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Brother CS5055PRW Review: the Best Sewing Machine for Beginners (2024)

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brother project runway cs5055prw reviewYou’re frustrated, tossing the tangled heap of thread aside after yet another failed attempt at sewing.

Meanwhile across town, friends effortlessly stitch custom creations on sleek machines that glide like butter.

But your days of frustration end now with the Brother CS5055PRW.

This feature-packed dynamo makes sewing a cinch, even for total beginners.

Its easy setup has you stitching within minutes while the computerized interface walks you through selecting stitches and adjusting settings.

The CS5055PRW handles thick fabrics without hesitation, empowering your creative vision.

Feel the thrill of completing your first project and joining a community bonded by craftsmanship.

With each new creation, your confidence grows until you too are effortlessly sewing custom pieces.

Let the Brother CS5055PRW unlock your inner fashion designer today.

Key Takeaways

  • Wide variety of built-in utility, decorative, buttonhole, and quilting stitches to choose from, up to 850 stitches per minute
  • LCD screen and LED light provide visibility and simplify stitch selection
  • Adjustable settings like needle position, presser foot pressure, and speed control accommodate different fabrics
  • Free arm, dust cover, and carrying handle optimize portability and convenience

Sewing Machine Overview

Sewing Machine Overview
Your new computerized Brother sewing machine is user-friendly yet powerful, with a variety of stitches and settings to unlock your creative potential. Featuring an automatic needle threader, you can have the machine threaded and ready to sew in seconds.

The innovative drop-in bobbin is simple to insert, and the see-through cover makes monitoring thread supply a breeze. The backlit LCD screen clearly displays your selected stitch setting, stitch width and length, and other options at a glance.

With 80 built-in stitches to choose from, you’ll enjoy trying out decorative patterns like scallops and vines or practical stitches like stretch, blind hem, and buttonholes on your projects. The hard cover protects the machine when not in use. Five different presser feet cater to specific techniques like installing zippers, hemming, and button sewing.

At just over 13 pounds, this lightweight machine is easy to transport between sewing stations or classes thanks to the built-in carry handle. With a maximum speed of 850 stitches per minute, you can sail through sewing projects quickly.

From piecing quilts to stitching garments to crafting home decor, this versatile Brother machine will unlock your creativity in sewing and beyond.

Included Accessories

Included Accessories
The handy accessories help you start sewing right away. With this Brother sewing machine, you receive several helpful accessories to begin using your new machine immediately.

  • Buttonhole foot – Easily create uniform buttonholes for shirts, jackets, and crafts.
  • Blind stitch foot – Invisibly hem skirts, trousers, and more. This foot hides the stitching on the fabric’s right side.
  • Zigzag stitches – Give hems, seams, and edges a professional finish. Zigzag stitches prevent fraying.
  • Bobbins – These handy inserts hold the bottom thread. The see-through cover makes monitoring thread supply easy.

Additional handy accessories like needles, a seam ripper, screwdriver, and more provide what you need to thread up and start sewing. With multiple presser feet, you can select the best foot for your current sewing technique.

The buttonhole foot gives reliable buttonhole results when making them on garments and crafts. Try decorative zigzag stitches to embellish projects. The blind stitch foot quickly hems projects. With straight stitches, zigzag stitches, and buttonholes available, you can tackle basic mending, alterations, crafts, quilting, and more.

The included bobbins, threaded with quality thread, help your projects start well. With the handy accessories the versatile Brother sewing machine provides, you’ll be set up for success on day one.

Key Features

Moving from the handy accessories to the most exciting features, the Brother CS5055PRW overflows with creative potential. This computerized sewing machine offers 50 built-in stitches to explore different techniques and custom touches on your projects.

Create heirloom finishes on any garment with built-in satin stitches. Experiment with outline and fill patterns to monogram gifts.

Buttonhole Stitches Decorative Stitches Quilting Stitches
Standard Satin Straight Stitches
Round End Lace Zigzag Stitches
Narrow Cross Stitch Applique Stitches
Keyhole Blanket

When inspiration strikes, five automatic, one-step buttonholes neatly finish shirts, jackets, and crafts with ease. The free arm accommodates sleeves, pant legs, and other cylindrical pieces. Feed dogs smoothly drop away to unveil the machine’s free-motion quilting capabilities.

Glide the fabric for stippling, in the ditch quilting and embellishing your quilted works of art.

You can customize all settings through the easy-view LCD. Adjust stitch length and width for ultimate control over the look of stitches. With a max sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute, projects come together efficiently.

Unleash your creativity with the Brother CS5055PRW. This user-friendly computerized sewing machine overflows with potential to explore your sewing passion.

Built-in Stitches

Built-in Stitches
Discover creative sewing potential with 50 built-in stitches to embroider, quilt, applique, and embellish projects. The Brother CS5055PRW puts a world of decorative stitches at your fingertips. Experiment with satin stitches, cross stitches, and blanket stitches to add dimension to any project.

Practice free-motion techniques with the drop feed dogs. Quilt creatively utilizing straight, zigzag, and applique stitches up to the machine’s top speed of 850 stitches per minute. Accessorize your machine with the included zigzag foot, buttonhole foot, blind stitch foot, zipper foot, and more to expand your creative boundaries.

With an ample variety of stitches, adjustable settings, and convenient features like automatic buttonholes and an easy-view LCD screen, the Brother CS5055PRW empowers sewing enthusiasts to bring their visions to life.

LCD Screen and Buttons

LCD Screen and Buttons
You’ll love geeking out over the hi-tech LCD screen and buttons on this sweet machine! The easily viewable LCD screen makes selecting stitches a breeze with its intuitive interface. Simply tap the designated buttons to scroll through the stitch menu, adjust settings, and more.

Stitch Type Number of Stitches Common Uses
Utility 6 seams, hems, stretch
Buttonhole 5 shirts, jackets, pants
Decorative 38 embellishing, applique
Quilting 7 patchwork, free motion

With a bright LED light to illuminate your work space and a handy quick reference stitch chart, you’ll have all the info you need at your fingertips. The LCD screen gives step-by-step tutorials for threading, bobbin winding, and troubleshooting so even beginners can get sewing with confidence.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, the intuitive controls allow effortless stitch selection and adjustment. Crank up the speed or slow it down depending on your comfort level and project needs.

With so many options immediately accessible, creative freedom awaits! The hi-tech interface takes the intimidation factor out of computerized sewing machines so you can focus on the joy of making.

Automatic Needle Threader

Automatic Needle Threader
Threading this baby’s a breeze with the automatic needle threader. Simply lower the presser foot, push the lever down, and the threader slides the thread right through the needle. No more squinting, frustration, or finger cramps! The needle position can also be easily adjusted with the press of a button for different stitch types.

Whether you want the needle in the left, center, or right position for straight stitching, zippers, a blind hem stitch, or any of the other built-in stitches, you’re covered.

You’ll also love having total control over your sewing speed thanks to the foot pedal. The steel frame and powerful motor allow the machine to smoothly handle projects at up to 850 stitches per minute.

But you can sew slowly and steadily when learning or doing detail work, then speed up for long seams. And if your foot gets tired? No problem – just use the start/stop button to sew without the pedal while maintaining complete speed control.

With user-friendly features like the automatic needle threader, adjustable needle position, speed control, sturdy steel frame, and more, this machine simplifies sewing so you can focus on creativity. Whether making elegant evening gowns or cozy quilts, you’ll breeze through projects with ease and enjoyment.

Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure

Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure
The adjustable presser foot pressure lets you tailor sewing performance for any fabric. For example, decreasing pressure helps sew slippery satin without puckering. While increasing pressure prevents lightweight cotton from tunneling under the foot.

With multiple fabric settings, this computerized Brother machine truly adapts to your project needs. Lower the pressure and the feed dogs with a button for free-motion techniques. Crank it up for heavyweight canvas and denim so the foot firmly grips the surface.

Play with the variable pressure options to find the sweet spot for sewing faux fur or quilt batting without shifting.

Whether you’re sewing with ultrasuede or upholstery-weight vinyl, the Brother CS5055PRW excels across fabric types thanks to customizable pressure. Avoid skipped stitches on stretchy lycra by increasing grip on the material. Prevent thick seams on corduroy or velvet from bulging.

Adjusting pressure on the fly lets you sew a variety of fabrics together creatively. From sheer chiffon to structured brocade, this computerized machine handles it all. With 850 stitches per minute and a sturdy interior metal frame, the CS5055PRW delivers power and precision for serious sewers.

Cranking up the foot pressure enables you to drive needles through heavy canvas tote bags or leather accessories easily. While not as rugged as industrial units, this feature-packed Brother model has the strength and settings for most home sewing demands.

Let your imagination run wild, knowing the fabric versatility empowers virtually any DIY design or decorative vision you may have.

Free Arm for Sewing Sleeves

Free Arm for Sewing Sleeves
Sew sleeves and cuffs easily using the free arm. The free arm on the Brother CS5055PRW Project Runway sewing machine provides a cylindrical surface that lets you easily feed tubular areas like sleeves and pant legs through the machine.

Trying to fit sleeves and other narrow spaces under the flat bed can be awkward and uncomfortable. But the free arm gives you an ergonomically curved shape to slide these hard-to-sew parts around.

No more fighting to line up seams in tight cylinders. The contoured free arm makes it simple to sew in circles and maneuver small openings. With the extension table removed, just glide sleeves onto the rounded arm for perfect positioning.

The increased visibility and maneuverability take frustration out of putting together raglan shirts or tapered pants. You can focus on precision stitching rather than wrestling to align the fabric layers.

The free arm optimizes your sewing area for any project. Quickly swap the flat bed for sleeve construction, then reattach it when hemming or topstitching. This flexibility allows you to reconfigure the Brother CS5055PRW surface area to suit different stages of your project.

Cuff embroidery and sleeve easing are a cinch with dedicated space to roll material around. Whether you’re gathering, assembling, or decorating, the free arm promotes efficiency and convenience.

Performance on Different Fabrics

Performance on Different Fabrics
You’ll tackle light fabrics easily with this machine, but she might struggle when you put thick wools and denim under the presser foot. The CS5055PRW can handle a range of lightweight to mid-weight fabrics without issue.

Sew silk, cotton, linen, and other finer materials effortlessly as the feed dogs glide them through. Adjustable presser foot pressure lets you customize settings for optimum control on delicate materials.

Stitching chiffon and satin will be smooth and pucker-free when you set light pressure.

When working with multiple layers of denim, canvas, or upholstery-weight material, you may need a heavyweight sewing machine. While the CS5055PRW has settings to accommodate thicker fabrics, performance could suffer.

The motor may work harder and stall at times when penetrating heavy seams. Layers of denim can bunch up under the presser foot, so go slowly and guide material by hand for best results. Check your owner’s manual for tips on managing heavyweight fabrics. Consider using lighter needles and threads as well.

Though not designed for heavy duty projects, this versatile sewing machine can handle most medium-weight fabrics for crafts, quilting, garments, and home decor. With some adjustments and patience, you can sew a range of fabrics successfully.

Focus on lighter to mid-weight materials for the best experience. But know the limitations on heavy fabrics before tackling thick coats or upholstery projects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the maximum thickness the sewing machine can handle?

The Brother CS5055PRW can handle a variety of fabrics, but it may struggle with very heavy or dense materials. Consider a heavy duty machine for regularly sewing thick fabrics like canvas or denim. This lightweight model works best with lighter to medium weight fabric projects.

How noisy is the machine when operating?

You’ll find the Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW operates quietly as you sew. The low noise levels allow you to focus on your projects without distraction. Even at high speeds, this machine produces minimal sound thanks to quality engineering.

The smooth operation and quiet performance make this an excellent choice for sewing in close quarters without causing a disturbance.

Does it come with a dust cover or case for storage?

The Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW sewing machine comes with a hard cover to protect it when not in use. Simply slip the cover over the machine when finished sewing for the day. This hard cover helps keep dust and debris off the machine while stored between sewing sessions.

The included accessory helps maintain the machine and keep it operating optimally.

Is there an extension table available to increase the work area?

Unfortunately, Brother does not offer an extension table for the CS5055PRW model. This machine has a decently sized work area, but if you need more space for large projects like quilts, you will have to look into models that come with larger work tables or have extension table options available.

For the CS5055PRW’s limited work area, utilizing the free arm or rolling up larger pieces may assist when sewing bigger items.

Does it have a built-in carrying handle for portability?

Yes, this Brother sewing machine has a built-in carrying handle that allows you to easily transport it. The lightweight plastic housing and compact shape make it very portable, so you can take it with you for sewing classes, craft fairs, or stitching at a friend’s house.

The handle folds away neatly when not in use, so it won’t get in the way during use. This added portability feature makes the CS5055PRW an even more versatile and convenient machine for sewers and quilters.


Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Review

The Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW is one of the best-selling sewing machines on the market in 2023, and for good reason. With its ample built-in stitches, easy-to-read LCD screen, automatic needle threader, and adjustable presser foot, this versatile machine delivers high performance and ease of use.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or intermediate sewer, the CS5055PRW provides the features you need to take on various fabrics and sewing projects confidently so you can create beautiful garments and crafts to feel proud of.

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