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How to Sew a Cat Kicker Toy – DIY Guide (2024)

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how to sew a cat kicker toyImagine the joy on your cat’s face as they pounce and kick their very own handmade toy!

In this DIY guide, you’ll learn how to sew a cat kicker toy that will provide hours of entertainment for your furry friend. With just a few materials and some simple sewing techniques, you’ll be able to create a fun and interactive toy that your cat won’t be able to resist.

So grab your fabric and let’s get started on this purr-fect project!

Key Takeaways

  • Pre-wash and iron the fabric before sewing to ensure cleanliness and smoothness.
  • Use a paper template to cut the desired shapes and sew the pieces together by hand or with a sewing machine.
  • Trim and clip the seams carefully to achieve neat and professional-looking edges.
  • Fill the toy with stuffing and catnip, and optionally add features like bells or feathers for added excitement.

Catnip Toy Tutorial

Catnip Toy Tutorial
Now it’s time to dive into the tutorial for creating your own catnip kicker toy! In this section, we’ll cover four main points:

  • Materials and patterns needed
  • Preparing the fabric for the toys
  • Cutting and sewing the shapes of the toys
  • Trimming and clipping seams to ensure a clean finish.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to making a fun and engaging toy that will surely delight your feline friend.

Materials and Patterns

You will need the following materials and patterns to create your own catnip toy:

Prepare the fabric by washing and ironing it for a smooth finish.

Use templates or trace desired shapes onto the fabric.

Sew along the outlines of the shapes and trim any excess seam allowance.

Fill with stuffing and catnip before securely closing off the toy with stitching techniques.

Enjoy watching your feline friend play with their new kicker toy!

Preparing Fabric for Catnip Toys

To prepare the fabric for making catnip toys, start by pre-washing your cotton quilting fabrics to remove any chemical smells and shrinkage.

After washing, you can iron the fabrics to make them flat and smooth.

It’s important to have properly prepared fabric before cutting out your toy shapes and starting the sewing process.

Cutting and Sewing Catnip Toy Shapes

To start cutting and sewing your catnip toy shapes, use a paper template to trace the desired shape onto your pre-washed cotton quilting fabric. This step allows for customization and creativity in designing unique toys for your furry friend.

Once you have traced the shape, it’s time to cut along the lines with scissors or a rotary cutter.

After cutting out all of your pieces, you can begin sewing them together using a sewing machine or by hand with needle and thread.

Trimming and Clipping Seams

After sewing the catnip toy shapes, it’s time to trim and clip the seams for a clean and professional finish.

Use sharp scissors to trim seam allowances to at least 1/4 inch, then carefully clip corners for cropped edges without cutting too close to the stitching.

Reinforce seams by sewing twice and trimming any excess threads for a neat appearance.

DIY Cat Kicker Toy

DIY Cat Kicker Toy
Now that you have gathered all the necessary supplies, it’s time to dive into making your DIY cat kicker toy. This fun and interactive toy will keep your furry friend entertained for hours. Follow the step-by-step method below to create a personalized and engaging plaything for your beloved feline companion.

  1. Gather your supplies:
    • A piece of fleece fabric (about 12Ă—12 inches)
    • A pair of scissors
    • A needle and thread
    • A small bell (optional)
  2. Cut the fleece fabric into a square shape.
  3. Fold the square in half, so that the right sides are together.
  4. Sew the two sides together, leaving a small opening at the bottom for turning.
  5. Turn the fabric right side out, and stuff it with filling.
  6. Sew the opening closed.
  7. (Optional) Add a small bell to the center of the toy.
  8. Your DIY cat kicker toy is now complete!


You’ll need a few supplies to make your DIY cat kicker toy. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Fabric (choose a durable and cat-friendly material, like cotton or fleece)

These supplies will ensure that you have everything you need to create a fun and engaging toy for your furry friend!


Now let’s dive into the method for making your very own DIY cat kicker toy.

First, select a fabric of your choice that’s durable and safe for cats to play with.

Measure and cut the fabric to the desired size, ensuring it’s long enough for your cat to hold onto comfortably.

Next, use sewing techniques such as folding and stitching to create a sturdy pillow shape.

Once you’ve turned it right side out, stuff the toy with ample amounts of stuffing and sprinkle in some catnip benefits for added enjoyment.

Finally, sew up the opening securely using hand sewing techniques or a machine stitch if preferred.

Get creative with variations in patterns or shapes to make this DIY project truly unique!

How to Sew a Cat Kicker Toy

How to Sew a Cat Kicker Toy
Now it’s time to dive into the process of sewing your own cat kicker toy.

First, gather all the materials you’ll need, such as a sewing machine, scissors, thread, fabric, and a fabric-marking pen.

Next step is creating the template for your toy by tracing the desired shape on the wrong side of the fabric.

Once that’s done, you can start sewing your catnip kicker toy following our step-by-step instructions.

Get ready to unleash playtime fun for your furry friend!

Materials Needed

To sew a cat kicker toy, you’ll need a few materials.

Here’s the list:

  • Fabric for the toy
  • Scissors to cut it
  • Thread and sewing machine to stitch it together
  • Don’t forget about stuffing and catnip to make it enticing for your feline friend.

These materials will help you create different variations of cat kickers – from simple fabric pillows to fun-filled toys with bells or feathers.

Now let’s move on to the next step – sewing!

Creating the Toy Template

For creating the toy template, you’ll need to start with a piece of lightweight cardboard or poster board.

This will serve as your guide for cutting out the fabric in the desired shape.

You can choose from various toy shapes such as squares, fish, or even more complex designs that you can find online.

Make sure to leave enough space on the template for turning the fabric right side out after sewing.

Get creative with your templates and let your imagination run wild!

Sewing the Catnip Kicker Toy

Start sewing the catnip kicker toy by placing two fabric pieces with right sides facing each other.

  • Sew along the template outline, leaving a 2½ inch wide opening.
  • Back stitch at the beginning and end of the sewing.
  • Cut out the shape with a ÂĽ-inch seam allowance.
  • Trim corners for easier turning.

Finishing the Catnip Kicker Toy

Now it’s time to finish sewing your catnip kicker toy.

After turning the fabric right side out and stuffing it with fiberfill and catnip, you’ll want to secure the opening by stitching it closed.

A 1/8 inch topstitch around the shape will give a polished look to your toy.

Once finished, watch as your feline friend enjoys hours of playtime with their new entertainment!

Playtime for Your Cat

Kick and chase: Watch as your cat pounces, kicks, and chases the telescopic toy.

Feather frenzy: Attach feather attachments for extra entertainment during playtime.

Crafty crafting: Enjoy the satisfaction of making your own cat toys through DIY crafting.

Endless entertainment: Keep your feline friend entertained for hours with this engaging toy design.

Kid sock surprise: Repurpose clean kid socks into a playful teaser wand that will delight cats of all ages.

Catnip Toy Tutorial for Catnip Squares, Cigars, and Kickers

Catnip Toy Tutorial for Catnip Squares, Cigars, and Kickers
To create catnip squares, cigars, and kickers, gather the necessary materials and follow this tutorial.

Catnip toys aren’t only fun for your feline friend but also provide numerous benefits. The scent of catnip can stimulate playfulness in cats and relieve stress or anxiety. When sewing these toys, it’s important to use proper techniques to ensure durability and safety for your pet.

You can get creative with different designs such as squares or even cigar-shaped toys! Be sure to take precautions when using catnip by monitoring your cat’s reaction and avoiding overexposure.

Now let’s dive into the tutorial below:

Sewing Techniques Safety Precautions
Reinforce seams Avoid loose threads
Use a sturdy fabric Check for small parts

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to create unique and engaging toys that will bring joy to both you and your furry companion.

How to Sew a Catnip Toy

How to Sew a Catnip Toy
Sewing a catnip toy is an enjoyable and straightforward process that allows you to create a fun and stimulating plaything for your feline friend.

  1. Gather your materials: sewing machine, scissors, thread, fabric of choice, lightweight cardboard or poster board for the template.
  2. Create the toy template by tracing the desired shape on the wrong side of the fabric.
  3. Sew the catnip kicker toy by placing two fabric pieces with right sides facing each other and sewing along the template outline.
  4. Finish off by turning it right side out using a pencil or chopstick to shape corners.

Now you have an enticing catnip-filled toy ready for playtime with your furry companion! Get creative with variations like adding bells or using different fabrics for texture variety in order to keep things exciting during play sessions with indoor cats who can benefit from mental stimulation and exercise opportunities provided through interactive toys like this one made just right!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use a different type of fabric for the cat kicker toy?


While cotton quilting fabric is commonly used, you can experiment with different fabrics like fleece or flannel for a variety of textures.

Just make sure it’s durable and safe for your cat to play with.

How long does the catnip scent last in the toy?

The catnip scent in the toy can last for several weeks, but it may vary depending on factors like storage and how often your cat plays with it. It’s always a good idea to refresh the catnip periodically to keep your kitty interested.

Can I add additional features like feathers or rattles to the toy?

Sure, you can definitely add feathers or rattles to the cat kicker toy!

It’s like giving your cat a little surprise every time they play.

Get creative and watch their excitement soar!

How often should I replace the cat kicker toy?

It’s important to regularly check the condition of your cat kicker toy.

If it shows signs of wear and tear or becomes damaged, replace it immediately for your cat’s safety and enjoyment.

Can I wash the cat kicker toy if it gets dirty?

Yes, you can wash the cat kicker toy if it gets dirty.

Simply remove the stuffing and catnip, then machine wash on a gentle cycle with mild detergent.

Air dry before refilling and giving it back to your furry friend!


To create a purr-fect playtime experience for your cat, learn how to sew a cat kicker toy with this DIY guide. With just a few materials and simple sewing techniques, you can make a fun and interactive toy that will keep your furry friend entertained for hours.

From preparing the fabric to sewing and finishing the toy, this step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process.

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