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Brother XL2610 Sewing Machine Review 2024

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Sewing machine got you in a tangle? Don’t sweat it! Unraveling all the features and accessories of the Brother XL2610 doesn’t have to be a thread-pulling chore.

You want freedom to create and this could be your machine – it’s designed to be super easy to use, even for beginners. But with its variety of stitches and presser feet, you’ll find fresh inspiration to make anything from quilts to clothing with flair.

We’ll guide you through what comes with the XL2610 sewing machine so you understand how to unleash your creativity. From threading to troubleshooting, we’ll cover the basics so you can focus on feeling that satisfaction when the pieces come together.

Just think – soon you could go from pattern to garment in no time. So give the XL2610 a good look before you get tangled in any other models.

This little Brother may be the ideal machine to sew up some freedom and belonging through your next project.

Key Takeaways

Introducing the Brother XL2610

Introducing the Brother XL2610
You’re gonna love this cute little sewing machine! The Brother XL2610 is the perfect investment for stitching newbies. With 25 built-in stitches and 59 stitch functions, it’s got all the basics you need for starting out.

Customize stitches for decor projects, quilting basics – even utility sewing with the presser feet included.

The XL2610 offers a nice variety and versatility for the price. And Brother stands behind it with their 25 year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Manual threading and winding takes some getting used to, but reviewers say once you get the hang of it, the XL2610 is super easy to use.

It’s lightweight, portable, and has everything you need to begin your sewing adventures!

Brother XL2610 Key Features

Brother XL2610 Key Features
Let’s dive into some of the best features of the Brother XL2610. You’ll find an array of utility stitches, versatile presser feet, and ease of use functions to make sewing a breeze.

With 25 built-in stitches and 59 functions, you can take on basic sewing and crafts with ease. The included presser feet allow you to tackle various fabrics and techniques like hems, zippers, and buttonholes.

Features like the automatic needle threader and drop-in bobbin simplify setup so you can get sewing faster. The XL2610 has all the key necessities covered to start stitching up creations right out of the box.

Utility Stitches

The Brother XL2610 allows you to tackle any sewing project with its wide variety of handy utility stitches. With 25 built-in stitches, you can sew seams, add topstitching, attach zippers or trim – plus customize stitch length and width to suit your needs.

The XL2610 comes with seam allowance templates, a seam ripper, fabric markers and more, providing all the tools to select stitches and create successful items.

Presser Feet

Get creative with the six snap-on presser feet included with your XL2610. The general purpose foot handles everyday sewing needs. The zipper foot makes inserting zippers a breeze. The buttonhole foot automates buttonholes for fast, uniform results.

The button sewing foot simplifies attaching buttons. The blind stitch foot creates invisible hems. The zigzag foot provides needed stability for decorative stitching. With this assortment of presser feet, you can take on any project, from dresses to pillows and everything between.

Ease of Use Features

Even as a rookie, the sewing realm’s welcoming arms envelope you via this machine’s automatic threader and cutter.

  • Quickly master stitches with the step buttonhole and dial stitch selection.
  • Expand your repertoire down the road with additional feet and needles.
  • Follow along with online tutorials for specialized techniques like ruffles.

With user-friendly features like the automatic needle threader and bobbin winder, as well as an array of stitches at your fingertips, you’ll be sewing up a storm in no time.

What’s in the Box

When openin’ up your new Brother XL2610 sew machine, ya get a manual, accessory feet, needles, bobbins, screwdriver, and more inside to get ya started. The XL2610 comes with a general purpose foot for most fabrics, a zipper foot for insertin’ zippers, needles for stitchin’ multiple layers, and bobbins for alternate thread types.

The manual has tips on stabilizer recommendations, spool pin options, stitchin’ with different presser feet, and handlin’ thicker fabrics. So with the basics provided, you’ll be ready to start sewin’ and personalizin’ projects in no time.

Ya can always experiment with more presser feet, threads, and techniques as ya get comfortable stitchin’ up creations on your new XL2610.

Sewing Accessories

Sewing Accessories
Y’all best be stockin’ up on notions to transform your stitches, pardner. A sewing machine’s just a horse, but the accessories are the saddle and reins. Invest in quality stabilizers so your stitches stay put without bunchin. Clip holders keep all them patterns in place while ya cut.

Leather needles make short work of thick hides. Fringe cutters snap blanket edges into pretty tassels.

Pattern weights stop fabric slippin’ while ya cut precise shapes. Change presser feet to fancy up your stitches. A ruffler foot gathers fabric quick as can be. A twin needle stitches two parallel lines at once.

So expand your saddlebag of notions until your machine’s ready to ride any trail.

Reviews From Users

Reviews From Users
Howdy sewists! After fancyin’ up your stitches with notions, it’s time to saddle up on the Brother XL2610. This trusty machine’s great for beginning your sewing journey. Watch tutorials, then start stitchin’ simple projects.

The XL2610 may hit some bumps, like noisy operation or plastic parts. But its lightweight design and easy setup make it a reliable first horse.

This stead’s got a 25 year warranty, so Brother’s got your back. Overall it earns an average 4 star rating from 120+ reviews.

But most agree – for basic stitchin’ and a low price, the XL2610 takes the first steps comfortably.

The Pros

The Pros
You’ll conveniently handle basic sewing projects with the lightweight XL2610’s automatic features and multiple built-in stitches. This versatile machine offers design flexibility with 25 built-in stitches like zigzag, blind hem, and elastic.

The variety of stitches gives creative potential for stitching different fabrics. Adjust tension settings as needed for straight or zigzag stitching. Use the free arm to maneuver sleeves and cuffs. Take advantage of the built-in buttonholer and needle threader when hemming pants or sewing on buttons.

While limited for advanced techniques, the XL2610 provides a solid foundation for learning sewing basics.

The Cons

The Cons
You’d encounter some minor frustrations with the XL2610’s loud operation and plastic parts. Threading the needle and bobbin is simple, but the machine’s minimal speed control and awkward foot pedal make it tricky to maintain an even pace.

The plastic housing also feels flimsy compared to metal machines. For basic mending and general sewing, the XL2610 offers solid performance.

By reading the manual and online reviews, you can better understand this entry-level model’s capabilities. Priced under $150 at retailers like Amazon and Joann, it delivers core features that suit beginners.

The XL2610 won’t satisfy advanced sewers, yet provides fundamental skills to start simple projects.

Manual and Support

Manual and Support
Getting started is a snap since the XL2610’s printed manual and online tutorials provide clear guidance. You’ll breeze through initial setup thanks to the machine’s labeled parts and illustrated booklet.

Anytime you need help with troubleshooting, stitch problems, thread jams, accessory compatibility, or tension adjustments, simply reference the manual. The Brother support site also offers tips on utilizing the twin needle, zigzag, blind hem, shell tuck, elastic and other built-in stitches.

Read through the well-organized contents table and bookmark key pages. With clear instructions, diagrams, and videos, you’ll get sewing in no time.

Between the onboard guidance and handy online resources, solutions are just a flip of a page away.

Who is the Brother XL2610 For?

Who is the Brother XL2610 For
Folks, this lightweight Brother model’s a stitch saver for new sewers wanting basic abilities without complexity. It’s the ideal practice machine if you’re just starting out. With simple settings, automatic features, and illustrated instructions, it’s suitable for beginners.

Yet, it provides a good selection of stitches to spark creativity. Use the built-in zigzag, blind hem, and stretch options for nice projects. It’s the perfect travel sewing companion too. Take it along in the RV or stash it in a suitcase for vacation.

The XL2610 makes a great starter model or gift for someone new to sewing. It delivers easy operation without overwhelming. With just enough functions to get going, you’ll gain experience before upgrading later.

This nicely-priced machine lets beginners get their feet wet without jumping into the deep end.

How Does It Compare to Other Models?

How Does It Compare to Other Models
Stacked against similar starter machines, this lightweight model packs extra abilities for the price.

  1. Easy threading and bobbin winding make setup a breeze.
  2. Adjustable stitch width and length provide more creative options.
  3. The automatic needle threader saves frustration and eye strain.
  4. The free arm helps when sewing cuffs and pant legs.
  5. The included instructional DVD guides you through getting started.

The Brother XL2610 exceeds expectations for beginners wanting user-friendly operation with handy abilities. Its lightweight design offers portability. The automatic thread cutter, needle threader and buttonholer simplify tasks while 25 stitches and 59 functions add creative versatility.

With illustrated guidance and adjustable settings, it empowers novices to learn sewing basics, tackle simple projects and unleash their inner craftsperson. For an affordable starter machine, the XL2610’s selection of stitches, automatic features and ease of use help beginners dip their toes into sewing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the maximum thickness the Brother XL2610 can sew through?

You’ll have plenty of leeway with the Brother XL2610’s ability to sew through thick layers. This hardy little workhorse handily handles multiple layers of denim, canvas, and other heavy-duty fabrics up to 5/16 thick.

With the XL2610 by your side, you’ll breeze through quilting, apparel construction, and home decor projects requiring substantial, sturdy seams.

Does the Brother XL2610 have an extension table or sewing surface extensions?

Unfortunately, the Brother XL2610 does not come with an extension table or expandable sewing surface. With its compact size, you’ll have to get creative when handling large or bulky projects. Look into portable options that can be added on when needed. Obtaining one with the right dimensions can really maximize your sewing space with this model.

What is the Brother XL2610’s stitch width and stitch length range?

You’ll delight in the XL2610’s versatile stitch options. This nimble machine dances across fabrics with a 4mm stitch width, letting you zigzag with ease. The 4-step buttonhole style sews automatic buttonholes for flawless finishing. With a custom stitch length from 1-4mm, each stitch glides smoothly as you sew.

How noisy is the Brother XL2610 when sewing?

You’ll find the XL2610 makes some noise while sewing, which isn’t unusual for an entry-level machine. The humming of the motor and mechanisms may be bothersome if sewing late at night. However, it is far from the loudest model available. Overall, the noise level should not be a dealbreaker if you are looking for an affordable, user-friendly starter sewing machine.

Does the Brother XL2610 have a hard carrying case available for purchase?

Unfortunately, the Brother XL2610 does not come with or have a hard carrying case available for purchase. However, there are some nice soft portable tote bags that allow you to easily transport it.


Like a dream come true, the Brother XL2610 floats into your life, ready to satisfy your embroidery aspirations! This user-friendly sewing sidekick makes learning to sew a breeze with automatic threading, winding, and buttonholing.

Its lightweight portability lets your imagination roam free. Simply load up your XL2610 and venture onward wherever your next sewing project takes you.

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