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Sew Your Own Kids Skinny Jeans: 10 Patterns of 2024

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childrens skinny jeans sewing patternWelcome to our list of the best children’s skinny jeans sewing patterns for 2023!

We have compiled 10 trendy, stylish, and easy-to-follow patterns that will help you create the perfect garment for your kids.

For example, take Sally Gauntlett – she started her handmade business as a child in 2008 and now creates beautiful bespoke pieces with ease.

With Sally’s guidance, you can learn how to make classic men’s jeans with tapered legs or high-waisted flared ones with a button fly.

Plus, there are style bundles available if you want more than one look from each pattern!

Whether it be stretchy hi-waisted skinnys or four-pocket styles with leg variations – we’ve got something for everyone here at SewingSociety.

Key Takeaways

  • Sally Gauntlett provides guidance on the best children’s skinny jeans sewing patterns.
  • Peek-a-Boo Patterns offers a 5-pocket skinny jeans pattern for slim sons.
  • Megan Nielsen’s Ash Stretchy high-waisted pants offer style variations.
  • Helen’s Closet Patterns offers high-waisted straight legs or tapered fit options.

Best Children’s Skinny Jeans Sewing Patterns

childrens skinny jeans sewing pattern 1
You can easily create a stylish pair of jeans for your slim son with the 5-pocket skinny jeans pattern from Peek-a-Boo Patterns, which comes in sizes up to 10 years and includes a bonus 18 doll pattern.

This intermediate difficulty pattern is slightly challenging for beginners but perfect if you have some previous garment sewing experience. It takes around 4 hours to sew these classic skinny jeans featuring a faux fly and adjustable waistband, so it’s best suited for those looking to make an investment of time into their project.

When selecting fabric, opt for either stretch denim or bottomweight fabrics such as corduroy or twill that will provide structure while still allowing movement. The grainline mark on the paper patterns is different than usual, which may require extra attention when cutting out pieces.

However, there is no need to worry since detailed instructions are provided in the PDF instant download, as well as layout diagrams showing how all pieces should fit together.

Additionally, notions like a denim needle, buttonhole knit elastic, thread, and buttons may be needed depending on what type of closure method you choose.

For added convenience, Mood Fabrics offers free downloadable loose fit Calamint Jeans with turn-ups, along with Ren High Waisted flared jeans, both suitable for beginner-level sewists seeking trendy styles without having to invest too much money upfront.

Megan Nielsen’s Ash Stretchy high-waisted pants with a zipper closure provide more experienced seamstresses flexibility by providing style variations, such as Style Bundles including Dawn High Waisted Jeans with a Button Fly, also available at reasonable prices.

Meanwhile, Something Delightful store has B6800 four-pocket jeans offering leg style variation, making it an ideal option for creating a custom look based on individual needs.

For additional information regarding cost considerations, baggy styles, along with vintage-inspired options, the Quick Q&A section offers valuable insight when choosing the right pattern according to one’s skillset, preferences, and budget restrictions.

Loose-fit Jeans With Turn-ups

Loose-fit Jeans With Turn-ups
Mood Fabrics offers a free downloadable pattern for loose-fit jeans with turn-ups that will have you strutting in style! These casual, trendy pants are perfect for everyday wear and provide plenty of room to move.

With the help of this pattern, you can easily create your own denim masterpiece from heavyweight fabrics like corduroy or twill. The waistband is adjustable, so you can customize it to your exact measurements and preferences, while patch pockets on the front add an extra dash of character.

For those who have some previous sewing experience but want something more unique than basic straight legs, these vintage-inspired boyfriend jeans offer a relaxed fit with just enough flair at the cuffs to make them stand out from other styles.

Denim thread is recommended when stitching such heavy fabrics, as well as using a denim needle if available. Both will ensure neat results without any shredding or fraying along seams over time.

A few tips: use tailor’s chalk when marking off seam allowance lines, and don’t forget about topstitching around pocket openings!

If there ever was an opportunity to let your creativity run wild while making a fashion statement, then this loose-fit jean style would be it. Whatever one’s taste may be, they are sure to find something within their comfort zone here.

High-waisted Flared Jeans

High-waisted Flared Jeans
Try on a pair of high-waisted, flared jeans for an edgy yet classic look that suits any occasion. These stylish trousers are perfect for the adventurous beginner and intermediate sewist alike.

For those who want to add some extra stretchy fabric to their wardrobe, these jeans create a flattering silhouette while allowing maximum freedom of movement.

To start your denim masterpiece, you’ll need a children’s skinny jeans sewing pattern – which can be found online from various outlets such as Peek-a-Boo Patterns – plus notions like denim needles and thread, buttonholes, and topstitching materials if desired! Additionally, heavier fabrics such as denim twill or corduroy should be used to ensure durability over time with regular wear.

The waistband is adjustable, so it’s easy to customize the fit without worrying about too much bulk around the midsection or not enough coverage at all! Plus, there is plenty of room in pockets for carrying small items like keys or lip balm when needed – no more bulky purses weighing you down throughout your day! Furthermore, buttonholes along the fly will give off a more professional finish while still looking fashionable, regardless of what size buttons are chosen (even if slightly bigger than usual).

No matter how high-waisted or flared they may be, these hip-hugging bottoms are sure to make one feel empowered with every step taken wearing them! The possibilities within the fashion world have now opened up significantly thanks to advancements made using the tools and technology available today, giving us a chance to express ourselves uniquely in ways never before seen as possible before nowadays.

Style Bundles for Jeans

Style Bundles for Jeans
Discover the ultimate in style and comfort with jeans bundles from Mood Fabrics – available for free download! Whether you’re looking for a simple pair of jeans, skinny legs, or a low-rise option, they have something to fit everyone’s needs.

With sizing options ranging from 12 months to 10 years old and fabric choices like denim twill or corduroy available, you can customize your look as much as possible.

For those who want more of an on-trend statement piece featuring straight legs but don’t feel confident tackling heavier weight fabrics yet – try out their Dawn high-waisted jeans with a button fly in 4 styles, which come included in this bundle.

And if a baggy relaxed style is your thing – why not check out their Heroine Jeans pattern? Lastly, there’s Lander High Waisted Wide Leg Jeans perfect for summer days spent outdoors (or indoors!). No matter what kind of fabric choice or design preference one has when it comes to making stylish children’s clothes – Mood Fabric has got everything covered within these amazing bundles tailored specifically towards them!.

High-waisted Jeans With Button Fly

High-waisted Jeans With Button Fly
You can create stylish looks for your kids with the Dawn high-waisted jeans featuring a button fly in four different styles!

With waistband fitting, denim selection, and buttonhole techniques being just some of the most important aspects to consider when sewing these jeans – this pattern is perfect for all levels. Whether you’re an advanced sewist or just starting out with difficult techniques like hemming, there’s something here that everyone can enjoy.

The print-at-home sizes range from 12 months to 10 years old, so no matter what size your little one needs, they are sure to find something great in this bundle. The fabric choices include stretchy denims, which make it easy to achieve a custom fit, as well as heavier weight fabrics like corduroys if desired.

Finally, those who really want that extra boost will be pleased by the additional resources available, such as boiler suit sewing patterns or even skinny leg designs inspired by moto jeans trends found elsewhere on Mood Fabric’s website.

Stretchy High-waisted Jeans With Zipper Fly

Stretchy High-waisted Jeans With Zipper Fly
Start your kids off with a classic style and look no further than Megan Nielsen’s Ash Stretchy High-Waisted Jeans, complete with a zipper fly, for a timeless and comfortable fit. With the right denim fabric selection, this project can be an easy DIY technique, even if you don’t have previous experience sewing trousers.

Plus, it comes accompanied by essential notions like jeans buttons and an optional coin pocket, so that all of your details can come together perfectly!

For those looking for additional help on their high-waist journey, there’s also an accompanying PDF pattern to make sure every stitch is just perfect. Or, you can even follow a sew-along video tutorial to guide you through each step in detail.

To get started, download the printable sizes from 12 months up to 10 years old. Purchase some stretchy denim fabric from Fabricgenie and pick out jeans thread colors of your choice.

  1. Cut out pattern pieces
  2. Sew waistband
  3. Attach pockets
  4. Add zipper
  5. Hem legs – voila!

You’ll have stylish toddler jeans ready before you know it!

And finally, don’t forget about style variations too. Why not try adding turn-ups or pintuck panels? That way, everyone has something unique yet still fashionable enough that they feel confident wearing them day after day.

Four Pocket Jeans With Leg Style Variations

Four Pocket Jeans With Leg Style Variations
Ready for something a bit more advanced? Try your hand at the B6800 four-pocket jeans with leg style variations from Something Delightful. This pattern is great for those who want to master different jean pocket styling and adjust the length of their legs.

You can even follow along with a free sew-along video tutorial or test out stitches before starting construction on this project.

You don’t have to go any further than Helen’s Closet Patterns if you’d prefer an easier slow-sew approach that still looks stylish when complete. Choose from either high-waisted straight legs or tapered fit options that use traditional flat front pockets as well as patch pockets in rear yoke detailing.

Skinny Jeans With Pintuck Panels

Skinny Jeans With Pintuck Panels
Try out a chic style with Megan Nielsen’s Ash stretchy high-waisted jeans featuring pintuck panels – are you ready to take your denim game up a notch?

These stylish jeans feature intricate pintuck details that add texture and dimension. To ensure the best fabric selection, look for medium-weight fabrics such as cotton twill or denim.

After cutting out the pattern pieces, pay close attention to seam finishing techniques like using topstitching for reinforcement and adding bartacks at stress points.

When it comes to waistband options, choose either elasticized bands or drawstrings depending on what works best for you!

Lastly, when hemming these trendy trousers be sure not to forget about those all important presser feet adjustments – they can make all the difference in perfecting this look!

For additional help with sewing techniques check out Helen’s Closet Patterns’ Technical Sewing blog posts which cover everything from pressing methods through zipper insertion techniques.

You’ll also find valuable information in their Quick Q&A section regarding fabric requirements and cost estimates so that you can get started right away without any surprises along the way!

Now go ahead—sew yourself some amazing skinny jeans with pintuck panels:

  1. Choose an appropriate midweight fabric suitable for creating slim fitting pants;
  2. Cut each piece according to instructions before beginning construction;
  3. Pay extra attention when finishing seams by reinforcing them with topstitching where necessary;
  4. Select an adjustable waistband option based on desired fit such as elasticized band or drawstring closure;
  5. Remember not forget about adjusting your machine’s presser feet while hemming trousers perfectly.

Classic Men’s Jeans With Tapered Legs

Classic Men
Create a timeless look with V1915 close-fitting men’s jeans featuring tapered legs – you’ll be ready to rock these stylish trousers in no time!

Whether machine washing or handwashing, fabric choice is key for achieving the perfect fit. Look out for denim fabrics that are durable and have enough stretch to make it through wear and tear.

When making this style of jean, pay attention to pocket styles as well as fit variations such as slim cut leg openings. To make sure your paper version turns into an involved make quicker than later, consider lots of technical sewing tips from experienced sewists online – they can help save you time while also ensuring an easier sewing process all around.

Now go ahead: grab yourself some medium-weight denim fabric; trace off the pattern pieces onto tracing paper; lay them on top of your chosen fabric before cutting away; start piecing together pockets at side seams first then stitch up the front fly opening before attaching the waistband; zipper insertion comes next followed by pressing & hemming when done!

So don’t wait any longer – take charge today and create a classic pair of men’s jeans with tapered legs!

Wide Leg Jeans With Button Fly & Big Pockets

Wide Leg Jeans With Button Fly & Big Pockets
Take your wardrobe to new heights with a pair of wide-leg jeans featuring a button fly and big pockets. For an eye-catching look, try the Lander High Waisted Wide Leg Jeans from Something Delightful. They feature slim front pockets and roomy back patch pockets for added flair! Crafted from quality denim fabric in a variety of colors, these stylish trousers boast raw edges on the hems that will give you an effortlessly trendy look.

Whether machine washing or handwashing, be sure to select your denim carefully and follow all pressing tips recommended by experts so as not to damage the pocket details.

Sewing up this style doesn’t require any special skills – anyone can do it! With just some patience and dedication, you’ll have yourself looking chic in no time at all. So take charge today; grab some medium-weight stretchy denim, trace off pattern pieces onto tracing paper before cutting away, and start piecing together side seams first.

Then stitch up the front fly opening before attaching the waistband and zipper insertion.

Plus, if desired, there are plenty of ways how you can customize these high-waisted wide-leg jeans further into unique designs that will truly make them stand out more than ever – making each pair one-of-a-kind but undeniably fashionable simultaneously too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between regular and stretch denim fabric?

Stretch denim fabric typically has more elastane than regular denim, making it softer and more comfortable with greater freedom of movement. It’s a great choice for kids’ clothing as it molds to their shape without restricting them.

What type of sewing machine is best for making jeans?

Are you looking for the perfect machine to sew jeans? Look no further than a heavy-duty model with an adjustable presser foot and sturdy needles to handle stretch denim fabrics.

How much fabric is required to make a pair of jeans?

You’ll need around one and a half yards of fabric for a pair of jeans. Choose stretch denim or bottom weight fabrics to create stylish, comfortable garments that kids will love.

What type of elastic is needed for a waistband?

You’ll need buttonhole knit stretch elastic for the waistband. Get creative with your choice of colors and designs to make an eye-catching piece perfect for kids’ fashion trends.

How much does it cost to make a pair of jeans?

Making a pair of jeans can cost anywhere from $20 to $50, depending on the fabric and notions you choose. With a keen eye for fashion, you can create stylish denim pieces that will keep your child looking sharp.


Your little one will be the envy of the playground in a stylish pair of children’s skinny jeans. Whether you opt for a classic style with a button fly, a high-waisted flare, an adjustable waistband, or a baggy silhouette, you’ll find the perfect sewing pattern to suit your little one’s needs.

With options ranging from vintage to modern, you can create a timeless wardrobe staple that your child will love. With so many options available, you can choose the perfect pattern to match your child’s personality and style.

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