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Are Love Sew Wool Pressing Mats Any Good? Yes! Benefits & Reviews Revealed (2024)

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are love sew wool pressing mats any goodYes, Love Sew’s wool pressing mats are a fantastic choice!

These mats absorb moisture, grip fabric in place, and can be used on both sides – ideal for tailors’ clappers. They iron both sides simultaneously, cutting pressing time in half.

The insulating, heat-resistant texture provides excellent grip.

While wool mats may emit an odor when heated, Love Sew’s mats have garnered over 900 5-star reviews from delighted customers.

With multiple currency options and based in Portland, they offer convenient access for many sewists.

But their true value lies in the efficiency and quality they deliver – see for yourself why these mats are so highly praised.

Key Takeaways

  • Love Sew’s wool pressing mats are like a quilter’s holy grail – they iron both sides of the fabric simultaneously, cutting your pressing time in half. Talk about being a time-saving ninja!
  • These bad boys grip fabric like nobody’s business, ensuring everything stays perfectly in place. No more chasing after slippery fabrics during your pressing sessions.
  • With over 900 satisfied customers singing their praises on Trustpilot, these mats are basically quilting royalty. They’ve got the rave reviews to back up their game.
  • While the mats may emit a subtle barn-like aroma when heated (embrace your countryside roots!), a quick spritz of scented starch will have you smelling like a fresh meadow in no time.

Are Love Sew Wool Pressing Mats Any Good?

Yes, Love Sew wool pressing mats are generally good. These mats absorb moisture, grip fabric in place, and can be used with a tailor’s clapper, making pressing and ironing more efficient.

What is a Wool Pressing Mat?

What is a Wool Pressing Mat
A wool pressing mat is an essential tool for quilters and sewists. It absorbs moisture, grips fabric in place, can be used with a tailor’s clapper, and allows you to iron both sides of the fabric simultaneously.

Absorbs Moisture

One major advantage of wool pressing mats is their ability to absorb moisture from damp fabrics. They excel at:

  1. Soaking up excess water
  2. Reducing drying time
  3. Controlling humidity

With its moisture-wicking properties, a wool ironing mat guarantees your projects don’t get waterlogged during pressing sessions. Say goodbye to wet, wrinkled messes!

Grips Fabric in Place

You’ll love how wool pressing mats grip fabric firmly, preventing shifting during pressing. The texture provides excellent traction, ideal for tricky raw-edge fusible appliqué projects, working with heat transfer vinyl, or simply keeping layers aligned as you sew. This secure grip guarantees precision and eliminates frustration from fabric slippage.

Suitable for Use With Tailor’s Clapper

You’ll also find wool pressing mats suitable for use with a tailor’s clapper. Using them together:

  1. Maximizes fabric smoothness
  2. Enhances clapper efficiency
  3. Helps control odor
  4. Increases heat resistance

With Project Wool, you can even customize mats for tasks like pressing, fusible applique, or cutting on a self-healing mat.

Can Be Used on Both Sides

You can use a wool pressing mat on both sides, allowing you to press two layers of fabric simultaneously. Its grip texture holds the fabric in place as you iron, while the heat-resistant wool protects your projects from scorching. This dual-sided functionality speeds up pressing for quilting, HTV, fabric labels, and craft projects involving half-square triangles.

Benefits of Using a Wool Pressing Mat

Benefits of Using a Wool Pressing Mat
You’re looking to save time and effort when pressing fabric? Wool pressing mats help by ironing both sides simultaneously and cutting your pressing time in half. Additionally, their insulating and heat-resistant properties along with a textured grip make them ideal for achieving crisp, professional results.

Irons Both Sides of Fabric Simultaneously

You’ll save precious time by ironing both sides of your fabric simultaneously with a wool pressing mat. These innovative mats use wool’s natural heat absorption and grip to press multiple layers in one step, reducing clothing ironing time. The mat’s moisture-wicking abilities and dense wool fillers guarantee even heat distribution for efficient quilt pressing.

Cuts Pressing Time in Half

By cutting your pressing time in half, these wool mats are a serious timesaver! You’ll:

  • Get crisp seams and flawless finishes faster
  • Boost productivity on bigger projects
  • Save money in the long run (mats last for years)
  • Enjoy the fresh-wool smell – way better than old ironing boards!

With proper odor control, Love Sew’s mats let you power through projects efficiently. Why spend hours ironing when you can get professional results in half the time?


You’ll appreciate wool’s insulating properties when using a pressing mat. Its thermal efficiency traps heat, maintaining an appropriate temperature to iron seams effortlessly. Like trusty cold weather gear, these mats guarantee consistent heat retention across the heatproof surface. Enjoy regulating fabric temperature with precision, courtesy of wool’s superior insulation.


You’ll love how heat-resistant wool pressing mats are! The fiber’s natural insulating properties make them ideal for withstanding high iron temperatures safely. Whether you’re tackling a delicate silk blouse or sturdy linen trousers, the mat’s heat capacity ensures your fabric stays protected and wrinkle-free without scorching. With superior fire safety, these mats are a must-have!

Texture Provides Grip

You’ll appreciate wool’s textured grip when pressing fabrics. Here are 4 key advantages:

  1. Secures fabric in place
  2. Prevents shifting while ironing
  3. Improves accuracy for seams and hems
  4. Enhances efficiency for intricate projects

The textured surface offers better control than ironing boards, especially for delicate or slippery materials. However, the grip may be less effective on heavier fabrics like denim or canvas.

Comparing Wool Pressing Mats to Ironing Boards

Comparing Wool Pressing Mats to Ironing Boards
While wool pressing mats offer better seam flattening than standard ironing boards, their limited size availability can be a drawback. Additionally, some users report an unpleasant odor when the wool mats are heated, requiring the use of scented spray starch to mask the smell.

Wool Mats Are More Effective for Flattening Seams

While ironing boards offer versatility, wool mats excel at flattening seams due to their grip and ability to press both sides simultaneously. With proper pressing techniques suited to your fabric type and seam allowance, you’ll achieve crisp edges without distortion—a game-changer for pristine garment finishes. Just remember to adjust the heat setting; wool’s insulating properties provide superior seam control.

Ironing Boards Have Limited Size Availability

You’ll find that traditional ironing boards have limited surface area compared to wool mats. Wool mats offer ample space, allowing you to press larger fabric pieces efficiently. With an ironing board’s size constraints, you’d constantly reposition the fabric, wasting time. Wool mats maximize space efficiency while providing superior heat absorption for effective pressing.

Wool Mats May Emit Unpleasant Odor When Heated

You should also consider that wool pressing mats may emit an unpleasant odor when heated. However, this issue can be easily resolved by using scented spray starch for odor control. Project Wool’s mats are known to have a barn-like scent when heated, but scent masking sprays effectively prevent any lingering odors.

Project Wool: a Reliable Choice

Project Wool: a Reliable Choice
You’re in the market for a reliable wool pressing mat, and Project Wool is a brand that offers large (20" x 50") customizable mats. While the mats may emit a barn-like odor when heated, this can be easily masked with a scented spray starch.

Sells Large Wool Pressing Mats (20 X 50)

Let’s talk about Project Wool—they sell large 20" x 50" wool pressing mats, perfect for your quilting needs. You get:

  • Ample surface area to iron fabric
  • Moisture absorption for crisp results
  • Grip to keep material in place

While these mats may emit a barn-like odor when heated, that’s just the nature of pure wool. But don’t worry, a scented spray starch can easily mask any funkiness.

Offers Customizable Mats

You’ll be delighted to know Project Wool also offers customizable mats to suit your specific needs. Whether you require larger sizes or unique dimensions, they’ve got you covered. With their custom service, you can create the perfect mat tailored to your preferences.

Size Customization
20" x 50" Standard
24" x 72" Available
Custom Contact for Quote

Mats May Emit a Barn-like Odor When Heated

If you’re sensitive to odors, you’ll want to know that Project Wool’s mats may emit a barn-like scent when heated. This odor isn’t harmful, but it could be unpleasant for some users, especially those with allergies or scent sensitivities. Fortunately, proper odor mitigation techniques and fabric compatibility testing can help reduce or eliminate any unwanted smells.

Odor Can Be Masked With Scented Spray Starch

Thankfully, you can mask that barn-like scent by using a lightly scented spray starch. For ideal odor removal, consider storing your mat in an airtight container between uses. Project Wool even offers customization options like lavender or citrus scents to keep your mat smelling fresh. Just be mindful of fabric compatibility when selecting alternative scents.

Love Sew: a Closer Look

Love Sew: a Closer Look
Love Sew offers wool pressing mats but has a limited product selection. With multiple currency options and contact information in Portland, Oregon, their website raises questions about the company’s location and operations.

Offers Wool Pressing Mats

When searching for wool pressing mats, you’ll find Love Sew offers high-quality options. Their mats provide excellent grip and moisture absorption for efficient pressing. Though some odor may occur when heated, scented starch can help mitigate this. With customizable and large-sized mats available, Love Sew’s wool products are suitable for various sewing projects, even mobile use.

Limited Product Selection

While Love Sew offers wool pressing mats, their product selection is quite limited. You’ll notice:

  • Only a few size options available
  • Concerns about potential odors when heated
  • Limited suitability for mobile or on-the-go use

However, you can mask any odors with scented spray starch. If sizing is an issue, consider exploring alternative options that better suit your needs.

Multiple Currency Options

You’ll also notice the website offers multiple currency options, hinting that Love Sew may source their products overseas or handle non-US orders. While not a dealbreaker, this raises some questions about product sourcing and company credibility – is ordering from a potentially international supplier worth the hassle of overseas shipping?

Contact Information in Portland, Oregon

notably, Love Sew’s contact information lists a Portland, Oregon address. While a multi-currency website could indicate an international operation, the U.S. contact raises questions about the company’s location. Is it based stateside, with operations abroad? Wherever the truth lies, you’ll want clarity before purchasing from this seemingly niche retailer.

User Concerns and Alternative Options

User Concerns and Alternative Options
You raise valid concerns about Love Sew’s wool pressing mats, including the lack of company information, limited reviews, and currency options suggesting a non-US location. It’s wise to evaluate alternative options such as products from Precision Quilting Tools, army/navy surplus wool blankets, local quilt shops, or Canadian and UK websites.

Lack of Company Information

You have a reasonable concern about Love Sew’s lack of company information. Reputable businesses should be transparent, sharing details like:

  • Founding date and location
  • Number of employees
  • Mission and values

This transparency builds trust with customers. Without it, you may want to explore alternative options that offer more insight into their operations and principles.

Limited Reviews

You’re right to be cautious about Love Sew’s limited reviews. With a niche product like wool pressing mats, user feedback is essential for evaluating quality and value. Scour forums and other sites for unbiased opinions before committing. That said, their US presence and positive reviews on Trustpilot offer some reassurance.

Currency Options Suggest Non-US Location

You also notice the website offers multiple currency options. Is Love Sew not based in the US? Their website design raises some questions:

  1. Why list prices in different currencies?
  2. Does that mean they ship internationally?
  3. Where’s their actual business location?
  4. Can you trust a non-US company’s customer service?

    Reputable brands typically only show prices in their home country’s currency. This could signal Love Sew operates outside the United States, despite listing a Portland address.

Precision Quilting Tools

You could also consider purchasing wool pressing mats from Precision Quilting Tools, a reputable brand. Their products are high-quality and designed specifically for quilting. However, if you’re on a tight budget, exploring options like army surplus wool blankets, local quilt shops, or even Canadian and UK websites might be worth considering.

Army/navy Surplus Wool Blanket

Another affordable option is an army/navy surplus wool blanket. These military surplus blankets offer durability, warmth, and versatility for pressing. Made from high-quality wool, they grip fabric firmly while providing insulation. Plus, their affordability makes them an appealing, cost-effective choice for budget-conscious quilters and sewists.

Local Quilt Shop

Another option is sourcing wool pressing mats from your local quilt shop. Here, you can:

  1. Inspect the quality in person
  2. Support small businesses
  3. Get knowledgeable advice
  4. Make sure you’re buying local products

A local shop allows you to see and feel the wool mats, making sure you get the right fit for your needs while keeping your dollars in the community.

Canadian or UK Websites

You may also want to explore Canadian or UK websites for wool pressing mats. While shipping costs could be higher, their offerings may include unique options not readily available domestically. Browse reputable sites, read reviews carefully, and factor in potential import fees before purchasing internationally.

The Decision: is It Worth It?

The Decision: is It Worth It
With 400,000+ satisfied customers, numerous 5-star reviews on Trustpilot, and domestic shipping from the US, Love Sew’s wool pressing mats emerge as a compelling option worthy of consideration. At a current sale price of $24.99 (down from $64.99), these mats offer an opportunity to enhance your pressing routine while potentially saving both time and effort.

Regular Price: $64.99 USD

You’re considering the regular $64.99 price tag for a Love Sew wool pressing mat. While pricey, these mats offer:

  • Customizable sizing options
  • Odor-masking with scented starch
  • Limited availability due to high demand

The steep cost reflects their quality and versatility. If the price doesn’t deter you, a Love Sew mat could vastly improve your pressing game.

Sale Price: $24.99 USD

You’re in luck! Project Wool’s wool pressing mats are on sale for just $24.99 USD, a steal compared to the regular $64.99 price. With high-quality construction and fantastic reviews, this mat is an affordable investment for quilters seeking ultimate pressing performance. Grab yours before they’re gone!

400,000+ Happy Customers

You can trust that Love Sew’s wool pressing mats are a hit! With 400,000+ satisfied customers, they’re clearly doing something right. Still, it’s wise to contemplate:

  1. How they address the potential odor issue
  2. If the mat size meets your needs
  3. What negative reviews reveal about the user experience

A trustworthy brand inspires confidence, but examining the details ensures you make an informed decision.

Ships From the US

You’ll be pleased to know that Love Sew’s products ship from within the US, addressing potential concerns about overseas sourcing. As a US-based company, you can expect reliable domestic shipping and customer support. With positive reviews and a satisfied customer base, their wool pressing mats seem like a solid choice for your quilting needs.

900+ 5-star Reviews on Trustpilot

Further boosting Love Sew’s credibility are the 900+ stellar Trustpilot reviews, an impressive social proof indicating widespread user satisfaction. With such overwhelming positive feedback from real customers, you can confidently consider Love Sew’s wool pressing mats as a popular, well-received option in their category. The glowing Trustpilot reviews give you peace of mind about making a smart purchase decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a wool pressing mat better than an ironing mat?

Ironically, wool pressing mats offer advantages over ironing mats: they press both fabric sides simultaneously, reducing pressing time. For precise results, wool grips fabric effectively, providing insulation and heat resistance.

Do I need to put something under my wool pressing mat?

Yes, you’ll want to place your wool pressing mat on a heat-safe surface like a sturdy table or countertop. This protects the surface beneath from any heat or moisture transfer.

Why do quilters use a wool pressing mat?

You use a wool pressing mat to iron both sides of your quilt fabric simultaneously, cutting pressing time in half. Its insulating and absorbent properties grip fabric in place while protecting delicate fabrics from scorching.

Are wool pressing mats washable?

Yes, wool pressing mats are washable. You can hand wash them with a mild detergent and air dry. This helps remove built-up lint and odors, keeping your mat fresh and effective.

How do I clean a wool pressing mat?

Though it may seem intimidating, cleaning a wool pressing mat is simple. Vacuum up any loose fibers, then spot clean with a mild soap and water solution. Hang to air dry fully before using again.

Can wool mats be used for quilting projects?

Yes, wool pressing mats are excellent for quilting. Their insulating properties and gripping texture allow you to press both sides simultaneously, saving time on large projects.

What is the lifespan of a wool pressing mat?

The lifespan of a high-quality wool pressing mat depends on usage, but you can expect it to last several years with proper care. Regular cleaning and occasional re-felting can extend its life considerably.

Are wool mats suitable for delicate fabrics?

Yes, wool mats are suitable for delicate fabrics. The natural texture of wool provides a gentle grip, preventing damage while allowing heat transfer for effective pressing. Just use a low temperature and test a scrap first for safety.

How do wool mats compare to other pressing surfaces?

Wool mats offer unique benefits like gripping fabric and even heat distribution. However, their limited size and potential odor make traditional iron surfaces or tailor’s clappers better choices for precise pressing tasks.


Assuredly, the Love Sew wool pressing mats are a gem in the crown, offering unrivaled efficiency and quality. With their ability to iron both sides simultaneously, cutting pressing time in half, and their insulating, heat-resistant texture providing excellent grip, these mats are a game-changer.

The overwhelmingly positive reviews from over 900 delighted customers speak volumes about their worth.

If you’re seeking a reliable, time-saving solution for your sewing projects, Love Sew’s wool pressing mats are undeniably a worthwhile investment.

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