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What is the Best Coverstitch Sewing Machine? (2023)

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Juki MO-735 is our top choice for a coverstitch sewing device.

Sewing is done from the top of the material with the textile side underneath as well as it produces a solitary straight stitch for every single needle that is utilized on the leading and also a chain sew over the raw edge below. I picked Coverstitch equipments from Brother as well as Janome and also a hybrid coverstitch / server device from Juki for this review to provide a selection of options in function as well as expense.

Coverstitch Machine Sibling 2340CV Janome CoverPro 1000CPX Juki MO-735
Max Stitch Width 6mm 6mm 5mm
Presser Foot Flexible Adjustable Flexible
Max Speed (stitches/minute) 1,100 1,000 1,500
Unique Features Janome’s Seam Tightening System ™ Several Stitch Options Including 5-Thread Safety Stitch, Sews Heavy as well as Difficult-to-Feed Materials
Number of Needles 1, 2 or 3 1, 2 or 3 2, 3, 4 or 5
Rate $ $$$ $$$$
Level of Expertise Hobbyist/Enthusiast Enthusiast/Professional Enthusiast/Professional
Service warranty Minimal 1-Year parts as well as labor, 5 years for electric 5 Years mechanical, 2 Year Electric, 90 days on material or craftsmanship Minimal 2-Years on motors, light assembly, circuitry, changes and also speed control, Limited 5-years on all other parts
Nation of Manufacture Taiwan Japan, Taiwan, Thailand Japan
Exactly how to Choose the Coverstitch Machine That Is Right for You

The first point to consider when contrasting these 3 versions is the features that they all have in typical. Each machine has a differential feed, which allows you to transform the setting for just how much material is fed with the equipment. Adjusting the knob for this setting will certainly assist you avoid “tunneling” that can occur between stitches or place light gathering right into garments where it is wanted. Both the Brother and Janome machines can be utilized with one, 2 or 3 needles while the Juki takes stitching to a whole new level! The combination of serger as well as coverstitch functions make it the most versatile machine offered.

Many individuals differ regarding the benefit of incorporating the functions of a server with those of a coverstitch sewing device. Numerous locate them more challenging to thread and also to switch over from one feature to the various other. The Juki MO-735 is no exemption once the method is mastered, the procedure becomes much faster and also simpler.

Another grievance many buyers share concerning the Juki MO-735 is that the user’s manual is difficult to difficult to understand. Thankfully, the directions on YouTube make it a lot less complicated to string the machine and use the various stitches.

The Problem with Overlock/Serger Machines

When overload devices, or sergers, were initially presented on the market, among the greatest troubles many individuals had with them was threading. A single error in threading any one of the three or 4 spools of string might lead to poor sew quality. Not only was it difficult to discover the problem in the threading guide, there was always the capacity for the poor stitching to be from unreliable stress settings. I know this direct because I took my very first serger bent on the trash dumpster and also gladly threw it in after two repair work and also many attempts to string it without any kind of success.

Although coverstitch sewing equipment is threaded in a similar method as a serger, there have been numerous enhancements given that the original designs. They also vary in that the coverstitch equipment creates a coverstitch on the base of the fabric and also it does not cut the product off as the joint is attached. The Juki MO-735 is the only equipment in this review that enables you to choose between the overlock and also coverstitch functions.

Both the Brother and also Janome machines make use of three needles and 3 spindles of string. All 3 equipment are color-coded to simplify the threading procedure as well as, like the Juki, video clips are available on YouTube to aid you thread and also make use of the Brother as well as Janome machines.

All 3 of these coverstitch sewing equipments are from leading brands of regular sewing makers to ensure that you might already have a favored. Going by brand alone might be all you require to make the ideal option as long as you will be making use of the coverstitch machine for the same level of work that you use your normal sewing maker.


If you desire an equipment that will make it easier to hem the weaved garments you make for yourself, the Bro 2340CV will possibly meet your demands. If you are mosting likely to tackle the job of making leggings for your daughter’s acrobatics group, you may intend to relocate up to the Janome CoverPro For usage in a home based business of making custom leggings, the Juki MO-735 is the closest point to an industrial Coverstitch sewing device that you can purchase for the residence.

A lot of drains discover that coverstitch equipment makes an important enhancement to their sewing room. For those who make woven garments or that require a device that will help them develop a smoother bent hem, no various other kind of sewing equipment will satisfy the demand better. It is the frequency of use and the demand for the most professional results that must direct you in making your option. As soon as you have determined your requirement for sturdiness as well as top quality performance, consider the distinctions in attributes that will certainly influence your sewing requirements. In some cases the tiniest information can make a big difference in the quality of your outcomes.

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The Basics of Coverstitching

A coverstitch equipment is a specialized sewing maker that is primarily utilized to create hems. Although coverstitching jobs well on woven fabrics by keeping them from raveling, they are particularly beneficial for hemming weaved fabrics. The sew it makes preserves the stretch in the fabric and does not tighten as is the instance when you sew stretchy fabrics with a typical sewing device. To see what a coverstitch looks like, you can check out the heh of practically any kind of t-shirt.

The coverstitch equipment makes use of one, 2, or more spindles of thread ahead and one bobbin under that is fed through a loop. The last feature is what creates the string to form a chain sew throughout the raw edge of the fabric. Some sewage systems like to utilize various shades of string on the leading spindles to include an ornamental touch to several of their sewing

Overlock vs Coverstitch

These 2 sorts of makers are really similar in the way they deal with one substantial distinction: The overload machine has a blade built-in that trims the seams and also stitches over them as you sew. This function makes it simple to sew weaved garments without having to go back over them as well as end up the seams to avoid stretching or raveling.

The coverstitch device, on the various other hand, has no blade and also is utilized mainly for hemming. Several sewers find that one of the toughest part of sewing lots of kinds of garments is in getting an also, professional high quality hem. If you intend on sewing a lot of knits, you might intend to buy both kinds of specialized machines.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Coverstitch Hem

  • If you have an overlock equipment, serge the side of the hem prior to coverstitching. You need to have the ability to feel the stitching through the material to help you maintain the hem right while you sew.
  • When working with woven fabrics, mark the hem as well as press upwards before sewing to get an evenly stitched hem.
  • If you are looking for a brand-new coverstitching equipment, see to it has the totally free arm function. This is vital for dealing with smaller sized items like pant legs or youngsters’s clothing items.
  • Take a look at the tutorial for your coverstitch device on YouTube. Many brands use demonstrations on threading, sewing, as well as utilizing various sewing techniques. It’s also a great way to obtain troubleshooting ideas in the instance you aren’t getting the results that you anticipated.

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