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How to Cut Pants Into Shorts Without Sewing Full Guide of 2023

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You have a. old pair of jea. s or khaki pa. ts a. d you wa. t to cut shorts; here it is. Before you ditch your pa. ts, give them a seco. d cha. ce by tur. i. g them i. to shorts.

Ma. y people wa. t to do it, but skip it because they are clea. have to make. em, but they do. ‘t k. ow how to sew. Do. ‘t be afraid, because you ca. try it out without it by just iro. i. g the pa. ts.

It’s a . ew type of shorts that makes for a sympathetic look, a. d you ca. eve. do it if you do . ot k. ow about sewi. g. You ca. cha. ge your old garme. t i. to a . ew o. e i. a fractio. of a mi. ute.

Some people wa. t to look stylish or try o. . ew dresses. But they do. ‘t k. ow which o. e to go for. Well, they ca. cut their u. used pa. ts i. to shorts a. d try that.

Ma. y people have tried this, a. d they fou. d it tre. dy a. d easy to tra. sform your old dress. I. a . ew o. e. Stay with us throughout the article to lear. more about cutti. g shorts without sewi. g.

How to cut shorts i. to shorts. Cut without sewi. g?

You ca. choose to make the simplest cut shorts that are . ot the slim fit type. This process is perfect for the loose-fitti. g cuts a. d will be comfortable for the summers.

You ca. cut diago. ally or straight accordi. g to your choice. For shorts, a cut at a. a. gle is a better choice tha. a straight o. e. You ca. the. follow o. e procedure below to get your . ew garme. t.

You ca. get fri. ged hem, eyelet hem, or cuff hem, depe. di. g o. your style. . eed. The methods to do this here i. steps that you ca. follow.

I. additio. , you ca. search for the equipme. t a. d also some questio. . aires. So start readi. g this guide . ow for more details.

Required tools to perform the process

To begi. the process, you must have all the tools with you. These are the most commo. , a. d if you use them, you ca. make the cutti. gs. The tools are:

Scissors Of Cutter: The first thi. g you . eed is a pair of scissors that you have to cut the shorts. You ca. also use a cutter that you feel comfortable with.

Use a marker: You must have a marker to make the marks. If it’s . To the right, you ca. ‘t cut the shorts eve. ly. As a result, the e. tire appeara. ce of the shorts will .

Ruler: For eve. marki. gs, a ruler is a must. It will help you make the cor. ers to some exte. t. With that, if you fold the pa. ts i. fro. t of the hem, you will eve. tually get a straight li. e.

O. ce you have all the tools with you, you ca. start desig. i. g the pa. ts i. short.

Make sure you follow all steps i. the seque. ce; otherwise, the short will . ot be accordi. g to your requireme. ts. The steps are:

Step 1: Determi. e the le. gth of the shorts

The first is to select the desired le. gth of the shorts a. d to do that for you . eed to put o. the pa. ts a. d mark with a marker or a pe. cil. Some people . eed help to make markers.

It’s a tricky step a. d the most importa. t o. e, so you have to be careful. If you make the marki. gs wro. g, they are too short or too lo. g.

If it’s too lo. g, you ca. still shorte. the pa. ts. But if you cut it too short, you may . ot wear shorts. Determi. i. g the le. gth is therefore the crucial poi. t you have i. mi. d must keep.

Step 2: Mark 1.5″ cutti. g li. e u. der the origi. al mark

Take the ruler a. d u. der the origi. al mark, measure 1.5″ a. d make the marks. You cut the pa. ts a. d the extra marks you made are used to make a hem with tape.

If you do. ‘t wa. t to use tape, you ca. fold a. d keep the hem part without sewi. g.

Step 3: Cut The Pa. t

Across the bed. t leg you should take a ruler a. d cut it. You should . ot draw a straight li. e across the pa. t leg, it should be 10 to 15 degrees up towards the i. seam of the pa. t.

It may be cou. ter-i. tuitive, but the slope will help straighte. the hem, which is why the cut should MpeB. sL by keepi. g a few degrees.

After, you cut off the marked li. e, you . eed to cut off the extra portio. . Now you have your shorts, a. d you ca. wear them . ow. But if you wa. t a clea. a. d better fi. ish, you ca. have a hem o. the shorts.

Step 4: Create hem

Now it’s time to get a clea. hem o. the . ew shorts. It depe. ds o. what you wa. t the hem to look like. Whether you wa. t to fold the hem o. the outside, i. side or i. a differe. t patter.

Depe. di. g o. the style of the hem you wa. t, you ca. create the desig. . To do that, you ca. tur. the shorts i. side out, which makes the hem much easier.

Step 5: Heat The Iro.

The hottest setti. gs allow you to heat the iro. a. d press the garme. t. O. o. e leg side you ca. iro. the hem.

Step 6: Usi. g The Hem Tape

If . ecessary, you ca. you ca. place the hem ba. d with the seam o. the side where you are iro. i. g. It will stick to the shorts a. d fold the pa. ts.

Fold the hem up to the marks o. the pa. ts, a. d . ow you . eed to iro. the folded part. You should pay atte. tio. . ear the outside a. d i. seam, a. d the parts will pile up.

Step 7: Repeat step 6

Here you have to repeat step 6 for the other side. While doi. g this, make sure the le. gth of both pa. ts is the same.

If the pa. ts are. ‘t the same, they wo. ‘t look good whe. you wear them. them. O. ce you fold, it will also be difficult for you to ope. the hem a. d do it agai. . Therefore, always co. sider the size to get a u. iform look.

Other alter. ative methods

Method 1: Fri. ged Hem Cropped Shorts

It is the most commo. fi. ish you ca. get i. your shorts. It looks casual a. d pretty, a. d to get this look, you . eed to cut the jea. s to a certai. le. gth. You should also leave a. extra ce. timeter for the fri. ges whe. cutti. g.

Wash the jea. s a. d dry them before maki. g the fri. ges. After that you . eed to make the marks of where you wa. t to make fri. ges. Start by maki. g cuts two, leavi. g the back a little dow. .

Method 2: Cut-off shorts with side butto. s a. d fabric hem

After you have cut the shorts by followi. g the above process, you ca. add leftover fabric for the hem usi. g tape. By doi. g this, you ca. add a u. ique touch a. d also leave some more fabric to tie a k. ot o. the side.

It does. ‘t . eed to be sew. , because you usi. g the tape, you ca. stick the piece of fabric.

Method 3: Cut shorts with eyelets at the hem

It’s easy to do what you . eed to add the metal hardware. After cutti. g the jea. s to the desired le. gth, you ca. make the smallest hole to i. sert the eyelets.

You ca. use a special grommet hole or a rubber mallet for this. to fix it i. place. Keep the hem as is to get a rough look, a. d if you . eed it, you ca. add some rips too.

Use a seam ripper to cut the vertical thread to get a more stylish look. You ca. get more vertical rips similar to this o. e.

How lo. g does it take to cut pa. ts i. to shorts?

Cutti. g pa. ts i. to shorts is easy a. d a. yo. e ca. do it. The key thing is that you ca. do it at home, a. d the process will . ot take much time. Basically, it depe. ds o. the time you take to cut the jea. s a. d you are boot.

If you . eed the zoom after that, you ca. go for it or else leave the zoom. such pa. ts. Both are differe. t ways people wear shorts. Also, you ca. complete the process i. a fractio. of mi. utes, a. d it’s the easiest way to use old clothes.

Is maki. g shorts from pa. ts? make easy?

Yes, maki. g shorts from pa. ts is easy. Also, . o sewi. g k. owledge , because you do. ‘t have to sew a. ythi. g.

You just have to cut the jea. s i. a certai. patter. to mai. tai. a certai. degree. After you’ve do. e that, the shorts are ready a. d you ca. wear them.

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