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Best Brother Sewing Machines: Reviews, Comparisons & More (2024)

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best brother sewing machineAre you looking for the best Brother sewing machine to help make your creative dreams come true? With so many options available, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which one is right for you. Fortunately, this article will explain everything from considerations before purchasing a Brother sewing machine, how much they cost, and what sets them apart from other brands.

Key Takeaways

  • Consider the type of machine (mechanical vs. computerized) and the included features (automatic needle threader, buttons vs. hands-free sewing) before purchasing a Brother sewing machine.
  • Take into account the price range, as Brother offers entry-level mechanical machines starting at $100, computerized machines for beginners ranging from $150 to $200, intermediate models priced between $200 and $300, and high-end computerized machines with embroidery capabilities priced at $300 and above.
  • Brother has a strong reputation for high-quality stitches, user-friendly features, affordability, durability (metal frames and steel components), and innovative features such as work lights, knee lifts, and quick-set bobbins. They also offer versatility with hundreds of built-in stitches and accessories, backed by a century of experience.
  • Consider the warranty coverage (parts, labor, electrical components), and duration (ranging from 1 to 25 years depending on the model) when purchasing a Brother sewing machine.

Considerations Before Purchasing a Brother Sewing Machine

Considerations Before Purchasing a Brother Sewing Machine
Before purchasing a Brother sewing machine, consider which features are most important for your needs. Do you prefer mechanical simplicity or computerized stitch selection and settings? An automatic needle threader saves time and frustration, while a one-step buttonhole function delivers professional results every time.

The inclusion of multiple presser feet greatly expands a machine’s capabilities.

Mechanical Vs. Computerized

You’ll need to consider your budget and expected use when deciding between a mechanical or computerized Brother sewing machine since computerized models have more features but can be pricier. However, computerized machines make complex tasks like creating buttonholes easier.

With a computerized machine, you can select stitches and settings on an LCD screen. Mechanical models rely on manually adjusting knobs and dials. Computerized machines provide guided sewing, but mechanicals offer ruggedness.

You will pay more for a computerized model, but the advanced functionality may be worth it for avid sewing.

Automatic Needle Threader

With an automatic needle threader, threading is a breeze on Brother sewing machines. This handy feature guides the thread through the eye effortlessly, eliminating eye strain and frustration. It makes sewing setup quicker and easier, particularly beneficial for beginners, the elderly, or those with vision challenges.

Automatic threaders simplify threading and are not essential but a convenient add-on that boosts convenience across Brother models like the CS6000i and HC1850. For hassle-free threading, consider a Brother sewing machine with this user-friendly function.

Buttons Vs. Hands-Free Sewing

When shopping for a Brother sewing machine, consider whether button controls or hands-free options better suit your needs. Many Brother models offer a start/stop button that keeps your hands free while sewing.

This allows you to guide the fabric instead of operating buttons. However, some prefer dial controls for precise stitch selection and thread tension adjustments. Test drive both types. Focus on the accessories, like free motion feet, to maximize hands-free sewing.

Included Presser Feet

The assortment of presser feet opens up creative possibilities, like a sewing machine magician pulling rabbits from a hat.

  • Zipper Foot: Glides along zipper teeth for even application.
  • Buttonhole Foot: Ensures uniform buttonhole stitches, stitch by stitch.
  • Button Sewing Foot: Holds buttons in place for easy attachment.
  • Zigzag Foot: Provides room for stitches to move freely.
  • Blind Hem Foot: Makes invisible hems along garment edges.

When selecting Brother sewing machine models, consider the included presser feet for versatility. Certain accessories expand a machine’s functionality and mastery for creative sewers.

Buttonhole Construction Process

You’ll save time with Brother’s one-step buttonholes compared to those requiring four steps on other machines. Simply attach the buttonhole foot and select the style. The machine sews both sides of the buttonhole in one motion.

There is no need to sew back and forth multiple times or manually adjust the buttonhole width. With a variety of buttonhole styles and stitches, sewing personalized, professional-looking buttonholes is fast and easy on Brother’s feature-packed sewing machines.

Are Brother Sewing Machines Any Good?

Are Brother Sewing Machines Any Good
Only you can determine if the sacred bond with a Brother will nurture your creative spirit as you stitch through life’s tapestry. Many users praise Brother sewing machines for their variety of high-quality stitches, user-friendly features, and affordable prices.

However, some find the plastic body flimsy or automatic needle threader unreliable.

Compare features like stitch selection, built-in embroidery, and workspace size across Brother models and other brands. For most home sewers, Brother represents solid value, with an excellent warranty and capabilities rivaling pricier machines.

While no device is perfect, Brother’s proven reputation suggests most users can master their craft with capable guidance from this trusted instructor. Heed reviews, but also your inner voice guiding you to growth through mastery of this meditative art.

What is the Brother Warranty?

What is the Brother Warranty
Thanks for the summary on Brother sewing machines. Since you’re considering investing in one, you’d want to know that the Brother warranty covers parts, labor, and electrical/electronic components against defects in materials or workmanship for a certain period.

The standard limited warranty on most Brother sewing machines ranges from 1 year to 2 years. Some higher-end computerized machines offer up to a 25-year limited warranty on the chassis. Brother sewing machine dealers also provide value-added warranty benefits like free tune-ups and sewing classes.

Just keep in mind the warranty has limitations and may not cover normal wear and tear, improper use, or lack of maintenance. The duration and coverage vary by model, so check the specifics before buying. Ultimately, the Brother warranty provides reassuring protection on your investment in their quality machines.

How Much Do Brother Sewing Machines Cost?

How Much Do Brother Sewing Machines Cost
The price of Brother sewing machines typically ranges from $100 to $350+, so there’s an affordable option for every budget.

  • Entry-level mechanical machines start around $100.
  • Computerized machines for beginners are $150-$200.
  • Intermediate models with more built-in stitches cost $200-$300.
  • High-end computerized machines with embroidery can be $300+.

Brother offers sewing machines for all budgets. Basic mechanical models provide essential features at a low price point. Moving up, computerized machines add versatility and options for beginners. Intermediate sewers benefit from additional built-in stitches and functions.

For maximum creativity, top-of-the-line computerized Brother machines deliver premium features like embroidery and advanced stitch editing capabilities. With such a wide range of prices, every sewer can find a Brother machine that fits their budget.

What Sets Brother Sewing Machines Apart From the Rest

What Sets Brother Sewing Machines Apart From the Rest
You feel bonded to Brother as their machines nurture your creative spirit. Choice matters when investing in a sewing machine. Brother stands apart from other brands through their reliable, innovative machines.

Feature Brother Machines
Innovative Features Bright work lights, knee lifts, large sewing beds, quick-set bobbins.
Durability Metal frames, steel components.
User Friendly Automatic threading, adjustable settings, LCD screens.
Versatile Options Hundreds of built-in stitches, wide range of accessories.
Brand Reputation Century of experience.

With features that make sewing creative explorations easier, Brother nurtures the liberation of your inner artist.

Brother’s reputation speaks for itself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I thread a Brother sewing machine? Check your manual for a visual threading diagram specific to your model. Most have easy threading systems involving raising the presser foot and following guides to loop the thread. The needle threader does the tricky part. Consult a tutorial if you get stuck.

To thread your Brother sewing machine, remember this simple concept: follow the guides. Raise the presser foot and thread the thread through each numbered guide, using the automatic needle threader for the final step.

Your manual can provide a threading diagram specific to your model. If needed, consult a tutorial as the thread path varies on each machine.


With a variety of models to choose from, Brother sewing machines offer a great option for all skill levels. From basic mechanical to advanced computerized machines, Brother has the perfect machine for everyone’s needs and budget.

The Brother warranty is one of the best in the industry, offering up to 25 years of limited warranty coverage.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert sewer, Brother sewing machines offer the features and quality you need to get the job done. With a little research and a bit of patience, you can find the perfect Brother sewing machine to suit your needs.

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