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Best Thread for Brother Sewing Machine: Top 10 Options for Perfect Stitches (2024)

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best thread for brother sewing machineIronically, while you are out looking for the perfect thread, so is your ideal Brother sewing machine. You’ll find out from this guide the top 10 options that will give you flawless stitches with the best Brother sewing machine threads.

The correct thread could be the life or death of your project, whether tender silks or sturdy denim. We’ll help you consider thread weights, composition, and brands that can ensure your work turns out beautiful and robust.

Prepare to unleash your machine with these expert-recommended threads.

Key Takeaways

  • Threading the needle of success starts with choosing the right weight: 40-weight thread is your trusty sidekick for most projects, but don’t be afraid to go thinner for delicate fabrics or beefier for heavy-duty jobs. It’s like picking the perfect dance partner – you want someone who can keep up with your moves!
  • Polyester thread is the Swiss Army knife of sewing – it’s strong, colorfast, and plays nice with most fabrics. But don’t count out cotton just yet; it’s still the darling of quilters and natural fabric enthusiasts. Sometimes you need a smooth operator, other times you need a down-to-earth friend.
  • Popular brands like Gütermann, Isacord, and Sulky are the rock stars of the thread world for a reason. They’ve got the quality, durability, and pizzazz to make your Brother sewing machine sing. It’s like choosing between caviar and gas station sushi – sometimes it pays to splurge a little.
  • Proper thread care is like sunscreen for your projects – it prevents premature aging and keeps things looking fresh. Store your threads in a cool, dry place away from sunlight, and for heaven’s sake, don’t iron or bleach them! Treat your threads right, and they’ll be loyal companions on your sewing adventures.

10 Best Threads for Brother Sewing Machine

You require bright threads of superior quality designed for Brother Sewing machines. We’ll consider some of the best, including Gutermann Assorted Sew All Thread and Superior Threads Kimono Silk Thread, to mention a few, in this guide.

1. Gutermann Assorted Sew All Thread

Gutermann Thread Set: Sew-All: 100m:View On Amazon
Gutermann Assorted Sew All Thread is a versatile choice for your Brother sewing machine. Each spool offers 100 meters of high-quality, 100% polyester thread, ensuring durability and smoothness.

Perfect for both machine and hand sewing, this thread set covers a wide range of basic colors, making it a staple for everyday projects. The lint-free, fine texture minimizes machine jams and breakages, providing a seamless sewing experience.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sewer, Gutermann’s reliability won’t disappoint.

Best For: Beginner and experienced sewers seeking a reliable, all-purpose thread for both machine and hand sewing.

  • High-quality polyester thread for durability and smoothness
  • Lint-free, fine texture minimizes machine jams and breakages
  • Versatile assortment of basic colors
  • Some customers experienced damaged packaging upon delivery
  • Not top stitching thread
  • 100m per spool may not be sufficient for large projects

2. Creative Thread Sketching Beginner’s Guide

Creative Thread Sketching: A Beginner'sView On Amazon
Dive into the "Creative Thread Sketching Beginner’s Guide" by Deborah Wirsu to give yourself advanced thread sketching and thread painting techniques. This 196-page guide is designed for both beginners in the craft and those who want to raise their skills to a higher level. It includes all topics from equipment and fabric selection to machine settings and troubleshooting.

With six free illustrated projects, this truly is a must when using a Brother sewing machine, as it joins expert knowledge with practical advice for stunning results on your embroidery projects.

Best For: Beginners and experienced thread sketchers looking to refine their techniques.

  • Comprehensive coverage of equipment, tools, fabric selection, machine settings, and techniques
  • Includes 6 free illustrated projects
  • Provides solutions to common problems
  • Only suitable for those with a domestic sewing machine
  • May not be suitable for advanced users
  • Some advanced techniques may require additional instruction

3. Embroidex Single Thread Spool Holder

Embroidex Adjustable Single Thread SpoolView On Amazon
The Embroidex Single Thread Spool Holder will never let you down when guiding thread without tangles or breaks, generally making your sewing project much more accessible. It has been designed for large conical spools and a tall guide bar with a center pin for ultra-smooth thread feed. Its base is constructed from solid plastic to provide stability and is durably designed for long-lasting performance.

Easy to assemble, press the center pin down firmly and thread through the top holder.

Best For: Sewing, embroidery, and quilting enthusiasts seeking a reliable and efficient thread spool holder.

  • Prevents thread tangling and breaking, ensuring smooth thread feed
  • Accommodates various spool sizes
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • No instructions or diagrams included
  • Center pin must be firmly pushed in
  • Requires threading through the top thread holder

4. Gutermann Rayon Embroidery Thread Multi Color

Gutermann Machine Embroidery Thread RayonView On Amazon
Gutermann Rayon Embroidery Thread Multi Color is your go-to for vibrant, high-quality stitches. Each box includes 20 spools in a mix of stunning hues, including metallics.

Perfect for intricate designs, this thread boasts the silk-like sheen of rayon and the durability of 100% viscose. Measuring 200 meters per spool, it’s ideal for both small and large-scale projects.

Known for its vibrant colors and smooth stitching, it enhances your Brother sewing machine’s performance, giving your embroidery a professional finish.

Best For: Embroiderers looking for vibrant, high-quality thread for intricate designs.

  • 20 spools in a mix of stunning hues, including metallics
  • Silk-like sheen of rayon and the durability of 100% viscose
  • Measures 200 meters per spool, ideal for both small and large-scale projects
  • May be more expensive than other embroidery threads
  • Not suitable for all types of embroidery machines
  • Language of packaging is German

5. Aurifil Mako Cotton Thread Teal

Aurifil Mako Cotton Thread SolidView On Amazon
Aurifil Mako Cotton Thread Teal is your go-to for high-quality, dependable stitches. Crafted from 100% long staple mercerized Egyptian cotton, this thread boasts durability and a smooth finish.

Perfect for machine embroidery, quilting, and Serging, Aurifil threads blend seamlessly with Brother machines, ensuring high-quality results. Though pricier, it’s worth every penny for its reliability and longevity.

Easy to use and maintain, Aurifil Mako delivers superior performance and vibrant colors, making it an excellent choice for your sewing projects.

Best For: Those seeking durable, high-quality threads for machine embroidery, quilting, and serging.

  • 100% long staple mercerized Egyptian cotton for durability and smoothness
  • Compatible with Brother machines for seamless integration
  • Vibrant colors and superior performance
  • May be more expensive than other brands
  • Not always easily accessible locally

6. Superior Threads Cairo Cotton Thread

Superior Threads 121029XX932 Cairo 3-PlyView On Amazon
Superior Threads Cairo Cotton Thread is the thread to use with your Brother sewing machine. This thread is made of 100% cotton and manufactured in Japan. It produces distinguished threads with matchless quality and durability. Each spool has 2000 yards, which gives ample thread length for extended projects.

The weight of this thread is 0.317 ounces to ensure smooth stitching on a wide range of fabrics. The strength and consistency of Cairo Cotton Thread enable users to make professional seams and elegant finishes. One can appreciate minimal lint with this machine, ensuring the cleanliness of one’s machine and an optimal sewing experience.

Best For: Those looking for high-quality, durable thread for sewing projects.

  • Made of 100% cotton for strength and durability
  • 2000 yards of thread per spool for ample length
  • Produces professional seams and elegant finishes
  • May be more expensive than other thread options
  • Not as strong as some synthetic threads
  • May not be suitable for all fabrics

7. Superior Threads Kimono Silk Thread

Superior Threads Kimono Silk #100View On Amazon
Superior Threads Kimono Silk Thread is a top choice for detailed projects. Made from Japanese filament silk, it’s smooth and thin, perfect for hand and machine appliqué, detail quilting, and lacework.

Its fine texture blends seamlessly into the fabric, making your stitches practically invisible. This thread is also great for apparel, offering both durability and a luxurious finish.

The assorted colors will complement your fabrics beautifully, adding elegance to any embroidery project. A premium choice for discerning sewists!

Best For: Discerning sewists who demand precision and luxury in their embroidery projects.

  • Smooth and thin silk construction for invisible stitches
  • Ideal for intricate techniques like hand appliqué, detail quilting, and lacework
  • Assorted colors complement fabrics and add elegance
  • No information on price or availability
  • No indication of thread weight or length
  • No reviews or testimonials to gauge its performance

8. Brothread Metallic Embroidery Thread Kit

New brothread 20 Assorted ColorsView On Amazon
The Brothread Metallic Embroidery Thread Kit brings you 20 vibrant metallic colors to add some sparkle to your projects. In each color, you have a spooling with 550 yards of polyester core thread coated with metal foil to minimize breakage, fraying, and puckering greatly.

Use a thread net and adjust the tension on your machine to prevent tangling. This set won’t disappoint with its decorative stitching for Brother sewing machines and embellishments.

These durable and washable threads will ensure your handiwork twinkles without tarnishing. Perfect for both the hobbyist and seasoned embroiderer.

Best For: Embroiderers and hobbyists seeking vibrant and durable metallic threads.

  • 20 assorted metallic colors
  • Polyester core coated with metal foil for durability
  • Washable and resistant to tarnish
  • Requires Topstitch Machine Needle with large eye
  • May require thread net to prevent tangling
  • Recommended machine stitch speed of ≤600

9. Simthread Polyester Variegated Embroidery Thread

Simthread 6 Colors Polyester VariegatedView On Amazon
These vibrant, eye-catching designs require the Simthread polyester variegated embroidery thread for high sheen from its 2nd generation Trilobal Polyester Yarn.

The amount on each spool provides the user with 1,100 yards to minimize running out and refilling. You get three or five beautiful colors on every spool, giving a dazzling effect to your embroidery.

With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, Simthread assures consistency and quality—helpful in executing even the most detailed projects.

Nevertheless, the absence of a pop lock will make it a bit difficult to store.

Best For: Beginners and experienced embroiderers seeking vibrant, high-sheen designs with minimal color changes.

  • Higher sheen and vivid colors due to 2nd generation Trilobal Polyester Yarn
  • Ample 1,100 yards per spool for extended use
  • Multicolored spools (3-5 colors) create dazzling effects
  • Limited color options
  • No pop lock on plastic spool for easy storage
  • May require additional spooling to prevent unraveling

10. Sulky Premium Invisible Thread

Sulky 232S-2001 Premium Invisible ThreadView On Amazon
When you need the ‘invisible touch’ in quilting, Sulky’s will be your premium invisible thread. This fine.004 monofilament is colorless, pliable, strong, and color-fast polyester. The 2000 meters per spool ensures you don’t run out in the middle of any job.

NOTE: Zero your machine tension to avoid breakage, and don’t use lock stitches. If it weren’t for the transparency that makes it a little tricky for threading, Sulky would be ideal for invisible quilting and appliqué because it’s solid and smooth.

Best For: Quilters and crafters seeking an invisible and durable thread for delicate projects.

  • Fine (.004) monofilament for a nearly invisible finish
  • Soft, strong, and color-fast polyester material
  • Generous length of 2000 meters per spool
  • Requires careful threading due to transparency
  • May require tension adjustment to avoid breakage
  • Not suitable for machine lock stitches

Thread Weight for Brother Sewing Machine

Thread Weight for Brother Sewing Machine
One of the most important things when working with thread for your Brother sewing machine is its weight. The standard weight will work on most fabrics, while thinner weight is perfect on dainty tissues, and heavier weight is excellent for thick fabrics like denim.

Standard Weight for Most Fabrics

The standard weight thread is usually 40-weight, and this works with most fabrics and projects. It will ensure that your stitches are strong enough for any work without breaking or puckering it. Qualitative sewing threads guarantee durability.

Uses – General Uses: Sewing, embroidery working

  • Materials: Cotton, polyester
  • Thread Gauges: Of uniform thickness
  • Thread Storage: Cool, dry places to prolong thread life

Thinner Weight for Delicate Fabrics

On the other end of the scale, thinner thread weights are used on more delicate fabrics to ensure good stitch quality without damage. These fine threads, ideal for intricate embroidery designs and quilters, especially thread painters, blend invisibly.


Proper thread tension, spool selection—these little things can make all the difference.

Heavier Weight for Thick Fabrics

For thick fabrics like denim or canvas, opt for heavier weight threads. These threads, known for their strength and durability, prevent breakage during sewing. Choose an all-purpose polyester thread for unmatched versatility and reliable performance. It’s essential for ensuring your Brother Sewing Machine handles demanding projects with ease, offering the necessary thread strength for robust seams.

Choosing the Right Thread for Your Project

Choosing the Right Thread for Your Project
The selection should start from knowing thread composition and quality to assure projects of durability and performance. This will make all the difference in the finish and functionality of your sewing projects, right from matching colors with your fabrics through threads that specialize in specific applications.

Thread Composition and Quality

Choose threads based on thread composition and quality for your chosen Brother sewing machine. Use high-quality threads from recognized brands that can offer you the strength and durability required.

Polyester threads would be best since they have color fastness and build very little lint.

Store these threads away from direct sunlight in a cool and dry place.

Proper storage, labeling, and optimum thread tension guarantee reliable and steady stitching.

Thread Color and Matching Fabric

Color matching is the most important thing when selecting thread with your Brother sewing machine. Apply color theory to choose threads complementary or contrasting with the colors of your fabric.

If invisible work is needed, get your thread as close to the dye in the fabric as possible. If you’re bold enough, make it contrastive and pop out.

The correct thread color can elevate a good project into a great one!

Specialty Threads for Specific Applications

While matching thread color is essential, specialty threads expand your creative avenues.

Invisible stitching? Try monofilament thread. Variegated thread adds visual interest in decorative stitching and embroidery applications.

Your Brother machine’s thread sensor and on-screen help make working with these unique threads easier. Use of the needle threading system and thread wiper assures smooth sailing.

The My Custom Design™ feature lets you play with a range of threads easily.

Thread Care and Maintenance

Thread Care and Maintenance
To keep your Brother sewing machine threads in top condition, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and avoid ironing or bleaching them. If your thread becomes tangled, carefully untangle it by hand rather than using scissors or other tools that might damage the fibers.

Storing Thread Properly

Now that you have chosen the right thread for your Brother sewing machine, proper storage is next. Proper storage assures quality braids of threads for machine embroidery and extends their shelf life. Herein are four vital tips on how to store the same:

  1. Keep threads away from dust and dampness using airtight containers.
  2. Organize colored or by type for fast access while working on projects
  3. Keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  4. Thread Racks or Drawer Organizers: Consider them for efficient space management.

Avoiding Ironing and Bleaching

Do not iron or bleach the thread of the Brother sewing machine. Such harsh behavior can weaken the strength of threads and, therefore, affect colorfastness, reflected in your embroidery work.

Hence, storing conditions must be proper so that threads come out with quality and shelf life. Keep your threads away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures; this will help prevent lint buildup at the core and have them ready any time for use on your appliqué creator function or other sewing purposes.

Untangling Thread by Hand

When your thread becomes a tangled mess, don’t panic! Gently untangle it by hand, avoiding harsh tugs that might break the fibers. This careful approach preserves thread quality for your built-in embroidery designs and decorative stitches.

While you’re at it, check your thread storage to prevent future tangles.

Popular Brands for Brother Sewing Machine
When you decide on thread for your Brother sewing machine, you should go with popular leading brands that are known for their ribbons of quality and compatibility. Stemming from proper thread care to perfection in stitches, here are top-notch options. Here is the list of four standout brands one should consider:

  1. Gütermann: Known for durability and extensive color selection
  2. Isacord: Uniformly High Quality, Brilliant Colors
  3. Sulky: Offers the complete range of weights and specialty threads.
  4. Mettler: high-quality threads and constant spooling

These brands are outstanding in their quality evaluation and color selection after great customer reviews most of the time. Otherwise, some may be a bit more expensive than others, but most of the time, if one makes a cost analysis, he’ll find them very reasonable. Most of these are compatible with Brother’s computer connectivity and memory card ability to ensure a smooth operation with your machine’s display and InnovEye™ technology. When choosing thread, think about how it will complement your project’s monogramming font styles so that you have that perfect finish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What thread does Brother recommend?

Brother recommends polyester thread for most sewing projects. It’s durable, colorfast, and produces minimal lint. You’ll find it’s versatile for various fabrics and techniques. For specific tasks, they suggest using specialty threads designed for those purposes.

What is the best sewing machine thread?

You may or may not know that 60 percent of sewing machine problems are due to lousy thread choices. If you want to do things right, you’ll need good-quality polyester thread. Being solid and colorfast, it’s versatile in many applications. For most jobs you handle, Gütermann or Isacord must be your choice.

Is cotton or polyester thread better for a sewing machine?

You’ll find polyester thread‘s your best bet for most sewing machine projects. It’s stronger, more durable, and less prone to shrinkage than cotton. However, cotton’s ideal for natural fabrics and quilting, where its softness shines.

What is the best weight of thread for a sewing machine?

Imagine threading the needle of success! You’ll want to use 40-weight thread for most sewing projects. It’s versatile and works well with a variety of fabrics. For delicate materials, try 50-weight, while heavier fabrics need 30-weight thread.

What threads work with a Brother Sewing Machine?

You’ll find Brother sewing machines work well with polyester and cotton threads. Opt for high-quality, all-purpose threads in 40 or 50 weight. Avoid cheap or old threads, as they can cause lint buildup and machine issues.

Does a brother combination machine have a thread cutter?

Yes, many Brother combination machines feature a thread cutter. You’ll find it conveniently located on the machine’s side or front. It’s a handy tool that’ll save you time and keep your threads neat and tidy.

How do you use a Brother Sewing Machine?

Ready to sew like a pro? Start by threading your Brother machine, selecting your stitch, and adjusting tension. Lower the presser foot, position your fabric, and gently guide it as you sew. Don’t forget to backstitch for security!

What type of thread is compatible with my sewing machine?

You’ll want to use high-quality polyester or cotton thread for your Brother sewing machine. Opt for 40-weight thread for most projects. It’s compatible with a wide range of fabrics and won’t jam your machine.

Can I use serger thread in my Brother sewing machine?

While you can use serger thread in your Brother sewing machine, it’s not ideal. Serger thread is thinner and weaker than regular sewing thread, which may lead to tension issues and weaker seams in your projects.

How often should I change the needle when using metallic thread?

You’ll want to change your needle more frequently when using metallic thread. It’s best to swap it out every 3-4 hours of sewing time or after completing a large project. Keep an eye out for signs of wear.

Will using generic thread void my Brother machines warranty?

Be careful; using a generic thread won’t cancel one’s warranty outright. However, Brother recommends quality threads for assuredness of optimal performance. Low-quality thread resultant issues may have impacts on warranty cover. It’s best to use reputable brands.

Can Brother embroidery machines use regular sewing thread?

You can use regular sewing thread in Brother embroidery machines, but it’s not ideal. For best results, opt for embroidery-specific thread. It’s smoother, stronger, and designed to withstand high-speed stitching without breaking or fraying.

Whats the maximum thread weight my Brother machine can handle?

Did you know 90% of Brother machines handle up to 30-weight thread? Your machine’s likely max is 30-weight, but check your manual. You’ll want to stick with 40-60 weight for most projects. Heavier threads can cause issues.


Threading the needle of success, you’re now equipped to choose the best thread for your Brother sewing machine. From delicate silks to sturdy denims, you’ve learned about thread weights, compositions, and top brands.

Remember to match your thread to your project’s needs, care for it properly, and explore specialty options for unique creations. With these insights, you’ll elevate your sewing projects to new heights.

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