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Sewing Machine Stitches Library – 75 Unique Types & Applications Full Guide of 2024

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sewing machine stitches guide

Look in the manual of your sewing machine, which stitches do you have knowledge about? You may be like anyone who to the few they use daily.

If you own a Singer 9980 with over 800 stitches, you will surely understand what I mean. Meant.

Maybe you should see what you can do with a stitch. You will always wonder what the point of this series of stitches is on my sewing machine.

It turns out that some of them are easy to use and save yourself some stress

I have put together the most comprehensive sewing stitch list you can find and will continue to update it.

Here are 75 sewing machine stitches, their function, what they look like and what you can do with them.

Sewing Machine Basics

Even if you don’t plan to become an expert in the art of sewing, it is still essential to know these basic stitches.

They are as important to the craft as most of these stitches will repeatedly perform a sewing job.

S/N Stitch name Stitch Image Application
1. Straight stitch 1_straight_stitch All general sewing and topstitching. It can also for hand sewing machines.
2. Zigzag stitch 2_zig_zag_stitch Edge finishing, satin stitching, stretch seams and appliquΓ©
3 Triple stretch stitch 3_triple_stretch_stitch Reinforcement of seams in elastic and non-stretch fabric
4. Lock-a-Matic/fastener stitch 4_lock_a_matic This will tie your sewing at the beginning and end. No backstitch needed
5. Seating stitch 5_locking_stitch Invisible knots at the beginning and end of sewing.
6. Multiple zigzag stitch 6_multiple_Zig_Zag_Stitch Multiple short stitches for overcasting, mending tears, terry sewing, patching and elastication
Overcasting stitch 7_overcasting_stitch Finishing an edge
8. Knit stitch 8_knit_stitch Sewing knitted and stretch fabrics. Sews along the edge of the fabric with enough room
9. Blind hem stretch stitch 9_blind_hem_stretch_stitch Sewing blind seams on stretch fabrics
10. Blindhem stitch 10_blind_hem_stitch Sewing a blind hem on medium weight fabrics
11. Honeycomb stitch 11_honeycomb_titch Smocking, overcasting and attaching elastic to fabric.
12. Blind hem stitch 12_blind_hem1_stitch Sewing hems on stretch fabrics
13. Arrowhead stitch 13_arrowhead_stitch Finishing seams, pleats and pockets. creation of decorative borders.
14 Shell or lingerie stitch 14_shell_or_lingerie_stitch Shell pattern for overcasting soft fabrics in one step.
15. Feather stitch 15_feather_stitch Sewing and attaching lace to lingerie.
16. Four-point lingerie stitch 16_four_point_lingerie_stitch Overcasting on knit and stretch fabric.
17. Curve Recovery Stitch 17_curve_mending-stitch Used for overcasting, patching, tear repair, elastic band and bulk reinforcement.
18. Down stitch 18_darning_stitch Automatic darning and repairing holes.
19 Hand-knotted stitch
19_hand_run_stitch Use invisible thread and increase thread tension.

Buttonhole stitches

In addition to utility stitches, I believe buttonhole stitches to be more common in most sewing tasks. Basically, buttonhole stitches secure the edges of the buttonhole because of the knots it makes.

S/N Stitch Name Stitch Image Application
20. Automatic buttonhole 20_automatic_buttonhole_stitch Create the buttonhole from the side of the button
21. Sensor buttonhole 21_sensor_Buttonhole_stitch By placing the button the buttonhole on a special foot.
22. Buttonhole stitch for keyhole 22_keyhole_buttonhole_stitch Buttonholes on delicate fabrics
23. Dress Size Round buttonhole 23_dress_size_round__buttonhole Buttonhole making on dresses.
24. Shirt Size Round Buttonhole 24_round_end_shirt_size_buttonhole-stitch Create buttonhole on shirt. Suitable for medium weight fabrics
25. Rounded keyhole buttonhole 25_rounded_keyhole_button_hole Make buttonholes on medium and heavy fabrics. Ideal for large buttons
26. Buttonhole knitting 26_knit_buttonhole_stitch Buttonholes in knit fabrics
27. Stretch buttonhole 27_stretch_buttonhole_stitch Making buttonholes on stretch fabrics
28. Eye 28_eyelet_stitch Eye making
29. Buttonstitch 29_button_sewing Sew button in place
30. Tracking Stitch 30_tracking_stitch Reinforcement plate where extra strength , such as pocket and crotch
31. Down stitch 31_darning_stitch1 holes and tears
32. Barn stitch 32_bartack_stitch Healing holes and tears in medium weight fabrics

Edge stitches

These types of stitches are important if you are going to sew over one piece together at the edge. More often, edge stitches disappear in the seam and are not always visible.

S/N Stitch name Stitch Image Application
31. Saddle stitch 31_saddle_stitch Sewing the edges of leather
32. Overcast stitch 32_overlock_stitch Create a professional looking finish similar to a serger
33. Double overstitch 33_double_overedge_stitch Finishing edges of fabrics that fray
34. AppliquΓ© stitch 34_applique_stitch Attaching fringes, borders, benches and applications
35. Shell Tuck Stitch 35_shell_tuck_stitch Decorative border stitch
36. Ariel Stitch 36_ariel_stitch Merge edge to edge
37. Double edge stitch k 37_double_overedge_stitch Attach elastic to lingerie, place over narrow ribbon and thread.
38. Ric-Rac Stitch 38_ric_rac_stitch Quick finishing of raw edges and a one-step decorative stitch
39 Strong overclock stitch 39_strong_overlock_stitch Simultaneous sewing and overcasting fabrics.
40. Ladder stitch 40_ladder_stitch Create channels for elastic and ribbon.

Satin stitching (tamasic stitch)

Satin Stitches gives finesse to your sewing. In principle, I used satin stitches when filling or covering a part of a fabric. You could say it’s a decorating stitch too.

Here are quite a few satin stitches for your sewing job:

S/N Stitch name Stitch image Application
41. Crescent satin stitch 41_crescent_satin-stitch For decoration
42. Half Arrowhead Satin Stitch 42_half_arrowhead_satin_stitch Decorative purposes
43. Ribbon satin stitch
43_ribbon_satin-stitch Decorative purposes
44. Wavy satin stitch 44_wave_satin_stitching Decorative stitch
45. Walls of Troy 45_walls-of-Troy Decorative stitch
46. Domino Satin stitch 46_domino_satin-stitch Decorative stitch
47. Beading satin stitch 47_bead_satin_stitch Decorative stitch
48. Satin stitch 48_tents_satin_stitch Decorative stitch
49. Sunburst satin stitch 49_sunburst_satin_stitch Decorative
50. Drop Satin Stitch 50_droplet_satin_stitch Decorative Stitch
51. Royal Stitch 51_royal_stitch Decorative Target
52. Plain scallop stitch 52_solid_scallop_stitch Decorative and border stitches
53. Diamond stitch 53_diamond_satin-stitch Decorative stitch
54. Starburst stitch 54_starburst_stitch Decorative and border purposes
55. Honeycomb stitch 55_honeycomb_stitch2

Cross stitches

A cross stitch comprises two half stitches, this results in aligning designs and h et making specific shapes. Usually cross-stitching for decorative purposes.

S/N Stitch name Stitch Image Application
56. Excalibur Close stitch 56_excalibur_dense_stitch Decorative purposes
Argyle Stitch 57_argyle_stitch Used when sewing heirlooms for decorative finishing

Decorative stitches

Decorative stitches with embroidery stitches. However, decorative stitches just like utility stitches. What makes them different is their length and width, which are unlike regular stitches

S/N Stitch Name Stitch Image Application
59. Arch Stitch 59_arch_stitch Decorative purposes
60. Random Zig Zag 60_random_Zig_Zag Sewing elastic seams on heavy fabrics.
61. Flag stitch 61_faggotting_stitch Decorative stitch for sleeves, front of dresses and blouses. Also used when joining two fabrics with space in between.
62. Chevron 62_chevron_stitch Decorative purposes
63. Castle stitch 63_castle_stitch Decorative stitch
64. Block stitch 64_block_stitch Decorative stitch
65. Kite stitch
65_kite_stitch Decorative purposes
66. Key stitches 66_key_stitch Decorative
67. Icicle Stitching 67_Icicle_stitch Decorative stitching
68. Herringbone Stitch 68_herringbone_stitch Decorative stitching
69. Half Arrowhead 69_half_arrowhead Decorative Stitch
70. Herringbone stitch 70_fishbone_stitch Decorative stitch
71. Lightening Stitch 71_lightening_stitch Insert patches and decorative embroidery.
72. Rampart Seam 72_rampart_seam_stitch Overlapping seems and decorative borders.
73. Domino Stitch 73_domino_stitch Decorative purposes
74. Diamond stitch 74_diamond-stitch Decorative stitch
75. Crown stitch 75_crown_Stitch Decorative stitch
76. Star stitch 76_Asterisk-Stitch Decorative stitch
77 Serpentine Stitch 77_serpentine_stitch Decorative purposes and elastic band attachment
78 Circum stitch 71_tacking_stitch The trailing stitch is a long stitch joining single fabric bands


Like any sewing enthusiast, there will be countless stitches on your sewing machine. Chances are you don’t understand a large percentage of these stitches.

Let’s hope this guide helped you discover how to use these stitches on your sewing machines.

This list is not exhaustive. I keep updating it. (If you find an error or problems with the stitches, let me know!)

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