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Review of Singer 14cg754 Profinish Serger Sewing Machine   (2023)

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The SINGER 14CG754 is a dependable Serger sewing machine that is valued rather fairly. The cost factor of this machine is certainly a come on for a leading brand name.

SINGER 14CG754 Review - Serger Sewing Machine

Other than this, the machine actually comes at a deal given that it is filled with a great deal of attributes that can help clean and smooth looking output.

Why select SINGER 14CG754 Sewing Machine?

Once you open package of the SINGER 14CG 754, you will be shocked to learn that it is currently threaded. Contribute to that it’s very simple to thread it. However, the machine makes some moderate sound however in no other way can it be sidetracking.

The high quality of the stitching is great as well as producing consistent results. This gives specialist and clean looking products. This machine is very easy to preserve as well as is not pricey compared to other sergers in its class.

Directions in the customers’ manual can be quickly comprehended. The string cutter is one of the best in the area due to the fact that it reduces string in a clean and also straight manner.

It includes a differential feeding that makes transforming of strings extremely simple. The best thing though is that this features a complimentary arm which is something you do rarely see in reasonably priced sergers.

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Description of SINGER 14CG754 Machine includes

One of the highest factors that one can appreciate in the SINGER 14CG754 is the visibility of a differential feed controller which handles the amount of textile being handled by the machine

There are two modes to select from regarding the differential. These are stretch material, which are the more delicate and also slim kind, and also routine fabric. The totally free arm can be found in helpful for sewing requirements for sleeves and also cuffs.

The only thing you will certainly need to do is to detach the apparel plate of the machine Thread tension can be quickly adapted to your demand. By merely changing the lever, you just change to rolled hemming setting.

The SINGER 14CG754 weighs modest 17 extra pounds which is the typical weight of all beginning sewing machine It comes with a transportability deal with that permits the customer to lug it anywhere.

It has an adjustable top cutter which is a detail frequently seen in modest to high priced sewing equipments. There is a dial that can be counted on change the length of the stitches. Sewing multi-layer textile can be handled with the presser foot lift.

That must use SINGER 14CG754 Sewing Machine?

The SINGER 14CG754 is a machine that has a great deal of functions for an entry degree machine This can make newbies extend their creativities about their creations within the young restrictions of their creativity.

This is the excellent serger for them. I likewise believe teen girls brand-new to sewing as well as sewing will locate it simple with Singer 14CG 754.

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Quick wrap-up of SINGER 14CG754 includes

  • Utilizes a 2/3/4 string capability for wider stitching choices
  • Differential feeding regulates the access of fabric into the machine
  • Four rolled hemming functions provide a larger range of hemming
  • Stitch sizes can be changed to make sure that fabrics will not bubble up
  • Threading is color-coded which result is very easy set-up


  • Sewing high quality is excellent
  • Differential feeding is highly dependable
  • Features a free arm
  • Comes with a lifter for presser foot
  • Adjustable top cutter
  • Extremely low cost

Bad marks

  • It does make some noise
  • Spindle owners are rather light
  • Guarantee is short

What should be included?

  • Screwdriver
  • All function presser feet
  • Needles
  • Tweezers
  • Spreader
  • Screwdriver

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