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Brother Ls2125i Everyday Sewing Machine Review (2023)

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The Brother LS2125i as the Brother Everyday sewing machine for a reason: it’s compact and neat, perfect for those in the habit of doing some light sewing regularly.

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This Something market primarily sewing machine for beginners and makes a point of being as direct as possible.

It’s a great machine for figuring out where your strengths lie, with a more than affordable price tag. But we’ll let you decide. Here we’ve broken down the nuts and bolts so you can conclude whether this is the right machine for you.

Brother LS2125i Sewing Machine: The Details

The Look

The Brother LS2125i is a compact machine, weighing approximately 13 pounds. The predominantly white exterior gives it a professional look, which benefits from the darker and lighter blue finish, giving it a welcoming appearance.

Its small size allows it to fit into any room without taking over the space. The reverse lever on the front of the machine is discreet and allows the user to lock stitches in place.

The extension arm can , making it possible to sleeves and as on the work area.

The LS2125i sewing machine takes pride in what it is and doesn’t distract from that feature with extra bells and whistles.


  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11.54 x 6.14 x 14.84 inches
  • Stitches: 10 built-in stitches, each with multiple stitch functions, and a built-in 4-step automatic size buttonhole
  • Speed: up to 900 stitches per minute
  • Automated/mechanical: Mechanical
  • Spool: Spool system with front loader
  • Warranty: B Rother standard limited warranty


Remember the’no bells and whistles’section? That also applies to accessories. I intend the Brother LS2125i as a basic sewing machine, for the simple projects you have lying around. We limit the included accessories to the essentials, which is a definite advantage for the novice sewer.

  • A foot pedal
  • 3 presser feet
  • Screwdriver
  • Needle package
  • Bobbins
  • Additional spool pin
  • Twin Needle
  • Stop plate
  • An English and Spanish manual

Most of these accessories can in the built-in storage compartment on the front of the machine.

brother ls2125i everyday sewing machine review

Brother: The Company

The Brother Company has been around for almost 120 years, albeit under a unique name. We found the company as a sewing machine manufacturer in Nagoya, Japan under the name Yasui Sewing Machine Company. Since then, the company has tried to expand globally and establish itself in many technological ventures.

Sewing machines, however, have always remained close to their hearts. In 2012, the company had the honor of not only opening the largest one-man factory in the sewing machine world, they also produced their 50 millionth home sewing machine.

They in over 45 countries worldwide. countries. Their website shows they praise themselves for a long history and their commitment to growth and sustainability.

The Warranty

The Brother Everyday sewing machine by the 25-year limited warranty, which is standard on most sewing machines. The warranty ensures that the machine and additional parts arrive in working condition. During the first year of purchase, Brother will replace or repair minor parts.

Electronic It covered components and printed circuit boards with a two-year warranty, while we covered the chassis with a 25-year warranty. after purchase. Since the validity of your warranty by your date of receipt, I recommend you do not throw it away.


The Brother LS2125i subscribes to the’less is more’philosophy and gets it right.

With 10 built-in stitch options, beginners can get started on mending and hemming of clothing, curtains and a variety of other projects. They make it possible to tackle satin, zigzag or straight, elastic, stretch and blind hem stitches. The buttonhole function makes it easy to attach buttons to your project.

Brother’s expertise makes changing the presser feet easy and quick.

Thread They can adjust tension to your needs with a dial.

The traditional flat bed can to a free arm, making it much easier to work on sleeves. The lightweight and carrying handle makes it easy to take to classes or to a friend’s house for a joint crafting session.

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Brother LS2125i Review

The Positives

The Brother Everyday sewing machine lives up to its name.

The model has a few stitches that are exceptionally well suited to the daily maintenance that most users encounter.

As long as you take care of your machine, even heavier fabrics such as denim become a breeze.

Many users report that the Brother LS2125i is their sewing machine of choice with using fabrics such as denim, polyester and many others. More adventurous or experienced users can embroider manually with the machine.

The buttonhole function is adjustable, which means you can use different buttonhole sizes for your projects.

The machine comes with just a few extra presser feet, but as your skills (and needs) grow, it’s easy to pick up more feet made by Brother.

As long as you make sure they match the machine you have, switching between them on the go should be a breeze. That’s not to say the included feet fall short; many people go years without looking for more additives and prefer to work with what was there. Quilters who need to replace a machine or who are new to the business should definitely consider this sewing machine.

The lightweight of the machine makes moving around a simple task. The machine does not move when you are working, so you will not have any unfortunate accidents here when you complete an ambitious project.

The overall simplicity of this sewing machine is the most important selling point; They usually advertise it as a beginner machine for this reason.

Many users who eventually move to more advanced models keep returning to the Brother LS2125i, or gifting it to younger relatives. that they can use safely it with some supervision.

best everyday sewing machine

The cons

The Brother Everyday sewing machine can become finicky when not well maintained; leftover lint in places it shouldn’t can cause tension to be lost or skip stitches. tension while they work. This usually has to do with inexperience with placing the bobbin in the bobbin case.

Most problems can by reading the manual, and if that doesn’t work, you can always call and explain your problems to an expert.

General opinion

If you If you If you want to buy a sewing machine or replace one of your beloved older machines, the Brother LS2125i is great value for money.

Mainly aimed at beginners, it’s easy to see why. It is easy to use and has excellent manual and telephone support. Its lightweight means we can easily carry it to class or to a more experienced friend, while being stable enough to ensure a smooth work experience.

The light price tag makes it a good test machine to see if you would enjoy sewing as a hobby without breaking the bank.

Have you used the Brother LS2125i Everyday Sewing Machine?

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