadCrate.

After sewing the Marsha Wrap Dress, I decided it was short for my taste. I gave it to my sister because we are the same size, and she likes shorter dresses. Happy hair! Here are a few photos of my sister wearing the Marsha Wrap Dress:

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Yes. I added a matching face mask. Those seem to be a staple these days.

Marsha Wrap Dress Review

CLICK HERE to get the Marsha Wrap Dress pattern

Pattern description: Flowy wrap dress with five length options, five sleeve options and optional pregnancy adjustments.

Time to sew: 2 hours

Difficulty: Beginner

Format: PDF (normally 8.5 × 11) Direct Download or A0 Print Shop Copy

Here Are The Terms You Need To Buy To Sew The Marsha Wrap Dress:

  • 3-4 meters of fabric, depending on the length you want to make. I suggest you choose a fabric with a 4-way stretch and a nice drape.
  • Coordinating thread
  • Clear elastic if your fabric is very stret, so

It takes a while to glue all your pattern pieces together and cut them out. That’s the major drawback of using PDF patterns. It’s easy; just time consuming.

I finished all the seams on this wrap dress with my serger. I also used a double needle in my sewing machine for topstitching. If you are just sewing knitting, I recommend you read my post: How to Sew Stret, so Fabric Without Losing Your Mind.

The Marsha Wrap Dress knits fabric with a minimum of 40% stretch. ThreadCrate sent me a delightful pink modal spandex from Surge Fabric Shop. You will need a lot of fabric for this sewing pattern because the bodice and the skirt part are practically the size of a circle skirt. ThreadCrate only sent me three yards of fabric, so I made the dress calf length. I wish I had had enough fabric to make the maxi length. I suggest you buy four meters.

I love that the Marsha Wrap Dress has different sleeve and dress lengths. I made the dress calf-length with short sleeves and a lined bodice. I probably should have shortened the body because my fabric had a lot of stretch. This pattern has maternity and breastfeeding options too!

I usually wear a large or oversized ladies’shirt. Based on my measurements, I made the extra enormous size for the Marsha Wrap Dress. It was a wonderful choice, so Rad Patterns are tailor made. M. size up if your fabric is not super stret, so. Of course, keep in mind that wrap dresses are forgiving anyway because of the way I make them. This dress pattern is also very low at the front. Add an inch on either side of the neckline for more coverage. I intended to wear a camisole underneath, so I didn’t bother making the change.

I think my Marsha Wrap Dress turned out great. I will definitely make more in the future. It’s a pattern I never would have known if it hadn’t been for ThreadCrate. They feature new patterns every month that help me build my wardrobe and try out new styles. If you are interested in trying out this monthly sewing subscription box, you can get a 10% discount with the code: Society10.

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