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Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine Review (2024)

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reviewsbrother pe535You’ve stumbled upon the Holy Grail of embroidery machines. The Brother PE535 is no ordinary crafting tool – it’s an artist’s masterpiece that’ll have you churning out stunning designs in no time.

But before you dive in, let me equip you with the insider info to master this mighty machine.

With just the touch of a button, the PE535 transforms even the simplest fabric into a canvas bursting with dimension and detail. Its easy interface and compact size belie an impressive punch: a built-in library of ultra-crisp embroidery designs, effortless USB connectivity to upload your own artwork, and a vibrant LCD screen that previews your projects.

Whether you’re an expert crafter or just starting out, the PE535 puts exhilarating creative power directly into your hands. Say goodbye to hand-stitching tedium and unleash your inner embroidery artisan. The PE535 awaits.

Key Takeaways

  • Compact and lightweight 4Ă—4 hoop embroidery machine
  • 136 built-in designs, 10 frame shapes, 6 lettering fonts
  • Intuitive interface, good for beginners
  • Affordable price of around $350

What is the Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine?

What is the Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine
The PE535’s compact size lets you easily move it from room to room to embroider personalized designs on clothing, decor, and gifts. It suits smaller creations like shirt pockets, sleeves, or hats with its 4 x 4 inch hoop.

You can import designs via USB or use the 136 built-in options, which include 80 designs, 10 frame patterns, and 9 font styles for lettering. You can view and edit designs right on the backlit LCD touch screen before stitching.

Maintenance is simplified with the easy set bobbin and automatic needle threader. Jump stitches are automatically trimmed for clean finishes. This lightweight model offers built-in variety and import capabilities, delivering creative potential in a portable package.

The user-friendly editing screen and automatic features allow both beginners and experts to create one-of-a-kind embroidered pieces.

What Does the Brother PE535 Come With?

What Does the Brother PE535 Come With
The Brother PE535 comes equipped with 80 built-in embroidery designs and 10 frame patterns, along with 6 lettering fonts to personalize your projects. This machine also features a USB port to import your own designs and includes accessories like multiple hoops and bobbins to get you stitching right away.

With features like an LCD touchscreen display and tutorials to guide beginners, the PE535 offers everything needed to start embroidering unique creations. Begin exploring the design capabilities of this user-friendly embroidery machine that brings your handmade visions to life.

Built-in Embroidery Designs

Stretch your creativity with the 80 built-in designs that the Brother PE535 offers. The machine comes equipped with ready-made designs to get you started embroidering right away. Simply select from floral motifs, scrollwork frames, greeting cards, and more. With built-in memory to store your imported or edited designs, this affordable machine has you covered for small, custom embroidery projects.

Built-in Typefaces

Y’all get nine built-in lettering fonts with the PE535 for personalizing designs. Create monograms, names, phrases, and quotes right on the machine. Choose from Block, Script, Cyrillic, Outline, and more fonts.

Combine letters with the ten frame patterns to surround them with vines, hearts, circles, and other shapes for totally customized motifs. Import multi-line text from a USB stick to embroider paragraphs, lyrics, or Bible verses.

USB Port

You can import designs from the USB port to personalize creations, overcoming the limited built-in options. With the USB port, transferring designs from a computer is a cinch, expanding possibilities beyond the 136 built-in designs.

Simply save embroidery files on a USB stick, then plug it into the PE535’s port for effortless design transfer. This useful feature provides endless design options, though editing is limited compared to advanced models.

Overall, the USB connectivity makes accessing and customizing designs easy, offering more possibilities than built-ins alone.


You’ll be thrilled with the handy accessories included with the PE535, such as multiple hoop sizes and a specialty foot to help guide your fabric. The 4 x 4 hoop, perfect for beginners creating personalized designs, fits small motifs.

Larger 5 x 7 and 5 x 12 hoops allow for bigger designs as skills progress. Handy accessories like thread color management cards and stabilizer recommendations empower beginners and experts alike to master this machine.


Let’s see… the PE535 doesn’t come with built-in embroidery lessons, but its ease of use allows you to quickly learn the basics.

  • Watch online tutorials for free lessons on features.
  • Download step-by-step PDF manuals from Brother.
  • Use the built-in designs to practice techniques.
  • Experiment with settings to gain experience.
  • Join forums and groups to connect with other users.

The intuitive interface and helpful resources empower you to rapidly gain skills and mastery of embroidery with the user-friendly PE535. With a bit of experimentation and use of available learning tools, you’ll quickly grow your knowledge and be creating custom designs in no time.

What the Brother PE535 Doesn’t Come With

What the Brother PE535 Doesn
After unboxing your shiny new PE535, you’ll notice it doesn’t include everything needed to start embroidering custom pieces right away. You’ll have to purchase thread, stabilizer, needles, and accessories like hoops and bobbins separately.

The PE535 isn’t compatible with a dual needle, so you’ll be limited to single-needle embroidery. It also lacks built-in design management features beyond rotating and resizing, so you’ll need software like PE-Design Plus to get more editing options.

Having the freedom to choose your own thread brands is great, but it means more research to find the best match for your machine and projects.

While the PE535 comes with lots to get started, you’ll still need to buy a few extras before sewing your first stitch.

Pros of the PE535

Pros of the PE535
You’ll love the combination of an affordable price and quality stitching that has made the PE535 so popular and easy to use. This well-respected machine delivers professional-looking embroidery while retaining excellent resale value if you ever choose to upgrade your equipment down the road.


Considering its features, the PE535 comes at a really good price. Around $350, it’s very affordable for beginners yet has enough capabilities to grow with you. The built-in designs, editing functions, LCD touchscreen, and other features make this model a good value.

Other available models with larger hoops or more extras cost two to ten times more. For those starting out or on a budget, the PE535 hits the sweet spot of quality and price.

Ease of Use

You’ll find navigating this user-friendly machine a breeze with the intuitive LCD touchscreen. The lightweight frame makes transporting it to classes a snap. Jam clearing is straightforward by simply opening the bobbin cover.

Menu navigation feels natural after just a bit of practice. The speed control offers settings slow enough for beginners or fast for experienced embroiderers. The convenient accessory compartment keeps all your notions handy while creating.


You can’t beat the popularity of the PE535; it sells like hotcakes because it’s so easy to use right out of the box.

Thousands of happy customers praise its simplicity and reliability.

Positive reviews across sewing forums and YouTube prove its reputation.

The intuitive controls make embroidery accessible for novices.

Even experts appreciate the quality stitches and clever features.

Brother’s trusted brand and fair pricing seal the deal for most buyers.

The PE535 enjoys unmatched popularity thanks to its blend of simplicity, quality, and value loved by embroiderers of all levels. Its reputation spreads each time another delighted customer shares their experience.

Resale Value

The Brother PE535 holds its resale value well due to the machine’s reliability, affordability, and popularity among beginner embroiderers. With its consistent stitch quality, versatile hoop sizes, and easy maintenance, the PE535 retains value over time.

Even as owners upgrade to more advanced machines, the PE535’s approachable features continue to appeal to new embroiderers entering the craft.

Feature Benefit
Reliable stitches Long-term value
Multiple hoops Versatility
Easy cleaning Low maintenance

Quality of Stitching

Despite its small hoop, the PE535 produces quality embroidery with almost professional-looking stitches. Its fast 400 spm speed and precise needle placement create even, consistent designs across lightweight and heavy fabrics.

Multiple spools auto-switch thread colors swiftly. The sturdy hoops grip material tautly for flawless frame fitting. With quality components under the hood, this little workhorse punches above its weight in stitching performance.

Cons of the PE535

Cons of the PE535
You’ll be limited to small embroidery projects on the PE535. With a maximum hoop size of only 4 x 4 inches, it can’t handle anything bigger than logo or name designs.

Hoop Size

With its 4×4 hoop, the PE535’s small work area limits your designs.

  1. Can only embroider designs up to 4 by 4 inches in size.
  2. Restricts the types of projects you can make.
  3. Requires you to split larger designs into sections.

The compact hoop size reduces the PE535’s versatility for embroidery. Focus on smaller motifs and elements. Rely on design splitting to tackle bigger pieces. Embrace little details with this machine’s petite proportions.


You can’t find the PE535 in stores anymore, but scouring auction sites might turn one up. Since it’s been discontinued, getting your hands on this model requires persistence and luck. Check eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and embroidery forums where members swap machines.

Join an online crafting community to ask if someone is selling theirs. While harder to find, with some digging, you can still locate this versatile, affordable workhorse.

How Does It Compare to Other Embroidery Machines With 4 X 4 Hoops?

How Does It Compare to Other Embroidery Machines With 4 X 4 Hoops
Compared to other 4Ă—4 hoop embroidery machines, the PE535 provides quality stitches and easy navigation at an affordable starter price point.

The 4Ă—4 hoop allows you to embroider small designs up to 4 inches wide and 4 inches tall.

The PE535 has 136 built-in designs and 6 lettering fonts to get you started. Many competing machines in this price range offer less.

The backlit LCD touchscreen makes it simple to preview designs, edit, and select your stitches.

At 400 SPM, the PE535 has a fast enough maximum embroidery speed for most needs.

While it lacks Wi-Fi connectivity of higher models, the USB port lets you import new designs to build your library.

Where to Buy the Brother PE535

Where to Buy the Brother PE535
Locate affordable Brother PE535 embroidery machines at reputable retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Joann for hassle-free shopping and delivery. With the PE535’s popularity, availability is high across top online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Amazon’s convenient two-day Prime shipping and hassle-free returns make it a go-to for any purchase. Walmart also offers free two-day delivery on orders over $35, plus easy in-store pickup at locations nationwide.

At Joann, take advantage of coupons and rewards while getting hands-on help from knowledgeable sewing associates.

Beyond the big names, explore deals on pre-owned and refurbished units through Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and more. Wherever you shop, compare prices between sellers and models to find your ideal match.

Embroidery hobbyists will discover everything needed for exciting projects with the versatile, affordable PE535.

Brother Embroidery Machine Comparisons (Differentiating Them)

Brother Embroidery Machine Comparisons (Differentiating Them)
You’ll first want to decide between an embroidery-only or a combination machine for maximum versatility versus specialization in embroidery. Also, look at the design transfer method, automatic jump stitch trimming and needle threading, the number of built-in stitches and designs, and features like hoop size to find the model that matches your skills, space, and budget needs.

Embroidery Only Vs. Combination Machine

The needle darts between fabric and thread as you ponder a dedicated embroidery machine versus a sewing/embroidery combo.

  • Ready-made designs offer endless inspiration without digitizing.
  • Design size options enable creating at any scale.
  • Fabric and thread options tailor to your visions.
  • Purchasing pre-digitized files saves time digitizing.
  • Designing your own unleashes unlimited creativity.

A dedicated embroidery machine focuses solely on embellishing fabric. Combination machines multitask sewing and embroidering for maximum versatility.

Design Transfer Method

Don’t settle for an old, fussy card reader when you can enjoy effortless wireless design transfers and customization. Modern machines connect to your computer or mobile device via USB or Wi-Fi, making it a breeze to import designs and edit them right on the large touchscreen.

Enjoy conveniences like automatic color sorting and access to extensive online libraries for unlimited inspiration.

Design Transfer Import from flash drive Wireless from computer or mobile
Editing On machine screen Mobile app or PC software
Extras Basic Color sorting, design libraries

Embrace the wireless world. Upgrade your machine and unlock a universe of creative potential through wireless design transfers and editing.

Jump Stitch Trimming

You’ll get automatic jump stitch trimming with the higher-end models for that clean, professional finish you’re after.

  • Fewer thread nests and fabric distortion from excess jump stitches
  • Less stabilizer needed since trimmed jumps don’t distort fabric
  • Improved hooping results without lumps from jump buildup
  • Reduced tension troubleshooting without extra thread on the backside
  • Overall, a more polished project mimicking commercial embroidery

The higher-end machines offer that jump stitch trim feature for professional results without the excess thread.

Automatic Needle Threader

You’ve gotta love that automatic needle threader on the Brother PE535, making embroidery so much easier for your tired hands. Just a touch of a button slides the wire through the needle, grabbing the thread and pulling it right on through to the other side.

No more squinting and sweating trying to get that tiny thread through the needle hole yourself. The automatic threader handles it quick and easy, so you can get back to embroidering in no time.

Built-in Stitches and Designs

With 80 built-in designs and 10 frame patterns, you’re equipped to embroider a wide variety of small creations on the PE535.

  • 80 built-in designs offer pattern selection without downloading
  • 10 frame patterns provide design foundation flexibility
  • 6 lettering fonts allow for customized names and phrases
  • Small hoop limits size but provides detail on designs
  • Built-in memory helps manage and store imported designs

The PE535 gives you a solid starting point to embroider with its built-in design library. Between the patterns, frames, and lettering, you have ample options to create customized projects without complex digitizing or downloading.

The 4×4 hoop does limit the size of creations, but it allows for intricacy in small designs. With some creativity, the machine’s built-in resources empower you to embroider unique crafts and clothing.

Brother Embroidery Machines for Beginners: a Note

Looking for an easy-to-use embroidery machine to start embellishing your sewing projects? Consider one of Brother’s popular models like the PE900 with its large embroidery area and built-in designs, the affordable PE545 that can split larger patterns, or the versatile SE700 combo machine that both sews and embroiders.

Brother PE900 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE900 Embroidery Machine withView On Amazon
Explore customized embroidery on an expansive canvas with the Brother PE900’s large 5×7-inch hoop. Create one-of-a-kind designs and fonts by wirelessly connecting to a PC or mobile device. This user-friendly machine includes built-in patterns and fonts to get you started.

The app-enabled editing allows you to customize existing designs or create your own from scratch. It also offers optimized color changes and automatic jump stitch trimming for a professional finish. With its ample embroidery area and limitless creative options, the Brother PE900 opens up a world of embroidery potential.

  • Large 5Ă—7 hoop size
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Built-in designs and fonts
  • App for editing and customizing
  • Automatic features for professional results
  • Embroidery only, no regular sewing
  • Limited to US voltages per warranty
  • Requires app or software for full functionality

Brother PE545 Embroidery Machine

Embrace smaller embroideries with the power-packed PE545. Expertly craft dainty designs up to 4-by-4 inches using this feature-rich embroidery-only machine. With easy threading, multiple included hoops, and an array of built-in designs and fonts, even beginners can master precise needlework.

Simply load stabilizer and fabric, import designs via USB, preview on screen, then watch your visions emerge with quality Brother stitching. Positioning tools and an adjustable hoop ensure proper placement for flawless finishes.

Brother NQ1700E Embroidery Machine

Discover endless creative options with the Brother NQ1700E embroidery machine. Its expansive 6Ă—10-inch hoop allows you to fill garments and home decor with detailed designs. Edit built-in and imported patterns right on the large LCD touchscreen, combining designs and lettering with ease.

The generous memory stores countless patterns, so you’ll never lack inspiration. Connect wirelessly to access even more designs through compatible apps and software. Larger projects require more hoop space, and this machine delivers professional results without the price tag.

Brother SE700 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

You’ll love stitching and embroidering on the Brother SE700, a versatile 4×4 combo machine packed with 241 sewing stitches and 120 frame pattern combinations. Embellish fabric creations with built-in embroidery patterns or import your own designs through the USB port.

View and edit patterns on the 3.7-inch LCD touchscreen before stitching. Adjust the finish with convenient features like automatic thread trimming and a built-in needle threader. Create custom embroidered pieces, personalized with your choice of font and frame shapes.

Brother SE2000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Have you checked out the SE2000 yet? It’s Brother’s newest combo machine with upgraded features that make embroidery and sewing projects a breeze.

With a wide range of built-in designs, fonts, and stitches, you’ll create customized pieces effortlessly. Simply position your fabric on the included hoops, select one of the pre-programmed options or import your own, then watch as your vision comes to life.

Keep your machine running smoothly by using quality embroidery thread, ideal stabilizers, and regular cleanings. Frame finished pieces to proudly display your handiwork. Discover your inner artist with this user-friendly embroidery powerhouse.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many built-in embroidery designs does the PE535 have?

The PE535 has 80 built-in embroidery designs to get you started creating beautiful embroidered artwork right out of the box. Simply turn the machine on and scroll through the options on the large color touchscreen display.

Select one you like, hoop up your fabric, thread the machine, and let the PE535 work its magic as the design comes to life with perfect stitches. With a good selection of built-ins and the ability to import more through USB, your creative options are practically unlimited with this feature-rich but easy-to-use embroidery machine.

What file formats can I import to the PE535?

You can import many popular machine embroidery formats like JEF, DST, and PES through the USB port. Simply save designs on a USB flash drive and plug it into the side of the PE535 to upload them quickly.

The built-in memory also lets you store and access hundreds of designs right on the machine.

Does the PE535 have an automatic thread cutter?

Unfortunately, no, the PE535 does not have an automatic thread cutter. You’ll need to cut the threads manually after each design. However, this affordable model offers impressive features like a large color touchscreen, built-in designs, and computer connectivity.

With practice, you’ll become quick at trimming threads to achieve beautiful results.

What accessories are compatible with the PE535 4Ă—4 hoop?

Go for different-shaped frames like squares or hearts to spice up ordinary designs. Opt for wash-away topping stabilizers for easily removing excess after stitching intricate patterns. Clip-on lights for the hoop illuminate the work area for clearly monitoring progress on dark fabrics.

Magnetic pin cushions neatly hold needles and trims within easy, fumble-free reach.

Does the PE535 come with an embroidery arm or carriage?

Yes, the PE535 comes with an embroidery carriage. Simply attach the embroidery unit to the machine to get started embroidering. With the carriage, you’ll have the 4×4 hoop needed to create designs up to 4 inches square.

The carriage slides on and off easily for converting back to regular sewing mode.


Methinks the Brother PE535 embroidery machine hits the sweet spot for new embroiderers and seasoned stitchers alike. With its simplicity, quality results, and bargain price, thou canst not go wrong. Research well, weigh options like machine type and hoop size, but for small yet splendid designs, the PE535 merits thy consideration.

Want wireless or a larger work area? Seek upscale kin. Else content with being connected by cord, let this wee wonder unleash your creativity in embroidered form.

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