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What is Topstitching? (2023)

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What is topstitching and how is it different from straight sewing? Topstitching parallels straight stitching in its practical purpose, it is true, but it is also stitching that to be seen.

Often topstitching is intentionally decorative; Although we will discuss a much simpler top stitch here, some topstitching can draw attention just as much as the whole of a finished project.

topstitching definition

Also worth noting is the direction of placement of stitching. top stitch is mainly visible from the right side of a project, as it holds the fabric together and serves as one of the last details of a project.

One row of topstitching can . Are available, but there can also be multiple rows in the fabric for both practical and decorative purposes.

When you are learning topstitching; it is important to make sure that these two elements, purpose and design, come together so that your final project can be as elegant as you want it to be.

Topstitching and your work

There’s no limit to the number of projects you can top off—and that’s no exaggeration. You can use a top stitch on a handbag, apron, jeans or a stuffed animal.

If you’re looking for examples, look through your closet. Your jeans are the most obvious source of topstitching, but will go through your sweaters, socks, or a handbag. You may (and inspired) by the things you find!

Sewing materials

  • Thread.
  • Needle
  • Chalk (optional).
  • Thimble (optional).
  • Sewing machine (optional).
  • Sewing machine.
  • Iron.
  • Ironing board.

When preparing to try topstitching in all your projects, you need to make sure you have the right material.

Decide in advance whether you want to top stitch by hand or whether you prefer get your sewing machine started. Either way, it’s up to you to decide what needles or yarn you want to use in your project.

Ideal topstitching is yarn that suits your needs project., both in aesthetic appeal and in strength. However, work with wire that is a little heavier than what you normally use. 2]topstitching thread,” as marketed by various craft stores, and test its feel against the thread you normally work with.

You may want to deviate from your normal needle during topstitching, although the change is unnecessary. It’s worth noting, though, that your project will be inside out, so it may be helpful to have a needle that you’re comfortable with, especially if you’re sewing by hand.

what is topstitching

It to have an iron ready before topstitching! To avoid accidents in your work, be sure to press and secure your fabric to the surface you are sewing on.

How to top stitch with a sewing machine

It is up to you whether you top stitch with a sewing machine or whether you do the work by hand. However, a topstitching machine will shorten the time you spend on your project.

Before you begin, make sure it turned your project inside out; you can straighten the project once you’ve stitched through.


Before you start anything else, determine where you want your topstitching to appear.

This design element can affect the entire project, and you should plan your pattern in advance to make sure it comes out as neat as possible.

Finding your feet

Attach your edge stitch foot to your sewing machine and take your needle off the center before sewing. This allows you to better monitor your work as you do it.

Pop and Lock

If you If you are not sure what type of stitch you want to use when topstitching, you can safely choose either the knit stitch or the tie-off stitch.

Triple stitch is also a good stitch for topstitching, as long as it is a stitch available to you on your sewing machine.


With Once you have your design set, your presser foot set and your topstitching in place, all you have to do is start sewing!

When you’re just starting out with topstitching, take your time and keep your work watch out, but enjoy the learning process.

Here is a video showing how to top stitch with a sewing machine.

Hand topstitch

Hand top stitch may take a little more time. But if you find the work satisfying, why not pursue it?

The process is in some ways similar to the process of topstitching with a sewing machine.

Again, before you start, make sure they turn your project inside out; you can straighten the project once you’ve stitched through.


As mentioned before, be careful with the design of your topstitching in advance.

Mark where you want to start the stitches on your project with chalk, to make your work a little easier.


Thread your needle and tie it to prevent it from slipping halfway through the project.

Sewing from the bottom

Push your needle against the desired starting point and prepare to push up from the bottom of the fabric.

When you feel good, thread through the fabric.


Move from top to bottom and sew through the same hole you just made, pulling the thread all the way through the fabric.

what is topstitching


From the underside of the fabric, m wave your needle forward one stitch length. Thread through the fabric again and you have started topstitching.


Continue this process until your line of stitching is complete.

Do you have any tips for topstitching?

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