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How to Hem Dress Pants With a Sewing Machine Full Guide of 2023

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People will recognize how to hem pants with a sewing machine. Are you one of them? Then you’ve come to the right page. This article will tell you about the step-by-step procedure for hemming dress pants with the sewing machine.

o you think you should take your pants to a sewing machine? Master for zoom? No, not at all. You can do it all yourself. Yes! You can hem the legs of your pants with just a sewing machine.

If you have access to the sewing machine; it takes no time to make the perfect hem like a professional. Practice these methNo,s that you will recognize in the article on some pants, and you will to hem your pants perfectly.

So let’s get started!

How to hem a dress pants with a sewing machine

To hem the dress pants like a professional, you collect some ingredients, including the pants at the hem, pins, iron, ironing board, scissors, tailor’s chalk, mat, sewing machine and an acrylic ruler.

After collecting all the items, you must first pin the pants to the correct length. After that, you need to press the hem of the new pants. Following the methNo, cut away the extra length and fold or press the new hem you created.

Now you need to sew the seam close to the folded edge. Now let’s have a detailed discussion on how to do this professionally.

MethNo,s of hemming trousers with a sewing machine

MethNo, 1 – Measuring the adjustments

The first methNo, is to measure the adjustments of your hem pants.

Step 1 – Measure to someone else

In this first step you need to measure the pants adjustments. Someone else must wear the pants. Yes! The person wearing the pants should be on the stool or on the raised surface so that you can measure or measure the length correctly.

You can also ask the person how much they need their new upcoming hem. Fold it out without tucking it into the leg of the pants. Now ask them to confirm the length they need. After doing this, the wearer can take off the pants for you to dress up.

Step 2 – Measure yourself.

After measuring the other person, measure your own pants. a single pleat you can roll up the pants to the desired length. Now make sure you are standing upright as you pull up on the fold you made to make sure it will fit the gained length. You can now remove the pants.

Step 3 – Compare with another pair of pants.

After trying on the pants, compare them with another pair of pants. If you rent a pair of perfectly fitting pants with you, you can use that pair as your mNo,el for all your questions. Now put the pants on the hem and put the ideal pants over them later. It should show you the spare or extra part of the pants to be trimmed.

Step 4 – Mark the length to be trimmed.

Using a piece of tailor’s chalk or other acrylic chalk, you can mark the location or length of the pants to be hemmed. Make sure your pants are unfolded and you can make a clear mark on each of your pants legs. Measure the previously created line, measure and trace the three lines at half-inch intervals. There are now four white pinstripes running along the edge of your pants.

You can make a seam about half an inch wide, and theater for you need one and a half centimeters. centimeters of the fabric under a different seam to create a clean and precise edge. You need to make sure that the lines on both legs are the same length.

Step 5 – Measure it by stroking.

Once you have decided the correct length to hem your pants, fold your pants to the right hem. It would be best if you can fold the correct fold, and for that you can take the chalk or a colored pencil to make the fold half way. This halfway point is the point between the fold and the edge of your fold.

You can unfold the leg and mark the crease if you wish. The fold you ironed should be bold enough to be seen properly.

Step 6 – Use the acrylic ruler.

To make the perfect and clean line for a perfect finish, you can use the acrylic ruler. You need to make sure that the position of the ruler’s edge is on the mark.

Step 7 – Machine Sew

After all; you need to machine sew the hems, and viola! You are all done with the hemmed pants.

MethNo, 2 – Cut the pants

Step 1 – Get your scissors ready.

If you don’t have sewing scissors, buy one. It is necessary, otherwise you can use ordinary scissors. Sewing scissors are sharper than the regular ones. So rather buy it.

Step 2 – Start with the bottom.

First cut the line close to the bottom of your pants. No hassle and be patient to avoid cutting quickly. Fast cutting is more likely to cause messy zigzags than the clean edge. Creating more liens is unnecessary, but it will help maintain accuracy.

Step 3 – Use Pins

Pins are the ideal tool for adjusting the edges. Stretch the legs of each of your pants to the correct width and use the pins to keep them intact. This creates tension in the trouser legs, making them easier to cut.

Step 4 – Cut to the middle line.

Cut out the traced lines above the original cut until you reach the lines over the top cut. Focus on one leg of your pants and then focus on the next. o not cut the top track or fold as this is the point to be hemmed.

Step 5 – Sew and later cut the threads.

After sewing, cut the loose threads that remain with scissors. You can repeat the methNo, as you reach the end or after you wash your pants.

MethNo, 3 – Sew the hem

Step 1 – Fold your pants inside out.

You should fold your pants so that the outside part of them faces you. You should be able to observe the inner seam. This makes it easier to sew the hem effectively. You can also fold the legs of your pants inside out without flipping your entire pants.

Step 2 – Fold the seam.

You must fold the seam from the top edge to the top traced line. Make sure the fold or top line is on the edge of the fold. This border is the seam, and you have to be careful with the size as it should look goNo, before finalizing.

Step 3 – Iron the Crease

Take your pants to get hemmed on the ironing board. Now you have to wait until the iron has heated sufficiently. After the iron has heated enough, you need to iron the fold. It makes the professional fold so you don’t need uneven lines.

Step 4 – Load Your Sewing Machine.

After ironing, fill the bobbin with a thread of the desired color. You can also use the thread that matches the color of the fabric or you can choose the contrast color.

Step 5 – Set Up Your Machine.

You must set your machine for straight stitches or the normal straight threads for the simple set hem.

Step 6 – Start sewing.

After setting up the machine and positioning the trouser leg, start the sewing process. Make sure the machine only sews the hem and not the leg of the pants together. Sew about an eighth inch from the top of the hem and continue sewing your pants to the straight line around the circumference of the leg.

Step 7 – Repeat on the other leg

After a similar sewing step, you should of your brood sew. on’t forget to iron the seam before sewing on the other leg. Also compare the length of the other leg to the finished leg.

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