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Tunisian Crochet Tutorials: Pinwheel Squares, Purl Stitch & Yoga Top (2024)

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tutorialstunisian crochetYou’re in for a treat! Tunisian crochet opens up a whole new world of texture and design.

With over a decade of experience, I’ll guide you through Tunisian crochet techniques like a pro. We’ll start with a playful pinwheel square – it’s the perfect small project to get your hooks warmed up.

Then we’ll level up with the Tunisian purl stitch. It looks complicated, but you’ll be working it like a boss in no time.

The pièce de résistance? An elegant yoga top you can make with your newfound skills.

By the end, you’ll feel a sense of liberation and mastery over this exciting new craft.

Key Takeaways

  • Tunisian crochet offers a variety of techniques and projects for all skill levels.
  • The Pinwheel Square is a beginner-friendly project that uses basic stitches.
  • The Tunisian Purl Stitch is an intermediate technique that adds texture and ribbing to projects.
  • The Tunisian Crochet Yoga Top is an advanced project worked in the round with specific yardage requirements.

Tunisian Pinwheel Square Crochet Pattern

Tunisian Pinwheel Square Crochet Pattern
Recently expanded and updated, the Tunisian Pinwheel Square Crochet Pattern has added an optional moss-stitch border to the expanded version. A downloadable, ad-free, printable version of the pattern is available in my Etsy shop, and I would appreciate any comments on this post or shout-outs on social media.

Features of the Pattern

You’ll find the recently expanded Tunisian pinwheel square crochet pattern has everything but the kitchen sink – it’s chock-full of extras like an optional moss-stitch border and a YouTube playlist with six how-to videos that’ll have you whipping up pretty pinwheels in no time.

With clear instructions, texture options, and video tutorials galore, this comprehensive pattern empowers crocheters to master Tunisian techniques, unleash creativity, and make their own stylish pinwheel designs.

Availability of Downloadable, Printable Pattern

The ad-free, printable Tunisian pinwheel square crochet pattern is right there in my Etsy shop for you. Grab the printable PDF in your choice of 1) Letter-size black-and-white, 2) Letter-size color, 3) A4 black-and-white, 4) A4 color, and 5) Jumbo print for easy reading.

Request for Comments and Social Media Shout-outs

I’d appreciate your comments on my post and snazzy shout-outs across social media. As an experienced Tunisian crochet teacher, I know thoughtful gift-givers seek textured stitch patterns like the plays-with-purls Tunisian purl stitch.

This easy technique adds fashionable texture for seasonal colorways. Simply work the foundation row, return pass, then stitch patterns incorporating Tunisian abbreviations.

Tunisian Purl Stitch (Tps)

Tunisian Purl Stitch (Tps)
You’ll love working up the Tunisian Purl Stitch (TPS) to add beautiful texture to your crochet projects. This easy stitch looks just like a purl stitch in knitting, so it’s great for ribbed edges and adding interest wherever you need it in a design.

Description and Appearance

Your stitches gleam with texture when you work Tunisian purl into projects. The vertical bars catch light beautifully as your hook maneuvers behind each loop, wrapping the yarn to form the embossed ridges.

Experiment with Tps in bands of colorwork, ribbing, or moss-stitch borders to see your work shine. Tps adds flexible fabric that resists curling, perfect for scarves, blankets, and garments.

Purpose and Benefits in Crochet Projects

Tips to combat curling when used at the beginning or end of your projects. Work rows of tips to create a ribbed texture that lies flat. Vary hook size and yarn weight to get the right gauge for your project. Tips loops add interesting surface texture.

Experiment with colorwork to minimize pooling. Try combining tips with other stitches in entrelac or colorblock patterns. Add single crochet borders to finish curl-free edges. Master this essential stitch to expand your Tunisian repertoire.

Step-by-step Instructions for Working the Stitch

You’re working in Tunisian simple stitch when it’s time for texture: Bring the yarn to the front, insert the hook under the next vertical bar, wrap over, and pull through the loop. Complete Tps across, pulling the final loop through the last bar’s full ‘V’ for a neat edge.

Tps looks like knit purl; great for ribbing and edging. It adds lush texture while combating curl.

Uses for Adding Texture and Ribbing

Adding Tps edges is a cool way to get ribbing and texture without traditional knitting purling. You can alternate Tps rows with simple stitches for garter-like texture. Use it at the beginning or end of projects and for simple stitch borders to add ribbing without curling up your work.

Tps creates beautiful texture and eliminates the need to purl when working flat.

Tunisian Crochet Yoga Top Pattern

Tunisian Crochet Yoga Top Pattern
Through March, take 20% off my Tunisian crochet yoga top pattern using Malabrigo Silkpaca yarn with code MALMARCH20. Worked in the round entrelac style from the bottom up and side to side at the top using regular Tunisian crochet stitches, this unique design is sized XS-L with yardage requirements listed.

Amerz tech edited it, so contact me, the designer, with questions as you follow my instructions to start the foundation chain, work squares joined as you go, shape the upper portion from the armholes up, add straps and borders, sew side seams, block, and finish your new handmade top.

Discount Offer and Yarn Used

Offered for 20% off with code MALMARCH20, it uses Malabrigo Silkpaca yarns in two colors for a light and breezy feel. The delicate silk and alpaca blend blooms against your skin, while the entrelac construction allows air to flow.

Slip into this top for your practice and feel centered in its softness. See the finished sizes and yardage requirements below to determine how much yarn you’ll need.

Size Finished Circumference Yardage
XS 28 550 yds main, 100 yds contrast
S 32 600 yds main, 150 yds contrast
M 36 700 yds main, 200 yds contrast
L 40 800 yds main, 250 yds contrast

Construction and Technique Used

You work from the foundation chain up in entrelac squares joined as you go, then across the upper portion side to side starting at the armholes using Tunisian simple stitch in this pattern.

Five key steps:

  1. Start with foundation chain
  2. Work squares in pattern joined as you go
  3. Complete upper portion from armholes up
  4. Add straps and borders
  5. Finish by sewing seams and weaving ends

This liberating top lets you master entrelac technique in Tunisian crochet. The simple stitch pattern empowers you to customize the design.

Sizes and Yardage Requirements

The pattern includes finished sizes XS, S, M, L with listed finished chest circumferences and specific yardage requirements per size.

Size Finished Chest Circumference Yardage Required
XS 28-30 400 yards
S 32-34 550 yards
M 36-38 600 yards
L 40-42 650 yards

The table provides the finished chest measurements for each size along with the yardage needed. Having the gauge and sizes listed allows you to choose the right size and purchase enough yarn. With the specific requirements provided, you can confidently select your size and colors to make the yoga top uniquely yours.

Tech Editing and Designer Contact Information

Amerz tech edited the Tunisian crochet yoga top pattern, so contact the designer directly if you have any questions or feedback! With my expertise and experience in Tunisian crochet, I can clearly explain and demonstrate the techniques used in this top.

As a proven publisher and teacher of Tunisian crochet, I created an engaging, liberating pattern for you to master.

Instructions for Making the Top

Start by chaining the foundation, then work each square using a simple stitch, joining as you go per the instructions. Vary your simple stitches to add texture. Eliminate curling by working a few rows of Tunisian purl stitch on the edges.

Use slip stitch or single crochet to join squares. Block pieces lightly before sewing side seams for drape. Experiment with bind-off methods like standard bind-off or Jenny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off for personalized fit.

With practice, you’ll master Tunisian crochet construction to create unique, custom garments.

Tips for Working the Tunisian Crochet Top

Tips for Working the Tunisian Crochet Top
When starting the Tunisian crochet yoga top, begin with a foundation chain to the length specified in the pattern instructions. Work each square in single crochet Tunisian simple stitch, following the stitch pattern, and join squares together as you complete them.

Then, create the upper portion and straps by working side to side from the armholes up to the shoulders.

Starting With a Foundation Chain

Chain a number of stitches needed for foundation, makin’ hay while the sun shines. When starting your base chain, use a hook size that matches your yarn gauge to achieve uniform tension. For softer acrylic or plant fibers, try a wider aluminum hook. With silks or wools, a slick steel model glides smoothly.

Experiment with different hook styles and grip techniques until you find what’s most comfortable. Whether you crochet tightly or loosely, aim for even, consistent loops without twisting the yarn. This makes for prettier fabric and easier stitching down the line. Edge stitches won’t curl as much with consistent tension across the first chain.

Working Each Square in the Pattern

You’ll work each square in the pattern using a simple stitch as instructed, joining them together as you go to build the lower portion.

  1. Count stitches carefully in each square.
  2. Check gauge often.
  3. Join squares neatly.
  4. Block pieces to size.

Learning new stitches opens up exciting possibilities! Comparing hook sizes helps achieve the right fabric. Substituting yarns allows for creativity. With practice, you’ll master Tunisian crochet techniques.

Joining Squares as You Go

Join the squares as instructed in the pattern instructions as you work each one. When stitching shapes, take care to keep your finishing rows neat. Create a staggered squares layout by working edgings and color play ideas between pieces.

Anticipate how blocks will join during the making to ensure your squares remain true.

Creating the Upper Portion and Straps

After sewing the side seams, shape the straps around your shoulders like a comforting hug from a loved one. Now, working in rounds from underarm to underarm, build the upper portion with a simple stitch.

Shape the armholes and neckline with short row increases and decreases. Work the straps using a simple stitch for stretch and flexibility.

Finishing Touches and Blocking

If using Malabrigo Silkpaca, lightly steam block to finished measurements for best drape.

  1. Weave in ends.
  2. Sew side seams.
  3. Add strap length as needed.
  4. Clean project.
  5. Enjoy your handmade top!

Enjoying Your Handmade Tunisian Crochet Top

Enjoying Your Handmade Tunisian Crochet Top
After weaving in the ends and lightly blocking it, you’ll be ready to enjoy wearing your handmade Tunisian crochet yoga top! Make any necessary adjustments to the straps or length so that it fits you perfectly.

Then, care for it gently by handwashing it in cool water and laying it flat to dry. You’ll love showing off your stylish new top made using your own Tunisian crochet skills.

Final Steps for Completion

You’ll sew the side seams and enjoy wearing your handmade Tunisian top! Hand wash gently in cool water, shape while wet, and lay flat to dry to maintain the blocked shape. Store folded nicely between wearings. Your recipient will cherish this special handmade gift, knowing the time and care put into the making process.

Adjustments and Customization Options

You have options for customizing your handcrafted top, such as lengthening the straps or adding colorful borders. Experiment with different looks by adding fringes, making skinnier straps, or trying a flirty v-neck.

Opt for a lower back or experiment with sleeve lengths. Create a strapless version or get creative with color schemes.

Care Instructions and Maintenance

Now caring for your handmade top is easy by hand-washing, laying flat to dry, and storing folded in a breathable place.

  1. Hand wash in cool water with a gentle soap.
  2. Lay flat on a towel to air dry. Reshape gently while damp if needed.
  3. Fold and store in a breathable space like a cloth garment bag.

The delicate handmade nature of the crocheted fabric requires some special care to maintain its beauty. With just a few simple steps, your Tunisian crochet top will stay lovely for many wears.

Satisfaction and Enjoyment of the Finished Project

Your handmade Tunisian crochet top is sure to bring a sense of joy and accomplishment every time you wear it. Enjoy the finishing touches, like creating straps or making minor pattern adjustments. Take pride in your craftsmanship and appreciate having something uniquely handmade.

Feel empowered to make it your own with personalized pattern tweaks. Share photos of your finished project and spread the art of Tunisian crochet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of yarn works best for Tunisian crochet?

Always use a medium to light-weight yarn for Tunisian crochet. Lighter fibers, like cotton, bamboo, alpaca, or merino wool, will give you the best stitch definition for your intricate patterns. Stay away from heavier yarns unless you’re making a rug—they’ll be too bulky for most garments.

How do I add shaping like increases/decreases in Tunisian crochet?

You use partial return passes for shaping. Work to where the increase or decrease is needed. Yarn over, pull through 1 loop, then stop. Work the increase or decrease as usual, then complete the return pass.

This maintains even edges when adding or subtracting stitches in Tunisian crochet.

What is the best cast on method for starting Tunisian crochet projects?

You’ll want to use the chain cast-on method. Make a foundation chain slightly longer than the desired width. Work the first row in the pattern to the base of the chain. This gives a nice tidy edge to start.

How do I fix mistakes like dropped stitches in Tunisian crochet?

Don’t cry over spilled milk. Simply insert the hook into the dropped stitch, grab the yarn, and pull it through. Then proceed as usual. With practice, fixing mistakes becomes second nature in Tunisian crochet.

Are there any tips for substituting yarn weights in Tunisian crochet patterns?

When substituting yarns, remember that your gauge swatch is your guide. Swatch with the new yarn in the pattern stitch before starting.


You’ve got this! As you hook into each new Tunisian crochet project, remember that the journey is as fulfilling as the destination. Let the soothing ritual of looping yarn over the hook be your mindfulness meditation.

With practice, comes mastery, so be patient and gentle with yourself. The mistakes only make your finished piece more unique. At the end of each row, take pride in your creation and rock your handmade threads like royalty.

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