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Brother St531hd Sewing Machine Review – is It Really Tough? (2023)

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Even although I adore sewing machines, I do not envy folks who are on the lookout for a new one particular. There are dozens of primary brand names out there, every single of which has hundreds of lines and designs. Even if you are not prepared to devote a hefty sum on a machine, you are in for rather a bit of digging to discover an excellent model. Also a lot of functions will confuse you and mess up the understanding curve. Also, handful of are probable to confine you. Computerized machines have hundreds of stitches and a lot of automated functions – as very well as a lot of issues that can go incorrect. Mechanical ones are less costly to resolve, but are normally lacking in functions. Industrial beasts are normally loud, high priced and robust, whereas transportable ones can truly feel like toys.

Your grandma had a significantly less complicated selection. A handful of brand names with a handful of designs. She produced her selection and was caught with it for the rest of her sewing job. Not, that she was unhappy with it, although. These issues had been developed to final, and a lot of a sewist has produced her 1st stitches on her grandma’s sturdy previous workhorse.

Currently I am creating an in depth review of Brother ST531HD , for individuals of you who have stumbled on it and are now thinking about it as their 1st or subsequent machine. This model’s total identify is Brother ST531HD Powerful Challenging Sewing Machine, and for a very good purpose. It will punch by means of 6 layers of denim rather very easily . And it will do so with no ever endangering your fingers, thanks to the metal finger guard. Study on to understand what else it can and can’t do.

Brother Sewing Machine ST531HD – Overview and Attributes

A single appear at the model’s specs will not overwhelm you with tons of functions. This machine is not a do-it-all, nor does it pretend to be. Here’s what you can count on from it.

  • 53 developed-in stitches . If you are a novice sewist, it is significantly far more than you will need to have correct now. Even sophisticated sewists will not have significantly to complain about, except if their former machine had hundreds of stitches that they frequently applied. But in that situation, they almost certainly will not even contemplate this one particular. To decide on a stitch, only flip the dial on the side to match the stitch variety.
  • 6 accessory feet . Incorporated are buttonhole, button sewing, spring action zigzag, zipper, non-stick, and blind stitch foot. That is far more than sufficient to get you begun.
  • Automated needle threading program . This attribute is common for higher-finish designs, and I’m normally thrilled to discover it in a very affordable line this kind of as this one particular. Guide needle threading can be this kind of discomfort, specially for sewists struggling from vision problems.
  • LED lights . This is to make absolutely sure your functioning region is normally vibrant, even when you get the job done at evening.
  • Swift-set prime drop-in bobbin . It is one particular of individuals functions that Brother is proud of. Nevertheless, it is not current in all of their designs, so I appreciated discovering it right here. A note of warning right here: make absolutely sure to only use bobbins designated for this model.
  • Optimum sewing velocity is 800 stitches per minute . It is a normal velocity, as far as transportable machines are concerned. It is nowhere close to an industrial sewing machine, but it will get the task carried out.
  • Adjustable stitch length and width . It is straightforward to set this up – just use the dial on the prime of the machine.
  • Adjustable thread stress . It also has a specific dial that you can use for dealing with distinctive amounts of material thickness.
  • Reverse stitching . You can flip it on with a specific lever. This solution is good for reinforcing your stitch.
  • Free of charge arm solution . It is good for sewing cuffs, sleeves, legs, and other regions that would otherwise be difficult to accessibility. Small infant clothing also come to thoughts.
  • Metal finger guard . I would say this attribute tends to make the machine safe and sound for little ones, but even grownup sewists can get harm if they are not mindful. These needles are quick! So, this guard really should come in useful, so you can take it easy although sewing. This guard is also removable, for individuals of you who are not anxious.
  • Accessory storage . It is in a removable portion of the base. Even although it is not massive, it can nonetheless hold some of your most essential add-ons, this kind of as spare bobbins, needles and other small things that are straightforward to reduce.
  • Metal interior frame . Most machines inside of this rate selection are plastic from prime to bottom, the two on the within and outdoors, producing this attribute that significantly far more precious.
  • Metal needle plate enables for smooth material feeding . This aspect is one particular of the most essential and exposed elements. If it had been produced of plastics, it would have been susceptible to straightforward breaking. And it is rather difficult to exchange. This kind of as it is, it is not only far more sturdy, but also good for the materials.
  • Hefty duty needles come incorporated in the package deal . You will get a 3-piece needle set (sizes 11, 14, and sixteen), as very well as a twin needle.

What Do Customers Say?

ST531HD sewing needle Purchaser opinions are not extremely straightforward to discover for this model, and they are usually quick. It suggests that the model hasn’t been extremely well-known with twists, even although the producer is the U.S. favored when in contrast to rivals.

The scarce variety of opinions is almost certainly due to the truth that the model is rather new. It was launched back in 2017, so consumers haven’t had sufficient chance to check it out.

What small consumer opinions we could discover are largely good. Customers are rather pleased with the machine ‘s efficiency when it comes to repairing jeans and quilting. Other individuals complain that the machine is not as hefty-duty as one particular would hope. But we can not even count on it to be, thinking about the rate and the truth that it is transportable. If you need to have a workhorse that will labor for hrs with no breaking a sweat, you really should contemplate an industrial machine.

Some consumers complain that the plastic elements are straightforward to break and difficult to exchange, even with the guarantee in spot.

A good matter that everyone agrees on is that the machine is extremely straightforward to set up and use.

What We Like About This Machine

  • Even although it is not a real hefty-duty machine, it is rather robust. The “Tough and Strong” label are not a scam. You will not have difficulty sewing by means of thick resources this kind of as denim or corduroy (even several layers of it). As for complicated and dense resources this kind of as leather, I am not that impressed. But far more on that in the con’s part.
  • Two feet for managing several layers of material and/or complicated materials. The spring action zigzag foot discounts with several layers or various amounts of thickness. The machine even has a non-stick foot, which will permit gliding by means of leather – no need to have for hacks this kind of as placing scotch tape or infant powder above your typical presser foot.
  • The metal finger guard is a great attribute. I know a lot of a sewist, myself incorporated, who has harm their finger at least after in their sewing job. This protective attribute tends to make the machine good for your little ones also, if they are into sewing.
  • It is a sturdy contraption. Even although it is safe and sound for little ones, this machine is not a toy. On the outdoors, it is produced of plastics. Nevertheless, the interior frame is produced of metal, so it will be far more sturdy and secure, with no any wobbling or shaking although in use.
  • A range of stretch stitch patterns. The machine handles the two thick and thin materials, but it also gives good success with stretchy materials – specially if you pair individuals stitches with stretch needle.
  • The stitches are powerful and even. Even although this really should come by default, you’d be amazed how unusual it in fact is with less costly machines this kind of as this one particular. The stitches are good and uniform on the two sides, even when it comes to thick or stretchy resources.
  • Quick to set up. You will get the two a printed and a DVD directions guide, which tend to make setup a breeze. The automated needle threading is straightforward thanks to the DVD, as very well as self-explanatory guides and labels printed on the machine. The needle threading is advertised as automated. I wouldn’t say it is completely automated, but it is nonetheless extremely straightforward to use, as very well as bobbin winding.
  • Respectable buttonhole programs. It tends to make good buttonholes at a correct dimension, and will work rather very well.
  • Quite very affordable. So significantly so that you can even contemplate it as your secondary sewing machine. It is not extremely hefty (relatively above 14 lbs), so you will be ready to carry it all-around.

What We Do not Like About This Machine

  • It will not do a very good task with leather. Dimension 18 needles will not match with this machine. Even although they market the machine as virtually hefty-duty workhorse, it will not consider any needles above dimensions 16. And you may possibly need to have individuals for sewing on leather that is really dense. For the sake of total fairness – dimension 16 will do a rather very good task on thinner leather. If you solely sew with leather, on the other hand, this is far from excellent sewing machine for you. The needle will jam and make for an irritating encounter.
  • Not the best selection for novices. Adjustable thread stress, stitch length and width and other functions are extremely hassle-free for seasoned sewists who know what they are executing. Nevertheless, newbies may possibly have a difficult time figuring these out, and they are in for some unpleasant trials and mistakes.
  • For a purportedly hefty-duty model, the optimum sewing velocity could have been greater. With the optimum of 800 stitches per minute, you will not be ready to enhance your productivity sufficiently to suit your sewing enterprise.
  • All the elements are plastic. As I explained, I enjoy that the interior frame is metal. But it would be good to have some important elements also produced of metal. It would include to the sturdiness.
  • The LED lights could have been far more vibrant. And that is real for most Brother designs that I’ve had a probability to try out out. I’m not absolutely sure why they are so persistent with putting in these dim lights when it is not an expensive attribute.
  • No protective situation. You will have to buy it individually to defend your machine from dust.

Last Verdict – Really should You Acquire It?

ST531HD sewing accessories As normally, the verdict largely depends on what variety of machine and efficiency you in fact need to have.

If you are seeking for a fancy machine with tons of bells and whistles, you are in for a bit of disappointment. This machine only provides the fundamentals, but what it does, it does rather decently.

Based mostly on what I’ve viewed, I would say that this machine will be an outstanding selection for individuals sewing fanatics or hobbyists who normally need to have to tackle tasks with thicker resources . Even although it is not a serious hefty-duty machine, it nonetheless outperforms your normal transportable machine. All elements are mechanical and there are no touch screens or any other computerized components that could go incorrect. All in all, I am rather absolutely sure that this machine really should final at least for a handful of many years (far more than sufficient to pay out itself off), in spite of the truth that it is largely plastic.

If you feel it is very good for you but the rate tag does not agree with your wallet, you can select its direct predecessor Brother ST371HD . It comes with fewer stitches and customizations, but it is nonetheless one particular of the best Brother designs inside of this rate selection.

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