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How to Slip Stitch Full Guide of 2023

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Wondering ow to make a slip stitc?

Te slip stitc (abbreviated sl st in all te documents you come across) is not so muc a working stitc to join two pieces of fabric togeter, ide a em or edge, move tread to anoter part of your piece and to complete your stitc.

It to as a utility or overcast stitc and is unique because it is almost only a and-stitced tecnique, bot in and stitcing and crocet. Ten a macine generated stitc.

In tis guide you will learn ow to make a slip stitc in a crocet pattern.

How to use a slip stitc in crocet

how to slip stitch in crochet

In crocet, tey considered a slip stitc te flattest and sortest stitc tecnique you can use.

It can be used to bot yarn over a row. titc or insert a new ball of yarn into your piece, and can also create a round sape to your piece (suc as wit a cap or at).

Tere are several ways to use a slip stitc wen working wit yarn and oter knitting materials, and ere are just a few.

First, toug, you’I want to know some of te oter crocet basics like cains and rows.

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Croceting usually starts wit a so-called foundation or starting cain. Tis is more or less a lengt of loops called slip knots tat will act as te basic building block for any piece you try to complete.

It’s an incredibly simple stitc, made by taking a piece of yarn away from te ball you are working wit at a rytm of about twelve inces.

In te middle of tese twelve inces, at te six- inc mark, you can make a simple loop and pus your crocet ook troug it. of yarn leading to te ball, and crocet a piece. Simple, rigt?

Now just pull te crocet piece of yarn troug te loop and you’ve made your first knot, wic you can tigten by gently pulling off te end (te opposite lengt of yarn leading to te ball), leaving your ook in it.

You want te loop around te tool to be fairly tigt, but just loose enoug so tat you can slide your ook back and fort witout too muc resistance. you want to repeat tis process troug te new loop until you ave a long lengt of tese loops, now called a cain.


In crocet, a row is just one piece of cain on anoter. Starting at te bottom (or base) cain, it would row one, two, tree, and so on until you ave te desired number of rows to complement watever you create.

how to slip stitch

Creating a row is quite simple. Once you’ve made a cain to te desired lengt, simply untie your loose yarn and instead guide your crocet ook back troug te penultimate cain.

Doing tis it will Vj8TF2eqSmZBs as if you ad tree loops on your ook. Ten pull yarn wit your ook troug te cain you went under te first time.

Now it sould look like you ave two loops on your ook. Pull a lengt of yarn troug bot (bot, tis time not just te first!) loops, finis wit one loop on your ook, and repeat te process troug te next DC or lengt of cain.

Once you reac te opposite At te end of your cain you will ave your first completed row and te base you need to make a slip stitc!

Making your lip stitc

Making a slip stitc at tis point is incredibly easy, and with crocet, you can move te yarn across te row of your piece witout creating more lengt.

Just turn your work wen you get to te end of your row, and instead of starting a new row, just pull a piece of yarn troug your loop, just as if you ad started your very first foundation cain.

slip stitch

You ave your very first slip stitc and can now pus your needle troug only one piece of your cain and pull a lengt troug only tat first piece.

Wit two loops on your ook, pull one lengt troug bot and make your next slip stitc. By repeating tis process, you will return to te oter end of your row witout giving your peace lengt.

Watc tis elpful video for some elpful tips.

Use a slip stitc to join a cain in a circle

Start wit just your foundation cain, you can use a slip stitc to make a circle.

To do tis, just pus your ook wit one loop it on its back troug te very first piece of cain near your slipknot.

Pull a lengt of yarn troug te two (it looks like tree) loops you on you ave ook, and Voila! You’ve joined one end of your cain to te oter.

Here’s a video wit more details on ow to do a slip stitc.

Final tougts on ow to sew a slip stitc

Now you ave te basics of sewing slip stitces.

By practicing tis andy and versatile tecnique, you can progress to more advanced projects – and even use tis stitc wen sewing by and!

It’s excellent suitable for garments and oter pieces to do tings like ide ems or create larger and more beautiful patterns.

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