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Singer 14cg754 Pro Finish Sewing Machine Review (2023)

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One way or another every sewist comes to the point to ask a concern: is it time to get a server machine If you still do not have a serger and also want to get one, Singer 14CG754 might be the best choice for you. It is an inexpensive serger machine, yet it executes far better than the majority of the entry-level versions.

But, prior to I take a closer consider this machine, I ‘d such as to clarify some common issues about serger equipments. To start with, do you require it in all? The majority of handbooks will certainly inform you that it is not required to have one. And also that is real. One way or one more, you will finish your projects with your regular sewing machine So, do you require this upgrade?

Let me put it such as this: every sewist that has a server can’t picture returning as well as sewing without it. This might be a mild overstatement, however when it involves sewing garments or sewing knits, it is an absolute truth. The factor for this view is straightforward. A serger machine will certainly offer expert outcomes, way more sturdy joints and better functioning rate. So, you will be fine without one, yet if you intend to raise the top quality of your work, a serger will certainly be really useful.

I am a supporter of having a server machine Nonetheless, sometimes, you really don’t need it.

If you sew only when in a while it is not necessary to have a server as it is not a tiny financial investment. Also, if a lot of your work has to do with quilting, you don’t require a serger.

What Is This Machine Best For

If you are brand-new to serging this is a great machine for you. Although I think that every good sewist ought to own a serger machine, I think that you need to have some sewing experience initially. So, if you are purchasing your very first overlooked, this machine is an exceptional option. Besides novices, it is possibly the best spending plan machine you can obtain. The features of this machine exceed its cost without a doubt. While it is uncommon nowadays, you will get more than you spent for.

It features the wonderful number of both common and unique functions. It is pretty small as well as lightweight. So, it is mobile. Furthermore, it includes an integrated bring handle, to take it to courses or anywhere you require it to. Incidentally, CG in the title means ‘business grade’. It implies that it is resilient and also developed to tackle a range of jobs. You will certainly be using it for a long period of time.

While this machine doesn’t have all elegant functions like some premium versions it is a real deal. Its rate, precision, toughness as well as flexible features make it the best budget plan machine It takes a while to become knowledgeable about serger machines, particularly when it pertains to threading. Singer 14CG754 has actually a color-coded threading system to help you out. Functions and features are quite understandable. So, total it is user-friendly to enable novices a great start.

Functions of Singer 14CG754

Allow’s dig much deeper and learn about one of the most important features.

2. 3-4 String Capability

This machine has a 2-3-4 thread capacity offering a large selection of stitch options. These are standard string formations. They enable you to experiment and also be innovative. Utilizing 2, 3 or 4 strings as well as different shades will certainly offer you a broad variety of options. You can take on really various projects and give it your very own ending up touch. More than likely you will certainly utilize four strings a lot of the time. But, you will certainly use 2-thread as well as 3-thread formations, as well. Numerous modern-day makers lack the 2 string alternatives. It is an embarassment because it is helpful for some tasks and also it can provide a stunning finish


Singer 14CG754 servers can stitch up to 1300 stitches per min. Singer’s makers are famous for their speed, among various other points. This is no exemption. 1300 stitches per min for a budget plan machine is nothing brief of excellent. It takes some time and also practice to sew at full speed. Yet, when you obtain there, finishing your tasks will certainly become a wind.

You will extremely value just how much time you can save with this machine It is not simply quickly, yet extremely solid and also accurate. There is a fantastic feeling of satisfaction when you finish your project at lightning speed, while the outcome is best and professional.


This Singer 14CG754 machine has a variety of stitch alternatives It has 4 integrated rolled hems. It is extremely easy to utilize them. You just have to draw the bar from S to R. Rolled hems are fantastic to develop tidy hems on lightweight materials. Besides rolled hems, there are four string mock stretch stitches, 3 string mock stretch safety stitch, and 2 string overlock stitch.

Rolled hems, blind hems, as well as flatlocking, this machine does it all easily. With many options, you can be as imaginative as well as appreciate while producing various styles.

Flexible Stitch Length as well as Width

You can change stitch size and also size to obtain a much better result depending on the job. This is a nice feature due to the fact that different jobs require various stitch length and also size. And it allows you much more freedom. You can pick the dimension that you locate acceptable. It is very basic. You simply need to turn the dial on the side of the machine

As a general rule, make use of a much more slim joint for lightweight and also thin textile. Naturally, use a larger seam for heavy products. Simply make certain to test it on an examination patch first.

Flexible Thread Tension

Collaborating with stretchy fabric can be a nightmare if you do not get your stress right. Nevertheless, with this machine, it is very easy to change the stress. Still, you are the one to pick the tension. So, take care and also evaluate your tension initially.

Differential Feed

Adjustable differential feed is another wonderful feature of this machine It guarantees also feed for excellent seams on every material. You can forget puckering and also bunching. It likewise prevents extending of loosened materials.

Color-Coded Threading System

Threading numerous needles can be tiresome and also aggravating. Color-coded lay-in system is really hassle-free. It makes the entire process a lot less complicated. If you are not completely concentrated it is very easy to get confused. This system enables you to do it rapidly and easy. Moreover, there is a diagram to adhere to exactly on the machine These tiny comforts actually help a lot. They are not important for your jobs, however they save some time. And you can concentrate on your deal with a smile.

Free Arm

This machine has a cost-free arm free of charge sewing This permits you to tackle round jobs. You can conveniently connect cuffs to sleeves, hem trousers legs or deal with collars. It is additionally hassle-free in limited or difficult to get to locations.

Movable upper knife

Serger equipments feature blades. The knife cleanly trims the material prior to it is sewn with strings. This produces a smooth finish Nevertheless, often you do not desire to reduce the textile. It is simple to put it away when required.


  • Speed as well as stamina — Singer Pro Finish serger sew easily and also precision. This permits you to make use of broadband and also get your tasks performed in no time.
  • Sleeves and Cuffs — This machine really stands apart when it comes to sleeves as well as cuffs.
  • Total performance — Whichever strategy you use, this machine performs well as well as makes sewing a breeze.
  • Mobility — It is small and lightweight. So, it is simple to bring it around or relocate it from one room to one more.
  • Easy to use — While sergers, as a whole, have a learning contour, it is a steep one with this machine It makes it a wonderful selection if you don’t have serging experience.
  • Small comforts– Color-coded threading, feed, flexible stress, sew size, as well as size are beneficial and also handy attributes.
  • It is budget-friendly — While it is not the least expensive serger, it is remarkable what you get for a quite low rate.


  • Loud — Actually, this machine is quite quiet while operating at reduced and also moderate speeds. Yet, when it gets to a complete speed it gets a little bit loud.

Honestly, I couldn’t find any type of other shortcomings. Certainly, improvements are constantly possible as well as this machine has its limitations. It can’t use some high-end functions, however I can not count that as a negative.

Final thought

Singer 14CG754 is a best -seller, as well as it is so forever reason. It is a definitely superb machine for newbies. Actually, it goes method beyond newbie’s requirements. Advanced exists constantly require better, stronger, much faster equipments and also possibly some bells as well as whistles. So, this machine will not fit the expense for them. However, considering the price it is a genuine bargain. This machine was developed to suit newbies, yet piece de resistance and range of features will enable them to utilize this machine for several years.

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