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Singer Quantum Stylist 9980 – a Comprehensive Review (2023)

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When I first began to stitch, I quickly found out that you not only need to grasp the various techniques, but you likewise must pick from a variety of tools, such as scissors and also needles.

Larger tools, like your embroidery device, can verify to be a hefty financial investment. That being said, it’s necessary to do extensive study prior to spending hundreds on any type of machine.

Today we’re going to take a thorough consider the Singer Quantum Stylist 9980. Our comprehensive review should help you make an extra educated choice throughout your acquiring process.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Sewing Machine

Embroidery makers were developed to make the work of a seamstress much easier. After all, it’s obvious that the stitching equipment is much faster than sewing by hand. Experts and also enthusiasts alike can achieve much quicker results by utilizing a high-grade device.

There are numerous, lots of other brands and designs of sewing equipments aside from the Singer 9980, including various other Singer models. So, just how is one person expected to differentiate amongst all of the features?

Before you also assume concerning diving into brand specifics, there are a couple of basics that you can consider prior to you buy a brand-new maker.

If you’re a beginner, you may not understand that several of the best features to consist of in a sewing machine are:

  • Steel complete rotating hooks
  • An equipment that opens up
  • An open arm
  • Global stress
  • Threading makers
  • Reduced amounts of plastic construction

Every one of the above alternatives make it simpler to make use of, keep, and also tidy your equipment, making certain that it lasts you a long period of time and makes your life easier.

Another location you need to think about is your stitch alternatives. Any kind of excellent embroidery maker will certainly come outfitted to execute the following fundamental stitches:

  • Straight stitch
  • Zig Zag
  • Stretch Straight
  • Tri-Motion
  • Blind Hem
  • Switch Hole

These are some of the most typical stitches utilized by sewing enthusiasts.

Ultimately, another vital consideration to make is whether you want a mechanical or digital device. Digital devices are generally more recent versions that make stitch modifications for you at the touch of a button. With a mechanical device, you need to readjust your stitches using dials. In basic electronic makers tend to be more heavy-duty, allowing you to work with heavier materials, including denim as well as natural leather.

Beyond these three considerations, other information you might favor include size, weight, and also your personal spending plan. A strong guarantee is additionally a plus, as fixings can be expensive.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9980 Summary

What makes the Singer Quantum Stylist 9980 such a fantastic sewing machine is that it has all the sophisticated technology you could desire in a machine while remaining extremely easy to use. This computerized tool is lightweight, simple to make use of, as well as feature-dense.

Just a few of the amazing attributes you can anticipate from this maker include:

  • 820 Stitches
  • Sitch memories
  • Start, quit, speed control
  • Automatic threader/cutter
  • Stitching assistant
  • 13 presser feet
  • Needle controls
  • Lots of accessories

We’ll study these functions more thorough later on.

The Singer Quantum household is chock packed with high-quality machines, which can make it tougher to choose which version is best for you. Similar versions, such as the Singer 9960 and the Singer 9985, are mosting likely to be reputable, strong, and very easy to utilize.

All 3 of these models include digital operation, an automated needle threader, sew manipulation, automatic/manual stress modification, and also an average speed of 850 stitches per min. They likewise all evaluate the very same at 20 extra pounds.

Generally, you may find more benefits and also attributes with the other two models, yet you’ll be paying a little bit much less for the 9980. And also given that many of the features are similar, you will not be losing out on much.

Attributes Benefits

As we discussed above, the Singer 9980 comes loaded with plenty of functions that the ordinary sewer can enjoy. Allow’s flesh these out some extra so you can absolutely understand the degree of this equipment.


Earlier, we discussed the relevance of stitching equipment, consisting of several of one of the most basic stitches. The Singer Quantum Stylist 9980 exceeds all expectations by consisting of not simply a few but thousands of stitches– 820, to be specific.

Here are the stitches that comprise that number:

  • 776 ornamental stitches
  • 10 basic stitches
  • 13 buttonholes
  • 5 alphabets/numbers
  • 21 stretch stitches

Are all of these stitches needed? Possibly not– however it certain is wonderful to have choices, particularly if you’re a person who likes to try out new styles. That being said, the fundamental stitches are definitely necessary, while a lot of the decorative stitches behave for quilters.

On top of the consisted of stitches, the Singer 9980 also supplies stitch memory. This intuitive feature allows users to create as well as save personalized layouts and patterns, which really allow the innovative juices to move. You can save these stitch mixes as well as even edit them in the future if you pick.

Automatic Threader/Cutter

Manual threading is a distant memory, and in the past, it needs to stay. Automatic threading makes your jobs run a great deal smoother by eliminating the demand to by hand thread your needle. This, combined with the drop-in bobbin style, can save a great deal of migraines.

The automatic thread cutter is simply one less convenient attribute that sets well with the threader and also serves to make your life a little much easier. With fewer points to bother with, you can begin enjoying the procedure again.

Presser Feet Options

The presser foot attachment on your stitching maker is an unbelievably essential yet often unnoticed part of the procedure. Its job is to hold your fabric down flat as it experiences the maker as well as getting sewn.

Without the presser foot, it would be challenging to maintain your textile good and flat.

The Singer 9980 actually includes 13 different presser feet, that make each and every project that a lot smoother. They consist of:

  • All-purpose
  • Zipper
  • Blind Hem
  • Satin Stitch
  • Buttonhole
  • Overcasting
  • Also Feed/Walking
  • Open Toe
  • Cording
  • Quarter Inch
  • Button Sewing
  • Narrow Rolled Hem

Primarily, you have every presser foot you can ever before possibly require with this design.

As well as while we’re on the subject, the presser foot additionally comes with a sensor and also a seven-segment feed system to support appropriate positioning and fabric control.

Stop, Start, Reverse, and Speed Control

The key features of this equipment allow you to easily regulate a number of operations at the touch of a button– something that older devices can not compete with.

The start/stop switch lets you sew without utilizing the foot control, which some people might like. You merely push the begin button to start and also push the very same switch to quit.

You can additionally control the rate of your sewing, reaching as fast as 850 stitches per min. This function allows novices to start slow-moving, while knowledgeable seamstresses can do at a higher rate.

Finally, a reverse touch switch lets you stitch backwards so you can connect off and also secure your stitches at the start or end of a seam.


Possibly one of the best highlights of this sewing machine is the large range of accessories that it comes with. Simply to call a few, you’ll get needles, bobbins, a joint ripper, a lint brush, an auxiliary spindle pin, and also a spool pin felt.

You also get screwdrivers, string spool caps, and an edge/quilting overview in addition to a soft dirt cover to safeguard your machine when it’s not being used.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like with any kind of stitching maker, the Singer Quantum Stylist 9980 has both its advantages and disadvantages. By comparing these things with ones from various other devices, you can choose which one is the right option for you.


  • Easy to use with adjustable setups for newbies as well as experienced users
  • Built-in stitching aides to aid prepare and also full projects
  • Numerous sewing alternatives to match every demand
  • Numerous presser feet for every single task require
  • Simple automated attributes, such as threading as well as reducing
  • Basic start/stop operation
  • Backlit LED screen
  • A wide selection of consisted of devices
  • Strong, durable, and also strong


  • Greater cost point
  • The maker trembles more than others while being used
  • Numerous digital functions might be difficult to discover

Last Thoughts

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9980 is a terrific device that newbies can find out to use pretty promptly as well as easily. With lots of included features and accessories, a lot of beginners will possibly involve discovering that there’s lots they won’t use, which may be a deterrent to somebody that’s looking to invest a little much less.

That being claimed, it’s tough to refuse points like the automated attributes, the intelligent LED display, lots of sewing choices, as well as whatever else this equipment needs to supply.

Do not just take our word for it. Take a look at the Singer 9980 today here for a full list of functions, item information, and also prices alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are simply a couple of frequently asked inquiries we’ve stumbled upon throughout our research. Inspect them out to address any lingering inquiries you might have.

Does the Singer 9980 included a warranty?

Yes. All Singer brand sewing makers come with a 25-year restricted guarantee.

Is the Singer 9980 ideal for beginners?

Yes. Though the Singer 9980 includes several advanced attributes, it is very user-friendly as well as coming with several automated features that make it very easy to find out as well as make use of.

Exactly how large is the Singer 9980

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9980 steps 17 inches long, 25 inches vast, and also 12 inches high. It evaluates 20 pounds.

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